2 Year Old Toddler Bad Breath

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I potty train my foster son who is 6 years old?
    My foster son is 6 and is still in diapers because he has a slight developmental delay. He only has the brain capacity of a 2 1/2 year old toddler. His parents were also like this when they were his age. I think it's weird having a child in diapers who is kind of old for them, so I'm thinking about trying to potty train him. Should I try this or is my foster son still not ready?

    • ANSWER:
      My autistic son was ready about that age but you may have to look for signs to see if he is yet. Step one is knowing if he understands that he is even going at all. The way I knew was because I would let him wear big boy underwear at home. When he stopped wetting them and started pulling me towards the diapers when he needed to go I knew he understood.

      He was already too big for a potty so we went used one of those seats that you set on the regular toilet but he still wouldn't go. I realized that every time I would put him into a warm bath he would start to pee as soon as his feet touched the water so I used that as a tool. As soon as the pee starts pick him up and place him in front of the bowl. Once he's done getting some pee in the bowl do a happy dance and tell him how good he did even if he only got a drop it. It's messy because he will keep peeing while you move him but it's for the greater good and cleaning with vinegar will deodorize the pee smell. Bleach will only make it worse so if you really want to bleach then wait for the vinegar to dry then wipe with bleach.

      Pooping was much harder and it took us another 6 months after he was peeing in the toilet. I think he was more stubborn than anything with this. He would sit and sit but never let his poop go. He would hold it until I would finally put him in a pull up to go out. One day we ran out of pull ups and when he handed me the empty package I told him there wouldn't be anymore. It was heartbreaking to get through because he was so upset. All day it was back and forth to the toilet without going. He held it until his tummy hurt and his butt started leaking before he had no choice but to go. After that we went and let him pick out a reward from the toy store. Once he finally did go that was it he was done and has been trained for over two years now without so much as an accident.

      He's at the age now where he goes alone so our current issue is too much paper. My solution is to buy the store brand that is light on paper just for his bathroom then I take a bread knife and cut it in half so that the roll is 2 two inch rolls instead of 1 four inch roll. It works well enough until we get through this phase and onto the next. Good luck with all of your future challenges and remember to take deep calming breaths.

    what is the best way to handle a toddler having a temper tantrum?
    i have a 1 1/2 year old and she pitches the biggest fits and hits when she gets angry what should i do to handle her? i mean ive heard if yiou smack their hand when they do bad it teaches them to hit when they get angery so what should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Tantrums are a trademark of the terrible-twos. They are super-sensitive at this stage, they want to be in control, and they have the added frustration of not being able to express themselves well. Our goal as parents is to teach him that tantrums are not rewarded, and how to communicate without crying.

      For tantrums at home, try hugging him tightly until he calms down. Ask him, are you sad? Angry? If he responds to this, tell him you're sorry he is <>. Then try to give him a feeling of power by offering him a choice of something. <>

      If this doesn't work for your son, follow the experts' advice. Don't "reward" his tantrum with attention. If he is clinging to you, stand up and fold your arms, turn your back to him, look up at the ceiling, anything to let him know you are 'ignoring' him. This will make him scream louder for a while. When eventually his crying wanes a little (even if you know he is just catching his breath),
      kneel down and ask him if he is all done crying. If he resumes crying, stand up and ignore him again. Wait for another break in this crying, and ask again if he is all done. Do this as many times as necessary. When he IS DONE (!), give him a big hug and tell him how happy you are that he is done, and that you
      love him to bits. Cheerfully recap what happened: <>. No scolding, matter closed.

    Has your toddler ever had adenoid surgery?
    My friend just found out her 2 year old has to have it next Friday. What is the surgery like and what is the recovery time? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      My 2 yr old son had his adenoids out this past July. I'm not sure if they went through his nose or mouth but there is no incision. My son was in a lot of pain at first, and it was awful watching him come out of the anesthesia. Make sure your friend has at least one other person there for support!! They gave him IV pain medicine in the recovery room until we went home, then we went straight to the pharmacy to get his other pain medicine filled. We only needed to give him one dose of that one, then just did motrin and that worked just fine. There is a LOT of drooling and bad breath!! He also got an upset tummy from drinking juice afterward. He took a 3 hour nap when we got home, and we were told his appetite may not be much for awhile, but his appetite returned later that day in full force. The recovery time at home was not bad at all. I think it was more the coming out of the anesthesia that was the most awful. Tell your friend I wish her and her child the best.

    What to do with a toddler to attached to his mother?
    My sister has a son who won't let her do anything! He's 1 years old and all he does is follow her she can't leave if she does he will continuesly cry If she cooks he will be there tugging at her leg crying if she's in the shower he has to be in there she cant be more than 2 steps away or he will start crying also he always wants her to pick him up and he is a heavy boy me a 180lb athlete can't hold him for a long period of time and if u put him down the screaming starts. The worst part is when he cries he won't stop he has cried 5 hours straight before because my sister left and when he cries for 5 minutes or more he starts to throw up everywhere and it's utterly disgusting and the longer he cries the more he throws up. She also has a 3 month old daughter who has breathing problems and has to be hooked up to a machine to breath every 4 hours but its hard for her to do because he's screaming jumping and tugging at her to pick him up he has to stop because she has to focus on her daughter more until she can breath better on her own

    • ANSWER:

    What does it take to adopt in country or from another country?
    I live in Canada, and I am 17.
    I have a 2 year old son, and I am working very hard to be a good mom.

    I had some serious complications during pregnancy and my son and I both put up a struggle just to make it.

    When I was little I only have wanted 1 child, and I only wanted to adopt.
    Then it went to 2 adopted children.

    I ended up not being careful enough and got pregnant... It was horrible, and I was always In extreme pain. Every kick felt like someone stabbed me in the stomach multiple times, and he was definitely a kicker!
    My boyfriend wanted 4 kids has he had 2 brothers.

    Now that we have a son, I want 2 or 3 more children, and now my boyfriend says that enough is enough.

    I was hoping that in several years (maybe when I'm 22), if we don't try and have more kids.. then maybe we could adopt like I always wanted.

    I was hoping to maybe adopt a little girl out of country. (e.g Asia). And I'd prefer a toddler or older.

    What does it take to adopt? How much does it cost? I know Asia(china and japan) are having some really tough times with the air they breath and I can only imagine how much worse it could get in 5 years.

    • ANSWER:
      The daughter of one of my mother's relatives, once adopted a little girl from China. This person literally, had to travel to China, in order to get the little girl. She had to face some challenges in order to feed her,
      during the trip back to the US. So I think what it would take to adopt from another country, could be said to include travel, endurance and determination.

    My 2 year old is being tested for cystic fibrosis?
    I have done some research on it but i am still a little unsure of what the condition is. Will my baby be ok? Please be straight with your answers good or bad as I really want to understand both positive and negative aspects of this condition

    Thankyou very much.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm a 40 year old CF'er so I can give you some first hand experience of life with CF.

      There are over 600 common mutations of the CF gene and many more uncommon mutations. The type of mutation determines how the disease affects the individual and the severity with which it's present. Basically CF makes all the mucus within the body thick and goopy rather than thin and slippery so it clogs various organs, makes us susceptible to lung infections, etc. Generally we are most affected by lung and digestive system issues although there are a number of other 'side effects' of CF that are common:
      *slow growth development - largely due to the digestive impact and difficulty absorbing nutrients
      *osteoporosis - we have difficulty absorbing fat soluable vitamins (A, D, E and K) so with the shortage of vitamin D we also then don't well absorb calcium
      *liver hardening/enlargment/sludge - this happens with some of us as we get older although I don't know the reason, but it's easily addressed with medications
      *bleeding - we sometimes have shortages of vitamin K and can have unusual bleeding even though things like a small cut will still clot normally
      *reproductively sterile - most CF men are sterile due to blockages and CF women often don't have regular cycles due to medications, low weight, blockages, etc. and even if we do we usually can't conceive
      *pale skin color - we usually have less melanin than 'normal' people so we're pale and don't usually tan easily, plus a lot of our meds cause sensitivity to sunlight
      *fingernail and toenail clubbing - 'clubbing' is the term used for enlarged fingernails/toenails and is caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood at the extremities
      *diabetes - usually due to blockage in our pancreas but the steroids we're often on also elevate blood sugar levels

      Everyone's case is different but CF is a progressive disease and it will eventually worsen to the point that lung transplant is necessary to prevent death. Currently the average life expectancy is mid-30's but they are continually making advancements in treatments so that age keeps rising slowly but surely.

      Aside from the medical facts, life with CF can be very normal. I was formally diagnosed when I was approximately one year old and just celebrated my '3rd birthday' (transplant anniversary) this past Sunday (August 26th). I went to school just like any other kid and my parents demanded good grades. I graduated high school in the top 11% of my class and attended college full time at night, carrying 12 to 18 hours a semester, while working both a full time and part time job. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in October. We have feline kids rather than human children...and a side benefit of the transplant is that I never have to clean the litter boxes again! ;) I'll celebrate my 18th anniversary with my employer in November and am a Senior Manager at our world headquarters.

      I had as normal a life as most other people until the last year before my transplant. My health really went down hill and I was extremely ill almost continuously with lung infections. I spent a lot of time in the hospital and doing home IV's. However, I was able to work through all of it (often from the hospital or home) right up to my transplant and was back working (again remotely) 10 days after the surgery. My transplant was a miracle and I could immediately breath upon awakening from the surgery.

      Most CF'ers are rather stubborn and we learn ways to deal with the CF. Since it usually progresses gradually we find ways to adapt to new limitations and often ignore the disease as much as possible so we can live life on our own terms. Most of us have a pretty sharp sense of humor, which is vital in maintaining our health and dealing with the CF.

      My parents started telling me about CF when I was a toddler and I can still remember bits and pieces of the conversations. Obviously they didn't tell me at that point that I would likely die at a young age but I figured that out by age 10 so it's not something that can be put off too long. We have to take oral meds and receive various chest physiotheraphy treatments so we already know we're different than other kids.

      If your baby does have CF you'll need to find the nearest CF treatment center for life-long follow-up. Since CF has historically been a pediatric disease it's much easier to find centers that treat kids than adults (most of the centers double up and treat both). You'll have a CF team that will include a pulmonologist (specializing in CF), a dietician, a respiratory therapist, a social worker and possibly other team members. The CF teams are very accustomed to answering any questions from patients or family members and can also help you find support groups. Another source is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - cff.org.

      Feel free to ask CF'ers about their experiences. Most of the stuff you read on the internet is going to be only the medical statistics but won't give you the real picture of what life is like with the disease.

      If you have questions feel free to e-mail via Answers.

      Best wishes.

    What happrns when you swallow gum?
    There are soooo many rumours about what happens when you swallow gum. So what really happens?

    • ANSWER:
      Good Question (",)

      What Really Happens If You Swallow Your Gum?

      Your mom told you a million times not to do it. You did it anyway. Did it really sit in your stomach for seven years? Could it possibly have wrapped around your intestines and strangled them? Is a gum tree still growing inside you? What really happens if you swallow your gum?

      We've all heard the old wives tale warning of such disaster, but to our knowledge there's been no serious health issues related to swallowing it (choking on gum is another matter, though.)

      Though your stomach can't break down a piece of gum the same way it breaks down other food, your digestive system can move it along through normal intestinal activity (in other words, it comes out the other end.)

      When swallowed, gum is eliminated as human waste in the same way - and at the same rate - as any other swallowed matter.

      Wrigley, one of today's top leading gum manufacturer's, explains, "Chewing gum has five basic ingredients - sweeteners, corn syrup, softeners, flavors and gum base (the part that puts the "chew" in chewing gum). The first four ingredients are soluble, meaning they dissolve in your mouth as you chew. Gum base doesn't. And although it isn't meant to be swallowed, if it is, it simply passes through your system, just like popcorn or any other form of roughage." It starts traveling down your esophagus, into your stomach, enters the small intestine, and makes its way to the large intestine. This normally takes only a few days.

      Gum Can Potentially Be Hazardous, However

      According to Alisa Raines Lefevre, R.N, C.R.R.N, "the greatest harm of swallowing bubble gum is not even digestive in nature. For a 2-year old, chewing bubble gum poses a significant risk of choking." Most toddlers have a full set of teeth, but may lack maturity in their chewing and swallowing skills.

      About 15% to 30% of chewing gum is gum base, a natural or synthetic indigestible rubbery substance that makes the treat resilient to hours of jawing.

      Dr Karl S. Kruszelnicki, a physician, author, and science commentator on radio and television says "the bad (and relatively uncommon) side effects of chewing gum include diarrhea, tummy pain and flatulence mouth ulcers (from cinnamon flavouring), high blood pressure and low blood potassium (from liquorice flavouring) and higher blood mercury levels (from dental amalgam already in your mouth, but only in cases of excessive chewing)." Other unpleasant side effects can include mechanical injury to the teeth, overuse injury (temporomandibular joint syndrome) and even extrusion of dental repairs.

      Is Sugar-Free Gum Better?

      While there are no recorded events that prove the old wives tale right, Dr. Weil, a popular health and alternative medicine doctor, says that "sugar-free gum, whether swallowed or chewed in large amounts, can cause digestive problems. The sugar substitutes (hexitol, sorbitol, and mannitol, to name a few) found in sugar-free gum are not absorbed, but pass into the small intestine and colon, where they can cause diarrhea."

      In addition, aspartame - a popular sugar substitute in gum - has been linked to decreased vision, headaches, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and many other ear and skin side effects. Some experts have also questioned another popular sugar substitute, Splenda, also known as sucralose, claiming that too little is known about its safety due to a lack of human studies.

      Back in the Beginning

      Kids in North America spend a billion dollars on bubble gum every year.

      It wasn't until 1869 that modern chewing gum products appeared. Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, conqueror of the Alamo, hired New York inventor Thomas Adams to develop a new form of a rubber substitute using chicle, the dried milky sap of the Mexican Sapodilla tree. Chicle didn't quite work as a replacement for rubber, but as a gum it soon dominated the market.

      Sticky Side Note

      When spat on the ground, chewing gum will stick firmly and is very difficult to remove. For this reason, chewing gum has been banned in Singapore since 1992 as a result of a "gum infested" city. Instead of throwing away their gum, or swallowing it, seems like the city folk in Singapore decided to spit it out on the streets or tack it to the walls for disposal.

      It was only a year ago that the Free Trade Agreement went into affect in Singapore, and therapeutic gum can be purchased with a physician's prescription. Try to smuggle it into Singapore next time you are visiting, you'll get a "Go Directly To Jail" card for one year, and a hefty fine of 00 (US).

      Final note

      Since chewing gum has been chewed, parents have been trying to prevent their children from swallowing it by warning them of "gum trees," strangled intestines and more. Truth is, if you decide to chew a piece and you happen to swallow it, don't worry - it will pass right through in a few days.

    tips on how to get my toddler to sleep in his own bed?
    my husband usually is the one that's good with putting him to bed theres no problem with Daddy, he listens when he says "go to sleep" and immediately walks out the room. the problem is me. he cries when i leave him. i gotta tell him that i gota do homework that ill be in the next room but his reaction to that isn't the same as Daddy's and i can't find a better excuse to leave him. So i walk out of the room telling him that i gota do homework, that's when he'll cry, scream for me, hold his breath.. i feel bad. i know that i too need to learn how to get him to sleep on his own but i always find myself talking to him for over 30 minutes trying to pursuade him into sleeping by himself. sometimes im just too tired so i sleep next to him until he's asleep. any ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, My 2/12 year old is terrible with me also, and we do discipline him with time-outs too, he just doesn't seem to respect me at all compared to his dad. This seems to be a popular question that many of us cannot answer. I think if you just stick to your routine, it will work in time. Be consistent in what you do is best, if he knows a little fit will bring u back in there, that tells him that he's won, so he will continue doing this as long as u allow it. Consistency is the key, don't give into him, a little crying won't hurt him. You need to stay one step ahead of him at all times. He will love you for it in the end. Also praise him when he wakes in his own room. It's a big step for the both of you, and is a part of his growing into a big boy. I wouldn't sleep there with him though, because the whole point is for him to be able to learn to do this without you. He needs to feel safe and that he is not all alone, but with you laying with him, will only make things worse if he wakes and you're not there, he will continue waking and looking for you chances are. Does he wake in the night?

    What was it like to be a surfer in the late '60s?
    The reason I'm asking is because I'm writing a short story and would like to hear personal experiences about what it was like back then.

    • ANSWER:
      It was a completely different world from today. I started surfing at age 14 in 1966 on the east coast. The greatest surfing movie of all time, "Endless Summer" was released that year. I bet I saw it a dozen times.

      We had been watching movies like Gidget, Ride the Wild Surf and Beach Blanket Bingo, and the culture of surfing was spreading east from the legendary beaches of California. We were caught up with images of surfing bad boys like Mickey Dora and trying to make our cars like Big daddy Ed Roth's hot rods. We stuck between the 50s that we grew up in and the late 60s, where peace, love and flower power were replacing fast cars and high school letter jackets.

      Starting to surf was like a rite of passage for my crowd. Most all of us had been swimming in the ocean and back bays since we were toddlers. We were 'beach kids' we went to the beach in the morning, and most days didn't come home until dinner time. Of course, it was summer, and often our typically 50s Moms were too many martinis along to make dinner, so we would band together for pizza more nights than we didn't.

      We all rode body boards and body surfed for hours every day. Lots of us scuba dived, and most of us were accomplished fisherman. When we were "old enough" we all started surfing. Although there were no where near as many surfers then as there are today. The breaks were hardly crowded. Back then tourists would never dream of trying the 'sport of kings.' Movies like the Endless Summer and the Fantastic Plastic defined late 60s surfing, and the transition over three years time is amazing. When went from slightly grungy and main stream too far out and psychedelic. I was not a rich kid, and as the revolution moved on, I was stuck riding used surfboards. So, each year, I bought a slightly smaller, used board. I was almost always a year behind, right up until I bought my first custom board, my beloved 6 4 Nomad. I rode it for almost 20 years (of course, I have to admit there were some years when I didn t get much surfing in).

      Lots of us grew up from strong, conservative stock, and while some kids 'rebelled" and tuned in, turned on and dropped out, lots of us had jobs too. I ended up a lifeguard. We were pretty ordinary kids, and sometimes we "posed" a bit, but we never really wanted to be Californians, for real. We were caught up in the greatest era of surfing, the 'short board revolution" and while we almost all started riding 9/10 foot long boards, by the 70s, lots of my pals were riding boards that were 5'2 or so. By 1968 there were riots in the streets and Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were murdered. The 70s and college came for lots of my buddies. Vietnam came for some us. The world changed forever. Whether you were a student protesting the war and crying about the massacre at Kent State, or the senseless killings at the Altamont Rolling Stones concert, or bleeding and watching your friends die in far eastern rice paddies, our worlds never went back to the way it was.

      But the real miracle for most of us was that the waves still broke on the beach. It was still warm every summer. And there were surfboards to ride. We had helped re-invent an ancient Hawaiian art, and our lives were changed forever by it.

      So today, 45 years later, I still surf. And every now and then, I go back to the breaks I surfed in the 60s, and see some old men surfing, and recognize them as the young, bronze boys who owned the beaches way back when. I will surf as long as I am physically able. Surfing is part of who I am. I am not a stereotype; I am a middle age man. But the ocean is as much of my life as is my breath.

    How can I be more patient with my 2.5 year old toddler?
    By bathtime I turn into Mean Mummy - I'm so tired and grumpy by the end of the day (I'm also breastfeeding 12 week old twins!). I find I have no patience and can be drawn into arguments with her, telling her she is being deliberately naughty, raising my voice, issuing orders, not handling her as gently as I should etc etc. Then I feel terribly guilty after she has gone to bed.... Deep breaths and counting to 10 don't seem to cut it. I want to be a loving mother throughout the day - how do I make it last until bedtime?

    • ANSWER:
      I think toddlers are meant to test the strongest of us!
      i have a three year old and am 15 weeks pregnant with my second and ready for bed well before my daughter is and irritable and grouchy. My partner helps out a lot with taking over bath and bed time and gives me a 2 hour time to myself time through the day so i can catch up on sleep and then be more patient with her when im awake.
      I feel bad that i am not spending the time i did with her before i was pregnant but the time i do spend with her i make special and she can be instantly distracted talking about hw she is going to be the bestest big sister in the world etc.
      When i really am all that tired i turn things into a game, a game so that i can sit down and relax but also keep her on her toes by playing simple games like finding particular things around the house, and also encouraging her to show me "what a big girl she can be by dressing herself etc,,,, all makes her feel really grown up and makes my job a lot easier than chasing her round to get undressed and into bed!

    would it make YOU mad if your parents made you do a sport ?
    AND if you purposely didnt make the team and they grounded you until school starts again ? would it ?
    and its also a sport they forced you to play for3 years straight and its a sport you hate ?

    • ANSWER:
      My parents never made me do a sport .

      I actually had to beg my mother to pay for judo classes when I was like 12.

      I had no computer so I was walking or biking all day long, thanks to my brother who got a bike from a garbage dump and fixed it for me.
      It was a great huge bike. He painted it orange and yellow with red flames (all my favorite colors) and it was a Dutch bike with no brakes (you pedal backward to brake) so everybody was scared of me because they did not see brakes on the handlebars.

      I had to work 2 jobs in the summer to pay for a month at summer camp...loved it. Biking 100 kms (62.5miles) and doing all kinds of sports so you get to know the one you like (ping-pong, biking, swimming, walking/running) and the ones you don t like (basketball, tennis and golf). I still don t get the allure of bouncing a ball and putting it in a basket or hitting a ball with a racket of golf club...I was always thrown out of basketball games because I would dare to walk without bouncing the ball...well sue me! I think I was bad at tennis and golf because I did not see where the ball was coming from or where it went because I needed glasses but did not know it yet.

      I encouraged my kids to try out all kinds of sports. They both did great in soccer. Now one is a runner, the other one is a rock climber. I tried to make one try out for the swim team (as a toddler) and he did not even make it into the water. It was frigid spring water in a non-heated outside pool, before the pool is opened for the neighborhood and it s just opened for swim tryouts.
      That s why I have a gym membership because the Y heats the water in their pool.

      I got my other kid accustomed to cold water and took him to infants aquatics . Babies who are just a few months old are very good underwater swimmers as they still remember being in the water of the womb. I m a good underwater swimmer as well because I m not fat, so I don t float well but sink easily and I have a well developed ribcage and lungs and can hold my breath a long time. I would have fun with my baby underwater and would limit it to one minute for his sake.
      Then a few years later, when I made him try out for the swim team, he jumped in there and swam like a fish. He became the best and fastest swimmer in his team.

      As a parent, your first kid is the one who will teach you how to make your second kid better and not repeat some mistake. If you re lucky, and I am, your first kid will end up awesome as well but really no thanks to you so you cannot take the credit for it and your relationship with him/her will suffer from that.

    Where can i find a store in singapore selling halloween supplies such as masks?

    • ANSWER:
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    Single mum of 3 under 3 and need alot of help with everything?
    I have 3 boys, twins at three and a nearly 2 yr old and I cant get them to do anything I tell them to do. They got alot of bull off their father when he was around and now they are very unhappy little boys and I pull my hair out at times when they dont listen to me. I cant get them to play together at all and if they do they fight within 5 minutes, they wont go to bed when I tell them to and it is a fight with screaming for a hour if not more, they dont want to eat anything I make them so alot of food gets thrown in the bin they dont beleive in quite time at all and they hate playing in their rooms and one of the twins and my 23 month old think it is fun to paint the walls with poo at every nap time I'm really out of answers and I would take aboard anything you guys have to offer me because I'm going crazy and I'm trying to be the best mum that I can be with being single and all. Cheers everyone hope for answers soon.

    • ANSWER:
      Take a bigggggg deeeeeepppp breath..... and relax.... for just a moment...

      I have had five kids including some pretty heavy duty special needs kids with behaviour problems....

      The most important things about altering your kids behaviour is to understand that you can not control your child...... the aim of changing their behaviour is not for you to control your child..... The aim of working on their behaviour must be to teach them to manage and control their own behaviour.....

      This like all other kinds of parenting is easier said than done... but can be done even with the most difficult children..
      My three youngest were born in consecutive years ad so I knowwww what you are going through.... here is what I learned along the way..

      Follow this plan and see where it takes you and your boys..

      1) Be organised plan each day of the week to fine tune.... know what you and the kids will be doing on each day... include lots of fun outings (but keep them short for your own sanity)

      2) Use their rivalry to your benefit.... ie say... I wonder who can be first to wash their hands for dinner? .... first into bed? ,,,,, first to eat all their lunch...

      3) Make food suitable affordable and simple to prepare. Place the three plates on the table at each meal for the boys.. (Don't try to eat at the same time as them it wont happen .... but you know that already...hey!) If they beg for something different then say I am sorry this is what is for lunch today, there isnt anything else.

      4) Remove plates from table 30 minutes later...... no matter what.... just quietly get up pick up the plates scrape the food into the bin and wash the plates..... no relinquishing ever!!!!

      DO NOT ever offer them something else just because you feel bad about them not eating..... you are a mum not a short order chef.... no toddler ever voluntarily starved to death when good food is available to them...

      and remember an apple is more filling than three or four biscuits (cookies) so fresh fruit does work out to be cheaper than other snack foods..

      More than once a week I made a platter of fresh fruit and cheese with plain crackers and allowed my kids to eat whatever they wanted off the platter.... this was an effective way to allow them to manage their own eating.... and in a healthy way... it reallllly takes the heat off and there is very little washing up to do afterwards...

      Also occassionally I would reverse dinner and allow them to have sweets first then offer a small serve of food I knew they liked as the main course afterwards... this takes away the possibility of falling into the time worn and ineffective habit of using sweet food as a reward for eating...

      and really don't sweat the small stuff... if they dont like beans feed peas... if they dont like broccolli feed cauliflower....

      5) Do not scream, yell or smack..... once you head in this direction turning around is very difficult... instead just take a very matter of fact view of everything.... tell the boys what is expected and then proceed to help them do what is expected... (yes you and I know that lively little boys will scatter in all directions but do this anyway)

      If it is say bath time you tell them it is now bath time and they are to have a bath.... don't bath the little darlings together this does not save time.... by the time you referee ten arguments and save more than one from being drowned by his brothers you will be worn out and have spent more time than if you bathed them one at a time.... catch the hardest to bath first.... this way the battles get easier as you get worn out.....

      have some toys that each of the boys may play with only after their bath..... so the first one into and out of the bath gets a favoured toy to play with.... if the other boy tries to play with the toy you say No. This is an after bath toy. As soon as you have a bath you can play with it... they will get the idea

      6) REWARD YOURSELF!!!... Give yourself regular pats on the back... even if it is just for surviving another day in the war torn land of parenting toddlers....

      7) Turn off the tv...... YES turn it off... you cant compete with an electronic babysitter for your kids attention... so turn it off... and make an appointment with them to give them half an hour of your attention to play a game... and let them take turns in deciding what game to play and how to play it.... it is important that young children are the 'boss' of their own playtime sometimes...this is how they begin to learn to manage their own behaviour and it inspires their imagination too..

      8) choose the most difficult behaviour first and work on that.... ignore all other bad behaiovur and focus solely on the one kind fo bad behaviour you want your daughter to learn to manage...

      9) once you know what you and your boys are working on you let them know that you know they can learn to adjust and manage this one behaviour... reassure them that you love them and you believe they can learn to behave in a better way...

      10) every chance you get reward them with kind words about being successful... even if only successful at the last possible moment... or in a small way... Spend your day looking for positive and helpful behaviours.

      11) when your sons behaviour is out of control they must go into 'time out' this is one minute for each year of their life..... two minutes for two year olds three minutes for three year olds..

      12) time out time starts only after they sit still and quiet..

      13) if he refuses to sit you need to repeatedly lead him back to the time out chair and reseat him there and remind him that he can sit still for two/three minutes and that you know he can be succesful.... (I remember having to repeat this process many many many times for my five year old to make it through his first five minutes....and I am sure the reassurances that he can do this were as much for my benefit as for his...LOL)

      14) When he succeeds in sitting still and quiet reward him lavishly by saying positive things about his behaviour and his ability to manage himself.... such things as "Wow! You did it! You succeeded in managing your own behaviour for two/three minutes!" and "That is very good self control." and "You are very good at sitting still.... It helps if you say along the way..... "You've been sitting still for one minute.. that mean only one to go.." and way to go.. You only have half a minute to go on the chair... etc...

      15) do not make generalised statements of praise or punishments such as "you are a good boy" or "you are a bad boy" these kind of unspecified statements do not help him to understand what behaviour is being praised...or punished.. instead make very specific praise... and praise each of your children right through the day... (YUP it gets tiring and you start to feel like an automaton looking for good behaviours all day but it does make a difference and has the added benefit of shifting your focus to the good things your kids do...)
      Some positive types of praise you might look for throughout the day are:
      "You put your breakfast bowl in the sink. You are a good helper in the house"
      "I noticed you let _______ have some of the toys. That was very good sharing."
      "You haven't pushed or hurt anyone this morning. That is very good control."
      "Thank you for helping to put the toys away. That is great. Now I have time for a snuggle!"
      "You went to bed when I asked you to. That was very grown up of you."
      "Oh you helped ____ when he fell over.. That is very good caring"

      When your son manages his behaviour about one thing well for several days add one more behaviour to the list.... then when he has some consistent success with that one then add another...

      This is a slow programme that will take determination from you and your boys to help them change their behaviour....

      You can do this.... you can help them gain control....

      please dont be a slave to them..... and know that learning how to take no for an answer is an important lesson for everyone....

    how high should a 2 years old child fever be?
    my two year old has a fever of 102.8 under his arm i called his doc and asked him what to do and he said not to worried to give him fluids and keep an eye on it. when is it to high i have been sent away from the er when it was under 103 why is this
    now he has vomited i just called his doc and he told me just to keep an eye on it and if his mouth goes dry to take him to the er. is there anything else that i should be looking for now that he has vomited.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, Oh MY Gosh, I am stunned by some of these answers!!!! 1st of all, rule of thumb is to add a degree if you are taking temp under arm (most accurate is booty temp), so his temp is closer to 103.8, that's pretty high! 106 or higher your child would be convulsing!!! The brain begins to boil @ 106, please don't wait for 106!!!! DO NOT under ANY circumstances offer a double dose to your child!! You may give tylenol & motrin together at the 1st dose (but tylenol you redose every 4 hrs/motrin every 6). & DO NOT give him a warm bath!! That will make him hotter, you can give him a tepid bath which means room temperature (not cold, NOT hot/warm!!). Look in his throat, if his breath smells bad or he has white or yellow patches, go to ER. I have had a pt's twin die of strep because er sent them home. Stomach ache/vomiting, headache, white/yellow patches, fever & bad breath are symptoms of strep & they don't always show all the symptoms & sometimes they show no symptoms but fever. It could also be flu. Keep him hydrated, but if it were my child we would already be headed to ER.... Good luck.

      EDIT-by the way, the reason they don't freak if temp isn't very high is that babies & toddlers actually typically run a lil bit warm, particularly when they sleep.

    My toddlers breath smells funny?
    My 2 1/2 year old has never had bad breath but this morning I noticed it had a funny smell, I brushed his teeth before bed and then in the morning as usual and that didn't help his breath.
    I'm worried I don't know how to describe the smell but its kind of like he ate a raw onion or something.
    Should I take him to the doctor? He doesn't seem sick but he has never had a smelly breath before?

    • ANSWER:
      What has he eaten in the past 24 hours? It could be acid reflux. If it doesn't clear up in 24 hours or if other symptoms arise, yes, bring him to the doctor.

    what are some tried and tested home remedies for cough in toddlers..?
    my daughter is 2.5 years old now. I got rid of her cold using honey/ginger juice/turmeric.

    That has been a week now.

    She now has a cough, which has been dry but is more wet now..

    what can I use as an effective home remedy...

    • ANSWER:

      Take her into the bathroom, put a towel under the door between the floor & door gap then tun on the shower.

      Sit with your daughter on the floor or on a chair. Read books, talk or watching a video or something on your phone. Just keep her entertained.

      Every now and then encourage her to take deep breaths. Make a game out of it. You do it and make a silly sound or something while you do it. Have her fill your chest so she feels it moving in as you breath. Then blow it all out. Again act silly & make it game.

      If you want save the water you use just put a large bucket under the running water.

      My oldest use to get colds that went to her chest. We ended up having to get one of those Nebulizer things since it got bad. But we were still encouraged to us steam to help.

      Also keep the house air moist. We use to keep a humidifier in our kitchen, bedroom and upstairs. Now, we just have one for me in the master bedroom. I have a lot of sinus & allergy problems.

      My husband's mom says her mom use to put a pot of water on their cast iron fireplace. She just put it on top of it and the fire heated up the water as it heated the house. She still does this every now and then.

      Someone else suggested I put a large pot on our stove filled with water and get to boiling then turn it off for awhile then boil it again. But it got to get a pain refilling it so often.

      Good luck. I have a lot chemical sensitives due to my chronic illnesses. I try hard not to take meds but often it doesn't work that way. lol But, I do learn a lot about home remedies that are chemical free and safe. We also try to not give our kids meds.

    at home all day with a 13 month old?
    I'm at home all day with my 13 month old son. My husband is deployed right now and family on both sides lives 8 hours away and I am not going to stay with them. They never have respected me as a mom and they think they know better than I do and tend to spoil him (and when I say spoil I do mean spoil). I understand his need to be entertained, but I am 10 weeks pregnant and exhausted all the time and he has more energy than I can keep up with. He's always coming up to me and whining and pulling on me. I try to play with him some of the day, but just sitting there playing with a 13 month old isn't exactly exciting. I can't afford daycare and it's kind of pointless when I am a stay at home mom. I've tried having others watch him, but they start avoiding me so it's pointless to ask others. I can't just sit on a floor all day with him and play. What are some activities for us to do together and for him to do alone when I need my space?
    he doesn't watch TV because he won't stay still long enough. no parks, the equipment is filthy.
    When I said the park equipment is filthy, i mean that quite literally. Grafitti, mud, I've even found condoms out there. Would you really take your kids to a park like that?

    • ANSWER:
      I was in a similar situation when my daughter was born. My husband and I were both military and he and everyone we knew deployed when she was 3 weeks old. There were days I didn't leave home at all. It gets to be very depressing. I knew it wasn't healthy so I would leave and go for walks at either the park or headed downtown during the day and did some window shopping (cheaper than the real thing)! As she got older, I was still at home alone with her all the time because my husband worked the night shift. And I became pregnant again, so I understand the fatigue. My best advice is to find a friend with a child close in age or perhaps a little older (about 2- 2 1/2) that can play with your child and "teach" them. My 4 year old is the best entertainment for my 14 month old because she can play and show him how to play and socialize, since most toddlers are still learning this skill! Lastly, I have always stayed home with my children and some days are just rough. It's okay to leave the room and cry for five minutes (so long as the child is safe). When it gets bad, laugh!! Laugh for no good reason, take a deep breath and remember that all storms must end! It may be silly or even stupid to some people, but it helps me focus! And as my 82 year old grandmother says, "They grow up, I promise!" And remember, the second trimester is coming soon and your energy levels will rise! Good luck!

    Toddler addicted to sugar and won't eat anything else?
    My 3 year old daughter will absolutely not eat anything that isn't sweet or has sweet sauce on it. She won't eat chicken or hamburger or pork or any meat and won't eat vegetables or anything! Nothing healthy and nutritious for her if I give her nuggets with ketchup she will only use the nuggets to scoop the ketchup up and suck it off. Right now she has 5 pieces of potatoe infront of her and she will not eat it cuz it has no sugar dribbled over the top of it. She won't even drink those pediasure drinks she the worst picky eater I've ever seen. My youngest is almost 2 and she will eat anything no problem no fuss no nothing just flawless. I'm at my wits end and I'm not gonna be reported an has a malnutritioned daughter all because she chooses to not eat when we very well have enough food and its all healthy and so on.

    • ANSWER:
      Make fresh fruit the only sweet option. Never cave to the sugar fiend. You'll have to forbid sweet to the whole family too, for a few weeks.

      Letting her starve herself for a day isn't going to do any harm. She will eat something within the week.

      If she starts holding her breath, just let her pass out. Same method really. It works. She is the cause of her own discomfort.

      DO NOT give her aspartame as an sugar alternative. It causes diabetes faster than straight sugar. The majority of artificial sweeteners have the same or similar consequences, tiny bit in the distant future may be ok, but she is already an addict now.

    My son is only 2 years old and he snores really loud! Is that normal?
    He just snores like no other and i don't know what the cause of it is or if it's okay or if i should let his doc know...? I just think its strange for a little toddler to be snoring as loud as a grown man...i do not snore neither does his dad!!? HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Well, if it continues you could take him to an ear nose and throat doc. My 7 yr old had snored since he was a baby and it only got worse as he got older. We actually took him to an ENT doc because he was experiencing hearing loss. Found out he needed tubes in his ears and his adenoids removed. So, we did that and his snoring stopped. At his check up with the ENT doc I mentioned that not only did his breath not smell like it used to, but he wasn't snoring anymore. And the doc explained that it was because of all the problems he was having with his adenoids.
      So... might be nothing.. depending on the climate you live in his nose might be dry and causing him breath through his mouth and snore. You could try a humidifier. It could be his tonsils as well. If it continued, I would get him into an ENT.. your pediatrician usually wont delve into things too deep... the health care industry is so over micro managed.... so the ped might refer you out.
      Definatley something to get checked out.
      Good Luck to you !! Hope this helped :)

    raising a toddler while pregnant?
    I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and I am a stay at home mom for a 20 month old. I have never really had problems with my daughter until recently. She is always whining and crying now. Its hard to handle. I feel like I am always yelling and I hate that I feel like that. I want to say its hormones. I just want to go a day without wanting to cry with her all day from frustration. It almost makes me jealous that my husband gets a 9 hours break every day while he is at work.

    • ANSWER:
      I am 15 wks pregnant and I have a 2 year old son. I feel your frustration. My son is going through "terrible twos". Although he isn't "bad" at all, it is tiring sometimes to deal with. I stay at home, too, and sometimes I get irritated because my husband comes home and gets to relax on the couch for the remainder of the day, and I don't get any break at all. When your daughter starts to whine, just stop a minute and take a deep breath before you deal with the situation. Ask her whats the matter. Just sit down for a minute and cuddle with her and tell her mommy loves her. I'm not saying you won't have times where you are going to have to tell her thats enough crying. But in order to be the best parent to your kids you are going to have to take care of yourself! Do you have someone who can take your daughter for a couple hours whenever you get overwhelmed? I take my son to my dads house every Saturday, and although I am there, my dad takes over and plays with him all day and tells me to just sit down and relax. It helps a lot! Take care and good luck to you!

    Am I the only one going nuts with my 2 year old?
    I just can't take it anymore...I'm just so tired of feeling like my child (just turned 2) is not like others...so sensitive, only wants to be home, gets mad over everything that doesn't go his way...are most toddlers like this? It's driving me crazy and I've just turned mean and not someone I like. I think I'm also having a bad morning...stressed out with a tenant situation and my son woke me up at 5:45am after I finally fell asleep at 2am last night. I belong to a playgroup and none, I mean NONE, of the other kids are like him...they all get along, play well and he just gets annoyed at everything. Any advice would be appreciated...
    Thanks everyone who replied so far...I'm actually feeling a bit better than when I posted. I love my son more than anything and am also a SAHM. It also doesn't help that we live with my mother who sometimes just makes it harder with her views on things (it was the only way for me to be a SAHM is to live with her since my husband is a first year teacher and we had a lot of loans. It is a good thing living with her but also can be trying). I just don't see other kids acting as much as he does and he just is getting a bit more difficult...can't go anywhere...always "home, home". I think I need a mommy break!

    • ANSWER:
      Oh, honey yes, you described 90% of all toddlers!

      I would imagine the other kids in the play group are not the same kids at home that they are there. And I would imagine everything is not as rosy as your perception of them within the actual playgroup, but compared to your son, who is annoying you at the moment, they seem to be little angels.

      Are the other kids in the playgroup his age or younger? It's uncommon for children to really "play well together" before they're around two-and-a-half or three. They're developmentally incapable of interactive play. If you're in a playgroup with kids even 3-6 months older than he is, and you're comparing him to them, you're setting yourself up for the feeling that there's something "not right" about him. Three months in grown-up time is not a lot. To a toddler, three to six months is somewhere between 1/3 to 1/5 of his life.

      Have you ever considered putting him in a Mother's Day Out or even in daycare a few times a week? A lot of moms would scoff at the idea, but I gotta tell ya, when your two year old is annoying you that much, it may be the best idea for all involved. He'll learn to get used to being out of the house, and he'll be better able to play with others. You'll get some time to gather your thoughts and, hopefully, truly enjoy your son again.

      It's alright. I get the same way, especially with one of my kids. You have to learn to accept that your child's personality may be more high-maintainance than others. And it could be that it's reached the point where he gets worse as you get worse, and you kind of are constantly topping each other on who is more annoyed, ya know? Now, what you DO with that annoying feeling is important, because that's how he'll learn what is okay and what is not. So if you say something you regret saying just because you're annoyed, keep in mind, that's who he is learning from.

      What ended up working for me was instead of doing what I really felt like doing (crying, screaming, locking myself up in the bathroom, running my head into a wall), I would take that feeling and do it comically. Humor usually breaks me out of the "I'm so going crazy!" mood, and my kids respond accordingly. They've been "threatened" by everything from being hung from the ceiling by their toenails to getting pickles shoved in their ears. I would not, of course, ever DO anything to them, but they hear threats like that and realize it's so silly it couldn't possibly be true, and somehow that's able to get them out of the pattern of behavior that was driving me nuts to begin with.

      As far as the 5:45 wake-up call, what time does he go to bed? Does he get up a little later if he stays up a little later? My kids didn't at that age, I could put them to bed at eight or eleven, and they'd still be in my room at 5:30 wanting "baby poptarts" (cereal bars -- that's a whole other story). Now they're five and almost four, and things are a little better, they go to bed around nine, and get up around seven.

      Anyway, take a deep breath, try to keep yourself collected, try to remind yourself WHY you love your child, try NOT to compare your kid to others (you probably aren't seeing the whole truth about the other kids, and really what good does it do to determine if your kid is better or worse than others?) and try to keep yourself in control (theoretically, you have the capacity to control yourself, he does not).

      EDIT: (and I know I'm over my quota on answer length... I'm longwinded and can't seem to stop myself)

      You live with your MOM?!?!?! No wonder you're going crazy, and probably no wonder your son is acting out some. If you really HAVE to live with her (and I absolutely believe you when you say you have to, being a first year teacher and a stay-at-home-mom), you guys need to sit down and have a good talk. Tell her that with everything going on, if she could be SUPPORTIVE of you as a mom, instead of giving you grief, that would be a LOT more helpful than just being critical of your every move. In my opinion, the two people most likely to drive a woman crazy is her mother and her children. Typically, though, it's rare that we have to deal with both simultaneously, for any extended period of time. Since you do, it's important that you work things out with the one person capable of helping things -- your mom, the adult. The two of you should be able to control yourselves, being adults. He's a little kid, and actually cannot.

    how to discipline my 2 year old?
    hi i have a 2 year old son and i would like ideas on how to discipline him.he never does wat i say

    • ANSWER:
      The book Toddler taming by Dr Christopher Green is good, full of common sense ideas that you already know really!

      Basically, lots of praise when they behave well ( to avoid the constant no, no, no), making eye contact and really meaning what you say ( not shouting, letting them know what they have done is not OK) and if you decide to discipline make sure it's immediate ( toddlers don't look very far ahead ), and not too severe ( or you'll end up escalating punishments when they do something worse and it'll get out of hand). Try never to lose your temper- if you think you will, try to step away for a count of ten before you react. Remember he is much smaller than you and knows very little, even though he may seem powerful in the way he gets to you sometimes.

      While counting to ten, think whether he means to be bad, or just did something by accident or becuase he was just experimenting with the world to see what happens ( this is the age when we do a lot of that, with unfortunate results at times! It's an important part of growing up)

      Remember you are the adult, and he learns from your behaviour.

      Take a deep breath and hang on in there, it will pass!

    Chest pain is only getting worse?
    I am a 21 year old female and a mother of a 2 year old toddler. For the past couple of months I've been having chest pains. At first it just felt like pressure on and off. Then I started waking in the middle of my sleep because my chest would hurt and feel like it was being squeezed. Now my chest is hurting on a daily basis....and sometimes it hurts really bad when I take deep breaths and when I cough (mild cold symptoms have been causing me to cough frequently). Now I'm really starting to worry because if nothing is wrong with me why on earth would my chest be hurting on a daily basis? So...there's got to be something wrong. Now I'm really going to see a doctor but I don't know where to go or what kind of doctor I need to find? Am I supposed to just walk into the emergency room even though it's not like I'm having a heart attack? Any advice on who or what I should do please! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Benign chest wall pain is most likely a transient and fleeting irritation of the pleura, the slippery membrane that lines and protects the lungs. The pleura are very sensitive to pain, and for reasons that are usually not clear, some momentary irritation causes a painful sensation that can be quite severe, but that quickly subsides. This condition has no medical significance whatsoever. It is very common. Most people will experience these symptoms at some point in their lives.

      The pain is usually a sharp "catch" that interrupts a breath, and that returns with each breath for a few moments - then it subsides. It is not related to exercise, and generally can be localized to a specific small area (smaller than the palm of the hand) on the chest wall. It usually lasts for less than a minute, but can come back on and off for an hour or so.

      This condition can be evaluated by taking a careful history. The condition is very common, and very easy to diagnose by history - as long as the doctor is aware of it and understands it. The important thing to keep in mind is that this condition is completely benign, and is not related to any medial problem or any abnormality.

      Only other possibility is costochondritis, a benign condition affecting the rib cage. Refer:

    Chest pain is only getting worse?
    I am a 21 year old female and a mother of a 2 year old toddler. For the past couple of months I've been having chest pains. At first it just felt like pressure on and off. Then I started waking in the middle of my sleep because my chest would hurt and feel like it was being squeezed. Now my chest is hurting on a daily basis....and sometimes it hurts really bad when I take deep breaths and when I cough (mild cold symptoms have been causing me to cough frequently). Now I'm really starting to worry because if nothing is wrong with me why on earth would my chest be hurting on a daily basis? So...there's got to be something wrong. Now I'm really going to see a doctor but I don't know where to go or what kind of doctor I need to find? Am I supposed to just walk into the emergency room even though it's not like I'm having a heart attack? Any advice on who or what I should do please! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Why do you assume you're not having a heart attack? Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US. And young women aren't excluded. You need to go to the ER when you're hurting after hours. And u need to go see a doc or 24-hr clinic at first light today.

      You start with your general practitioner, who will likely prescribe tests. He/she may find that it's not the heart but the lungs ( I had chest wall pain from asthma). If it's the heart then you'd need a cardiologist as well- but you need a referral from a general practitioner either way.

      Don't mess with it and don't wait. Go get checked out so you don't face an unnecessary shortening of the life.

      Even during hours, if you're having chest pain go directly to the ER immediately. Let the professionals decide.

      Good luck.

    Chest pain is only getting worse?
    I am a 21 year old female and a mother of a 2 year old toddler. For the past couple of months I've been having chest pains. At first it just felt like pressure on and off. Then I started waking in the middle of my sleep because my chest would hurt and feel like it was being squeezed. Now my chest is hurting on a daily basis....and sometimes it hurts really bad when I take deep breaths and when I cough (mild cold symptoms have been causing me to cough frequently). Now I'm really starting to worry because if nothing is wrong with me why on earth would my chest be hurting on a daily basis? So...there's got to be something wrong. Now I'm really going to see a doctor but I don't know where to go or what kind of doctor I need to find? Am I supposed to just walk into the emergency room even though it's not like I'm having a heart attack? Any advice on who or what I should do please! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

    Why does my 7 year old have bad breath?
    I have asked 2 dentists and two doctors about this and they all four told me its allergies and to give him Benadryl. It hasn't helped his breath any. He has had bad breath since he was a toddler. He brushes his teeth (and tongue) twice a day, flosses and uses mouth wash. I even finish it up to be sure he did a good job. He does have bad allergies, I mean CONSTANTLY, everyday. Some of the other kids in his class comment on his bad breath and its killing me not knowing how to get rid of it =(. Im seeing another Doctor, but their soonest available is not for another three weeks. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to read & answer.

    I also have a 5 year old son, that does not have this problem.

    • ANSWER:
      Tooth abscesses can give you bad breath despite good oral health. Has he had any X-rays of his teeth and gums? Alternatively, if it is not from the oral cavity, it could be coming from pathology in his stomach. Seven year old children are reknowned for putting whatever they can find into orifices, so he may have put something in his nose/mouth. Check his nose also.

    Toddler with dark red gums, uneven gum line, fever, bad breath, sore colds, hard to swallow. What is this?
    My daughter is almost 2. Last week she started having a fever, her gums were and to this day are still very dark red. The gum line is uneven. Instead of the line being straight, each tooth has a V line of gum. She looks like a vampire inside her mouth. We took her to the emergency clinic last week, they said it was strep throat and put her on antibiotics. I didn't buy it because of the gums, so went to the pediatrician yesterday, who says it could be angina or herpes (took a culture for herpes, but we won't know until Monday). Oh, and a bad breath all the time, a little sweet, kind of. She refuses to let us brush her teeth, and she always has to do it, which she does a really bad job at it. At this point, I'm thinking it's something to do with bad brushing, but I don't know. I have never seen gums that bad, especially in a 2 year old. Please give me some answers as I'm running out of answers.

    • ANSWER:
      She may have some kind of gum disease, and your her parents you need to brush her teeth no matter if she fights it or not there is no way a 2 year old is brushing her teeth good, try letting her brush her teeth first then you or your husband do it next!

    Is a steroid necessary for asthma treatment for a toddler?
    My twin sons are almost 20 months and this winter got beaten down by a lot of colds. One of the twins had to go to the ER for what turned out to be a very bad case of RSV. He in general wheezes a lot more than his brother when he's sick and wheezes quite a bit just when he gets all riled up with play. Anyway, our pediatrician advised albuterol neb treatments after the 3rd or 4th trip to her office and after treating him with that a couple of times and switching to xopenex (levalbuterol) it seemed to help symptomatically, but I'm still worried about the frequency of recurrence. SO this latest episode which kind of came out of nowhere and has led him to have the worst barky cough I've ever heard and makes him cry with the effort of trying to cough up whatever is irritating his poor lungs has really pushed me to push the pediatrician into looking deeper into the recurring RSV. So, I was told that it is a good possibility it is asthma and they recommend starting him on Pulmicort. I am not thrilled with the idea of putting him on a steroid. I will do it if it is necessary, but shouldn't there be more investigation before diagnosing a serious condition like asthma and prescribing a heavy-duty drug like a steroid?? I don't like giving either of my sons any kind of drug unless it is absolutely necessary. I'm just overwhelmed and confused by all the information out there and would like some advice from anyone who has already gone through this!!

    • ANSWER:
      my son had RSV when he was 6 weeks old can be real scary that's for sure, was your twins perm at all as its common in perm babies. and my daughter last week was taken in hospital because boom out of no where she couldn't breath (she did have pneumonia a couple of years ago) she had to have nebulizers every 2 hours and steroids for 3 days. she is now a lot better. an inhaler may help your son a lot. If you are worried about long term use only use it when he is bad with his chest. it maybe something that he grows out of as one of my other daughters now has no problems but when she was a toddler she always had a bad chest. it also maybe the teething that is causing your sons bad chest.

    Help!!! My 2 year old daughter has bad bronchitis.?
    My 2 year old daughter has pretty bad bronchitis which started as a little cold. She had it once before and had to use a ventolin inhaler. But this time she is breathing really fast and her heart rate is up. The doctor gave us another inhaler. Also, she had to breathe some kind of spray for 10 minutes at the clinic then have oxygen for 10 minutes. I am pretty worried. When she wakes up I will give the whole house a thorough cleaning. It gets pretty dusty in here. We have a humidifier going too. Lots of liquids of course. Have any other parents gone through this? It is pretty scary. Any advice?

    Additional Details
    she is sleeping now and breathing 40 times per minute

    • ANSWER:
      I understand your concerns. A normal respiration rate for a toddler (ages 1-3) is between 24 and 40. Because she is sick, she may breathe faster than usual for her, but you may simply be noticing it more, too. Also, a normal heart rate can go as high as 150.

      If she appears to be struggling to breathe, this is when to worry. She would look distressed, and you may notice her nostrils flaring or her ribs being more prominent with every breath in (called retractions). The fact that she is sleeping is a good sign. The medication she was given to breath in has likely helped a lot.

      If she seems to worsen or starts to look like she is in distress, certainly take her back to the doctor (or urgent care on a weekend). Otherwise, the cause of the majority of these illnesses are viruses that simply must "run their course." She should start feeling better pretty soon. On top of using her inhaler, keep her hydrated, and using some saline nasal drops and suction bulb to help clean her nose if it's congested could help, too.

    How long does the pain and bleeding last after vaginal delivery?
    I realize that it has only been a week and a day after delivery, however, I spent the first several days in bed and/or the couch resting. About 4 days ago I started feeling alot better and started cleaning my house and since my husband had to go back to work I also had to take care of my 1 1/2 year old toddler. Well now the last two days my pain has been horrible! It feels EXACTLY like it did right after deliver, where my insides feel like they are floating around and my abdomen wall hurts with every movement, even every breath! I can't bend or do ANYTHING without the pain. Also, each time the pain is the worst I bleed a whole lot. How long will this last? How long will I bleed? Could I have brought on this pain? I also have horrible pains in both my butt and my vagina each time I sneeze, cough, laugh and/or use the restroom. Is all this normal?

    This is also my second child, I had an easy delivery with no tearing.

    • ANSWER:
      I am a post partum nurse. I'm gong to address the pain first. Your pain sounds excessive at this point. I would make an appointment with the OB office. Afterbirth pains should be done by now. It could be an infection. Especially if you have any fever or foul vaginal odor. To address your other questions: you will notice an increase in bleeding when you do more housework and childcare. If you need to change your pad more than once in an hour, that is too much. There should be no clots. Your discharge can last for up to 6 weeks, but that is not usual. A typical course of bleeding would be 3-7 days of red bleeding, followed by pinkish-brownish discharge, followed by yellow/white mucous. Try to rest, get plenty of fluid, and call the office,

    how old do you have to be in BC to go tanning in a salon?
    my friend just brought that up=|

    • ANSWER:
      3 years old. Have you seen Toddlers & Tiaras?

      Google her and see what she looks like 2010.
      "Plastic Week: Lisa Gastineau On The Dangers Of Tanning Beds"

      She had 2-3 melanoma moles removed, one by her nose. She had nose surgery just to get her nose straighter, so she can breath again. She got those moles from a tanning bed.

      Tanning beds aged you by 10-15 years!

      A new study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Dermatology has found that tanning bed exposure can be dangerous when tanners self-diagnose skin problems and use the radiation to treat skin eruptions. The study specifically found that a tanning bed user that used the radiation to treat a mild skin rash caused by an ibuprofen allergy developed a much more severe reaction called toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN). When left untreated, TEN can be fatal.
      March 5, 2011 2:28 PM
      Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin disease. An estimated 68,130 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in the United States during 2010 and about 8,700 people died from the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. Two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the US each year, according to the EPA's Sun-Wise Program. That's more than breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer cases combine!

      Blame genetics all you want, but it's really about how you've treated your skin. Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D. internist & author of the RealAge books, to quantify the effect your habits have had. The quiz is designed with a 28yrs. old in mind. Damage is cumulative, so if you're older or younger than 28, the number on the right would be slightly higher or lower.

      Take your age and add the number of years listed on the right for every 'yes' answer.
      1. Have you had more than 10 bad sunburns in your life? + 25 years
      2. Do you have red, itchy eyes from allergies: + 25 years
      3. Are you a regular smoker? + 2 years
      4. Do you live in a highly polluted city? + 25 years

      Now subtract the number of years on the right for every 'yes' answer.
      1. Do you cleanse your skin every day? - 1.5 years
      2. Do you get seven to nine hours of sleep each night - 1.5 years
      3. Do you wear sunscreen regularly? - 1 year
      4. Do you have dark brown skin tone? - 1 year
      5. Do you regularly wear moisturizer? - 1 year

      I took the test, I'm 7 years younger, but people thought I look more like I'm in my 30's, but I'm 30 years older than that.

    toddler congestion?
    my 2 year old daughter is congested really bad during the day but its at its worst at night. last night she sounded so bad, trying to breath through her nose. i applied some vapor rub to her chest thinking that would help. i don't have a humidifier and right now i can't afford one. can anyone give some other suggestions on how to deal with her congestion?

    • ANSWER:
      For a little while take her into the bathroom with you and turn on the shower as hot as it will go. shut the bathroom door and the room will steam up and it will basically have the same affects as a humidifier. I know that being 2 she wont be occupied for long but maybe you can do it for a little while.

    I am babysitting a 2 year old with issues! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
    I am babysitting a 2 year old mexican kid and he keeps crying for something that sounds like "deeta" or "teeta". I have tried searching online to try to find out what he could possibly be talking about!

    I think it's something to drink. I gave him milk and he won't drink it. He started crying for "deeta" or "teeta". So I gave him water, he threw his cup on the floor. That's all I have to drink! His mother told me that he drinks ANYTHING, but apparently that's NOT true!

    He's been crying non-stop for the past hour and a half.

    What should I do?

    Is there anyone mexican or spanish out there that can help me! His mom doesn't get off until 5:00, that's 5 and a half hours from now!

    He keeps pointing to the refrigerator and handing me his drink cup, which is why I'm pretty sure it's a drink. I already tried giving him food, he won't take it. He doesn't have a pacifier nor is he breastfed. He drinks out of a sippy cup. I'm not at his house, I'm at my own house. I have no bed or crib here for him. I've tried distracting him with a movie and toys. There's only so much I can work with here at my house, I don't have kids of my own.

    To Destiny: Sorry, but the last think I'm worrying about right now is technicalities. I didn't think there was anything wrong with saying Mexican or Spanish. And since I'm neither one, I really didn't know the "correct" term to use.

    • ANSWER:
      First, try very very very hard to calm down. He's a toddler, they're not exactly known for their reasoning skills. He's picking up how upset you are, and it's only making matters worse. You have to calm down in order to get him to.

      I don't know if he speaks English, or understands it, but this method has always worked for me with my kids, and kids I've babysat.

      Take a deep breath and try to calm down, then look them in the face and say very calmly and repetatively, "Calm down, look at me." Then lead him to the refrigerator, the cabinet, anywhere you think "deeta" or "teeta" would be, and ask him to show you.

      I looked up drinks most 2-year-olds have, and none of them sound like the word he's saying. But is it possible he's been breastfed, or he is currently breastfeeding? "Ni o(a) de teta" is a "breastfed baby."

      Good luck with that.

      EDIT: Okay, since you aren't at his home, that is going to make things MUCH more difficult, and I would reccommend you call his mom. I have two kids, and I know that if I had a babysitter in that same situation, I would want her to call me. It's quite possible you could give her a call and say "He won't stop asking for deeta!" and she could go, "oh my gosh, I'm sorry, that's what he calls cheese" or whatever it is. It's hard enough to figure out a 2-year-old's language questions when you're sure they're at least attempting to speak the same language you speak. If he's giving you his own version of a word you wouldn't understand even if he said it correctly, you could be fighting a losing battle. I would still suggest you calm down, try to calm him down, and see if he can TRY to show you what he's asking for. You might not have "deeta" at your house, but it can't hurt to let him try to look. At least that way, he may understand you're not just holding out on him.

    toddler with smelly breath???
    my 2 year old daughter sometimes has smelly breath, not all the time but sometimes it smells really bad, we brush her teeth 2-3 times daily, am getting concerned, anyone any ideas what it could be? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      allot of good advice here. With little ones when there nose gets plugged they breath more through there mouth, which will cause there throat to dry out. This in-turn causes the bacteria on the tongue to grow which in all people not just kids is were 90% of bad breath actual comes from.
      So in agreement with other writers keep and eye on her sinus and brush her tongue as this will be a good habit to start early.

    Is this whooping cough?
    My 6 year old daughter had a bad case of conjunctivitis a week ago. She was sent home from school and about a day later, developed flu-like/cold-like symptoms - runny nose, low fever, cough, etc. Brought her to the doc, who just prescribed an antibiotic eye ointment for the conjunctivitis, and the conjunctivitis had disappeared about 2 days ago. But just around that time, she started to cough a bit more than she did. At first it started off with just a severe cough for about 2 hours during the night, which went away. Then came back for about 2 hours in the morning when she woke up. Then went away. And then throughout the whole of Sunday it would come back periodically every few hours, and last a while, but go away again. Monday, same thing, although she seemed to be coughing less periodically, more like coughing throughout the whole day though didn't strike us as very severe, just persistent coughing. Last night she coughed throughout her sleep though didn't sound too severe. Today was bad. From the moment she woke up, she had been coughing and coughing. Then it worsened about an hour after she had breakfast, and during one particularly violent coughing bout she regurgitated some of the oats she had for breakfast - I'd say she threw up about a small cupful of rotten milky oaty stuff. She's still coughing now as we speak. Though the coughs are more persistent now and not as violent as earlier on.

    I'm really wondering if I should suspect whooping cough!
    I tried calling my GP to make an emergency appointment today but they couldn't make an appointment cos their electricity and computers were down.
    They told me to take her down to the NHS Children's Walk In Centre near my place which only has trained nurses, but they assured me they will be able to diagnose whooping cough and even prescribe antibiotics for it.

    I'm just so frustrated right now! I have a nearly 4-month old baby at home and a 2 year old toddler... They both seem to have caught whatever my eldest daughter's got... though their symptoms only showed up days after my eldest daughter's symptoms appeared, and right now their symptoms are not as severe. The 2 year old has got fever, a slight cough, and runny nose. The infant however, has got no fever but has got an even slighter cough, and a really runny nose.
    Yesterday he got his last set of immunisations for his first-year of life at the clinic - which did include the Whooping cough vaccine - and seems well - not feverish, though has got the runny nose which irritates him cos he can't breathe as easily... and sometimes he coughs but not much.

    I guess I'm just wondering if my eldest daughter's symptoms sound like whooping cough?! Cos there doesn't seem to be any "whoop" sound AFTER she coughs, but I read in some online whooping cough info sites, they say that the cough doesn't always necessarily have to sound like "whooping" in children and infants infected with this disease. She does cough a lot though, and they are quite violent coughs. She says they are uncontrollable. But that her throat feels ticklish as well. Could it not be just another cold??

    • ANSWER:
      she might. the whooping sound actually occurs after the cough, when the child tries to take in a deep breath after a round of several coughs in a row
      if your child makes a whooping noise (which actually sounds like hoop) after severe bouts of rapid coughing, it is most likely a symptom of pertussis- particularly if your child has not received her DTap vaccinations.
      infants with pertussis usually do not whoop after the prolonged episodes of coughing, but they may not get enough oxygen or they may even stop breathing with this disease. in infants and very young children, pertussis can be deadly, so call your child's doctor right away.

    Toddler question!!!!?
    My 2 year old daughter caught on to the word Bi**h and she says it constanly now and when I yell at her or tell her not to say it she says it slowly under her breath any suggestions of what I should do? and I know you can say Iam a bad parent because I have said it once or twice infront of her but I want real advice here on what to do! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Don't draw undue attention to it. Tell her that is a naughty word and that it is not right for kids to say. When she says it however don't make a HUGE production over it...as she will associate that with hey when I say this I get all this attention. Attention is attention whether you are happy or mad at the time.

      Make sure if others hear her say it they don't smirk, laugh or otherwise encourage it either.

      If she keeps up, place her somewhere alone for a time out so she realizes that that word does not infact illicit attention but the opposite.

      And no you aren't a bad parent you are human. For goodness sakes it sounds bad but she would have heard it somewhere. You can't shelter her forever. In fact I'm of the mind set that you shouldn't necessary talk like a sailor in front of your child, but be realistic. When I was a teen and I got freedom, I went buck wild with foul language because I could and it was "taboo".

      I have a friend who doesn't censor herself in front of her children and her one child is 12. I had cussed in front of her without realizing it *I had cut someone off and said that I was just a d*&k head for cutting them off* And she said noooo you're not a dork. She knew that she wasn't allowed to repeat what I said, so she corrected herself.

      My four year old said a cuss word or two and we reacted as I suggested, and later that day when her father cussed at a driver she told him "daddy you aren't supposed to say that word".

      So don't beat yourself up. Don't let others either. Just be the best parent you can, watch yourself for the next few years language wise if/when you can because OH are toddlers little parrots, and just trust your instincts.

      Good Luck.

    What's the best way to reprimand a child without shouting?
    Every parent experiences the "terrible two" stage with their kids & I'm currently going through that stage. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old toddler and they're both girls, and they could be a bit pushy at times with what they want. Of course I don't allow them to have everything done their way, especially if it's something that's gonna get them into trouble. But telling them "No" is very hard to do without shouting at them, in example my eldest for some crazy reason pushed her sister down the stairs, & the impact was so bad that my youngest's forehead turned blue. Another was when they started beating up each other! & I could go on and on about all the unbelievable things they could possibly do in the blink of an eye but It'd take me days to finish.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's my suggestion...
      As soon as they start "fighting" put them in seperate corners for a time out and WALK AWAY. Remember that when you put a child in time out the minutes standing there should equal their age (eg.4yr old=4minues, 2yr old=2minutes)When you walk away take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. After 2 minutes go to your 2 yr old. Give her a hug, tell her you love her and explain why you put her in time out and that hitting, etc.. is not what we do and that It makes mommy sad when she does it. Find her something quiet to do while the other is still in time out. After 4 minutes, do the same for your 4yr old(hugs, love and explaining). Only I would go a step farther with her because she's older and can comprehend more. Tell her that If she hurts her sister again she will not get *******(whatever it is she really likes,tv,toy,play outside - BUT only for that day).Then redirect her to a quiet activity. A few minutes later, praise them for "playing nicely"

      You should do this EVERY time something happens whether its both children or one. Just remember, It is as important to tell them you love them and give them a BIG hug after their time is up. Kids need to be reminded that although mommy is mad at what they did, you will always love them and forgive them.

      I do this with both of my children - ages 7 and 3. Hang in there, they will eventually get the hint that it isn't ok to hurt one another and learn that they get praise when doing something good. Shouting at the children never works. They just shut their brains off when we get wound up, believe me its tough and I think everyone slips up once in awhile. Just remove yourself from the room,take a few minutes to breath and then you will be able to deal with the problem better.

    Think my 2 year old may have acid reflux...?
    We have been to the doctor. Started a few months ago with him complaining of throwing up - hes very verbal (but nothing visible to me). I mentioned it to the dr and she said to keep an eye on it. Shortly after he ended up with the flu, so I figured that was it. But the flu has come and gone since then, and he is still having issues. Over the past couple weeks he has vomited a few times (but never more than once in a day), and had severe diahrea. Doctor said it was a virus. When it continued she ordered some lab tests be done (waiting on results). He also occasionally wakes during the night screaming his head off, but with no explanation is is impossible to calm until he finally tires himself out. I have also noticed some god-awful bad breath... and we are really good about oral hygeine. One last piece of background info, he has always had issues with weight gain, even though he eats A LOT. As a baby he was EBF until 6 months, and continued to BF until 29 months. Doctor was concerned about his weight gain then, but it eventually worked itself out... Im just putting all this together now and thinking it might be GERD or something similar. Obviously will be talking to dr more, and making him an appt with a specialist... but looking for opinions from other moms that have been there done this in the meantime.

    • ANSWER:
      My youngest was on reflux meds from the time he was a baby until age 2, and my daughter started needing reflux meds when she was 3 and took them for a year before outgrowing it. Vomiting is definitely a sign. But with my son, he rarely actually threw it up, it would just come up enough to burn his throat and then go back down. So pay attention to if he has sour burps, wakes up crying at night. Also, they were both more likely to be coughing at night because when they have that stomach acid come up it'll cause coughing.

      I don't know if your son has reflux, but definitely keep paying attention to the signs. Eventually they'll probably do a pH probe on him (which sucks) but that will determine for sure that it's reflux. It's really important to get it diagnosed because it can weaken his back teeth if they are frequently being exposed to stomach acid.

      More on toddler reflux at; http://www.toddler-tips-and-tricks.com/toddler-acid-reflux.html

    is it ok for a toddler to use a nasal strip?
    my 2 year old has a cold and i've been losing sleep since she's pretty fussy in the night. i have to stay up with her comforting her which i don't mind at all, i feel more bad for her that she can't sleep. so i mentioned that i haven't slept very well for days to my coworker and that my daughter seems most bothered by her little congested nose. she can't breath right so that seems to irritate her. My coworker said i should buy nasal strips but i've never even heard of those. i've never used them so i'm not sure if that would be ok for a toddler. what do u think? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      They make them for children also.
      They are fine.
      They stick well, but she might pick at it.

    PLEASE HELP! If your child has/had hives, what was the cause?
    My 2 year old toddler girl got them last week and 2 months ago. When she breaks out it looks so scary and she also gets angioedema on her face, hands, and feet.
    What could it be? We didn't change her diet, detergent or whatsoever.

    Last time she got very sick when we spent time in a hotel room and needed 2 epi shots, steroids and Benadryl to get back on track.

    Now I think she's doing ok but WHAT in the world would cause a rash like this?
    We contacted her ped about the problem and have to wait now for the blood tests.

    Thanks for helping.

    • ANSWER:
      When my daughter was 3 she had hives, I did not know what it was at the time. We rushed her to the er and they looked at her and said she had some kind of infection and put her on antibiotics. She did not get any better and matter of fact got worse over the next week. We took her back about 4 days later because her face started to swell and she could not breath very good especially her nose and throat was very swollen but she had no mucus. They said she prolly has tonsillitis. Gave her a higher dose of antibiotics. For the next two days I had to sleep with her on my chest sitting up because she would choke on her drool. She still wasn't getting any better and her hives were worse so we took her to a new doc. and as soon as he walked in wasn't there but 5 sec and before he even got all the way in the room he told us, "she has mono". He said he would go ahead and run the test but just by looking at her he could tell. He ran the test and sure enough she had mono and antibiotics won't do a thing for it. She had to be on a steroid and antihistamines. 24 hrs after starting her meds she was already getting better. It was so scary and after a week and half I was so happy someone found out what was wrong with her.

      You may have to see a few docs to an accurate diagnosis. Anyway to answer you question, an infection could cause your child to break out in hives. Hope she gets well.

    Toddler with fever, cough and congested help?
    My one year old and 8 months had a cough and congested with a lot of flems, she started getting a fever at nights, just wondering how to lower her fever I gave her pedia care infant fever reducer, but still not going down, how to help my baby, I been giving her cough drops and neubilizer but can't get rid of fever help

    • ANSWER:
      Do not give her milk give her juice at room temp... Plus warm tea even warm water that loosings the mucus and they will pass it by using the bathroom or cough it up.. plus u need to get some Simply Saline baby spray from wal mart it clears congestion.. U can give her warm peppermint water and give her a vapor bath u can find the vapor soap in the baby section at wal mart it's the Johnson Johnson brand.. hope that helps it always does for me I have 2 Kids and this is the worst time of the year!! And for her fever the warm bath will help and don't cover her feet let her feet breath.. The warm bath is the best!!

    best product for me 2 year old?
    she is biracial with very thich frizzy curely hair and I am afraid she may have head lice. The boy she plays with had them but her hair is so dark and long and thick i can't see. I don't want to wait till they are bad if she has them what is the best product for biracial children?

    • ANSWER:
      According to the website of Dr. Sears, the world-renowned pediatrician, it's safe to use RID or NIX on your toddler. However, if you don't want to use the pesticide treatments, you can buy an Australian product called Neds. It all natural and comes with a worthless hair conditioner but the shampoo is great and gentle on the little ones. It's safe enough to use once a week. But it's expensive. If you can't find any live lice or nits and she's not itching, you may want to just do a mayo treatment below. It's cheap and safe.

      Read my advise to a fellow mom on lice. I think it will be helpful to you.
      My daughter says I can use her account to answer this, as it's a subject close to my heart.

      My second daughter came home with lice. Found out that a class adjacent to hers has been battling lice for eight months! She has very long thick hair. After trials and errors and much research, I do know how to handle lice and to prevent future reinfestations. Here's how:

      Use NIX on the child's hair (Don't use RID, it's not as effective). Rince after 10 minutes. Then, saturate your child's hair with real mayonnaise (Hellman's is good), don't be afraid to use a whole jar. Then put a shower cap on her and leave it on for at least five hours. She can even sleep on it. That's even better. Wash it out with two part Dawn's regular detergent and one part intensive dandruff shampoo (Danorex is good). It's amazing. You will see dead lice and nits on the bottom of the tub. The mayo not only suffocates lice, but it also practically dissolves the glue that lice use to stick their eggs, so that the nits just fall off. Then using a Cetaphil face cleanser or a hair gel, comb her hair by thin sections with a metal lice comb. Let her watch TV or DVD. It will take hours, but you have to comb every strand. After you are finally done, wash her hair with one part dandruff shampoo and one part TEA TREE OIL shampoo. The Tea Tree Oil is said to repels lice. I believe it since the rest of us in the family have been using it anyway, and none of us still show any sign of lice, and it's been several months. For the next 7 days, put mayo or olive oil (which works great but leave a greasier residue) in her hair for one hour, rince as above, and comb her hair. On the seventh day (don't wait until day 10!), use mayo again and like the first time leave it on her hair overnight. It's impossible to get all the nits out in one setting or even several settings. The nits may be all dead, but you can't take a chance. Shampoo as directed above and repeat the tedious combing again. You are a pro by now. You probably won't see anything, but don't relax. Nits left on the hair can hold their breath for three days! So for the next three days, even if you don't find anything, put mayo or olive oil on her for one hour, rince, shampoo, and comb and shampoo again. After the third day, to prevent her from getting lice, keep using the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (if you can't find the shampoo, you can get the Tea Tree Oil and mix three drops with an unscented shampoo per use. I even use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil hair gel on my daughter's hair, and rub an organic Tea Tree Oil cream behind her ears and the back of her neck. I do this for all my family now. I don't want to ever have to go through this again. All that endless washing and disinfecting! Not to mention the emotional and psychological turmoil!
      You can also swich off between Tea Tree Oil shampoo and coconut shampoo (that also is said to repel lice and smells better). I use Suave. It's cheap and good.

      Until school's out, you just have to keep checking her hair. I don't think I can stop from checking even if I wanted to.

      Just stay vigilant, keep checking, and the end will be in sight. Good luck!

      Mom of Watchdog Chick

    I need some serious help!?
    I'm 27, married for 3 years in April and have a 2yea rold daughter. My husband and I have been together for 7 years in the end of August. I was 19 when I met my husband, on a bad path and he was kind of like my savior. I kind of looked up to him because he was a bit older ( 5 years) and it just seemed like he had his head on straight. Now because of some stupid choices and a bad living situation on my end, we ended up living together a year later. I wasn't necessarily ready to settle down, so to speak, but it just kind of happened. I was crazy about him and it just seemed right. We got married 5 weeks into my pregnancy at the justice of the peace because I needed insurance( I love him too) and because he just said it made sense because in his words " you're not going anywhere right? Well neither am I. Let's just get married." No family was at our wedding, I have no ring and actually haven't even legally changed my last name. Now here we are 3 years later and am I just completely unhappy. Go figure right? I'm a stay at home mom who babysits 3 other toddlers during the day besides my own to make ends meet, have no social life whatsoever, he's asleep on the couch at 8 every night and when he's awake he's fighting with me or telling me how to do things, when to do things, what I should do, what I didn't do. He is terrible with money and has us in a hole we can't ge tout of, I just feel like I'm trapped and I never wanted to be in this place. I'm married and yet, I'm lonely. He has a terrible temper and is unbelievably selfish. He actually bickers with our 2 year old. He feels like he is smarter, better and just above everyone. He tells me how I shoudl feel, that he knows everything I think and that I'm crazy. I could go on and on. He has his periods when he acts like a normal human being and then if he doesn't get whatever he was trying to accomplish right away, it's back to him again. And sex, blah, terrible. No foreplay, no romance, just " I'm gonna fall asleep soon,, are we gonna do this? Okay, ready." Did I mention his breath smells like he ate a dog shit sandwich for lunch? I'm just disguted all ove rthe board and don't know what to do. I don't know if I want to work on it anymore but don't want to divorce either. I was crazy about him before and am sure I can be again and most importantly, for our daughter's sake. I don't want her to lose her family. I just need some helpful adivce. I know I'm not nearly perfect and have my faults and am very dificult to deal with at times, but do I deserve disrespect for the rest of my life from the one person who should respect me? Is it even possible to get through to someone who thinks they're god? I'm just at the point where I need an answers so I can either work out my marriage and be happy, or call a lawyer. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      PLEASE do e/thing in your power to save your Marriage, before ever calling an attny.

    Toddler not adjusting well to newborn?
    We just had our second son last Wednesday. We came home from the hospital on Saturday and our 2 year old son is just having the worst time ever. The slightest little thing sets him off now and he will whine and cry and throw a tantrum for such a long time that I doubt he even remembers what upset him in the first place. Simply saying "no" to him gets him going. I think he's probably feeling upset over the new baby in the house, and I'm trying to get him to be okay with it. Showing the baby to him, asking him if he wants to say hi, or give the baby his bottle, etc. I'm also trying to get on the floor with my son and play with him one on one so he doesn't feel left out or unloved. He's okay during those times but will simply lose it if I get up to go to the bathroom or even leave the room. It's the same if my husband does either of those things. So far, the newborn is the easier person to deal with lol.

    Anyway, I'm trying hard not to lose my patience with him at times because I'm also trying to recover from my C-section which gives me limited mobility and I'm not even allowed to pick up my 2 year old, plus the pain I'm dealing with in recovery. Any words of advice? Anyone else go through this with their older children? Please tell me it's a temporary phase?

    • ANSWER:
      You forgot to mention hormones - it's hard to remain patient when you have hormones till raging too!

      Would it be possible to take him out with a one-on-one for a day of just the two of you or just a Daddy and Son date? Try also setting aside a set amount of time each time to just be with him - say, in the morning while baby is sleeping you eat breakfast with him as just the two of you.

      Another thing: Don't push him with the baby. I would ask him if he wants to help you pick out clothes or give the baby a bath, but he doesn't have to.

      Thankfully it is just a phase. When he acts up, take a breath and just say something like, "hey, Buddy! I didn't mean to get you mad. What happened?"

      My son did something similar and thankfully it only lasted a few weeks. Some kids take to new siblings easily, but others? Not so much. I think what helped my son is that he had a birthday party a few weeks after his sister was born, so it was really HIS time with family. After that nothing else with his sister mattered.


      I just started thinking - does he have any play groups with friends? Try to get him involved with other people too - keep as much of a schedule as you can. Just watch him in those social settings. I work in a nursery at church, and there's a 2-year old who has been acting more aggressively towards other kids since his baby sister was born about 4 months ago. He's no longer aggressive towards her, but other kids seem to take his wrath more. And he's MUCH more clingy since then. He's gotten better, and it seems he just had to grow up a bit before he could move on and accept what happened.

    i cursed at my 2 year old daughter:(?
    I was so frustrated!! just period.
    My mom has always watched my daughter, she's 2. However its going on 3 months now that they have been staying with me, (my mom and my 23 year old brother). My mom doesnt work, but she watches my daughter while I work. I get home about 5:15 mon-friday. yesterday I was on my way home when i called her because the day before yesterday they were out running errands and i had to wait an hour for them to get home, so called to make sure and let her know I was on my way home and i wanted to be with my daughter. Well, she told me that they had just left ross and were going to take my brother somewhere, at 5 'oclock it would take them an hour to get there and an hour to get back! i told her this, i said 'mom, it will be 7 by the time you get home! adn she goes 'well jess go work out or something'!!!!
    can u believe that? i hung up the damn phone, i was so mad, go work out? where the hell did that come from? im 26 and weigh 103 pounds! seriously she was probably telling me to go do something to keep me busy, but what she fails to understand is that after work i want to spend time with my baby!on top of that my daughter calls her MOM. I have had this talk with my mom, and she's like ' i dont know why it bothers you' but she doesnt 'correct' my daughter when she calls her that! she encourages it, and its pissing me off. as i said, they are living there with me now. on top of that, my mom spoils my daughter as she is the only grandbaby. What i say never even damn matters. so, yesterday they finally get home around8, we go to bed early anyway, so i only bathed her and played with her for like 10 minutes and then we got in bed, however (rewind) when they first got there my mom was leaving again, and my daughter threw this horendous fit saying 'i wanna go with mom' i wanna go with mom, and she just ran to the door and wouldnt pull away from it, so i went to the next room, and of course she followed me crying and i said 'im not going to carry you, ( i dont carry her when she throws her fits, she is spoiled enough) and she got even madder! i love my daughter with every heartbeat of mine, but my mom makes it hard for me cause she spoils my daughter, and i dont want her to be spoiled, when my daughters dad (we arent together) comes, she of course doesnt act this way, and it frustrates me, he says 'well yall spoil her' no WE dont, SHE does.
    anyway back to us bein gin the other room, she kept crying and i say ' baby, why do you want to go with 'gma? i havent seen you all day! i want to spend time with you too, and she goes 'no, i want MOM, I WANT TO GO WITH MOM!
    so (in my mind) i was already like, f it) i tried taking her clothes off to bath her, and she got more histerical, and i said 'really neve, why dont you want to be with me? do you not love me? and she says NO.
    so i say ' then get the fuck out of here then!" get out!!!!!
    adn she cries and leaves the bathroom, she goes to the living room and i can hear her saying 'mom, dont say that bad word!",
    i was so upset for what had happened i stay in the bathroom for a while and just BREATH, a minute later i go to the living room and she was on the couch watching tv.
    I get her and i apologize for what i said, i hug her, then we bath, /play go to bed.
    I even still have her sleep with me b/c we dont immediately go to sleep, we just play.
    she has her own room, she just dont sleep in it, because hello.. i only have a few hours with her when i get home, she is still asleep when i leave to work, and dont know what to do, im here at work and hate myself for letting myself get that angry and talk to her like that.

    • ANSWER:
      I can only imagine how frustrating it is when your daughter calls her grandmother "mom" but you need to face the reality of the situation - your mother does the bulk of "mothering" to your 2 year old. Toddlers don't say things like that to be hurtful - they are simply honest. To a fault, sometimes.

      There are times when my husband gets home from work and sits down on the floor with a book to read to our son and our son will go over to him, grab the book, carry it over to where I am and thrust it out me. It's a bit cruel, but not deliberate - it's just a reflection of the amount of time I spend with him, compared to my husband.

      Rather than be angry at your daughter OR you mom, I would try to enlist your mother as an ally in this situation, as much as possible. Explain how hurt and sad it makes you that you are apart from your daughter. Ask her for suggestions about ways she could help. I try and get my son "excited" for when Daddy comes home - not that he isn't happy to see him, but if I go "Daddy's coming home! Daddy's coming home!" about ten minutes before he's scheduled to arrive, when he DOES arrive, my son goes nuts with glee and it makes my husband really happy.

      I have a friend who went back to work shortly after her daughter was born and also chose to co-sleep because she wanted to spend more time with her - I think that's a perfectly reasonable partial solution.

    Toddler Holding Bowel Movements! Please Help!!?
    I have a 2 year old daughter, and for about a over 6 months, she has had a bowel holding problem after the daycare she has been at has been pressuring her to use the toilet. I don't know what to do sometimes. I have tried enemas, suppositiories, laxitives (polyetheline glycol) you name it! She often has stains in her diaper because she holds it. A few times, she has thrown up because of it. It makes me so frustrated sometimes and I get so worried. Sometimes the enemas and suppositories work, but she screams and I feel so bad and not to mention, they can be damaging and its really hard for me to get it in properly. Please Help ME!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! I'm so sorry, this is obviously a serious concern! Young children sometimes have a very hard time letting go of what they see as a piece of themselves. The concept of something that is "them" being flushed away can actually frighten them, and it is a rather abstact concept for their young minds. You might try approaching your daughter with this in mind. But first, I would put an immediate halt to the school pressuring her-not good at all, and not helping-obviously! What she needs is to feel safe, and you can do that better than anyone. Take a deep breath, and relax yourself as well. She knows when you are frustrated with her, even if she doesn't fully understand why. This is a very young undeveloped mind here.
      Start talking to her, in a simple(and short) way about the role of poo, and that it is it's job to leave our bodies. There is a wonderful book out (probably more than one), that addresses this for very young children, called "Poo" by Nicola Davies.
      You are not alone, your child is not odd, and you don't need to make this a battle ground of anguish for you both. I'll bet you could find a used copy on Amazon. Get the book, read it every day, and take the terror out of this for her.
      She is throwing up because she is so fearful. Try to be calm, mom, and take her in your arms and hold her closely when you talk to her. Take ALL the pressure to perform off, please. Good luck!

    how do you deal with a one and half year old throwing a fit?
    Please, experanced parents or day care providers, how do you deal with a 11/2 year old throwing a fit. Everytime my son, Jevon dose not get his way he throws a fit, for example just at lunch time today, I gave my other two boys that are 3 and 4 a treat for eating all of thier food. Naturally I gave Jevon one too, but he decided that wasn't enough, he screams and cries, refuses and pushes my hands away when I tried to wash him up, now he's running around in an angry fit, pushing in chairs hard, screaming mama, crying, and throwing whatever he can get his hands on. He dose this everytime he dosen't get his way. Do i just igorne him, I never give in to him, but I can't help feeling bad in end, seeing him like this. I'm not sure what to do? Please help

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a great article:
      Why it happens
      What to do

      Why it happens
      A temper tantrum is the emotional equivalent of a summer storm sudden and sometimes fierce. One minute you and your child are in a restaurant enjoying your dinner, the next minute he's whimpering, whining, and then screaming at the top of his lungs because his straw is bent. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 are especially prone to such episodes.

      Though you may worry that you're raising a tyrant, take heart at this age, it's unlikely that your child is throwing a fit to be manipulative. More likely, he's having a meltdown in response to frustration. Claire B. Kopp, professor of applied developmental psychology at California's Claremont Graduate University, attributes much of the problem to uneven language skills. "Toddlers are beginning to understand a lot more of the words they hear, yet their ability to produce language is so limited," she says. When your child can't express how he feels or what he wants, frustration mounts. What to do
      Don't lose your cool. A tantrum is not a pretty sight. In addition to kicking, screaming, or pounding the floor, your toddler's repertoire may include throwing things, hitting, and even holding his breath to the point of turning blue. When your child is swept up in a tantrum, he's unlikely to listen to reason, though he will respond negatively to your yelling or threatening. "I found the more I shouted at Brandon to stop, the wilder he would get," says one mother of a 2-year-old. What worked instead, she discovered, was to just sit down and be with him while he raged.

      Staying with your child during a tantrum is a good idea. Stomping out of the room alluring as that may be can make him feel abandoned. The storm of emotion he's going through can be frightening to him, and he'll appreciate knowing you're nearby. Some experts recommend picking up your child and holding him if it's feasible (i.e., he's not flailing too much), saying he'll find your embrace comforting. But others say it's better to ignore the tantrum until your child calms down, rather than rewarding negative behavior. Through trial and error, you'll learn which approach is right for your child.

      Remember that you're the adult. No matter how long the tantrum continues, don't give in to unreasonable demands or negotiate with your screaming toddler. It's especially tempting in public to cave in as a way of ending the episode. Try not to worry about what others think anyone who's a parent has been there before. By conceding, you'll only be teaching your child that throwing a fit is a good way to get what he wants, and setting the stage for future behavior problems. Besides, your child is already frightened by being out of control. The last thing he needs is to feel that you're not in control either.

      If your child's outburst escalates to the point where he's hitting people or pets, throwing things, or screaming nonstop, pick him up and carry him to a safe place, such as his bedroom. Tell him why he's there ("because you hit Aunt Sally"), and let him know that you'll stay with him until his negative behavior stops. If you're in a public place a common breeding ground for tantrums be prepared to leave with your child until he calms down.

      "When my daughter was 2, she had an absolute fit at a restaurant because the plain spaghetti she ordered arrived with chopped parsley on it," recalls one mother. "Although I realized why she was upset, I wasn't about to let her disrupt everyone's dinner. I took her outside until she calmed down."

      Talk it over afterward. When the storm subsides, hold your child close and talk about what happened. Acknowledge his frustration, and help him put his feelings into words, saying something like, "You were very angry because your food wasn't the way you wanted it." Let him see that once he expresses himself in words, he'll get better results. Say with a smile, "I'm sorry I didn't understand you. Now that you're not screaming, I can find out what you want."

      Try to head off tantrum-inducing situations. Pay attention to what situations push your child's buttons and plan accordingly. If he falls apart when he's hungry, carry snacks with you. If he has trouble making a transition from one activity to the next, give him a gentle heads-up before a change. Alerting him to the fact that you're about to leave the playground or sit down to dinner ("We're going to eat when you and Daddy are done with your story") gives him a chance to adjust instead of react.

      Your toddler is grappling with independence, so offer him choices whenever possible. No one likes being told what to do all the time. Saying, "Would you like corn or carrots?" rather than "Eat your corn!" will give him a sense of control. Monitor how often you're saying "no." If you find you're rattling it off routinely, you're probably putting unnecessary stress on both of you. Try to ease up and choose your battles. Would it really wreck your schedule to spend an extra five minutes at the playground? And does anybody really care if your tike wears mismatched mittens?

      Watch for signs of overstress. Although daily tantrums are a perfectly normal part of the mid-toddler years, you do need to keep an eye out for possible problems. Has there been upheaval in the family? An extremely busy or harried period? Tension between Mom and Dad? All of these can provoke tantrums. If after the age of 30 months your child is still having major tantrums every day, talk to your doctor. If your child is younger than 30 months and has three or four tantrums a day and isn't cooperating with any routines, such as getting dressed or picking up toys, you also may want to seek help. Your doctor can make sure your child has no serious physical or psychological problems and suggest ways to deal with the outbursts. Also, talk to your doctor if your child has frightening breath-holding spells when he gets upset. There's some evidence that this behavior is linked to an iron deficiency.

    Crying habits in toddlers?
    i noticed that my son who is 2 years old is having difficulty in breathing if he cried.. i mean if he cried hard, he struggles and have difficulty in breathing and sometimes his face turns blue.. i'm scared, plz help.. :(

    • ANSWER:
      You need to speak to your doctor or health visitor about that to be on the safe side.If it does turn out to be breath holding I for one don't think ignoring him is te answer.Not only is that an incredibly hard and unnatural thing to do when your child is turning blue it would probably make your son feel worse.

      A 2 year old has strong feelings they find overwhelming and difficult to deal with often they react negatively because they don't know how else to handle things it's unlikely it's done for attention.I think you should support him through it that way you are not giving in to what he wants but nor are you ignoring him just hold him close and if he doesn't want to be he then let him know you are there.This should help him to feel secure.

      He definatley needs to be seen by a doctor first before you go and do things your own way to make sure there is not a medical reason for his struggling for breath and turning blue.It is always better to be safe.

    My 2 year old has bad breath...?
    this began about a month ago with a cold. It's a really strange smell, like pet food. It's also on her skin. I feel awful because I keep bathing her and 10 min's later she smells again. I cant seem to get a straight answer from her doc or dentist. Hopefully there is some genius Dr.House type reading this to give me something new to take to her doc. Thanks for any input.

    • ANSWER:
      Bad breath is a problem that plagues not only adults, but often toddlers as well. Bad breath can be caused by a variety of things. These can include:

      - Bad dental hygiene practices. A buildup of tartar, gum problems such as gingivitis, or even a tooth infection or abscess can be responsible for your toddler having bad breath. In addition, food particles that become trapped between your toddler s teeth, or that coat the roof of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, or floor of the mouth can cause bad breath.

      - Pacifier use. Pacifiers or other objects that your child sucks, such as a thumb or a blanket, might be covered in bacteria that cause bad breath.

      - Sinus problems. A sinus infection or persistent nasal discharge can cause your toddler to have bad breath.

      - Other infections. If the throat or the tonsils are infected or have food trapped in them, this can cause your toddler to have bad breath.

      - Reflux. If your toddler has gastroesophageal reflux, this also can cause bad breath. Reflux will generally by accompanied by other symptoms, such as throat pain.

      - Dehydration. If your child is not getting enough fluids, it can cause her mouth to dry out, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

      There are some things that you can do to deal with your toddler s bad breath, such as:

      - Make sure your toddler is getting enough fluids throughout the day.

      - If your toddler s bad breath is caused by dental hygiene, help him out with brushing. Show him the correct techniques. Help him to brush for a long enough time. Use a timer if necessary. Consider the use of a water pick, or perhaps a rotating toothbrush.

      - If necessary, talk with a pediatric dentist. Get into a regular hygiene routine if you aren t already. Ask the pediatric dentist to take a look at his gums and teeth.

      - Talk with your pediatrician, as well. If your toddler s bad breath is caused by infections or reflux, there may be things that you can do to help.

      - Make sure anything that your toddler sucks, such as a pacifier, is frequently sanitized.

      hope this may help...

    Should I bring my Child to the ER...or just wait?
    My little girl (1 1/2 year old) has had a runny nose for about 1 1/2 weeks....we brought her to the doctor because she threw up from gagging......a lot of times....well when we brought her to the doctor, the doctor said that her lungs were clear and that it was just a sinus cold...well it's now 2 weeks later and been coughing and sneezing...we give her, her steroids that the doctor precribed which are out of now and give her breathing treatments.....she still coughs but not to much...it's only once in a while and it's like she's trying to cough up phelm but can't...it's a wet cough though...she constantly has a runny nose...thick white mucussy.....and has like one coughing spell at night....tonight when i got home...i check her temperature and it's 100.5 under the are..which is 101.5.....i know it's not high...and have brought her to the doctor already....should i just keep giving her breathing treatments or should i go to the doctors office...and also, if she had pnemonia or something, wouldn't she be constantly coughing and have breathing difficulties....or what about broncitis..wouldn't she be coughing a lot...i get really paranoid when it comes to my kids....can someone please give me some advise so that I can rest assure that she's ok until tomorrow atleast so i can bring her back to the doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      For a toddler, that's not much of a fever. I don't think they would be able to do anything. I would make an appointment for the doctor and get her checked out again, but she was on steroids to strengthen her lungs. When my son was on steroids after bouts of croup they had us come in for a check-up afterwards to see if he was recovering. The first time they said there was a bit of an after-wheeze and he was put on albuterol until that cleared up. The other times he had recovered. Bronchitis would have a bit of a wheezing crackle sound associated with the cough. Pneumonia is a step worse. But you would hear a crackling sort of sound, wheezing, and you would see her tummy/back tensing up with her normal breathing... you'd see her ribs basically as she struggled for breath.

      The throwing up is mostly from the mucus, she doesn't know how to blow it out so she swallows it and that can make them throw up. Thick white mucus indicates no infection (if there's an infection it will be green.) A normal temperature for a toddler is anywhere from 97-100.4 F, and it typically goes up at night. You need to take the temperature anally though, under the arm is not very accurate. And if she's been running around/playing then her temperature will be higher. I find if my kids are bundled or just took a nap that will raise their temperature as well.

      I would give her the breathing treatment and then take her into the doctor's office in the morning, but I wouldn't take her to the ER because it doesn't sound serious. If you feel like it's serious of course you should do what you need to do. Watch her behavior. If she's acting like she can't ever catch her breath, take her to the ER. Otherwise I'd wait until the morning, keeping in mind that people in the ER will expose her to far more serious diseases.

2 year old toddler bad breath

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