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    Why would a 19 month old baby have bad breath?
    Hi, can you help? My 19 month old daughter has recently developed bad breath. She had it first when she had tonsilitis about a month ago, which I took to be part of the symptoms. Now it's back, but I do not think she has tonsilitis again, as she has no fever and she has no problem eating. She is also happy within herself. I have been brushing her teeth twice a day since they started to appear, so I don't think it is that. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      i hope you are not forgetting to clean her tounge as well. if you notice an abundance of white things in her mouth, tell your pedia. silicon nipples could also cause stale breath, it is very important to change your bottle nipple atleast every 3 months, there are certain bacterias that survive in rubber/silicone nipples even though you sterilize them.

    Why would a 19 month old baby have bad breath?
    Hi, can you help? My 19 month old daughter has recently developed bad breath. She had it first when she had tonsilitis about a month ago, which I took to be part of the symptoms. Now it's back, but I do not think she has tonsilitis again, as she has no fever and she has no problem eating. She is also happy within herself. I have been brushing her teeth twice a day since they started to appear, so I don't think it is that. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      It usual indicates some level of dehydration, is she drinking enough? Especially water.

    can a dog tooth that needs to be pulled cause bad breath?
    My dog is a 2 yr old daschund who has terrible breath. I brush her teeth about once every week but it never seems to do the trick. I dont feed her any table scraps so that wouldnt be the problem. She does need a baby tooth pulled which I am wondering if that is the root of the bad breath?

    • ANSWER:
      Since this dog is 2 years old and still has a baby tooth left in her mouth, it very well could be rotting. Also, it can cause the other teeth to misalign, which could cause one of the other teeth to punch through the roof of her mouth. (I've seen that). A retained deciduous (baby) tooth should never be left alone. They do not fall out on their own and cause problems with alignment, (moving the adult teeth to the wrong positions).

    Will the vet be able to remove a rotting baby tooth from my yorkie when he is neutered?
    My yorkie is getting fixed tomorrow and I just noticed he has a rotting baby tooth that never came out. He is 7 months old. And I believe this tooth is the source of his awful bad breath and his reluctance to chewing his food. Do you think both procedures will be able to be done at one visit?

    • ANSWER:
      Of course they will!

      We *always* pull residing baby teeth at the same time as spays/neuters! No worries at all! Your dog is going under anesthesia anyways, so it makes sense to have it all done in one shot.

      Good luck to your bundle tomorrow!!

    Diabetes causing bad breath possible hair loss and dandruff what can I do?
    I was diagnosed with type two diabetes about 6 months ago.
    I've gotten on the medication metformin.
    I have lost 40 pounds or so.
    I am wondering if there is anything at all I can do about my skin condition of dry skin and also am concerned about the bad breath.

    I brush my teeth a few times a day but it still stinks after a few hours. I get tired of brushing it out again. **sigh**

    • ANSWER:
      I eat breath savers like they are going out of style! they don't have very much sugar in them and I plan in some for every day. Also other breath mint thingies.

      Dry skin: Use bath oil, baby oil, etc before getting out of shower or tub. Then rub in some lotion. Add a bit of natural fats like butter, whole milk, etc to your food plan. It works wonders for dry skin.

      Hair loss and dandruff will neutralize after a while being on the Metformin. I don't know why it causes the problem, but it does. The dandruff is the same as the dry skin problem. I use a moisturizing conditioner on my hair and be sure to rub it in to scalp well. Brush hair frequently!!!

    Should i go to the dentist while im pregnant?
    I am 21 weeks pregnant. Ever since i had strep about a year ago ive had really bad breath. I brush my teeth 4 times a day and use mouth wash but nothing gets rid of it. It seems to have gotten worse lately and i need to know if i should go to the dentist.

    Ive only been to the dentist once in my life. Apparently my parents didnt believe in taking me. And ive been told if i dont go it could hurt the baby. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      You actually should go to the dentist when you are pregnant. The baby is taking alot of vitamins and nutrients from you during pregnancy which can cause you to develop gum diseases and different things. So, yes, make an appt and get it checked out.

    Should i go to the dentist while im pregnant?
    I am 21 weeks pregnant. Ever since i had strep about a year ago ive had really bad breath. I brush my teeth 4 times a day and use mouth wash but nothing gets rid of it. It seems to have gotten worse lately and i need to know if i should go to the dentist.

    Ive only been to the dentist once in my life. Apparently my parents didnt believe in taking me. And ive been told if i dont go it could hurt the baby. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      Go. It's important to get checked up once a century or so.

      The dentist will not do anything to hurt the baby. If anything, I would say you should go to make sure your teeth are healthy because your oral health does affect the rest of your body.

      Don't worry about x-rays. Not only do you get covered in a led vest that covers all your organs, but also the dental x-rays expose you to less radiation then an international flight or a microwave.

    Recommended treats or chews for small dogs that eliminates bad breath?
    Hello... I try treat after treat and my dog isn't too into chewing on her nylon bone. I want to know if someone else had the same problem and found a solution? She is 2, has bad breath now.... But not much tartar build up. I just want to know how to freshen her breath, none of the things I've tried have worked.

    • ANSWER:
      Getting rid of bad dog breath is pretty easy to do. Chances are, brushing your dog’s teeth on a frequent basis will solve the problem. So, implement that into your routine, and your dog will have fresher breath. But, of course, you need to get rid of the stink right now. Below are a few remedies for bad breath in dogs that are simple and effective.

      Water & Baking Soda:Mixing warm water, with a little baking soda can help get rid of bad breath. You’ll want to make it into a paste, so don’t use too much water. Simply take a gauze pad or soft rag, and rub the baking soda mix directly onto your dog’s teeth. This will help remove plaque and tartar, as well as instantly improve their breath.

      Minty Treats:Most pet stores will sell minty, dental treats that will help with your dog’s bad breath problem. There are many different kinds of dental dog treats, so read the labels carefully. This is probably the most low-maintenance way to get rid of bad breath in dogs. But, understand that these dog treats will only mask the problem, not solve it.

      Dental Dog Toys:There are plenty of different dog toys that help with oral hygiene. Search online or at your local pet store for these toys. They are designed to help scrub away plaque as they chew on them.

      Baby Carrots:Another way to get rid of your dog’s bad breath is to give them baby carrots. They are a healthy treat, which will assist in the removal of plaque.

      Hope this helps:)

    How to ease my 10 months old baby bad breath?
    No matter how often I brush his teeth, he still has bad breath, any suggestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to your pediatrician to make sure there's nothing wrong with his aednoids or tonsils. He's much too young for bad breath!

    Does anyone have an infant that has bad breath?
    My 9 month old son has bad breath occasionally. I was told by his pediatrician that his sinuses are draining into his throat and can cause bad breath but it goes away. Has anyone else heard of this?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Babies can have bad breath even though they do not have teeth because most bad breath is caused by bacteria on the top of the tongue. You can often see this bacteria a "white stuff" on the tongue. This can be removed with an OraBrush tongue cleaner because it has very soft bristles and a scraper. It will not hurt your tongue or your baby's tongue. Get several for your family because you will all find OraBrush to work. I have had one for about 5 months with great success. Mints and gum just cover up bad breath for a short time but they do not cure bad breath.

    I think my daughter may have bad breath caused by infected adenoids?
    My daughter had her tonsils removed about 18 months ago, she was 6 1/2 then. At the time of surgery her tonsils were severally infected. Since the operation she has bad breath, and minimal weight gain, her BMI is at 13%. Which is at risk for underweight. She eats well, but just doesn't seem to gain weight, add that to her bad breath I am worried there is an infection of some sort.

    • ANSWER:
      bad breath after a tonsillectomy is unlikely to be caused by infection. It is either plaque (tonsillar plaque) or the fact that the throat is still healing. Gargling with salt should help, usually half a teaspoon in warm water. As you daughter is young I would advise you get her to practice with water gargling first- it needs to be right at the back of the throat. Mouthwashes also have antiseptic properties so let her try this also. If her breath doesn't improve in a week you should take her to the dentist or the doctors- a dentist will be able to tell as well as a doctor but you should inform them of what is wrong before you book the appointment.
      Her lack of weight gain may have nothing to do with her bad breath but could be linked to stress from the operation. If she is eating fine and has no pain in her throat then it isn't an infection, if their was an infection from this type of surgery then after 18 months there would be some swelling and pain.
      Also most kids begin to loose their teeth between 5 and 8, sometimes molars take longer. Bacteria can hide in between and under loose teeth and cause bad breath, you havent said if she has lost all her baby teeth but if she hasn't thats something else to look into

    How do I freshen my baby's breath?
    He is 20 months old and I noticed the other day that he had bad breath. It's very dificult to brush his teeth because all he wants to do is chew on the brush. Plus, it's strawberry baby toothpaste anyway, which isn't very breath-freshening.

    Any tips for brushing/getting rid of bad breath?

    • ANSWER:
      Give him a turn to brush, then you take a turn. This way he gets his chance to chew, and you get your chance to clean. Might be helpful to skip the toothpaste for awhile and just use water. Start teaching him to rinse and spit after the brush so he isn't just getting the bacteria off of his teeth and onto his tongue.

    Why does my Maltese have such bad breath, and what can I do to help this?
    My sweet little Lilly is only 7 months old, and she has had bad breath fro several months already! When I first got her at 9 weeks old, she had the sweetest puppy breath of course, but that didn't last long. I don't know exactly how old she was when I first noticed the bad breath, but I think I would go as far as to say she was having bad breath before she was 4 months old. Is she ok? Is there something wrong with her? I am completely disturbed that she would have a stinky mouth before she is even a year old. I know dogs accumulate tartar on their teeth as they age, and you have to get their teeth cleaned, but I feel like she is too young to be having this problem already! Does anyone else have a young Maltese/dog with this problem? Do you know what could possibly be causing this? Do you know how to reduce/eliminate the problem? If anyone has been through this before with your baby, what did you find out and what is some advice you got/anything that worked for you to help this problem?

    Additional Info:
    - I feed her only dry food, no wet food, and she has never eaten wet food.
    - She gets Milk Bone Mini's Dog Treats
    - She occasionally gets table food, but not often and only in small amounts.
    - Her breath is really bad.. it's not like you have to stick your nose in her mouth to smell it. It hits you in the face.


    • ANSWER:
      First, ensure that the bad breath is not being caused by an infection in the mouth.

      It is not uncommon for puppies to get bad breath when they are teething. They usually stop teething at around the age your Lilly is at. Give it a little time and it should resolve itself.

      You should also adopt an oral care regimen at home. I recommend brushing and supplementing with daily Greenies. 80% of dogs will suffer from periodontal disease by the age of 3 so its important to start now, even if she is not done teething, it will get her used to having her mouth handled.

      Hope that helps :)

      Pet Nutrition Specialist

    I heard with babies under 6 months your suppose to "wash" their gums, Instead of brushing?
    I just heard that your suppose to use a warm baby washcloth and massage their gums to help get rid of bacteria in their mouth, would that really work though? Do you do anything for you baby's mouth, I notice my son (3 months old) has bad breath sometimes, why is that? Not horrible smelling, but just not good smelling.
    He is formula fed

    • ANSWER:
      You ask a great question. Most bad breath comes from the tongue, not the teeth. Proof is that your baby has bad breath but has no teeth. Bad breath is caused by bacteria that live on the top of the tongue and produce the bad smells. You can often see this bacteria as "white stuff" on the top of the tongue. This must be removed to cure the bad breath. OraBrush is gentle enough to clean a baby's tongue. It is much like a surgeon's scrub brush that many mothers use to wash the top of a new born baby's head. With some water just clean off the top of the tongue with OraBrush because it has both a brush and a scraper. Get one for yourself, your husband and your baby. Here is the website:

    How do I get rid of my Dog's bad breath?
    She is an Australian Cattle Dog and she has the WORST breath! My mom hates it when she gets to close because its so bad. We give her tiny doggie treats that are supposed to help, but of course, those are only temporary. How can I make this bad breathe go away!?

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem with my pom who is now 15 but he has had this problem since he was 2 years old. Believe me we have tried it ALL... the ONLY thing that helped was having his teeth cleaned and then keeping up on brushing.
      One product we tried did help some but not a lot. I got it at the groomers and it was a mint type mouth wash you added to their water. It's active ingredient was chlorphyl.
      I noticed some dog foods don't help matters either, Iams was one that seemed to make it even worse.

      Baby blue is actually my daughter who uses yahoo. My email is

    My teeth are gross looking in the morning?
    I brush twice a day, floss once a day and I use mouthwash once a day. But in the mornings my teeth appear to be more yellow. I mean I don't have perfect teeth. They are kinda crooked and they aren't super white to begin with but they look very gross in the morning. I'm really not sure what is causing this but I don't like it... I also get pretty bad morning breath, but I've been told that the morning breath is caused by me breathing with my mouth open in my sleep. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Teeth that are kinda crooked are okay. They add character.
      I used to have kinda crooked teeth but I’ve been wearing Invisalign for the last 2 years so now there’re straight but sometimes I miss my old smile because I used to have a nice original and unique smile and now I just have a straight bland one. I did not straighten my teeth because of aesthetics but because one of my tongue’s papilla would sometimes get caught between two crooked teeth (it was a sudden and awful pain).

      Also, super white teeth are not natural and look really fake. Whitening systems weaken your teeth and your gums (and over-sensitize them) so they’re not very healthy.

      As long as your brush and floss (and do dental cleanings every 6 months), you have good teeth.

      Super sexy Johnny Depp says, about his imperfect teeth (he always makes them look worse for each role), “I’m proud of these. When I see people with perfect teeth, it drives me up the wall. I’d rather swallow a tick than have that!”

      Make sure you get enough calcium and nutrients (vitamin D, fluoride, phosphorus). I had the worse yellow teeth each time I was pregnant because no matter how much calcium and supplements I would get, my baby would suck it right out of me. Then I got back to normal after the delivery, thank goodness. As they say: one child = one cavity…yep, no matter how much you brush and floss.

      Morning breath is not caused by you breathing with your mouth opened while you sleep.
      I won’t bore you with the details of volatile sulphur compounds.
      You have bacteria in your mouth. During the day, you salivate all day long and swallow your saliva, barely noticing that you’re doing that (except when you eat), so the bacteria are flush down your stomach non-stop and cannot just breed and stay in your mouth.
      When you sleep, your salivating stops so you do not swallow your saliva and the bacteria multiply like crazy and produce that volatile sulphur compounds that stinks.

      This is why babies have such sweet breath, because even when they’re sleeping, they keep salivating a lot and drool. Even during the day, babies always drool all over the place so they have nice smelling breath.

      Now, using mouthwash on a regular basis is not a good idea. It will disrupt the natural flora of your mouth, which will have to compensate so your bacteria will grow at a super crazy speed and make your problem worse.

      It’s like people shampooing their hair every day…then they have to shampoo every day or they get crazy greasy hair if they don’t shampoo for a day, since their scalp glands are overproducing oils to compensate for the constant effect of the shampoo.

      Get off the mouthwash for 3 weeks, so your body can re-adapt to producing a normal level of bacteria so you don’t get yellow teeth and pretty bad morning breath. You’re going to have a worse pretty bad morning breath but bear with it for a few weeks. After you wake up, just brush your teeth and tongue and use a tongue scraper and suck on a candy that makes you salivate, then brush your teeth again (because of the sugar in the candy…you don’t want cavities).

      And don’t believe what you see on TV or in movies…lovers DO NOT wake up and kiss. Those are actors, playing a scene during the day, when they have good breath (that’s when you want to occasionally use mouthwash, when you’re an actor and you have a kissing scene coming up).
      I think it’s kinda gross, to see people just waking up and kissing…eeewwww! Go brush your teeth and pee first before you have morning sex, for goodness sake!

    How do I prevent bad breath in my 14 month old?
    He has 8 teeth...4 upper and 4 lower all frontal.
    He's been nibbling at most of what we the grownups eat and so we now have to brush his teeth. Because of his age, we do not use toothpaste...just a moist brush to physically remove the little food deposits here and there. I've noticed recently that he's been having a slight mouth odor and I do not like this. I'd really like to know what to do to prevent this.

    • ANSWER:
      they have baby toothpaste now.
      that might help.
      maybe give him some herbs to chew on!
      like mint.
      cut it up and put it in or on top of something.

    My chihuahua has yellow teeth and bad breath. How do I fix these problems?
    He does not like the dental dog treats. Is there something I can do besides brushing his teeth?

    • ANSWER:
      My baby had yellow teeth and the worst breath too! Don't worry though Petsmart has everything you need. I would buy "Beautiful Teeth" toothpaste and "small breed" toothbrush. He will probably put up a fight, but after brushing them and taking care of them this will help their Hygiene overall as well as prevent gum disease and uncomfortably when eating that we never even notice. As far as the breath, they make bones now with teeth cleaners and mints in them to help prevent bad breath. Cooper loves them and he has better breath now too, which makes mommy very happy! I hope this helped! Good Luck!

    What could cause a 22 month-old-baby to wake up with bad breath?
    She has her teeth brushed at night. She has stopped breastfeeding at bedtime, and goes to sleep without any milk. Could this cause it?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes stomach upset causes bad breath...have you ever asked talk to your dr about this...acid reflux may cause bad breath. Brush her teeth in the am when she wakes up, too!

    Why does my dog have such bad breath?
    My 2lb 1yr old chihuahua has the WORST breath ever! It's worse than any big dog I've ever been around...I mean, she even has morning breath! The worst part is that she is so licky licky, so you smell it all the time, and it gets on your hands and stuff. My family thinks it's her "natural defense mechanism" because she's so small. hahaha, maybe but it's nasty! What can I do?? I've tried no people food, dental chews, and brushing her teeth.

    She does have double "K-9" teeth on the top and bottom, which she will have removed soon, and the vet says she has an unusually high build up of tartar, but he thought it was just the people food I've been giving her...but I stopped that and the breath didn't change.

    Could this be a sign of a more serious health problem? She does so a little "wheezing" type thing, but I think it's only for sympathy when she gets too excited and we won't give her people food. Other than that and the teeth, she is perfectly healthy.

    • ANSWER:
      The odor is likely due to tartar build up on the teeth. It's basically a wall of bacteria and smalls bad. A dental cleaning will freshen her breath right up! Removing the extra baby teeth will prevent some excess taatar build up but most small breed dogs need a dental cleaning every 1-2 years. That small mouth holds the same number of teeth that a great danes does in a small space. They are more prone to dental disease. If left untreated the bacteria on the teeth can lead to ginigvitis, pain abcesses, heart and kidney disease, Ask your vet about ways to prolong her clean teeth(and fresh breath)after her cleaning.

    Could there be something wrong if a puppy has unusually bad breath?
    My family & i found a stray dog, she is a puppy. But her breath is very bad, i was thinking at first she may have just been eating odd things since she came off the streets buts its been about a week and it is very bad. It is not typical dog breath, more of a stench. Could she be sick? Is there a way to get rid of it? I tried dental chews but they did not help at all.

    • ANSWER:
      My adopted Yorkie mix retained her baby teeth when her adult teeth came in. Nothing I did would fix her breath. She is having her extra teeth taken out today, probably as we speak :-(

      Look at her teeth to see if you see two K-9 (canine, whichever) teeth at her K9s. If so, she is probably getting food stuck in between them. If not, then, there might be other issues going on that only a vet could diagnos.

    Does our breath have a natural scent?
    I always have a clean mouth and I don't have bad breath. I have clean gums too etc. When I do the breath test where you lick your hand and wait a minute to see if it smells, I never smell anything bad, but i do smell a 'natural' scent. Has anyone else smelled this?

    As an example, our skin has a natural scent.

    • ANSWER:
      YES! In fact infants have it the most. Before they start eating babyfood and are just nursing or bottle feeding, they have it! Not right after they eat, or after they've spit up, but in between like when they are sleeping, they have natural breath. They have no teeth and eat no sugary stuff, plus they dont have any minty stuff to "taint" the natural.
      Breastfed babies have very sweet smelling breath FYI especially after they nurse.
      They even named a flower after babies breath. Its called "Babies Breath".

    What should I do with terrible puppy breath?
    Ok another question today. The girls got horrific breath. Jasmine's is worse. It could be from teeting and excessive drooling. They're under supervision almost 24/7 so I know they do not eat poop. I try brushing their teeth but Jasmine acts like I'm killing her. Anything I can give them?
    They have a quick vet visit tommorrow so I'll have them check their teeth.
    They eat Iams large puppy. I know I'm changing their food. No human food, just carrots and apple.

    • ANSWER:
      Some dogs will always have bad breath and your vet will be able to tell if its normal or a health issue.

      LOOK in the mouth and check and see if there are any food things stuck in between teeth or maybe in a hole left from baby tooth (if there are any).

      Also look to see if the gums are swollen at all as that could be infection.

      If its from the teething at least that is usually over by 6 to 7 months.

      You can try feeding ice cubes to see if that helps clear out some of the source.

    How do i help my baby sleep with a bad runny nose?
    My daughter is 10 months and has got a bad runny nose, I have tried chest rub, vaporizer . She is sneezing too and she is not sleeping due to this. Would it be her teeth as i can see a little lump at the bottom of her month or would she have a head cold because she is sneezing? What can do to help her sleep?

    • ANSWER:
      Put her in a steamy bathroom for about 10 minutes, then use the nasal aspirator to clear excess boogies. Bundle her up well with a hat and blanket and take her outside or hold her in front of the fridge for a minute or 2. The idea is not to make the baby cold but to let her breath cold air. cold air is dry and will dry up the nasal passages so that she can breath well longer. You can also give a little advil or tylenol to ease her pain.
      My mother passed this tip on to me and it works great with my son who is sick right now too :( She learned this trick when I was a baby and got the croup. everytime she got to the hospital with me, my symptoms were gone. Turns out that while getting me to the car, the cold air had dried my nose right up :)
      Hope you 2 get some sleep.

    When chihuahuas lose their baby teeth can it make their breath stink?
    My puppy is just 5months and he's never had smelly breath, but just in the last few days it's gotten a little gross. No diet has changed and was curious if this could be a factor

    • ANSWER:
      Nope...a 5 month old should not have a smelly breath like you describe. You need to go to a vet with him and have him checked out. It could be gum disease, it could be infection, it could be worse...we can't tell you, your vet can, so that is where you need to go.

    How do I fix my dogs gross breath? She is just a puppy so does not need a teeth cleaning.?
    She is a 5 mo pomeranian. We give her dentabones etc. but those definitely do not help. Brushing her teeth also does not help. It smells like cat food or fish or something. Gross!

    • ANSWER:
      She may be loosing her baby teeth. Sometimes when the teeth get loose the spot where the tooth was gets inflamed and and smells a bit like something rotten. I am not talking about puppy breath. See if some of her teeth are loose and if the gum is red around the area. It may go away once she has all of her adult teeth. Keep brushing though. It's great to get her started now when she is young. It's something you can do for her that has a real health benefit. I wish every one would brush there dogs teeth. I have had to do dental cleanings on some really disgusting mouths.
      It is also possible the smell could be coning from her stomach. My dog (has had her teeth cleaned) still gets bad breath sometimes if she has an upset stomach. If its really stinky you should probably have your vet take a look at her mouth.
      EDIT: If you do give your dog a breath mint as Sophia suggested be very careful some mints as well as gum have xylitol in them which is very toxic to dogs. Always check the label.

    Should my niece go to school the following day after getting two baby teeth extracted?
    My niece is fifteen years old, and today she had two of her baby teeth pulled out because she is getting braces next month. Her mother wants her to go to school tomorrow, but I don't know if she should go. Her dentist said she may be in pain and said she could not rinse or brush her teeth for twenty-four hours also. So, should she go to school tomorrow?

    • ANSWER:
      No, let her stay home and rest. If she's not going to rinse or brush for 24 hours, she'll have bad breath and the cruel kids will make fun of her and start all sorts of crap. Plus, if she's in pain, let her take pain meds and sleep all day. She sure shouldn't have PE/gym class.

      Missing 1 day is not going to hurt her. If it was my kid, she'd stay home.

    Is it neccessary to brush my tongue even if i brush my teeth regularly even if my gf says i have to?
    she says it is disgusting if i don't brush my tongue. is she right? or am i right saying it's not bad if i dont brush my tongue just as long i brush my teeth regularly? is she exagerating and being nit picky?

    • ANSWER:
      You can brush your teeth and clean teeth but still have bad breath if you don't brush your tongue. Your tongue will harbor germs. It is important to brush your tongue for your overall health. Your gf may be picky, but she is also correct. If you only brushed your tongue every night or every other day it would still improve your breath drastically. Baby steps...

    Did you hear about the itty bitty baby in Pennsylvania?
    Cuz he could already talk when he was born and he had little teeth and bad breath then the preacher prayed over him and the baby disappeared and nobody knew what happened.

    • ANSWER:
      I heard about it. He was my cousin.

    Did you hear about the itty bitty baby in Pennsylvania?
    Cuz he could already talk when he was born and he had little teeth and bad breath then the preacher prayed over him and the baby disappeared and nobody knew what happened.

    • ANSWER:
      Yep! Turns out it was a Three-banded Box Turtle, Cuora trifasciata

    How do I take care of my three week old kitten?
    My mother brought home a kitten that she found at work today. I figure that he's around three weeks old since his eyes are open, but he can't yet walk. I don't think he has many teeth, either. I'm a little scared because the last time we had a cat so young, it didn't make it. Even then, I don't think that the kitten was this young.

    Anyway. It's hard for me to feed him. My mother said that she was able to feed him, but you have to put the bottle in his mouth and squeeze it, he won't suck it.

    And the bathroom. We've had him since one thirty this afternoon. That was eight hours ago, and he hasn't gone to the bathroom. I've read in other websites about how to make a kitten go to the bathroom, but it just hasn't worked. I guess I'm just worried that he won't make it because we haven't cared for something so young before. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.
    My mother brought home a kitten that she found at work today. I figure that he's around three weeks old since his eyes are open, but he can't yet walk. I don't think he has many teeth, either. I'm a little scared because the last time we had a cat so young, it didn't make it. Even then, I don't think that the kitten was this young.

    Anyway. It's hard for me to feed him. My mother said that she was able to feed him, but you have to put the bottle in his mouth and squeeze it, he won't suck it. I don't know if my mother will take him to the vet. I'm afraid that she might think that it's too much money to do so.

    And the bathroom. We've had him since one thirty this afternoon. That was eight hours ago, and he hasn't gone to the bathroom. I've read in other websites about how to make a kitten go to the bathroom, but it just hasn't worked. I guess I'm just worried that he won't make it because we haven't cared for something so young before. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.
    Thanks everyone, for answering.

    He still hasn't gone to the bathroom, and we've been using damp cottonballs to try and stimulate him. In the morning, If we still can't get it, I'm going to call the vet's office near here or maybe take him to the humane society and see if they can show us how to do it.

    I mentioned taking him to the vet but was told " We aren't spending fifty dollars for someone to show us how to make him poop" LOL

    I would have pressed the argument saying that it was to check for his general health and all, but It's like arguing with a brick wall.

    • ANSWER:
      Use an eye dropper for feeding (or syringe). Be very careful she does not breath in the milk while you are feeding her. If this happens (gurgly sound, milk coming out of nose, coughing and gagging) hold her upside down while supporting her head by cupping her in your hands and swing her gently. This helps dislodge the fluid out of her lungs both with gravity and momentum.

      You can make homemade formulas, look them up on the net. If they are anything like puppies they must be kept warm (heating pad wrapped in towel with room for her to move off of it if so she will not overheat) in order to digest their milk. If she is not walking, she may be younger then 3 weeks.

      Make sure the water is warm for her elimination. It is sometimes better to use a wash cloth rather then a cotton ball- it is more like a mother cat's tongue. Also make sure you do it long enough, more then 3 swipes. But, not long enough to cause an irritation. If worse comes to worse buy baby suppositories, cut them in to thirds and use one or half of a third on the kitten. I had to do this with my pups a few times.

      Even then your chances are about 50%. I raised 6 puppies this way and kept two. Their combined weight at 3 months old is now about 55 pounds! It is difficult work, but rewarding.
      Good Luck.

    How to make dog smell good / have better breath?
    I have an 8 wk old pug puppy, I've only had him for one week, and have given him one bath since then, I don't want to over bathe him, because that can make them stink even worse I heard, because it messes w/their sweat glands. He doesn't really stink, but he doesn't smell that great either. What products, other than shampoo, could I use to make him smell better? Also, what can I do about that breath!?

    • ANSWER:
      With out puppy we use : Premium tearless puppy shampoo (gentle & mild) with a hint of baby powder smell and that's worked great for us. We bathe her once a month.

      Here's a link for the product:
      (you can also get it at Target)

      Breath - you can brush your dogs teeth or get dog mints at petsmart. An employee should be able to give the best suggestions. We just bought some puppy breath strips at Petsmart and though they don't smell good it does help with their breath.

      Good luck!

    What can you do about a cat with simply horrible breath?
    I have a 6 year old female Maine Coon, she is an indoor cat, and she eats Purina sensitive systems food. Her breath STINKS! I have tried brushing her teeth but end up getting scratched in the process, so I'll admit I only do it about once a month. What's the solution to stinky cat breath?
    Oh no, it was a special cat toothpaste I bought at a pet store. I would never use Crest on my cat!

    • ANSWER:
      The absolute BEST thing you can do is have the vet clean your cat's teeth. If your cat's breath is stinky, she has dental disease which will continue to get worse. If it goes untreated, the bacteria can enter her system then attack other organs as a result of bad gingivitis. The vet will not only be able to clean the teeth, but also remove any teeth that may be rotting away or posing a danger to your cat's health. Of course, this will cost money so if you can afford it, this is the best option. If your cat already has bad teeth, brushing the areas will be painful at this point and IMO, not really doing much especially if her teeth are being brushed once a month. If finances is a problem, ask your vet if he/she can work out a payment plan with you.

      If you cannot afford it or do not want to go to the vet, you could try greenies and there is a liquid that you can add to her water that apparently claims to clean the teeth as cats drink the water. Whether that is effective or not, I don't know but it may be worth looking into. IMO, these solutions will not be as effective and will only work in little amounts....not enough for a mouth that sounds like it's in a negative state. Kind of like 1 step forward, 2 steps back idea.

      Either way, you may want to consider picking up on the teeth cleaning to reduce the bacteria and rate of dental disease. There are plenty of videos and tutorials online that can show you how to brush teeth. With cats, baby steps are very important. Start slow and consistently. Over time and if you play your cards right, your cat will become more receptive to teeth brushing.

      Hope this helps :) Good luck!

    How weak would your teeth have to be to fall off or break/chip?
    I have always have this small "fear" of my teeth becoming loose or even chipping off, all of my baby teeth have come and gone. I know brushing your teeth can take care of this, but as gross as it may seem i only brush my teeth once a day, which is in the morning. Now with this "fear" im also leaning into using listerine/mouth wash(I dont really use it because my breath isnt as bad)

    Now as i was thinking about it more, how weak would your teeth be to become loose or chip off?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are so scared, why aren't you brushing your teeth at least twice a day. You need to start brushing 2-3 times a day, floss (very important) and rinse with FLUORIDE everyday. Fluoride helps strengthen your teeth and recalcifies small cavities and soft spots on your teeth. Also, chew xylitol gum and avoid sugar (sodas etc...) Sugary foods will melt your teeth! A lot of the listerine products does not contain fluoride, so you should really check the labels before buying a mouthwash. (I recommend ACT)
      Now, for teeth to become loose, you would have to be at the moderate to severe stages of periodontal disease. Your dentist or hygienist should be able to tell you this by looking at your x-rays and examining your gums. For your teeth to chip off, well, your teeth would have to be in the process of decay.
      It's just better to prevent all of this by not being lazy and sparing 10 minutes of your day for dental hygiene; brushing, flossing and rinsing with fluoride and seeing a dentist every 6 months.

    How can i make my puppy smell good?!?
    He's too young to shower legitimately and mostly his mouth smells...
    Maybe its the puppy chow smell? I dont know how to get rid of the smell, its not pleasant
    he has little teeth and hes teething now..
    His body smells alittle bit too but not as much..
    What can i do to make him smell good??

    • ANSWER:
      That "bad" smell your puppy has is puppy breath. All puppies have that smell. Once you know what is it you tend to like it. Only young puppies have that bad milk, irony smell. Your puppy will grow out of it.
      You should be able to bathe your little puppy in warm water with gentile puppy or human baby shampoo in your kitchen sink (It'll be better on your back if you aren't bent over the tub straining your spine holding on to a wiggly wet puppy!) Just make sure to dry the baby well with thick warm towels and a low setting on your hair dryer or your pup cold get a chill. The sooner you do it and more regularly you do it the sooner your puppy will become used to a bath and you won't have to fight with your puppy once they get older. Just don't forget to speak soothing to your fuzzy baby and tell your puppy how good they are! Bathing any baby (human or critter) is a good way of bonding.

      If you are really concerned and it's not just "puppy breath" you really ought to take the baby to the vet. Bad breath can be a sign of illness.
      Puppy breath isn't like flowers but it is fleeting just like your dog's puppyhood. They grow up fast! Cherish the baby times!

    How to cover up the smell of alcohol?
    I'm going to a party tomorrow and i'll be drinking, not much but a lil bit, after the party i have to go with my parents to a baby shower. How can i cover up the smell so they won't smell it? Please help me

    • ANSWER:
      Garlic, you'll have bad breath but not alcohol breath.
      Suck on lemon wedges.
      Wasabi and Ginger.
      Brush your teeth (you can carry the little Wisps with you) and a small bottle of listerine and swish.
      Gargle with salt water and then brush and Listerine.

    How bad does it hurt to get a tooth extracted?
    Okay I have braces and today when I went they said that I needed to get a tooth extracted. It's one of my back baby teeth but the orthodontist said that there's no roots on the tooth anymore. I'm really nervous and scared though, I HATE shots. I've always been afraid of getting a shot in my mouth...I'd rather have laughing gas or something. I also have a really low pain tolerance. I don't take pain easily..Do you guys have any good info..? Thanks..

    • ANSWER:
      just close your eyes and breath slowly and dont think about it. i had 2 taken out. make sure you ask for numbing cream before they inject you. you will feel numb after the injection and wont feel a thing. just a bit of pulling. however the sound is the worse bit as all you can hear is cracking so keep your mind off that also.
      good luck!!

    Is it normal for a dogs breath to stink when they lose teeth?
    Her breath really smells.. like old fish. Its not THAT bad, but i can definitely smell it when she opens her mouth, breathes on me, or licks me, it's not totally bothersome, but definitely not enjoyable either. I can only imagine that it smells so bad because she has been losing a lot of her teeth lately. Can losing her baby teeth cause this problem or should i take her to the vet?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes that the smell of old blood.
      you can try drops to freshen her breath you can either get ones you drop directly on her tongue or some you can drop in the water bowl
      both are completely natural ingredients.
      since she's loosing her teeth brushing them may not be a great option. but you can buy a dog toothbrush kit and do that every couple days.
      she's a puppy loosing her baby teeth and it's bleeding which she's probably swallowing. Totally normal.

    My baby is getting her 4th tooth, and she has a nasty rash around her mouth and bad breath. Whats going on?
    Im not sure if its the binki causes the bad breath and rash, but I really need to treat this, and I dont think its severe enough to go to the doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      She could be allergic to a new food or if she's on an antibiotic- that. Could be a yeast infection or just a rash from drooling or even from the binky rubbing--a whole number of things. I'd get the rash checked out for sure. Bad breath can be a symptom of an infection or even an allergic reaction, too. Make sure you're brushing her teeth and gums at least once a day and I'd put Vaseline or Aquaphor Baby on the rash to see if that helps. You don't need to throw out the binki, you just need to sterilize it. Throw it in boiling water for ten minutes. Good luck!

    Is it possible to get braces without impressions?
    I REALLY want and need braces. I would do like, anything for straight teeth. My mouth is SO small though. The orthodontists cant even fit a baby x-ray in my mouth. Is there any way for me to get braces without impressions or get impressions some other way? I have had impressions a few times, and i nearly threw up. PLEASE is there any way to get impressions or a mold of my teeth another way?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no other way than to get an impression. They need to know what will be best, and the progress. They take impression in the beginning and at the end. Sorry...

      They have different tray sized that will fit your mouth. Just try and suck it up and think of the end result .... jsut remember to lean foward and breath through your nose... and just relax ... RELAX !!!!! if you relax your gag reflex doesnt react as bad... sometimes its mental.

    What are the common illness that pugs have ?
    My pug sometimes woud pant heavily for one hour or two because of the heat. Even when I tried to turn on aircon and have plenty of water available for him. Is there any other way ?

    What are some of the common illness that pugs might have ?

    Oh and, I have him eat dental bone , which are supposed to be good for his teeth, but anything that is good for his breath ?

    • ANSWER:
      Pugs are a flat faced dog, which means they have a hard time breathing. You would've noticed that this stops after sometimes, don't let him exert too much and keep him in a cool place, not too much time outside. Pugs can develop serious problems if the wrinkles on their face are not cleaned. They have respiratory illnesses too. Pugs can develop bronchitis easily.The shortened muzzle (referred to as brachiocephalic) is the root of breathing problems and air gulping. The main symptom for this issue is that your pug has way too many gases. At the same time, breathing problems occur especially in hot, humid season. Therefore, air conditioning in summer months in the south is vital.

      Signs of heat prostration are frequent in brachiocephalic dogs. Pugs in heat pain should be cooled with cold water and taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re not a vet, than don’t try to solve the pug’s breathing problems at home. You’re not proficient enough and you’d only make him suffer for a longer time. Go to a doctor. He’ll make you dog feel better. However, it’s indicated to keep an ice bag on hand, in order to bring your pug’s internal temperature back to normal when needed. The Pug's eyes swell somewhat and can get injured, and he can have eyelid or eyelash deformities.Tooth and gum problems are also likely to appear with this breed because of the somewhat undershot jaw. Owners should check up the mouth of a growing pup to make sure baby teeth are not retained and to watch for mouth tumors. If you read the article about pug care tips, you’ll understand why brushing their teeth is highly recommended to avoid gum disease.
      Get your dog checked by your vet if you spot anything wrong. And yes, SOME denta bones do help with bad breath!

    What do you do when a temporary crown falls out?
    It hurt SO bad! I bought fixodent but now I'm afraid to eat. The dentist isn't open again until Monday. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      It isn't the end of the world if your temporary crown comes off. You don't need to find a new dentist. Mine came off eating Dove chocolates, of all things. and yeah, it hurt like H**L!!
      But, if you call your dentist's office they may have an emergency number to call to get it cemented back in. I don't know how well the over the counter cements work, but I wouldn't use anything that wasn't intended to be in your mouth. Fixodent is probably not the best choice, You'll have to be careful until Monday, because you don't want to destroy the tooth's preparation so the permanent crown doesn't fit. I just "suffered" and was just super careful, didn't even take a big breath of air cuz it was excrutiatingly painful!
      so baby it until Monday and good luck

    why do people grind their teeth when they sleep?
    my nephew grinds his teeth when he is sleep. i tried smack him in the mouth it doesnt seem to work lmao... im serious though then when he wake up his breath is horrible.... so its two questions does it causes bad breath? and why wont he stop annoying me?

    • ANSWER:
      Grinding is a natural way for a child to shed baby teeth (through age 12), although it might not be the nicest thing to hear at times lol some children do it more than others. If your nephew is over 12yo, try getting him an over the counter nightguard and have him see a dentist to help prevent this. We don't want him grinding down adult teeth at such a young age. Grinding does not cause bad breath, that would be plaque and tartar. Brushing your teeth, tongue, cheeks and the roof of your mouth should help with the bad breath... also every one has morning breath lol just brush his teeth and he'll be fine.

    What is wrong with my cats gums?
    My cat is a Tabby I think and he has really bad breath and he doesn't eat much. Which I think he doesn't eat much because my other cat his brother eats all the food all the time. So we have to force him to eat his food before his brother can get to it. They are only a year old and still have there baby teeth. Neither is fat but both have reddness on there gums only above the teeth and bad breath. What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      Has he been tested for FIV? This is a common cause of gingivitis in young cats. Cats can also have an inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue. Neither should have baby teeth at this age...that is rare in cats. If he isn't eating well, I'd definitely get him/them to a vet for a complete checkup and bloodwork.

    Does shortness of breath and a more rapid heartbeat accompany early pregnancy?
    I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet but i am about 90%
    sure that i am pregnant.

    The sex that lead to me possibly being pregnant happened
    3 weeks and 4 days ago, so it's been nearly a month.

    Here are a list of symptoms i'm having:

    1. Feeling hungry more frequently, eating more often
    2. Frequent urination
    3.White, milky, discharge. Doesn't itch, doesn't smell bad
    4.Feeling more tired than usual
    5.Teeth bleed more easily during brushing
    6.Overall feeling that something is different.

    • ANSWER:
      A pregnant women has a more rapid, bounding heartbeat because her heart is compensating for another body ( the baby). Shortness of breath would come later when the baby is larger and it is taking up space, pushing the lungs in the upper cavity.This decreases their size, hence the sob. Fatigue is also a usual sign of pregnancy.Frequent urination will occur again when the baby is taking up space and pressing against the bladder. As for the other signs, they could mean pregnancy or another thing. Now, you need to take a pregnancy test. I suggest your primary physician, or a clinic, instead of a home pregnancy test. that way you can probably get an exam at the same time, just in case you are pregnant.

    How important are fillings for my 6 year old's baby teeth? Is it a waste of money or necessary?

    • ANSWER:
      Very important. If you neglect your child's teeth:
      1. the child may be in pain
      2. the absess that forms may damage the adult tooth that is developing below the primary tooth
      3. the professionals treating your child are obligated to report you to the authorities for child neglect if they believe the treatment must be done and it isn't.
      4. if the child has several teeth that are decayed they will be very fragile and the child will have difficulty eating - if the diet is poor then the ability to learn is diminished growth can be affected, quality of life declines
      5. if the appearance of the teeth when the child smiles is affected then you can impact the self confidence of the child and develop "image" issues
      6. if the mouth is full of decaying teeth bad breath will result affecting the social interaction of the child. We all know kids can be cruel to each other about the silliest things such as appearance, clothing, how well someone fits in.
      7. if, on the x-rays you can see the adult tooth very close to the primary tooth the dentist will probably say that the filling need not be done because the primary tooth will exfoliate (fall out) soon but if it looks as if you will have several years before that tooth exfoliates then the fillings will need to be done.
      8. wasn't there a child that died in the US recently due to an untreated absessed tooth? Don't take the risk.

      All in all don't put up any barriers. As parents it is our job to ease the path of our children through life not seek the easiest, cheapest route! I bet if the decay was in your mouth you would have it dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

    How often should you brush your teeth?
    I heard that once a month is more than enough to keep your mouth clean.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are the answers :
      We all know someone who has just decided that brushing their teeth is not an investment in their health that they want to make. They mistakenly think that not brushing their teeth will not really affect them other than some bad breath that they think they can take care of with chewing gum.

      For starters, not brushing your teeth will result in a build-up of plaque on and in between your teeth. Plaque and bacteria build-up can very rapidly cause bad breath.

      Over time the plaque build-up, especially if you smoke or drink a lot of caffeinated beverages, will cause a substantial discoloration of your teeth.
      The first problem that tends to rear its ugly head is gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. This inflammation is caused by significant plaque build-up and if it is left untreated it can eventually advance to periodontitis.

      Periodontitis is much worse because it involves bone loss of the teeth and jaw. If you are experiencing loss of teeth, periodontitis has advanced very far.

      Beyond problems with your mouth, the effects of not brushing your teeth can include increased risks of other diseases.

      If you are pregnant or could become pregnant, you need to pay extra attention to your oral health. Any infections of your mouth can be potentially passed through the bloodstream to your baby.
      People at risk for heart disease can be significantly affected by not brushing their teeth as well.

      Brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of taking care of your personal hygiene. Most dentists recommend that you brush and floss your teeth three times per day after every meal. Of course, that is difficult to do for some of us that are constantly on the go or happen to work outdoor jobs, but the idea is to brush your teeth as often as possible. There are several good reasons for keeping your teeth clean by brushing.

      1. Saving money is the primary reason why you should brush your teeth. If brushing the food, bacteria and other residue off your teeth is not done regularly and properly, they will soon become victims of tooth decay. This can be very costly with root canals, cavities and finally dentures all caused from the neglect to keep your teeth and gums clean.

      2. The second reason that brushing is important is whiter teeth. Though you can go and spend lots of cash at the dentist for teeth whitening procedures, it is far better to just brush your teeth twice each day and keep them clean and white yourself.

      3. Not brushing your teeth will result in horrendously bad breath. People will not talk with you because they cannot bear the bad odor of your breath. This problem can be eliminated by brushing your teeth regularly.

      4. Tooth decay bears repeating. You will end up with tooth decay if you do brush your teeth regularly and properly. This can compound problems, cause acute pain, and even cause your teeth to rot and fall off.

      5. Vanity is one of the root causes why people brush their teeth. In order to have a bright smile and beautifully white teeth, brushing is important. Brushing your tooth a minimum of two times per day is the best way to maintain a whiter smile.

      6. The expense of some whitening products can be very high. If you neglect brushing your teeth for just a few days, you will observe stains and plaque buildup that only tooth whitening products or a trip to the dentist can remove.

      7. Your health is important. If you do not brush your teeth, it will lead to tooth decay, which can inadvertently affect your heart. The bacteria and plaque on your teeth can travel directly to your heart causing many versions of heart disease.

      8. It is important that you have a proper impact on your kids. Your children will not see the importance of brushing their teeth, if you do not properly and regularly brush your own teeth, and you will eventually have caused their teeth to decay as well.

      9. Not brushing your teeth affects your taste buds too. Plaque and bacteria, that buildup constantly, can damage your taste buds if not removed from time to time. In order to enjoy your food, you must keep your teeth and tongue clean and healthy.

      10. Finally, it is simply expected that you keep your mouth clean. While you can chew gums that will remove many stains, there is nothing that can be substituted for keeping your teeth brushed and clean.

      If you observe that the stains and plaque remain after brushing your teeth try out a home whitening system such as Dazzle White to regain back your dazzling smile.

    What is going on with my three month old baby girl?
    For the past few days, my daughter's blocked tear duct has become worse, today we took her to the Doctor because last night she had a high fever, kept throwing her head back and gagging, drooling, her chest is a little weezy, she was just all round-Looking sick. We gave her some infants panadol, a bottle, and that seemed to help her get to sleep. Today the Doctor looked at her eye, called a specialist where he explained to him how to pop the membranes in her imature tear duct. The infection was quite evident, her eye started draining, finally real tears. Since then she has been crying a lot, still throwing her head back, gagging, drooling, her cheeks are very rosy and she has a high fever again. She has an appointment with the specialist tomorrow to do with her eye, but now i'm worried there is something else wrong. The Doctor prescribed her some amoxycillin paediactric drops. Which we've been giving her. She still has a fever but is now sleeping.
    What should we do? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It does not seem like an eye infection is the cause of all this.

      It seems it is a result of a bad cold, and most likely a virus ,

      I suggest that you run a warm bath for her and bathe her before bed time and again when she wakes up in the morning. it'll help loosen the mucus.

      keep her warm and comfortable, dress her in a sweatsuit its soft and warm

      next when you put her down to nap it should be at an angle

      so her head is elevated and the mucus can drain down in stead of getting stuck and pooling at the back of her throat, this is what causes the gagging.
      put her back on a pillow or hold her in your arms upright, even put her in the car seat, some people put the pillow under her crib mattress

      I don't like that idea personally

      the drooling can be a result of stuffy nose, if she has to use her mouth to breath then this is why she is drooling, also she can be teething and this can be terribly painfull for her, so check her mouth if it looks red at the gums or you see little white spots on her gums it could be teeth.

      I would suggest robitussin DM for children, and keep giving her the amoxicillan for the eye infection, it should not hurt her, but just watch for yeast infection in her diaper area ok.

      crying and throwing her head back is frustration

      Email me

      I really would like to know whats going on throughout the day. I can help make some suggestions.

      I have 3 boys 2 under 2 and a 10 year old.

    What should i do about my dogs tarter build up?
    I have noticed my dog is getting tarter build up and it doesn't look like it is to bad but I know that if it does get to bad she could lose all if not most of her teeth so I was wondering if anyone can recommend anything to help reduce the build up.

    • ANSWER:
      i just started brushing my dog's teeth ... the first try was a challenge but i calmly persevered and he is fine with it now ... i bought a kit that included a minty gel, a finger brush and a larger toothbrush but my dog is so tiny i just went out and bought a baby's toothbrush at the drug store ... i put a bit of the gel on my finger to start which he licks off and then i brush them ... i am happy with the results so far ... all you need is a soft toothbrush and some form of dog teeth cleaner ... the kit i bought says it will remove tartar (within reason) in thirty days if used daily ... my dog's teeth are noticeably whiter and his breath very minty :O)

      i also give my dog a bone from the butcher every single week which he chews for hours and throughout the week, and he still requires manual teeth cleaning ... no food (kibble) or bones clean teeth ...

    What do you think is the sexiest song ever?
    I dont like Britney Spears but I must say I do like the song Breathe on me. Its the only song I like of hers it makes me think of how I breath in my boyfriends face after brushing my teeth.... But seriously anyone else have any other songs they think is sexy?

    • ANSWER:
      Your Making Me High - Toni Braxton

      Check out these lyrics - Won't tell you what we used to do as teenagers when this song was playing in the bedroom, let you guess ha ha

      TRY IT :O)

      Ill always think of you
      Inside of my private thoughts
      I can imagine you
      Touching my private parts
      With just the thought of you
      I cant help but touch myself
      Thats why I want you so bad
      Just one night of
      Moonlight, with you there beside me
      All night, doin it again and again
      You know I want you so bad
      Baby, baby, baby, baby

      Oooh I get so high
      When Im around you baby
      I can touch the sky
      You make my temperature rise
      Youre makin me high
      Baby, baby, baby, baby

      Cant get my mind off you
      I think I might be obsessed
      The very thought of you
      Makes me want to get undressed
      I wanna be with you
      In spite of what my heart says
      I guess I want you too bad
      All I want is
      Moonlights, with you there inside me
      All night, doin it again and again
      You know I want you so bad
      Baby, baby, baby, baby

      Oooh I get so high
      When Im around you baby
      I can touch the sky
      You make my temperature rise, ooh boy
      Youre makin me high
      Baby, baby, baby, baby

      I want to feel your heart and soul inside of me
      Lets make a deal you roll, I lick
      And we can go flying into ecstasy
      Oh darlin you and me
      Light my fire
      Blow my flame
      Take me, take me, take me away

baby bad breath no teeth

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