Actors Have Bad Breath

Frequently Asked Questions

    have you met someone famous with bad breath?
    it seems like in a lot of scenes, they have to get reall close up to eachnother. do you think those famous actors/actresses have bad breath? do they still have to kiss them and stuff even though they do?

    have you met a famous person with bad breath?

    • ANSWER:
      I have met many people, one of which was Colonel Saunders, KFC fame. I did not kiss him but I did smell his breath. I have since learned that all people have some amount of bad breath because most bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue, especially on the back of the tongue. You can see this bacteria as "white stuff" when you look at your tongue in the mirror. This must be removed to get rid of bad breath. I use OraBrush tongue cleaner. I have use OraBrush for 5 months with great success. My wife tells me I have kissing sweet breath. Here is their website:

    How do actors and actresses manage to kiss?
    it is normal to kiss , but what if the person being kissed has bad breath or gingivitis. And what about inhibition regarding kissing person of same sex

    • ANSWER:
      It's all acting. They suck it up even though they may have to drink 6 gallons of Listerine afterwards. Besides most of these actors and actresses have great dentists so I doubt bad breath and gingivitis is in the equation.

      For the same sex thing again it's just acting. People know they are not gay in real life.

    Can I drink from a water bottle during an interview?
    My mouth gets really dry when I'm nervous, and dry mouth = bad breath. Plus, I'll be talking a lot. Is it rude to drink water during an interview?

    • ANSWER:
      Hallo. I hope this comment finds you happy and living well.

      During a pause in the conversation, or if the person's attention is directed at something other than your eyes, yes. If they are making eye contact, they are trying to learn something of you or awaiting a response from you. Drinking from the bottle at that time would be rude. If they are waiting for you to speak, it is rude to drink then. While you are waiting in the lobby, or waiting room, try to remember to NOT swallow the water while you wait.

      Holding it in your mouth, on your tongue will help it stay moist longer. It will cool your jets, as well, and help you keep your nerves in check while you mentally answer the questions they will ask. Rehearse your answers as much as possible and do it calmly while in the bathtub or simply relaxing. Do not anticipate anxiety, which increases anxiety 1000%! You already feel the nerves now, so let's let you drain that with the bath water, next time you relax.

      Be like an actor and know your lines. If you prepare and don't let nervousness enter the hours while you "study", you will see a HUGe difference!

      Also, using a cinnamon candy right before will keep your breath fresh and your mouth wet for a half hour at least.

      Let us know when they hire you so we can all cheer!

      You'll do great!!!!


    My teeth are gross looking in the morning?
    I brush twice a day, floss once a day and I use mouthwash once a day. But in the mornings my teeth appear to be more yellow. I mean I don't have perfect teeth. They are kinda crooked and they aren't super white to begin with but they look very gross in the morning. I'm really not sure what is causing this but I don't like it... I also get pretty bad morning breath, but I've been told that the morning breath is caused by me breathing with my mouth open in my sleep. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Teeth that are kinda crooked are okay. They add character.
      I used to have kinda crooked teeth but I’ve been wearing Invisalign for the last 2 years so now there’re straight but sometimes I miss my old smile because I used to have a nice original and unique smile and now I just have a straight bland one. I did not straighten my teeth because of aesthetics but because one of my tongue’s papilla would sometimes get caught between two crooked teeth (it was a sudden and awful pain).

      Also, super white teeth are not natural and look really fake. Whitening systems weaken your teeth and your gums (and over-sensitize them) so they’re not very healthy.

      As long as your brush and floss (and do dental cleanings every 6 months), you have good teeth.

      Super sexy Johnny Depp says, about his imperfect teeth (he always makes them look worse for each role), “I’m proud of these. When I see people with perfect teeth, it drives me up the wall. I’d rather swallow a tick than have that!”

      Make sure you get enough calcium and nutrients (vitamin D, fluoride, phosphorus). I had the worse yellow teeth each time I was pregnant because no matter how much calcium and supplements I would get, my baby would suck it right out of me. Then I got back to normal after the delivery, thank goodness. As they say: one child = one cavity…yep, no matter how much you brush and floss.

      Morning breath is not caused by you breathing with your mouth opened while you sleep.
      I won’t bore you with the details of volatile sulphur compounds.
      You have bacteria in your mouth. During the day, you salivate all day long and swallow your saliva, barely noticing that you’re doing that (except when you eat), so the bacteria are flush down your stomach non-stop and cannot just breed and stay in your mouth.
      When you sleep, your salivating stops so you do not swallow your saliva and the bacteria multiply like crazy and produce that volatile sulphur compounds that stinks.

      This is why babies have such sweet breath, because even when they’re sleeping, they keep salivating a lot and drool. Even during the day, babies always drool all over the place so they have nice smelling breath.

      Now, using mouthwash on a regular basis is not a good idea. It will disrupt the natural flora of your mouth, which will have to compensate so your bacteria will grow at a super crazy speed and make your problem worse.

      It’s like people shampooing their hair every day…then they have to shampoo every day or they get crazy greasy hair if they don’t shampoo for a day, since their scalp glands are overproducing oils to compensate for the constant effect of the shampoo.

      Get off the mouthwash for 3 weeks, so your body can re-adapt to producing a normal level of bacteria so you don’t get yellow teeth and pretty bad morning breath. You’re going to have a worse pretty bad morning breath but bear with it for a few weeks. After you wake up, just brush your teeth and tongue and use a tongue scraper and suck on a candy that makes you salivate, then brush your teeth again (because of the sugar in the candy…you don’t want cavities).

      And don’t believe what you see on TV or in movies…lovers DO NOT wake up and kiss. Those are actors, playing a scene during the day, when they have good breath (that’s when you want to occasionally use mouthwash, when you’re an actor and you have a kissing scene coming up).
      I think it’s kinda gross, to see people just waking up and kissing…eeewwww! Go brush your teeth and pee first before you have morning sex, for goodness sake!

    How do you, as actors and actresses, get over stage fright?
    I love musical theater, and I'm a pretty decent singer when I'm not under pressure, but when I get in front of an audience (even for auditions) I freak and my voice is either bad or I can't sing at all. It's really frustrating, and no matter how much I take deep breaths and picture myself doing well, I mess up. I don't have the same problem with simply acting onstage, just singing. What do you do to eliminate stage fright?

    • ANSWER:
      By doing it.
      Feel the fear and do it anyway.
      If you have rehearsed & memorized, know what you are doing up there and how to think on your feet - the rest is just your mind playing tricks on you.

      I have more reason to get stage fright than most people, the amount of situations I've been through in my 20 yeas.
      But I'm in my element up there.

      You shouldn't have fear of what if things go wrong but focus on how you would handle yourself if they do.
      All the best :)

    How To Get Over Fear Of Being On Stage?
    I havethis fear of getting nervous before I go on. And I get butteryflies. I raelly think that Im going to mess up and that im going to do bad. And How should I prepare for an event like this? Like wat should i do? I kinda have somewat of any idea. Plz help me. I just don't want to be nervous and I need to calm my nerves! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      As an actor, most actors use a technique called "point of concentration", that is find something in your surroundings or performance to concentrate on,i prefer concentrating on aspects of my own performance, thereby lessening the hold the fear has on you. For instance, while acting, you can focus on your characters intentions, thereby not only lessening your fear, but improving your performance. Also, channel your nervous energy, make it work for you, not against you.

      Also, on the old take a deep breath thing, do not take a deep breath right before playing, singing, acting. Take a deep breath in, and then out, if you only take a deep breath in, then a normal breath out (the mistake most people make) right before you walk onstage, you trap "stale" (no oxygen) air in your lungs, so when you go to take a deep breath to hit that long airy starting note, or launch into your big monologue, your not getting all the oxygen from your breath, because the old air is still left over. So take a big breath in (not too big, you can get too much oxygen, and coupled with your adrenaline get light headed) to steady yourself, let it all out, and then breathe how you need to breath for the performance. And remember, your only as good as you think you are, confidence is key in a performer.

    How was Kristen Stewarts acting in New Moon?
    Kristen Stewart is a really bad actor. Instead of crying and whimpering, she started shouting like a helpless dog. She rarely shows emotion in the first and second movie. Her expression reads "stoned" all over. Have you watched Twilight, and most recently, New Moon? How did you think she did?

    • ANSWER:
      I was very disappointed after seeing new moon, as far as Kristen stewart goes. She is really bad at playing this part. I really don't think that she is skilled enough to play the emotions and really give you a sense of what Bella is in the book. It really made the movie suck for me and I almost wanted to get up and walk out because of her. I don't know what it is about how she always breaths heavy like she is panting all the time instead of using words. Very annoying and she sometimes looks cross-eyed. In the movie there were times when I should have felt sad for her but instead I found my self laughing because she looked stupid. I thought it was just me but then I looked at my friend and she was cracking up too. We were crying because we were laughing so hard and I was thinking that all this hype about the movie and this is what I get. I get to laugh at how horrible Kristen stuart is making the movie awful. They need to replace her with someone with more acting experience that can pull this part off because she is not doing it! I don't know if I am going to wast my money at the theater next time and just wait for it to go on DVD. By the way. Taylor did a great job playing Jacob! He's the only reason I stayed through the movie.

    Where can I find free online acting courses?
    Like really good ones? Oh please please! I don't want to be a bad actor or have a bad audition!!

    Please, help me with acting!!! Oh woe is me.

    Ok, thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      Take a deep breath, no offense but drama here won't help.

      First of all, online searches are free, other than the cost to be connected in whatever method you use.

      Second; To assume Free in any genre might only relate to a public or private school situation, which essentially isn't free either, to those others of us who pay for your education.

      Obviously, at an appropriate age one can apply for scholarships, but in any case, everyone should at least anticipate, and perhaps accept that rejection happens, in all aspects of ones life. Learning that need not mean giving up however, and consider this, if you can.

      "BAD" audition is probably inaccurate, most especially if you target your notion on auditioning for parts that suit you, or that are suited to in a particular type for characterization. IE: I'm 65 and bald. I'd hardly have a chance at getting a part portraying a 25 year old, fully coiffed male, in any sense.

      Steven Wolf

    Who else is excited about the new season of Breaking Bad that starts this Sunday?
    Brian Cranston is awesome...I even liked as the dad in Malcolm in the Middle. It shows what a good actor he is because those are not the same characters at all.
    I got hooked on Breaking Bad about halfway through last season and it is awesome.
    Are you looking forward/glad the next season is almost upon us??
    what do you like about the show?

    • ANSWER:
      Myself and several of my family members are waiting with baited breath.

      Writing, acting, directing, this show has the best of it all. It's the most 'in your face' drama i've ever seen.

      From the beginning of the first season, this show left the audience suspecting and expecting where the plot twists would take them, and they were not left disappointed. Still, in spite of the future implications of every word and deed in every scene, the writers managed to keep storyline focused on the ever present moment.

      The big question is, can they keep it up?

      USA's "In plain sight" lost a lot of ground with their second season, just as AMC's "Mad Men" had a hard time keeping up to the standards they set in their first season. Breaking Bad managed to keep from losing momentum in their storyline. But everything has happened that was expected, (plus enough surprises to keep us all guessing,) so where do they go next?

      Oh yeah, i'm excited. I'll be watching.

    How do actors prevent themselves from falling for their co-workers?
    What I mean is, if an actor is in a movie and they have to kiss do they keep themselves from liking them?! Especially if they're already in a relationship. I've never been in this scenario, but it baffles me.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I know that when Joss Whedon was interviewed regarding a couple of Buffy episodes, he was talking about Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz (Buffy and Angel), and he said that they just had fun. In the first kiss, he said that they both deliberately ate the most disgusting things they could beforehand, to give themselves really bad breath - just for fun.

      Professional actors basically learn (in school) how to kiss and make it look real. I'm guessing after a while, it's no different to them than being required to hug someone, or saying, "I love you." You just... do it.

    What can you do to stop stage fright?
    Whenever i'm about to go on stage i get a really bad tummy ache and feel unwell, but once im on stage performing im fine! I have been given and oppotunity to perform on a west enf stage but im worried my nerves will get the better of me and i will get a really bad tummy ache. What can i do to control my nerves?

    • ANSWER:
      hehehe... i also have the same problem...
      I think you should practice a lot before performing on the stage ..
      take 2x deep breath whenever you get nervous .. then imagine that you become your favourite figure ( actor , musician , etc ) and feel what he/she would feel on the stage ...and do on the stage ...
      Well it works for me.... hehe... Remember that everyone get nervous whenever they must perform on the stage...
      ( sorry for grammatical mistakes )

    How can I strengthen my speaking voice?
    I've NEVER been a talker. You know, the type that can go on and on. I'm not trying to fundamentally change who I am, but when I do speak, I run out of breath, my voice quakes and breaks. I sound nervous and unconfident even though I do not feel that way.

    Because I rarely speak, my vocal cords feel most natural when they are not being used and when I don't talk.

    How can I change that? Yes, I know the most obvious answer would be to talk more. But I'm looking for a more in-depth answer like exercises or something from people who have had a similar problem.

    How does one strengthen my voice and why do my voice quake and break? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      There are two aspects to this - physical and psychological.

      Physically, you can improve the strength of your voice doing the kinds of vocal and breathing exercises that professional singers, actors etc do (see links). There are also public speaking tricks that can help, like trying to speak in a lower tone of voice, use pauses, focus on something other than the person's eyes for a little bit to re-centre yourself etc.

      Psychologically, less straightforward. Any concern you have about your voice can have cascading physical effects that are quite powerful even if you're not totally aware of the cause/effect (basically it's a flight/fight response - if you've learned that your voice often does that and you don't like it, your brain will prepare for the likely outcome you experienced last time by pumping a lot of stress hormones into your body to get you ready to run away or fight). Talk more in situations where you're comfortable (with small groups or one-one, with people you trust) to build up a 'good' history to offset the 'bad' history, and also focus on other things - you can distract the stress cascade with logic if you notice the signs coming. A mental image like a door closing can help - ie I will not feel like this with my voice.

    What's worse, bad teeth or bad hair? You know the observational jokes?
    Americans are known to have bad hairstyles - for reference, watch Judge Judy (Judge Judy herself has a UK hair stylist flown over to Burbank Studios CA).
    British folk do have bad teeth (collapsing NHS dentistry) - for reference, see Jeremy Kyle.
    Please note both are fixable, don't despair.
    Judge Judy, I have been reminded to point out, always has a quality head of hair. Hence my "joke" that she has a UK stylist flown over.

    • ANSWER:
      Teeth are essential to good health, however straight teeth or bad teeth as you call them are not. What is important is good oral hygiene is maintained. I am make up artist who has worked with a lot of actors and presenters who may have good hair, plumped up lips, enhanced breasts and botoxed faces. None of these can compensate for bad breath or tooth ache.

    How to become a better actor?
    I think I am a bad actor. How do I improve myself?

    • ANSWER:
      Breathe. The use of breath is a crucial part of being noticed as an actor. Note how you breathe during normal conversations versus while you're performing a monologue. When you allow yourself to breathe, you allow yourself to open up to the emotions that are naturally there; breathe into them and feel them. This is a part of basic acting training, but it's also one of the easiest to forget and overlook, so if you're ever in a rut, go back to breathing for a quick and effective release.

      Step 2Listen. Actors love to talk and talk and talk, as if speaking is the only useful thing you can do onstage. On the contrary; if you've hit a talking wall, try to utilize your listening skills instead. By opening up to what your scene partner is saying, you stop thinking about your next line and instead begin to feel a response to your partner's words. Allow this response to motivate and inform your next piece of dialog. You'll be amazed at the difference.

      Step 3Think. Sometimes actors like to skip this step because the process for their character seems obvious. But unless they are playing a piece of cardboard, no person on stage is really that two-dimensional. Give yourself some time to peruse the dialog for clues about the character and make some of your own decisions about the way your version looks and sounds. Sometimes the things that look simple and obvious can be the most complex of all.

      Step 4Learn. This is what acting class is for! Not only does it help newly minted performers hone their skills, but it can help the halfway-there to pick up where their last acting coach left off. Going back to the basics is helpful in all walks of life; in acting, returning to the fundamentals can make your characterization stronger, your listening better and your overall ability as good as it can possibly get.

      ***Try also looking up monologues online and practice them online :)

    How could I get a start in a showbiz career?
    I have no family members or family friends who are in the business who could help me out. Where should i start?

    • ANSWER:
      Basically you should do everything you can to get your foot in the door. Work for free, to build your experience. There are alot of independant movies out there, that have a tiny budget and some would be willing to take you on if they believe you are committed to working 16 hours a day for no pay. Basically, you will need someone supporting you when you get started, or you could try to be an extra in a bunch of movies. That usually pays 100 bucks per day. Also once you get your resume built up, you get a better chance of getting in a SAG (screen actors guild) film,commericial, or whatever. Then you can join the SAG, Im not sure how much it cost now, but 10 years ago it was 1500 bucks. Once you are in the SAG, you will have a little bit of a chance to breath and more doors will be open to you. You WILL work your ass off let me tell you and acting will be a 100 hour a week job. When you are not looking for work or acting, you will be studying acting and honing your skill. Also when you are working for free on independent films, Get to know everyone well because when they hit the big time, they will remember you if you make yourself memorable. Also...this is the most important thing...NEVER...i repeat NEVER say anything bad about anyone. If you do this, even once, it will probably kill your career. IF someone is completely horrible to work with and someone asks you how it was to work with them...ALWAYS say "that person is great" "I really enjoyed working with them" or "great guy" I have to repeat this again... if you say anything bad about anyone in the business, it will kill your career.

      break a leg :)

    How do actors film sex scenes without getting visibly turned on?

    • ANSWER:
      For starters, there are lots of people standing around ogling your goodies, some of them have no purpose being there, but just to see you naked.

      Then there are the lines, if any you have to remember.

      There is also a guy or girl yelling at you demanding you to turn this way and that way.

      Then, if you are a man, there is a unbelievably hot actress checking out your goods in a way that is probably making you feel more self conscious than aroused.

      You didn't brush your teeth or shower since that morning so in addition to being naked, you have bad breath and body odor.

      Usually when filming this type of scene, the room or area will also tend to be unbearably hot/cold and might have insects, animals or some sort of nauseating odor.

    In Civil War reanactments do the people in it reallv get hurt or even worst killed?
    Whenever I see a reanactment of the civil war on TV I can't tell whether they are faking being shot at getting stabbed or just plain old goof off. Then my sister tells me its real and I'm not sure what to say about that. Its been on my head for a long time and I need answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Take a deep breath, you can relax now.

      Civil War renactments are just that...reanactments by actors. No one is getting shot or stabbed. They act out battles and skirmishes, like in Gettysburg. It's completely safe.

    How to keep a straight face?
    Hi, how do people keep a straight, no emotion face during momments of laughing, no matter what in seriousness they keep it so straight and dull, how? what is the technique? and I know the obvious it takes time etc., but in general is there a quick snapy of doing it? I also see in television mostly actors with huge aduiences around them manage to not break the face and keep it dead straight how?

    thanks for all ur answers :P possibly 10 points up for grabs!!!

    • ANSWER:
      1.Breath deeply. It is a great way to keep a straight face for a short period of time.
      2.Immediately think of a math problem that you don't readily know the answer to and try to solve it in your head. Seven times thirty-eight. One fifty-four divided by six. This will keep your brain just distracted enough until the moment passes.
      3.Clench your teeth and don't let your mouth open. If you do, then the greater the possibility that you will burst out laughing.
      4.Though you know about the situation, don't think about it. We've all had funny times where we shouldn't be laughing. Try to think about something bad that happened to you, such as the time you got punched in the face.
      5.Think of less funny incidents. Especially sad or embarrassing ones.
      6.When acting it is sometimes helpful to think deeply/hard. This usually prevents frowning or smiling, giving away your hand.
      7.Think of something appropriate to the situation. If it's a situation that makes your friend sad, think of something sad. If it's a situation that makes your friend angry, think of something that makes you angry. That should help you get the appropriate face for whatever is going on.
      8.Think of the funeral of a loved one.

      Hope this helps! (:

    Do you think it is nasty how many people actors/ actresses kiss?
    I know it is their job, but do you think it is nasty? Could you kiss a lot of different people?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually think it's stupid and many times doesn't fit the scene or add anything to the movie. I happen to love to kiss and hug as much as having sex (hey, I'm Italian!) because that could be even more intimate but I couldn't just lock lips without some kind of feeling.
      I've always wondered how these actors control their bad breath and would love to see the out takes on some of these scenes.
      I guess the producers think we fantasize about kissing that actor or actress (well, honestly I do whenever Diane Lane is in the movie) and that it titilates us like soft porn.
      Speaking of which- the "implied" sex scenes are even worse no matter how real they look.

    What are some good theater acting tips?
    I want to know how to improve your theater acting tips, if any of you that are in secondary schools, you should probably know this by now. Other people that know it too, please tell me. If you have a good source of information, please type it in right away. Please and thanks a million. I really appreciate it if you would help me with giving my and the community some theater acting tips of yours.

    • ANSWER:
      * Know your script. Read, re-read and then read again, and not just your own lines. From this foundation you can go on to identify the reason for your lines, this will help you react with the right lines and make remembering easier.
      * Listen actively, you should give the impression that what your character is hearing is purely of that moment. Resist the temptation to be quick with your lines, just to prove you know them, it is a conversation after all.
      * Be brave, the quickest way to improve your acting is to realize that your first choice will usually be the easiest for you to do - not the best one for the part. Look beyond your initial choice.
      * Learn to breath, practice 20 minutes a day. Inhale as deeply as possible and exhale for twice the amount of time you spent inhaling (i.e. inhale 15 seconds exhale 30 seconds). This will help pre-audition stress and stage fright.
      * Be professional, turning up on time, or early, will give you all the warm up time and, more importantly, the space you need.
      * This one might not be so obvious, avoid bad mouthing your fellow actors. This is not only good advice because eventually they will find out what you've been saying, but also the actors who are quick to insult other actors are the ones who blame others for their own shortcomings. If you always blame others, you will miss out on the opportunity to accurately evaluate your own performances.
      * If everyone around you is loosing their heads - keep yours. If you find yourself in a situation where every piece of furniture is being chewed by your fellow cast members, hold your nerve and avoid the melodrama. Your performance will stand out like the calm at the eye of the storm.
      * Act! The more you act the better you should get. Practice makes perfect after all. The more acting you do, the greater the number of actors and directors you will work with. This will help improve your acting by enabling you to find the truest way for you to develop.
      * Improve your acting by making your colleagues look as good as possible. It might sound odd but getting the best from colleagues will reflect on your own performance and help you develop. It will also improve your professional reputation which, in turn, should mean you get more work.
      * Finally, be thick skinned. You have to have the courage to stick to your guns when you think your right, even if you consider the criticism harsh, or are getting lots of rejections. Be honest with your self and be brave, most actors get rejected for most jobs most of the time!

    What causes hiccups and how do you get rid of them?
    I have the hiccups right now and they are so annoying! What are "hiccups" and how do you get rid of them? Please... :)

    • ANSWER:
      Hiccups are caused by your diaphragm spasming. It's a muscle that helps control your breathing. It's important to singers and actors. There are many things that cause the spasm. All the solutions and cures for the hiccups have the same end result, to calm your diaphragm. Holding your breath, drinking water, dissolving sugar on your tongue. They cause you to focus on something else and the muscle will relax itself. They are extremely annoying, if I have the hiccups for more than like 4 min, I get a really bad headache ( probably due to lack of oxygen). You can try any of the hundreds of suggestions, they will all work. Mainly, just relax.

    How do I become more confident, without becoming more arrogant?
    And what's the difference between the two?

    • ANSWER:
      Hallo Princess.

      Arrogance is insecurity; confidence is peace of mind
      The difference between arrogance and confidence also shows in our emotional state. Arrogance makes us insecure whereas confidence gives us peace of mind. The more arrogant we become, the more keenly we feel the dependence of our happiness upon the misfortune and weakness of others. This ironic dependence makes the seeming confidence of the arrogant increasingly insecure. The more they bolster this false self-confidence on the outside, the less secure they become inside; so the ‘happiness’ of the arrogant is self-consuming.

      First, develop self-awareness: know yourself, acknowledge that there are aspects of yourself that you wish to change, and understand what has stopped you feeling confident so far.
      Assert your intention to be confident, and make a commitment.
      Change your thinking. This includes changing restrictive attitudes and beliefs.
      Use your imagination. Imagine yourself as a confident person.
      Act as if you are already confident. The more you speak and behave confidently, the more confident you will become.

      Write down three beliefs that you hold about yourself which could be limiting your confidence. Now think of three beliefs you would rather have, beliefs that would empower you and bring confidence. Cross out the limiting beliefs and write these empowering beliefs in their place. What would you have to do for these new beliefs to come true?

      Make yourself very comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Allow your imagination to flow freely. What would it be like to be perfectly confident? What difference would it make to your life? Let your mind drift for a few minutes, then open your eyes and write down everything that comes to mind. Keep this list: you have it in your power to experience all this one day. Remember, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

      Commit yourself to behaving more confidently, as from now, even if it feels like an act. Do what actors, musicians, politicians, sports stars and many others do the world over - pretend you're confident, even if you're not. What difference would it make to your life if you knew without any doubt that you could achieve anything you set your heart on?

      Learn how to make decisions based on your experiences that you believe. If you don't have your own thinking, you can never be successful.
      Get to know yourself before you believe in yourself. Know what works best for you. Also get to know your personality that is the most important thing to do if you want to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself, you will do your best.

      We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies. If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.

      Don't let anyone steal your dream. It's your dream, not theirs.

      Good Luck princess have a awesome weekend!!!

    What are some interesting and weird facts about random stuff?
    Like stuff we don't need to know but it sort of is cool to know! Like that turtles breathe through their butt!

    • ANSWER:
      The Rose is the symbol of love, but the flower for February is actually the violet!

      A blue whale's heart is the size of a car!

      Without coloring, Coca Cola would be green!

      When filming summer scenes in winter, actors suck on ice cubes just before the camera rolls - it cools their mouths so their breath doesn't condense in the cold air.

      Humans were first infected with the HIV virus in the 1930's.

      Thinking about your muscles can make you stronger.

      If left alone, 70% of birthmarks gradually fade away.

      Grapefruit scent will make middle-aged women appear six years younger to men. The perception is not reciprocal and the grapefruit scent on men has no effect on women's perceptions.

      Women blink twice as many times as men do.

      Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

      We are about 1cm taller in the morning than in the evening.

      There are about 550 hairs in the eyebrow.

      The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.

      If you ate too many carrots you would turn orange.

      The colder the room you sleep in, the more chance that you'll have a bad dream.

      In its ancient form, the carrot was purple!

      One 75-watt light bulb gives off more light than three 25-watt light bulbs.

      Pancakes are commonly served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Australia.

      Only 55% of Americans know that the sun is a star!

      There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos.

      India has a Bill of Rights... for COWS!!!!

      The Japanese commonly put ketchup on their rice.

      Opossums are immune to rattlesnake venom!

      Only 1 in 2 billion people will ive to be 116.

      Dolphins nap with one eye open.

      Napoleon constructed his battle plans in a sandbox.

      There are 92 known cases of nuclear bombs lost at sea.

      It was illegal to sell E.T. dolls in France because there is a law against selling dolls without human faces.

      Diet Pepsi was originally called Patio Diet Coke.

      2,500 newborn babies will be dropped in the next month.

      A person infected with the SARS virus has a 95-98% chance of recovery.

      There are no penguins in the North Pole.

      If you were to roll a lung from a human body out flat it would be the size of a tennis court.

      In India, people are legally allowed to marry dogs!

      Apples are 25% air.

      For every gallon of sea water, you get more than a quarter pound of salt.

      All platinum ever mined would fit into an average sized living room!

      One gallon of used motor oil can ruin one million gallons of fresh water.

      Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse, was afraid of mice!

      Your brain is 80% water.

    Any suggestions for a commercial to prevent smoking?
    For a class assignment, I need to make a commercial to discourage kids from smoking, any suggestions for a storyline?

    • ANSWER:
      Let them know they can be COOL without smoking.
      Give examples of cool people that do not smoke and then show a picture of a geeky smoker and say, "Does he/she look cool just because he/she smokes? Don't think so"

      And take a scene from a movie where the main character smokes and looks cool, then pause it and say "he looks cool right? too bad they can;t catch smoker-breath on camera." then show a scene with same actor when NOT smoking and say "see he's still cool, it is not the cig that makes the difference"

      And show scenes/pics of uncool people. New smokers who don't know how to hold a cig look ridiculous. Also, show them a pic of low-class people smoking and get them to realise smoking is associated with low-class people. The President doesnt smoke, does he.

      Oh, oh, I got one more! Take a jacket and let it really soak the smell of cigs. Let it go around for the kids to smell it, right after you've let them smell a freshly washed, perfumy one.

      Don't go into how unhealthy it is, that's so old.

    How to stop getting a red face in non-embarrassing situations?
    So today I was telling a relevant story in my class to everyone there, however I felt my face go red and was so focused on it that I slurred my speech, my jaws locked and i couldn't smile and my face was beetroot red. This happens all too often, even when I answer a question in class and it's correct I get a 'beamer' as it's called. I've read articles online and not a lot help. I never used to be like this and I am just jealous of those who can speak normally. Please help me, this is killing my social life

    • ANSWER:
      Actors and actresses and singers never quite get over stage fright completely. What they do is rehearse to the point where they don't have to think about it as much. When they step on stage, the last thing they worry about is forgetting their lines. If they do, they take a deep breath to calm themselves, or they turn a bad situation around by disarming the situation with humor!
      First, start practicing. An ancient Greek orator who stuttered practiced his speeches by the ocean and spoke every word of his speech over and over again to the loud crashing waves with pebbles in his mouth.
      Second, start watching stage performances of comedians and watch how they turn bad comments into funny laughs. Jeff Foxworthy was a good story teller from the start, but the whole "Redneck" thing started when he was heckled by audience members in a club in Michigan about being a "stupid southern redneck". His response was telling them having Valet parking at a bowling alley was just as Redneck as the rest of them, and the whole "You Might Be a Redneck" started from that! Learn how to accept yourself and your mistakes and learn how to laugh at your mistakes and turn your embarrassment into a source of laughter to diffuse the situation. Chevy Chase turned falling down into an art form. (But he rehearsed his falls to the point where they didn't hurt when he did them on stage!)
      Practice what you say before you say it and say it out loud to the noisy washing machines or traffic so that when it is time to say it "for realsies" it comes out right.

    In hollywood when people kiss like on romantic movies, are they sucking each others lips?
    I don't get it. It's not always french kissing and it's not always involving the hands. If it doesn't involve the hands, is it still making out?

    For example, Zoey 101, the way they kiss. It's not french but it not a smack on the lips, it's not always involving the hands but they still call it making out even if the couple is just moving their lips and nothing else.

    • ANSWER:
      I remember reading an article once that said, yes they are real kisses, and the one actress was complaining about her co-star having "bad" breath..
      They are paid to preform,they are actors and actresses, the director tells them what he wants out of a particular scene, and they will do, and re-do and re-take until it is done correctly.
      I would find that terribly difficult, to really kiss someone like that and not get emotionally involved, but hey that is Hollywood.looks real to me...thank you!

    Is it normal to talk to the TV when you are watching an intense movie?
    Like telling the character what to do?
    Well I guess I am pretty normal!

    • ANSWER:
      It's my experience, that if you have a man living in your home, he's
      going to talk to that picture screen, whenever there's a boxing match
      that gets' him excited. Same with other sports I would guess as well.
      I have a husband that talks to about every movie or action scene
      he see's on the screen. He will second guess, or urge on the hero
      to see what he expects to see. He will chew out characters, and
      call him names, or her names, if she's a viper type. And if it's a
      vampire movie, look out. He's really going to make some noise,
      and add his laughter to boot. So now you know why I don't watch
      that much TV. It's quieter in the computer room. LOL.
      From as long as I've known him, he has talked through many
      movies, or tv programs and I try to hear the dialogue. He will also
      tell me where he's seen this or that actor before. And ask me to
      guess where I've seen them. By this time, I have missed the opening
      dialogue and have to guess as to what was said. And if there is an
      actor in the credits we've yet to see, he will expect that actor to be
      showing up to play the bad guy, any moment. So we wait with baited
      breath, til he appears. And if it happens to be a female karate
      master, look out again. He stays glued with apprehension. Waiting
      to see what kind of moves this female expert has to show him.
      I think, it's often more entertaining to watch my husband, than it is
      the movie, whatever it is. And is it normal? It is, if you're a man.

    do you think celebrities have bad breath?
    We watch movies with stars kissing like twilight, do you ever wonder if their breath smells? How about when they have old actors kissing? what do you think? any stories?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, of course celebrities have bad breath. Everybody with a mouth and two legs have a bad breath.

      If I recall correctly, Jennifer Aniston has a very common "coffe breath". Tyra Banks has a very strange "morning breath". So has Julia Roberts.

      You can read more about it all over the Internet. Just perform a Google search for the words "celebrity bad breath" and you'll be fine.

    How do I become an actress without singing?
    I want to become an actress really badly, but I don't want to sing. I'm really bad. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! please? =(

    • ANSWER:
      Believe me, there is a plethora of actors out there who can't sing a note, and lucky for them there are many more plays in the world than musicals. In some ways, it's good that you don't want to sing, because a lot of poeple who try to get into musical theatre use their singing as a crutch so that it's less noticable how pedestrian their acting actually is. You ABSOLUTELY don't need a good singing voice to be an actor. I can sing, but I have minimal dance skills, so I kind of know what you mean.
      It will help, as others have said, to take a few vocal lessons b/c whether you can sing or not, lessons really help with breath/diction/tone/etc. and you will notice a difference in the quality of your speaking voice. There are so many wonderful straight plays, and not having singing/dancing to hold up a performance will actually make you a better actor.

    If someone has bad breath or extremely bad B.O. do you tell them directly to their face or do you ignore them?
    Would say the same thing to a celebrity movie actor/actress?

    • ANSWER:
      Hmm. I would try to tell them politely, at the most.

    why SHOULDNT i want to be a hollywood actress?
    what is so wrong about? can someone put it into perspective?
    people say the career isnt what it seems, its tough and you always have to be happy when you're not. elaborate?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what that guy is talking about maybe he had a real hard time becomming an actor i don't know, but to make it in this buisness you need to eat, sleep, dream, and breath it. and you're never to young to be an actor try trying out for competitions, be an extra in a movie get an agent, you really can be anything you want to be if you really put the dedication, time and money into it, start off real small don't expect to get a job in 2 weeks it took my friend Frank Montiear 6 months to get on Days of Our Lives and that's real luck sometimes it takes 10 years to get a real job and you will you just need to keep trying their is always someone out there that will say yes, but if you really can't find that one yes maybe it's your acting, go to an acting coach, what I've learned to help build my charactor that I'm trying to protray is that I am that charactor i think of everything she would do in a situation, the way she talks, the way she walks, a habbit she may do like if she's a nervous tense person she probably fidgets alot with her fingers, looks and the ground when she walks, or looks the opposit way when she's talking to somebody. If she's poor and barely gets to eat i put myself through that i won't eat as much and i won't go to high class restraunts, i'll start to dress like her, I'll totally throw myself away and be her. It will really help with your auditions die your hair change your clothes exactly the way the charactor is protrayed, and if you still don't get the part don't give up, this is what dedication and time is all you're hard work will pay off trust me I've been through IMTA i've been to many auditions and I've been in many commercials and I'm still struggling DON'T GIVE UP! i know this is long but i love to give advise because i was never able to get it myself.

      sorry if my spelling is bad! ooops

    Is there a movie where you would actually lose respect for someone if they hated it?
    I would lose respect if it was Back To The Future and Stand By Me and lots more.

    BQ: Is there a movie where you would lose respect if they liked it enough to put it in their top 50 favourites?
    BBQ (yum): Last good war movie you watched?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think I'd actually lose respect for them, but I would be slightly disappointed and I wouldn't be able to relate to them with that movie, which puts up a wall with that film or series.

      So I am disappointed in a lot of people. Those who don't like Harry Potter, The Crow and the new Batman movies and a ton of other great films, disappoint me... Lol, that sounds horrible... I'm not really disappointed in them as much as I just sense a wall and I will accept that they disagreed although I do not agree with their disagreement.

      Back to the Future and Stand By Me are great. I think Stand by Me is one of the best Stephen King adaptions, at least in the top 5, and there have been many.

      BQ- I still wouldn't lose respect, but one that may make me scratch my head and think WTF? Is Super Mario Bros. The Movie. I say this because I recently seen someone on Youtube comment on a scene from the movie saying it was their favorite movie of all time. I'm a huge fan of the games, but I'm sorry, that movie was sh*t. It had almost a total disregard for the source material. Hell, the person playing as Mario didn't even know the game existed. The whole design of the movie is so far from the games, it's not even funny, the plot is tremendously weak. The film had some great actors at their all time low. some of the special effects were decent for the time, but it's like whoever was in charge of the whole thing was just confused and lost and had no idea of what they were doing and didn't have a clue that they were making a movie based on a game, like no one did much research before going into it. Even the few things from the games in the movie seemed like an afterthought. The whole film seemed like an afterthought. Even someone that is a big fan of Super Mario hates this film, and if more people think the cartoons are better than the movie, then you know it's bad.

      *Takes deep breath*

      And the most retarded decision of the whole thing...The Mario Bro's names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario............They even managed to screw up the NAMES of the main characters...It's that sad!!!

      BBQ- Probably Inglorious Basterds

    I think I have social anxiety, what are some ways I can fight it?
    I do not want to contact a doctor. I'm 17 and my family will not believe it is important enough to see a doctor. What are some ways I can fight back alone?

    • ANSWER:
      Smith- You need to start slow. Try an experiment,Ok?
      Talk to at least1 person you don't know each day (hopefully many small interactions if you can). Just smile and say hi,how are you doing. If you can manage to say more, then say anything impersonal you can think of. You can do it when you are standing in line anywhere.Make everything casual.
      A little eye contact and a smile and a quick Hi.
      People will smile back-they can't help it.
      It helps your self esteem to get that smile of acceptance and you'll feel more comfortable around people.
      It also helps to get comfortable talking to adults as equals.
      You are just about an adult anyway.
      Don't stress,it's just an experiment so it doesn't have to be perfect and you aren't going to see those people again.

      Volunteer at different places.
      You'll meet different people who don't know you and you can kind of create a new "you" where you can use a fake confidence,be a good actor, until it's comfortable and natural.

      If you went to therapy they would teach you different skills,maybe you can research that.
      I do know that social anxiety is really a phobia.

      You get rid of it by confronting it bravely and push past it.It's painful but not for long.
      You have to go put yourself in social situations and open up. That is the answer.

      It can be scary the first few times you make yourself vulnerable.
      People will accept you,they wouldn't think of doing anything less.
      They aren't thinking anything bad about you (they are thinking about their own problems). Take a big breath and give yourself pep talks-
      You are no different from any one else,you are just as good as they are. If they can do it so can you.
      Make sure to catch yourself when you start thinking "negative self talk" -think positively about yourself.
      Each success builds upon itself and you'll develop self assurance and self confidence.

    Is it possible to control higher functions of your body?
    Ok for instance I just unblocked my nose (I have hay fever) using my mind just like moving my arm. And I can make my eyes pupils get bigger and smaller

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, you did not, neither your blocked nose, nor your pupilliary reaction are higher functions, your pupils dilate on the basis of your emotions and memory, as much as the reaction to light levels, in the case of poker players they use this knowledge to mislead opponents into thinking that they sometimes have a better hand than they actually hold, because the pupils of humans dilate, in order to gain a better view of things that please the individual, i.e. a better looking woman appears, a mans pupils dilate, a good hand , a card players pupils dilate, an actor uses this knowledge to think good or bad thoughts as needed, to fit a characters behaviour, it is common practise of the police to note this "micro movement" to draw conclusions about the truth of an individuals answers to questioning, as well as eye movements and direction that imply memory being accessed, or the creative areas while responding to questions asked.
      Also nasal dilation and breathing are not higher functions, either, as well as doing this to clear breathing passages I can control my nostrils apertures and move my ears, and always have been able to do so and in both cases my uncles showed me it was is breathing alternately through each nostril, the body actually does this naturally, but it is never noticed by most people, during their entire lives that they do not breathe through both at the same time simultaneously unless they draw a large breath.
      Higher functions like heart beating, or the "drowning gag reflex" are what are known as "autonomic nervous actions " i.e. they are controlled by an automatic nerve system, not a conscious one, and are generally seen by most as higher functions, but still, they are not, actually, higher, but simply different, higher functions are things like thought processes, and emotions.
      A higher function can be controlled, as can an autonomic one, i.e. we can learn to override reflex or thoughts , and this includes heart rate, and preventing the gag reflex from operating , as well as lowering the level of stress in ourselves by simple sets of practises, the first real understanding of this behaviour came about as a result of the study of the hippy era and "transcendental meditation" they seemed to be indulging in..this was not mainstream thinking until the sixties , but was known to many through the behaviour of people like sword swallower's, and swallowers of chains and coins who could swallow and return coins from their throats ( my younger brother showed me how to do this one ), who could override the "gag" reflex, ( the tendency to try to throw up, when anything touches the back of our throats, e.g. a finger , or other object, ) or the drowning reflex, ( the sudden desire to gasp for air, when under water, and short of breath, ),
      pearl divers could overcome this with a little practise sustaining their air and underwater time quite considerably, by also using their stomach muscles to move air around their lungs to ensure the maximum extraction of oxygen from all the internal volume breathed in..Sportsmen and women also use many techniques that edge onto this field as well. to improve performances...
      The way in which these things are acheived is the same manner that TM ( see earlier ) is done, by learning to override the main brainwave patterns that function , as higher functions, even to the extent that it is possible to control levels of body temperature and heart beats, and lower levels of stress and hormone levels too, while they may not be under a major degree of control, the two main brainwaves involved are the "Alpha", and "Beta" brainwaves, ( there are others, such as the Delta waves but I do not want to complicate this answer too much ),the starting point of learning these activities is the same as for TM, and involves breathing and relaxation techniques, if you want to know more, then look up this area in , or on the web, I simply want to point out to you, that the first step lies in understanding what a higher function is, and is not, and what you mention are not "higher functions" of the body, and the area that deals with "higher functions" is not the body, but the brain, body functions, are "never higher functions", you need to look up "Transcendental Meditation" and "Alpha", and "Beta" brainwaves, to know more, there simply is not enough room to do any more than generalise, and to answer your question correctly I can only say the answer is yes, you can gain control of higher functions of the brain, with practise, and it is often beneficial to do so, as a life long habit, as well;......The body cleansing rituals of the Yogic community and certain sexual practises mentioned in the "Bhagavita of Vatsayayana" are also of interest for those who wish to indulge in tantric sex, and involve overriding certain reflex behaviour, but also incljude a need to open ones mind and set aside much of some moral codes, suchy as disgust, in order to indulge in such practises.

    Should you take every modeling oppurtinity that comes your way?
    I'm a new model looking to gain exposure & I was recently contacted by a clothing designer who wanted me to model for his line. There is no compensation except tfp but the problem is the clothes are very tacky & garish and I don't know if associating with this brand will hurt the image I want to make for myself. Should I do it as a way to make a contact or trust my gut and decline? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think so, because you wouldn't want to take something that in the long run would hinder your career.
      Say your goal in modeling is to showcase elegant designer clothing, you wouldn't want to take jobs and be known for say bad breath, whitening teeth, anything having to do with personal hygiene because that's what you'll be known as.
      lets face it I wouldn't want a model known for personal hygiene products or cheap tacky clothing showcasing my mult- million dollar campaign for a designer clothing line, would you?
      Actors have the same problem, their cast for say being a funny idiot in all their rolls from the beginning of their career and become type cast as a funny idiot and find it difficult to break away from, child stars mostly, but you get what i'm saying i hope.

    What are some good movies similar to "Couples Retreat"?
    What are some movies that basically the characters/actors/actresses would go to an island that is very beautiful like Bora Bora for example in Couples Retreat? (God that view when they came with the motor boat was astonishing, really amazing.) The movie would be amazing if it was a comedy but other genres should be alright. Please no movies before 2000 in which the actresses are so bad lucking and the quality of the movies is poor.

    The views In that movie were breath taking, the girls were amazing and the way they planned the movies was nice. I'm a big fan of Comedy's.

    • ANSWER:
      50 First Dates (2004)
      Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
      Blue Crush (2002)
      A Perfect Getaway (2009)
      The Beach (2000)

    Can somebody tell me about my character from one of shakespeare's work?
    I have to do a shakespeare monologue for my acting class in school and i think i took a liking into "RUMOR" from "HENRY IV part 2"! Can somebody please explain my character to me like...
    "who's my character?" "what is he feeling?" "what does he look like?" other than that just explain my character.

    • ANSWER:
      1) "What does he look like"? He looks exactly like the actor who has been cast to play him. There is no text or requirement regarding his appearance.

      2) "Who is my character"?
      "Upon my tongues continual slanders ride,"

      "I speak of peace while covert enmity
      Under the smile of safety wounds the world."

      "Rumor is a pipe
      Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures"

      I'll assume you have read the entire play already. If not, you need to do that before you can go much further.

      As for what he is feeling:
      "From Rumor’s tongues
      They bring smooth comforts false, worse than true wrongs."

      Perhaps he feels arrogant, devious?

      Guessing about what he feels is not how to prepare for this role. You must go at it the way you would prepare for any other Shakespeare role.
      Make sure you understand iambic pentameter!
      1) Scan the entire speech, line by line. Mark each syllable as unstressed ⌣ or stressed /. Find every instance where the scansion deviates from iambic pentameter. In other words, mark every trochaic /⌣, spondaic //, or pyrrhic ⌣ ⌣ foot and every extra syllable, whether inside the line, or at the end of a line.

      2) Explain what there is in Rumor’s emotional/mental/psychological makeup at the moment of every variance. Is there a stressed syllable where it "shouldn't" be? Why? A weak ending? Why? A trochee where you would expect an iamb? Why?

      3) Find the operative in every line. ONE word that is the juiciest, most sensual word that gives YOU the strongest image or vision or feeling. This is not an intellectual choice based on what word you think is "important", but which word resonates inside you. Circle that one word in every line.

      4) Paraphrase every line to make sure that you understand every single word or phrase in every line.Use a Shakespeare glossary if necessary.

      5) With a double vertical line, mark every "beat" in the speech. Each beat equals one breath. Each beat is a separate thought and breath.

      Once you have done this preparation to your satisfaction, I believe that you will find that you have discovered, by being true to the text, where all your issues of character and feeling exist.

    Contribution of resonance & articulation to safe and effective performance?
    Hi, I'm having my trinity grade 7 speech and drama examination tomorrow. The syllabus states that there will be a discussion with the examiner on "the contribution of resonance and articulation to safe and effective performance". I really do not know how to explain it! What would you say if you are going to be in my shoes? And can you please provide me some useful links concerning theory in the trinity speech and drama exams(including relaxation techniques, intonation & inflection etc.)? Thanks a bunch!

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I suppose you have to understand some of the mechanics of the voice. Articulation and resonance involve good breathing. bad breathing can be problematic, particularly if you are singing, as you can faint (in extreme situations) if you mess it up. Less drastic, you can run out of breath and totally screw up your lines, make them too quiet (or too loud if you over do it).

      The other thing is that you can hurt your throat both short term and long term by using bad technique (look how many singers and actors develop throat nodules, Elton John, Sean Connery).

      Tension and bad posture can affect your voice work. If you're too tense the pitch can go up (think about how frightened people 'squeak').

      Here's a link to some vocal warm-ups:

      it might also be useful to look at things like Clive Barker's book on Theatre Games.

    Who is the hottest male celeb and why?
    I think there are some amazing pplz out there but I can't decide on who is the hottest

    • ANSWER:
      I know you only ask for the hottest celeb but I can help myself and after some thought I managed a list of twenty. So after much thought I am presenting to you in my personal totally subjective opinion of the hottest twenty actors. This list is in no particular order. HOPE You are agree with me !!!!!!!

      1. David Boreanaz: He took my breath away the first time Buffy met him in the dark alley behind the Bronze and with time just got hotter and hotter. He went from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel and then can now be in Bones and the older he gets the hotter he gets.

      2. Josh Holloway: Lost has a great looking cast but grungy Josh and his unkempt longish hair, his smile, his eyes, his abs, okay I think I will stop now. You get the picture right.

      3. Wentworth Miller: He's got these thoughtful eyes, his shaved head the problem I have with him is his name, everything else is just perfect.

      4. Jensen Ackles: He's the bad boy with the devilish sparkle in his eyes, sly smile. He is wickedly hot and steams up Supernatural.

      5. Brad Pitt: I don't think the man has a bad angle, he's never had an awkward phase, and he was irresistibly hot in Thelma and Louise and has gotten only hotter with age.

      6. Matt Damon: He didn't start out hot, but then he did the Borne Identity and we saw his tougher side and that was a turn on. Ocean's 11, 12, 13 and his touch of humor just added to his attraction.

      7. Johnny Depp: He's quirky; he's not the clean cut, chiseled features hot like most of these actors. He makes bad fashion choices, plays ugly or unattractive characters but it's the uniqueness, this carefree screw the world attitude and makes me love him.

      8.Heath Ledger: A great loss, not just because he was hot and had that killer Aussie accent but because he was truly a great actor who was finally coming into his own and doing interesting gutsy roles.

      9. Rob Lowe: He's not a sex symbol he has more of a pretty boy quality but how can anyone resist that smile and those baby blue staring at you. I remember him in Young Blood and his cheeks would go all red because of being those baby blue staring at you. I remember him in Young Blood and his cheeks would go all red because of being on the ice. He showed off his matter of fact humor in Thank you for Smoking and the Austin Power movies and his charming intellect in West Wing.

      10. Milo Ventimiglia:He was the rebel on Gilmore Girls that caught my attention and became the heart of Heroes but then he does Fergie's video Big Girls Don't Cry with him shirtless and tattooed. But it's his crooked smile that gets me every time.

      11.Patrick Dempsey: I first saw him in the 80's movie Can't Buy me Love, then I saw him in Coupe De Ville in the early 90's movie Coupe De Ville where he won me over with his boyish charm. After over a decade of us not seeing him he came back with a bang in Grey's Anatomy and the charm was back and he won me over all over again.

      12. Mark Wahlberg: Ah who knew the Mark from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch could turn out to be the oh so hot and talented Mark Wahlberg.

      13. Cristian Bale: From the annoying little boy in Empire of the Sun to Batman. Wow what a transformation. He was a cute kid and I never had a doubt about his abundance of talent but that fact that he would be making my hot list so many years from then was not expected.

      14. Josh Hartnett: He's tall and has got that great smile and those eyes and did I mention his voice, he would be perfect if only he would start making some good movies.

      15. George Clooney: Need I say more.

      16. Justin Timberlake: with his fellow band mates gone, and the blond curls shaved his sex appeal has grown. We all knew he could sing but the fact that he can act too just adds to his appeal. Alpha Dog wasn't all bad.

      17. James Marsden: it's easy to be born good looking but the moment you add talent things change. You are no longer just a pretty face you are a hot actor and James Marsden can do it all, sing, act and he has a smile that can melt you.

      18. Robert Downey Jr.: he is unconventional, he's got this quality, this X factor that I can't quite put my finger on but then I see him in a movie and I remember its personality. It's his drunk, high, sarcastic characters and his voice and makes him irresistible. Oh and he has a great smile and the most expressive eyes.

      19. Hugh Laurie: if I was making this list a few years ago I doubt his name would have even crept into my mind but after House I find him so fascinating. He's funny and the unkempt, unshaven look really works for him but it's these piercing blue eyes that really get to me. I'm surprised I never noticed them before but he has breathtaking eyes.after House I find him so fascinating. He's funny and the unkempt, unshaven look really works for him but it's these piercing blue eyes that really get to me. I'm surprised I never noticed them before but he has breathtaking eyes.

      20. Bruce Willis: I have to say he wasn't hot to b

    Is the B rated actors similar to Shady Crooks when it comes to Sandy Hook?
    I mean come on...... check out their "Head Medical Examiner..... the hell would any professional act or respond to a national press conference like that?

    at 16:23

    • ANSWER:
      Hang on ... I gotta work myself up into a tearful representation of grief ....

      I hear you. It's like watching a bad zombie movie.


    how can i scare my grandma really bad?
    ok so i have always wanna scare her really bad what can i do thats easy but will scare the shitt outta herr?

    • ANSWER:
      Type 1 Scare
      A type one scare is, generally speaking, very easy to pull off and requires almost nothing to execute.

      In the haunted house I worked for one of the rooms laid out a great type one scare. While the crowd was distracted by a melodramatic and likely copyright infringing scene from Hallraiser, an actor in the back of the room struck the seat of a metal folding chair with a wooden club resulting in a very loud bang.

      The result was unanimous every time, the crowd jumped. Young and old, brave and cowardly, everyone jumped at least a little. Even Crystal and I, when going through the haunt as customers before joining the team, couldn’t help but hold our breath.

      It had all of the elements of a good startle. The crowd was distracted by something familiar, safe and comfortable and then the environment suddenly changed. In this case it was a noise but it could have been something appearing in the line of sight or a simple unexpected touch.

      The bottom line with this kind of scare is to change the environment suddenly and unexpectedly and watch as their minds and bodies take a few minutes to process the information and determine that they are safe.

      Type 2 Scare
      If the first type of scare can be defined as “What was that?”, the second type is “I’m gonna die!”

      However, people don’t get that scared easily. Where the delay between action and comprehension makes it easy startle almost anyone, putting people in genuine fear for their life, without actually putting them in danger, is difficult.

      This is especially true on Halloween and at haunted houses. People know that they are safe. When the adrenaline gets raised, likely due to a type one scare, they are quick to remind themselves of that. They know that they are safe logically and can talk themselves through just about anything.

      The key then is to separate them from their analysis of the situation and put them in a position where they can’t remind themselves that they are ok. The good news is that it is actually pretty easy to do. When someone is in the shakes of a type one scare, they are operating almost entirely on instinct, their ration and intellect have checked out.

      That makes it the perfect time to hit them again.


    How do actors fake death in movies?
    How do actors fake death? Whenever I watch them die, I try to look for flaws... never found one. I try to see if they breath... I look for twitches.... It looks like they're actually dead. How do they do it?!

    • ANSWER:
      First off, how many movies have you seen and how many movies have you seen where people die? It's really not that hard to tell between a good death scene and a bad one. Also have you watched any old black and white films where people die? the variation between acting techniques is most apparent with time it would appear to me

    Help with auditions for my school musical?
    Any tips? On Wednesday I am auditioning for the Mad Hatter in my middle school's production of Alice in Wonderland.

    P.S. I have been in other productions before but if I get the part this will be my first major role outside of crappy Elementary School musicals. :)

    • ANSWER:
      Wow! Alice in Wonderland is an excellent feature to make you anti-crappy Elementary School musicals debut. :)

      These are tips that, to me anyways, seem as though they'd prepare me better:

      1). Watch the movie so that you can get an idea of the character. I mean, you've probably watched it at some point in your life, but if you haven't watched it recently, then I would watch it soon- or, better yet, skim over the book. Again, this is probably something that you've done, but in case you haven't, it would help.

      2). Practice at least thirty minutes for the next two nights- the end of your rehearsals need to feature an audience (even if that's your parents). Ask them for constructive but honest criticism and get used to doing this in front of someone. I'm sure that you'll do well. :)

      3). Take some deep breaths. Try rubbing your thumb and index finger over your wrist, slowly and gently, before rehearsals and your audition. It calms your nerves and clears your head and allows you to focus on just that moment.

      4). Take this character in any direction that you feel is appropriate. As an actor, your job is to moderate between what the writer caught up and what the audience needs to see. Trust your instinct- what's a neat, different voice? What are some movements, the way that he gets up from a chair or leans over or laughs or smiles that give him his individuality? That gives you an edge over all of the other people auditioning, since it's less likely that everyone will be thinking that.

      5). Keep in mind that rejection is common in the theater world. It's not because you're bad. I doubt that, very seriously. But really, when you stop and think about acting, you become acutely aware of just the miraculous art that it is. It's art, and like all art, it must come from that oft ignored part of your soul that most relegate as untouchable or incapable of being surfaced- you have to pull it out. Find it in yourself to connect to this character on a level that it feels as though you're fusing every part of yourself- the parts you like, the parts that you're shy about, the parts that you never share with anyone- to this character.

      Break a leg! I hope that you get the part. :D

    what do you think of heath ledger haters?
    this is random and pointless!
    i don't like people when they say " heath was a F**got" or" heath committed suicide" or " he deserved to die" or " he only got the oscar because of his death" those people are annoying. usually ignore them. what do u think about people that say that or haters of heath for no reason?

    • ANSWER:
      I AM WITH YA! I go to a school full of Heath haters. I love Heath, there is not day that goes by when I don't think about Heath. This might sound weird but at times I look up to Heath at how he became such a brilliant actor. But people yell at me and ignore me just because they hate Heath. One time I was saying something about Heath and my friend goes "He's DEAD D-E-A-D." and so I went "Well Jesus is dead does that mean I can't like Jesus." so my friend went "No, but he died because he's a druggy." (HEATH WAS NEVER A DRUGGY(He might of smoked and had to do drugs in the film "candy" but he never over did it.) I absolutly hate when people tell me that I just want to punch there faces in!) So I tried to explain how Heath died but then my friend went "I don't want to hear your lame excuses of how your little buddy Heath Ledger died." I am proud to say that she is not my friend anymore.
      But just because Heath is dead people say that I can't like him, but you know what screw them because Heath was an amazing guy and everyone on Earth deserves to know who he is, and if they don't I feel bad because they are missing out on so much.
      Heath did not commit suicide either Heath was a very happy man yes HAPPY!
      So if you are a Heath hater go freakin' die because nobody wants to hear you and your lame excuses of why WE shouldn't like Heath. Your just wasting your breath.

      We miss you Heath.

    Clear me this doubt I have in Indian films?
    In some Indian films ,especially old films, the kissing is not shown explicitly. I mean the angle of the camera would be back such that it appears as if they are kissing. I think they are not really kissing. What is the truth? Do they really kiss?

    • ANSWER:
      They did not kiss. Indians don't know how to kiss. The actors in the old movies used lipstick and had bad breath. You can see the actresses turn their faces away in the songs.

    Could acting make me feel more appreciated and whole as a person?
    I'm a 23 year old guy. I still live at home and I've never had a part time job. I went to college for a little while. I have a 3.89 GPA currently. However, I'm on break from school now. I decided to quit going to school because it was burning me out and making me very unhappy. School made me have suicidal thoughts.

    So anyway, my family loves me and they think I have a lot of potential. They tell me that I'm hard working, good looking, caring, and that I have a good personality and all. But the truth is, I just don't care, I still feel worthless.

    I really want to be a person who is appreciated by many.

    Do you think acting could make me happier in life?

    I've been talking to a therapist for the past year or so. It's been helping a little bit but I still struggle with depression.
    I want to be someone who people admire.
    Sophie: There's a part of me who thinks I would enjoy playing someone who isn't me. But I'm not sure if I have any talent.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm saying this as a child actor who has come across way too many people who got into acting for the appreciation/admiration/applause/fame and witnessed the (bad) effect it had on them, so take it however you like:

      If appreciation is the reason you're doing it (or even one of a handful of reasons), relying on acting to make you happy or going into it as a profession can be really dangerous, because it can go to your head and fool you into thinking that applause and admiration can "fill" some kind of "void" in you, when it really can't. And that can only hurt you in the long run.
      I have been acting for a considerable while now, and it does serve as an escape for me and it inspires me and makes me feel whole like nothing else I have ever done. BUT, because acting is a really though business, being very subjective, extremely unpredictable and the source of a lot of pressure on oneself, I also make sure I have other interests and that my happiness and well-being aren't solely dependent on it.

      I am sorry you feel worthless right now and I think taking up acting as a hobby (maybe start with a few improv classes or acting workshops?) might help you. I don't think it allows you to be someone who is entirely not you, but rather be a different part of your own self, one that perhaps not even you knew existed; it can give you confidence and allow you to be vulnerable and discover new things about yourself and what you can do. But look at it as merely a stepping stone to finding your own happiness instead of a whole bridge between feeling unworthy and feeling appreciated.

      Also, keep in mind that being an actor is not the only way to be appreciated and admired. It may not sound like much, but, from the way you have described your family, it looks as if they appreciate you being in their lives. I get that things may be difficult right now, but, if you can take a breath and focus on finding something else that you can do, something that you're passionate about and that you love (it may be acting, who knows, but it may also be a whole spectrum of things; painting, writing, computer programming...), then you will have an admirer in me.

      Best of luck to you (:

    how much money will i need to move California?
    i'm 16 currently living in North Carolina, and i'm hoping to move to maybe LA in a few years and i'm just wondering how much money will i need to save to do this. and please don't give me any crap i've heard that enough!

    • ANSWER:
      Your first thought might be the idea of once I get there how would I be able to pay for an apartment and what would I place on the rental/lease application as to where I work and the amount of income I earn each month to prove I am able to pay the rent each month.

      Most landlords would want to look at you being able to prove this as oppose to how much you would have in savings.

      There are plenty of individuals in Los Angeles living on the beach in boxes,. because they had 00 or more when they arrived and no job upon.

      Once there they found few landlords that was interested in their savings account.

      I will not give you crap, just a few facts.

      There are many Hollywood actors and actresses working in the food industry. There are many individuals that came to Los Angeles with over 00 and had to call their parents for gas or bus money to get back home.

      If you read the news you would find that there are more individuals leaving the Golden state than headed to the Golden state. There is a reason for this mass exodus.

      I am not telling you this because I don't want you to go to California, these are the facts about residing in California.

      I stayed in California for over 35 years. A one bedroom rental apartment there is about 0.00. Normally the landlord would want the first month and a deposit, equal to the first month rent. This does not include utilities. In some cases if you do not have a track record with certain utilities there is a deposit require to turn on that utility. Most leases or rental agreements require that all utilities ar turned on within a few days of moving in. This rent also normally does not include a parking lot.

      The rent does not include a parking space of any type. If you would want a parking space,then you would have to add an additional .00 to 0.00 to the rent each month.

      I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday and gas is .75 per gallon. food might not be as expensive as most would think. There are plenty of supermarkets that compete with each other, therefore the cost of food is, what I consider, reasonable.

      This type rent is not in the worst part of the city, but definitely not in the posh area of the city either.

      Then you have the crime stats there that you would be faced with, because even though with paying the amount listed each month, you would be in an area that would have an occasional police presence.

      I will tell you this, you would not find a better place for the beach,weather, skiing in the winter. There are many places to go and see. California is a breath taking state if you are able to see the entire state and enjoy the marvels of the scenic scenes.

      I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

      "FIGHT ON"

    Can drinking alcohol or smoking a blunt or cigarrette be used to help one relax before giving a public speech?
    I have to give a speech in class but my nerves often get to me and I can't help speaking very rapidly. I was thinking about using some substance to help me relax. Just a very small amount. Has anyone has success using this tactic before giving a speech?

    • ANSWER:
      okay seriously
      No smoking a blunt will make you hyper(depending on the person)
      Alcohol will make you disoriented
      A ciggarrette isnt all that bad
      I am an actor and giving a monologue or a speech can be really nerve raking but you just have to breath and go slow think that you are you are by yourself in frint of a mirror its not that hard.
      good luck!!!!

    I always wonder this does anyone else?
    While watching a movie and the actors are very close to each other faces. Does anyone ever wonder if one of them has bad breath and the other actor just had to deal with it? I am afraid of having bad breath so I guess that just makes me always wonder that when I see people be in each others faces.

    • ANSWER:
      Funny you should mention...

      I heard once, during a documentary, that Vivien Leigh despised doing close scenes with Clark Gable during the filming of "Gone With the Wind" because he had atrocious breath. That one scene where, after Fred's funeral, Rhett goes to visit and finally convinces her to marry him, he's trying to kiss her and she's sort of resisting and looks like she's really suffering...that wasn't acting.

    How good or bad is the movie "Never Cry Wolf"(1983)? Who stars in it? Is worth buying on DVD?
    Is the movie " Never Cry Wolf"(1983)is it any good? Who stars in it? Is it worth buying on DVD? What was the plot of this movie? Was it a good movie or bad movie? Who all stars in this movie ? Did it win any awards or anything? How well did it do with movie critics and moviegoers?Is it worth buying on DVD ? Is there any nudity,swearing or violence in it?

    • ANSWER:
      ...a most awesome, humorous and breath-taking adventure film, and quite highly recommended!!! As I recall, it was quite well received by both critics, and the viewing audiences alike. Based upon a true story, it involved a young and naive scientist (Charles Martin Smith), who is reluctantly commisioned to investigate why the Canadian north caribou population is gradually disappearing ( is suspected that the wolves are killing them off). During his investigation, directly based upon watching (...and actually interacting with) the wolves directly, the scientist finds out that the wolves are hardly responsible for the unexplained population decrease, but the real reason is doscovered, and is proven to be much more deadly; actor Brian Dennehy also co-stars....

      Director Carrol Ballard, who also produced and directed the equalling compelling and breath-taking "The Black Stallion", "Far from Home" and "Wind", takes the audience on a most facinating journey of not only the wonderousness of nature, but also self-discovery; in addition, composer Mark Isham magnificent score only serves to make the film so much more compelling and wonderous....

      If you haven't seen this movie, you are in for quite an awesome experience.......

      ...check out the webpage over at 'wikipedia', for further details (...I'd post it myself, for you, but Yahoo Answers isn't letting me do it, for some reason), as well a list of very respectable awards, which the film has garnished, including an Academy Award nomination....

actors have bad breath

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