Bad Breath After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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    Something smelly is coming from my wisdom tooth extraction?
    I can barely taste it, and you can't see anything, but my breath smells bad. I know it's coming from my wisdom tooth extraction. Anyone know what this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      The major cause of bad breath is the top of the tongue, especially the back one-third where bacteria grow and produce those bad smells. some of this bacteria is moving to the whole where your tooth had been and now you can smell them. So if you clean off the back of your tongue you will see a great decrease in your bad breath. I learned about OraBrush tongue cleaner about 6 months ago and now clean my tongue very time I brush my teeth. I am still using the same OraBrush I got for about US. Log on to the OraBrus website and see a video on how to tell if you have bad breath. Educational and funny.

    What can I do for bad breath following wisdom tooth removal?
    I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled on Friday... and I've been rinsing with salt water after every meal... but there is a absolutely HORRIBLE taste and smell coming from back there now... and I can't stand it. I try to stay as far away from people as possible while talking to them, I am SO self-conscious about it... I can't brush the surgical sites for 7 days... I NEED something to help with the bad breath, it's the worst!!! What can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      If you're not in pain its unlikely you have infection.

      If you had dry socket or infection you'd know believe me.. extreme pain.

      Unfortunately the problem you're suffering is NORMAL after extraction, especially deeper extractions like wisdom teeth..

      i know the horrible taste and small you refer to, its unlike normal bad breath, its much worse.. its caused by bacteria lying in the sockets where teeth were extracted.. obviously u cant brush in there and therefore the bacteria builds up..its a terrible taste and smell..almost like rotting meat I often feel.

      It lasts a few days to a week, however your dentist can cleanse this for you and relieve it.

      Unpleasant but nothing to worry about

    Is is normal to have different and bad breath after teeth extraction?
    My husband had four wisdom teeth pulled 4 months ago and I have noticed that his breath is very different and quite bad. I was wondering if that is normal, or could it mean something is wrong? I would also like to know if there is anything he can do about it, although he does not notice any difference.
    My husband has always had what I consider to be rather bad oral hygeine habits, so I am not sure if this is contributing to the problem. He usually only brushes his teeth once a day, and for only about 30 seconds. He does not complain of any pain or tenderness and doesn't seem to have any other symptoms.

    • ANSWER:
      that is not normal.... he may have something going on.
      He can try to rinse with 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 3 parts warm water,then rinse well with water.Then mouth wash after..DO NOT swollow the peroxide sollution.
      He could also try rinsing with warm water(4-6oz.) and 1 teaspoon of table salt.Rinse with mouthwash after.
      If he has any tenderness,he may have a small sliver of tooth that remained,it could be popping up & down,causing just enough to allow an infection..he could also have some gum disease starting
      Best bet is to see the dentist about it.

    How can i brush my teeth afther wisdom teeth removed.?
    I know alot of people have asked this question but its diffrent for mine. I have gotten out all my wisdom teeth plus an extra tooth out from my gum in the middle of my month. So that means i have stiches in between my three front left side top teeth. I have the worst breath ever and ive tryed flusing. Its hard to brush my teeth with these stiches and i rinse my month every day like every two hours or so, and i think thats one of the reasons my mounth stinks. I cant even discribe the smell or taste. Its been 5 days today and im bruised and a but swollen. Please help i have to go to school tomorow and i dont wanna go with this gross breath:(

    • ANSWER:
      Is the pain worse than before? Do you use alcohol based mouth wash? If you rinse to much and intense, there is a risk of getting a dry socket and that causes an inflammation in the jaw bone. Try to rinse only with salted water and try to brush your teeth everywhere else but the removal sites. If you still have your blood clots in the extraction holes you should be fine but I understand your concern about the breath. If you still have bad breath after a couple of more days you should consult with your dentist. Good luck!

    Wisdom teeth pulled out = Bad breath. How long? =(?
    I had my wisdom teeth taken out about a week ago. But ever since i have been having bad breath. This is the first time i actually experience bad breath from my mouth. What is it from? And how can i get rid of it? I am seeing my boyfriend in 5 days for the first time in about 2 months and i want to make out with him or kiss him and stuff. Will it be gone by then? How long will i have this bad breath? How can i get rid of it? And what is it from?

    • ANSWER:
      it will be in there likely the whole healing time process 1-2 weeks , id say 3 weeks at the most possible. Cant really get rid of it until about 2 weeks after your extraction so when its healed on the outer gums you can start using listerine.

    What should my extracted wisdom teeth sites look like?
    I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled on the 20th (3 days ago). They feel okay, though there is still some pain. She put sutures in the bottom two, and when I look at them they are like completely black. Is this normal? I have followed all of her directions including rinsing with warm salt water. I am guessing they are black because of the blood and the stitches but I'm not sure. Also my breath smells horrible...I am brushing my teeth and tongue but it still smells really bad. Anyone know if this could be signs of an infection?

    • ANSWER:
      If you see a black lump it's probably the blood clot - that's a good thing. With wisdom tooth extractions there is a chance of getting a bone infection if you lose that clot, so don't drink any carbonated beverages, since they dissolve the clot. Bad breath is normal, unfortunately, until the area heals, but don't use any alcohol mouth washes, these too can disturb the clot. An infection (called a dry socket) can develop up to two weeks after the extraction, so follow all of the post op instructions and keep your tongue clean with a soft toothbrush to keep the odor down. You can also try xylitol breath mints. Xylitol is the only sweetener that doesn't promote tooth decay.

    I got a weird taste in my mouth after my wisdom teeth extractions. Is it normal?
    I got the surgery almost 2 weeks ago and my surgeon said everything was good at my follow up. I've been rinsing after every meal and using the syringe. But the taste is only on my lower right side. I had all 4 removed. I'm also getting bad breath even tho I brush my teeth. Is it infected? Should I get it checked?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes its normal, sometimes the healing socket gives off a bad taste or smell, just gargel with warm salt water 2 times a day

    How long b4 i can kiss with wisdom teeth extraction?
    i got my wisdom teeth extracted today & i am attending a party tomorrow and I'm wondering if I can kiss and girls? Maybe I can't kiss w/ tongue probably but can I can just with the lips with no problem?

    Should i dance around a lot at the party or not so much? And will dancing a lot hurt my mouth or wisdom teeth in anyway?

    Maybe i just shouldn't dance?
    i never said a PECK on the lips okay?

    • ANSWER:
      You wont want to, and the first answer is correct that you will still have small amounts of blood in your saliva. Most important for you to remember, is that you basically have four open wounds in your mouth, and that results in temporary severe bad breath. This generally lasts for four to five days minimally. Use breath mints, and keep arms distance from others. It will pass. We all habituate to our own smell, so you won't be as aware of it as others will. Dance if you feel like it,but probably should not if you are taking narcotics for pain. All in all, it is a better night for watching videos. Good news is you only go through it once in life. You'll be back in action soon.

    Why are dentists so eager to pull wisdom teeth?
    My wisdom teeth aren't bothering me, and they aren't growing in crooked. Yet every time I go to my dentist, he asks when am I going to go to an oral surgeon to get them pulled. I don't understand the point in pulling perfectly good teeth just because society thinks they are bad for some reason.

    The teeth are not in any way a problem or an issue, my dentist simply thinks no one should have wisdom teeth.

    • ANSWER:
      Well first of all, your dentist will most likely not be the one doing the actual extraction, so the money factor is not it. They don't get any sort of monetary gain for wanting you to have your wisdom teeth taken out.

      There are several reasons why wisdom teeth extractions are recommended.

      A) You have no room in your mouth for them. This is why many people's wisdom teeth are impacted (meaning, they will never be able to grow in and they are stuck at some sort of angle to the tooth in front of them). For some, an impacted wisdom tooth may never cause them a problem in their lifetime. For others, it can become painful. It is also possible for the impacted wisdom tooth to become infected or have a cyst form around. Cyst formation can also become malignant.

      B) You have room in your mouth, but you can not properly keep them clean. Because they are so far back, many people have trouble keeping them clean. I see it every day, scraping off loads of plaque that people are missing on their teeth because they cannot reach them. This can cause decay, periodontal disease and bad breath.

      Also, it is a very common misconception in dentistry for people to think "My teeth feel fine, there can't be anything wrong." Many problems can occur with your teeth without you actually feeling any pain or discomfort. It has nothing to do with society thinking they are bad.

      If you believe in evolution, one thing you should note with wisdom teeth is that people missing their wisdom teeth is a more frequent occurance. Why? Humans have no purpose for them anymore. Our jaws are smaller, and we don't need as many teeth in our mouths.

      So, to sum it all up, if you have room in your mouth and can keep them clean (ask your hygienist if you are), then I feel that there should be no issues with you keeping them. However, if not, I agree with your denist.

    Swollen sight of wisdom teeth extraction 7 weeks later. What is wrong?
    I had my wisdom teeth removed December 12, 2008. It is now Feb 2, 2009. Last night, I noticed that the site of extraction on the lower right sight is extremely enlarged or swollen. When examining it, the right sight is noticeably different than the left. Is this normal? I also had abnormally bad breath this morning when I woke up. The right side is still swollen 24 hours later. Does anyone know what is wrong or if I should contact my oral surgeon?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be that the dentist did not get all of the tooth extracted. A simple X-ray will show that. If there is an infection it could cause bad breath, however, I doubt you have an infection because you did not say that your jaw was sore. Actually, bad breath is cause by bacteria on the top of the tongue which produce sulfur containing compounds that smell bad to other people. Good oral hygiene includes brushing and flossing the teeth and then cleaning the tongue and will control bad breath. I believe how you clean the tongue is very important. To learn more about the cause and cure of bad breath see:

    What color should gums be after extraction?
    I had a tooth surgically extracted one week ago. The tooth wasn't infected when it was removed. I have no pain, no discomfort, no weird taste in my mouth or bad breath. I was looking at the site today and noticed that it's turned sort of gray-ish and I can still feel like stitches but it feels like there's an additional, thicker string going the other direction. Does this sound normal, at all? Or would calling the surgeon be the best bet?

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds perfectly normal. The gray-ish you're seeing is the blood clot. I had the same thing when I had my wisdom tooth taken out a few weeks ago. Give yourself a few weeks and your gums should be back to normal. :)

    Are there any pain relief remedies for a small gum infection while I wait for my dentist appointment?
    I suspect I'm suffering from pericoronitis (small, painful gum infection caused by being stubborn and not having my wisdom teeth pulled sooner). I have a dentist appointment but its a ways off and the pain is moderate.
    Symptoms include: Sharp pain behind and around my bottom left wisdom tooth, pain opening jaw, pain swallowing, aching lower left jaw, and bad breath. I'm getting some relief with 800mg of Motrin 3 times a day with meals but its starting to wear off quicker and I'm afraid to take any more. I've pushed on the tooth and it doesn't hurt, so I'm pretty sure its my gums. I think.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you are doing the right thing for the problem so far. As long as you are otherwise healthy, you can take 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours for a week or so. If this stops working, don't take more. Take 400mg ibuprofen and 1000mg Tylenol (2 extra strength tabs). Rinse the area with warm water and salt (1 teaspoon salt in 8-12 ounces warm water) once every hour to get some relief and to kill some bacteria in the area. Unfortunately, even when you see your dentist, he may not be able to take it out for you that day. Very often, you may need to wait to have the actual extractions done or be sent to an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted. Also, if you have other wisdom teeth, you may want to go to sleep to have all of them removed at once so that this doesn't happen again. I hope this helps.
      Lastly, do NOT dissolve anything taken by mouth against your soft tissues of your mouth. Aspirin as acetylsalicylic ACID and will BURN YOU if you let it dissolve in your mouth, creating a whole host of other problems. I hope you feel better soon.

    How do I prevent dry sockets from occurring?
    I had one wisdom tooth removed and I heard that if not taken care of dry sockets can form. I know I am not supposed to spit or rinse but am I allowed to swallow because there is a lot of saliva and blood in my mouth. Also what am I allowed to eat?

    • ANSWER:
      Dry sockets are known as alveolar osteitis by dentists and it is quite common to have a drysocket after tooth extraction. Generally, a blood clot is expected to protect the underlying bones and nerves in the hole, created due to tooth extraction. But, if the blood clot is not formed or it is dislodged or dissolved due to fibrinolysis, then the socket becomes dry. The socket appears dry and you can see the exposed bone. There is no formation of pus in the socket. The blood clot formation is required for heeling the wound or the socket.

      A dry socket leads to severe pain and the heeling process is delayed. Drysocket pain intensifies, 3-4 days after the extraction of the tooth. The pain can be unbearable and can not be shortened unless and until it is properly treated. Before knowing about how to prevent dry socket, let us first have a look at the drysocket symptoms, which can be very irritating.

      Dry Socket Symptoms

      * Severe pain is the main symptom of drysocket after tooth extraction.
      * Bad breath or bad taste in the mouth, as gaping wound is an open invitation to microorganisms
      * Difficulty in eating
      * Loss of appetite
      * Swollen lymph nodes in neck
      * Swollen gum or adjacent teeth
      * Jaw pain
      * Fever

      After reading the symptoms only, one can imagine how a dry socket must be leading to restless days and sleepless nights. So it is better to prevent drysocket formation.

      Prevent Dry Socket

      To prevent drysocket, we need to know what causes dry socket. There are conflicting results from the studies organized to identify the factors that appear to be associated with increasing incidences of experiencing dry sockets. But, if these factors are taken into consideration while planning for and proceeding with a tooth extraction, then the risk for drysocket can be minimized.

    Is there a dentist in the house? My impacted wisdom teeth used to hurt but now it's not bothering me anymore.
    Do I still have to have it extracted? I am seriously considering leaving it alone because an extraction costs a lot. Some of my friends have left theirs alone because they said they haven't been feeling any pain anyway.

    So what could happen if I leave my wisdom teeth to grow? Will it really wreck the alignment of my teeth? What will the long-term effects be?

    • ANSWER:
      if they are impacted, it means they cannot grow without messing everything up. They will start to hurt again.. If they don't, which they WILL, they will grow in whichever direction your x-ray shows them to be headed and foul everything up! Makes brushing & flossing difficult, can hurt, looks like monster-mouth, bad breath, and just creates an overall bad situation. Save $$ for the procedure and do it as soon as you can! It won't be fun paying or healing both your wallet & your mouth, but it'll save you a bunch of aggravation for years to come.
      You can do it!

    Bad breath after wisdom teeth extraction?
    been a week after my wisdom teeth extraction, and really have bad breath. Could it be an infection due to a tiny piece of teeth left behind(if possible)? Or the old dried blood left behindon my teeth?

    Really to have some answers here:(

    • ANSWER:
      if you have bad breath after extraction & pain, you have dry socket. Need to go back to your dentist & get a dressing done & must take antibiotics & pain killers. Gargle with mouth wash & brush well.

    Extreme Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?
    I had my wisdom teeth out almost a week ago and it went fine - I experienced no pain the day of the surgery and most of the day after, but then the pain hit me hard and hasn't stopped since. It is incredibly debilitating and I can't concentrate on anything else when it's at its worst (which is after I've eaten something - even soft things that require almost no chewing). My prescriptions for Vicodin and ibuprofen are up and besides, I'm sick of taking that stuff. Anyone have ideas about natural remedies? You'd be saving my life!

    • ANSWER:
      I would go back to your dentist you may have what is know as a dry socket. He/She may help you out with this problem.

      In dentistry, a dry socket is a layman's term for alveolar osteitis, a disruption to the healing of the alveolar bone following extraction of the tooth.

      Alveolar osteitis occurs when the blood clot at the site of a tooth extraction is disrupted prematurely. This leaves the alveolar bone unprotected and exposed to the oral environment. The socket can pack with food and bacteria. The pain typically commences 2-4 days following the extraction. This is often extremely unpleasant for the patient, as symptoms include extreme pain (sometimes worse than the toothache that indicated the extraction), a foul taste, bad breath, and swelling in the infected area. There may be lymph-node involvement.

    stitches have opened after the second day of wisdom teeth extraction?
    My stitches have opened on the bottom sides and there is a huge gash on both sides. My breath is terrible and i have to clean it out with a syringe all the my bad breath ever going to go away. I've talked to alot of my Friends that are seniors now and had them done as freshman and sophomores and say that they never quite healed. That is why i'm asking.
    also...can your teeth shift after removal. Can you wear your retainers?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes You can wear retainers a week after surgery. the bad breath does go away.

    Is it okay to have exposed bone after wisdom teeth extraction?
    I had three removed and two of them are fine, but the bottom left has exposed bone and a nasty taste coming from it.
    What does this mean? Should I be worried about it?

    • ANSWER:
      ah! you might have a dry socket! is it painful? does your breath smell bad? cause if it does then it is more than likely a dry socket. you should notify your dentist and he'd probably be able to help you more. but if it's a dry socket they'll stick a piece of cotton into the hole that has medicine on it that will help close it up.

    Signs of infections after wisdom teeth extraction?
    I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled exactly a week ago. The bottom were impacted and on the right side i still am swollen and it hurts. Not like a bone or jaw pain but more of a flesh pain. I dont have any really bad breath or discharge and theres no problems with my other extraction sites. I didnt even eat anything solid until 5 days after and i was very careful about spitting and sucking. The pain gets worse through out the day and the swelling goes up and down through out the day, and then when i try to sleep its unbearable. I was taking antibiotics over the last week n i just stopped today because they hurt my stomach. Ive taken 600mg of ibprofean(srry i really dont care about spelling at the moment) and am out other pain killers. Nothing i do seems to help. Does anyone have any advice? Its getting worse as time goes on. Idk if this an infection or just the healing process but it kills.

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your dentist/doctor. It sounds like just aching gums from the trauma they suffered after your teeth were taken out. Your body sends pain signals to your brain as a sort of "Don't do that!" warning to prevent injury. Like when you stretch you muscles and it hurts, you arent actually hurting yourself, the pain is a warning that if you go to much further you will hurt yourself. I think your mouth is just tender and trying to heal, but definitely consult a professional. try washing our your mouth with warm salt water?

    Anyone knows the pricing of wisdom teeth removal?
    It has gotten to the point to where I have to remove my wisdom teeth...the bottom ones anyway because they are starting to bleed on a daily basis and is making my breath not smell too pleasant. I have a part time job and the most that my insurance would cover is only 0. With that being said, on average, how much would it cost to remove wisdom teeth (the two bottom ones). They will not have to be cut out or anything because they are both showing clear as day.

    Also, will there be any other fees added to this procedure, like x-rays or whatnot.

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there! It totally depends on what your situation is. If I were to give you a worst case scenario, and it doesn't sound like this is your case, I would say 0.00 total cost, and probably 0.00 out of pocket. They will charge you for what is called a panoramic x-ray if you don't have a pretty recent one, probably a small exam fee, and the extractions. Like I said, I think 0 is worst case for only two of them, but it totally depends on things like the type of extraction and where you live. I did not add in the fee for anesthesia, but that is usually optional. It definitely sounds like you need to do it asap. Don't let it go too long or you'll end up with an infection! Good luck!

    6th day after wisdom tooth extraction is this normal?
    Well the pain and swelling is barely there. But i felt like my mouth wasnt clean enough so i used listerine. Then i had this reaaaaaaaaally bad tasting thing coming out of my lower left hole. Could this be because of the listerine? Im kind of worried that it might be infected, but theres no pain whatsoever.
    Plus it not only tastes bad, it makes my breath smell horrible. :( What do i do? And What is this?

    • ANSWER:

    2 Year old wisdom tooth extraction site breath problem?
    I had my wisdom teeth extracted about two years ago, and with it I got a dry socket from my upper left wisdom tooth. Now, almost two years later I'm getting a pretty bad odor from the gum tissue where I had my dry socket. In the morning, or any prolonged period of time where I'm not brushing my teeth, rinsing with mouth wash and flossing, I can press my finger in the extraction site where the dry socket was and get some minor amounts of white stuff... pus or food I'm not sure. Any insight would be appriciated.

    • ANSWER:
      That doesn't sound good. . . is there a bit of a hole left where the tooth was? If so it's possible that some food got stuck there and wasn't removed by brushing, maybe there are some bacteria having fun back there. You should definitely go see your dentist for this. Dental issues are really important, some of the bacteria that cause tooth problems create toxins that can enter the bloodstream and damage your heart.

    Is it okay to chew gum after wisdom teeth extraction?
    i got all four of my wisdom teeth out on friday and my parents are making me go back to school tomorrow. i'm not even in the mood for school, i still feel tired, and sometimes i feel woozy if i stand up or do things fast. :( my breath stinks really bad, since i can't brush my teeth properly, so i'm wondering, is it safe to chew gum yet?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't chew gum. You might still disturb the blood clot.

      All four at once. That's rough.

    Bad smell after wisdom teeth extraction?
    Got my lower 2 wisdom teeth removed about a week ago and now my breath stinks! I have been brushing everyday at least 3 times a day, and I've been taking anti-biotics. Is it an infection or what? Should I contact my doctor or can I solve this problem?

    • ANSWER:
      I am a former dental assistant. Often especially with wisdom teeth the dentist will insert a small piece of gauze with a gel in the open socket which aids in clotting of the blood and faster healing. He or she probably put a big wad of gauze (called 2x2's) in your mouth to have you bite down on when you left the office and gave you additional gauze squares to change them out. Many times the tiny slip of gauze will come out with one of the gauze wads and the socket will heal normally. Unfortunately if it does not come out by itself it also attracts food particles which cause the subsequent odor. Use warm salt water rinses for 3-4 minutes 5 times a day to irrigate and dislodge the debris. Dry sockets sometimes result from compacted food particles and can become quite painful. If you are experiencing swelling in your face and jaw and are also having a considerable amount of pain you will need to get back in to see your dentist to irrigate the area for you.

    i got my wisdom teeth pulled and when will it heal?
    thursday i got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled, plus they already have surfaced. so it was easier for them to take it out. so now its sunday and my face is still swollen on one side and i have stink breath too. i smoked a cigarette today. is it normal to still be swollen and have stink breath, and WILL i get dry socket after smoking lightly on a cigarette ? the pain does not feel like its getting worse, im just afraid is all and i want this behind me. do i have anything toworry about?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing out of the ordinary here.

      Your swelling will subside quickly.. within the week.

      Smoking is really a bad idea during this crucial healing time. The suction from smoking can dislodge the clot which would cause the infamous 'dry socket'. Further smoking will slow healing time.

      That said, if you must smoke -- Get some gauze, wet it if you like, and cover the extraction sites so the negative pressure and smoke from smoking don't interfere with your surgical sites.

      It will be over before you know it. By mid week you should be in the clear.

      If you are still significantly swollen in 4-5 days, contact the oral surgeon (or whomever extracted) -- they will have a quick look.

      Take care,

    Is my wisdom tooth going to have to come out?
    This is a little gross, but I'd appreciate any advice.

    Okay, so I'm 25 and I've got my lower two wisdom teeth. It's been years since they came in. They're slightly impacted, with the back 10-15% of the tooth under gum, but aside from occasional painless popping in my jaw (like cracking knuckles), I haven't had problems with them until the last few months.

    I've started to notice a foul smell coming from under the gum over the right wisdom tooth (left one's fine). The smell comes and (mostly) goes, but it never leaves; I think it's related to food getting trapped under the gum. I try and brush a little extra back there, but the smell won't go. There's no pain at all, but occasionally I can squeeze a little whitish pus (or food residue?) out from under the gum.

    I'll try and go to the dentist in a week, but I'd appreciate any advice on what the problem and solution might be. I really don't want the tooth pulled - I've heard the other teeth can shift after an extraction.

    • ANSWER:
      I imagine they will tell you to have the teeth out. I had exactly the same problem with impacted teeth and a couple of massive food traps that gave me a terrible taste in my mouth and probably very bad breath. I had them out in September and it was great. Smell/taste has gone and the gums settled quickly. A couple of my teeth have shifted on the bottom (molars moved backwards) but that is because I had another tooth removed at 7 yrs old and the gap had closed but the extra room made the teeth move. You won't be all gappy. The op isn't that bad. It's pretty miserable for a week on soup and mashed potatoes but it resolves itself very fast. Don't be scared of it. The drugs are amazing. What noone ever tells you is that you get really constipated afterwards from the antibiotics and soft food but I'm sure you can live with that. In summary, teeth should come out, you'll be fine.

    Stink breath from getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled?
    How do I get the odor from my mouth?My dentist told me NOT to brush OR rinse on the side of the surgery.Even my driver's ed teacher and my mom told me I have a stink breath,please help me.PLEASE NO INSULTS!
    no wont work...

    • ANSWER:
      It's completely normal to have really bad breath because your mouth just went under some serious surgery as well as there is blood trying to clot in your mouth and without the brushing and rinsing you will just have to suffer through it for the first couple of days. After 24 hours you can start rinsing with warm salt water.

      You can if you want to brush your teeth to AVOID the extraction site.

    having problems after impacted wisdom teeth extraction?
    its been about a week since i got all 4 wisdom teeth extracted i am now having a bad taste in my mouth and bad breath that wont go away even after brushing. why am i having this problem is this normal? can i use anything to end this problem?

    • ANSWER:

    what is the role of zinc in dental amalgam?
    hi. i'm studying dentistry (2nd year) and our material doc. gave us this question as a home work. pls if anyone know about this sub pls pls help me. she wants it tomorrow...
    i only found that zinc works as a scavenger during manufacturing, but she wants more than that.
    thank you!

    • ANSWER:
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    Have i got an infection after a tooth extraction?
    i had my 2 top wisdom teeth out on Wednesday 19th May....i've not had any pain or swelling at all but I've been getting bad smell and taste coming from the gum area where the left one was removed the right side isnt causing any problems at all does it sound like the beginning of an infection or just a form of healing??? this is the first time ive ever had teeth removed by force so i have no idea what to expect

    Thanks for any helpin advance

    • ANSWER:
      When I had my wisdom teeth removed he prescribed that I take Tylenol 3 and put tea bags next to my gums. They helped with the taste. Your breath will smell like you have eaten garbage until they heal and the stitches come out. If in doubt phone your specialist's office to confirm.. probably not an infection but good to check.

    How do I know if I have a dry socket?? Need help?
    Hey guys, tuesday of this week I had 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. On thursday and friday I did some smoking but then stopped because I could get dry socket. Todays saturday and my mouth hurts, its not crazy painful, but it feels sore and doesnt really go away. How do I know if I have dry socket? Answers are greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Dry socket is a condition that sometimes occurs after a tooth extraction. It has several tell-tale signs and symptoms, including:

      *Partial or total loss of the blood clot at the extraction site, which you may notice as an empty-looking (dry) socket
      *Visible bone in the socket
      *Pain that increases between one and three days after tooth extraction and that typically becomes severe and unrelenting
      *Pain that radiates from the socket to your ear or eye on the same side of your face
      *Bad breath or a foul odor coming from your mouth
      *Unpleasant taste in your mouth
      *Swollen lymph nodes around your jaw or neck

      Take some pain meds (over the counter) to get you by till you can go to your dentist on Monday to have a seditive dressing placed to help with the inflammation.

      Do this too:

      *Holding cold packs to the outside of your face to help decrease pain and swelling
      *Taking pain medications as prescribed
      *Not smoking or using tobacco products
      *Drinking plenty of clear liquids to remain hydrated and to prevent nausea that may be associated with some pain medications
      *Rinsing your mouth gently with warm salt water several times a day
      *Brushing your teeth gently around the dry socket area

    What are the symptoms of a dry socket?
    And how do they occur after wisdom tooth extraction

    • ANSWER:
      Severe pain within a few days after a tooth extraction Partial or total loss of the blood clot at the tooth extraction site, which you may notice as an empty-looking (dry) socket Visible bone in the socket
      Pain that radiates from the socket to your ear, eye, temple or neck on the same side of your face as the extraction Bad breath or a foul odor coming from your mouth Unpleasant taste in your mouth
      Swollen lymph nodes around your jaw or neck.

    how bad is it when you get wisdom teeth extracted?
    getting all 4 pulled in december and i am s h i t scared. will i have to have stitches??? and how bad does it hurt after? whats a dry socket? how long cant you eat for? arrggghhh

    • ANSWER:
      It's normal to be scared to have your wisdom teeth pulled out. . It wasn't as bad as I thought. I chose to be awake for the whole thing. I didn't want to be knocked out for it. I called the oral surgeon's office to request laughing gas and novocaine instead. I was scared but I went ahead and gotten my wisdom teeth pulled out.

      I was taken to the exam room and sat in the dentist chair, and oral surgeon and his assistant came in, he gotten my message about using laughing gas and novoocaine. He respected my wishes and the oral surgeon asked me to open my mouth up and he swapped some numbing gel on my gums and put the novocaine in my mouth. The needle hurt more then anything else.

      I was given laughing gas and it relaxed me, I was awake the whole time. I heard them working on me, I heard the drill, the oral surgeon told me it was almost like getting a filling.

      He worked really fast too, I was surprised when he told me he'd pulled one of my teeth out. I could hear the drill, all that time too. I couldn't see much because I had my glasses off. I had to take my glasses off because I had the face mask on delivering laughing gas. I could feel some pressure as he took out my teeth, it didn't hurt much thanks to Novocaine

      It wasn't fun either, before I knew it the oral surgeon told me he was done. I was surprised, it went a lot faster then I thought. I was surprised when he informed me I didn't need stitches either. It depends if the wisdom teeth are easy to get at or harder to removed (In my case my wisdom teeth were easy to reach)
      The assistant turned off the laughing gas, and removed the face mask. I pointed for my glasses and got them back. I sat in the dentist chair for a few moments and walked out of there. I felt fine, but really numb. He gave me a prescription for some pain meds, and I was walked out to the car.

      It wasn't as bad I thought it would be. It wasn't a fun experience either. My face swelled up a few days after the wisdom teeth were pulled. I didn't need my prescription pain meds, just some over the counter meds instead, helped with the pain. There was some pain and swelling afterward, but after a week the pain and swelling went away. I was able to eat normally after 4 days, but I made sure not to drink of a straw for a week.

      I made sure to have a soft-liquid diet, slim fast, ice cream, and scrambled eggs after my wisdom teeth were pulled out. After 4 days I was able to eat normally, I made sure to take small bites of whatever I was eating to play it safe. It could take up to a week or more to eat normally, it depends on each person.

      Everything turned out fine, I made sure not to drink out of a straw or a water jug for a week, did the salt water rinses 4 times a day. I was expecting to get a lot of pain. But I didn't, the pain was less then I expected. Be sure to take your pain meds before the anesthesia wears off, to avoid pain.

      "A wisdom tooth dry socket, blood does not fill up the extraction socket or the blood clot is lost for some reason. The result is a wisdom tooth dry socket. The gums can not grow over the extraction socket because there's nothing to grow over and the wisdom tooth dry socket remains open. This open wisdom tooth dry socket causes a constant dull throbbing pain and the patient with a wisdom tooth dry socket can often have a foul smelling breath and bad taste in the mouth. The wisdom tooth dry socket pain can sometimes even be felt in the ear." this came from

      It happens a few days after the extraction. You don't want to suck on the straw, or smoke a cigarette, you don't want to dislodge the blood clot. So don't suck on a straw for at least a week, and make sure to use salt water rinses at least 4 times a day.

    if you have a bad taste in your mouth does it also mean you have bad breath?
    i got my wisdom teeth taken out a week ago and i have a bad taste in my mouth now from it,aawful.
    the dentist told me it was normal and it happens because of the extraction,
    but im self conscious because im not sure if i have horrible dragon breath from it

    • ANSWER:
      It's just your mouths way of telling you that something funny happened to it and that it's working on healing up. Ask your doctor if there is a mouth wash he can reccommend or something to help if it's unbearable. Otherwise, just brush as normal (make sure to brush your tongue! A lot of people don't!) and floss/rinse as usual. Maybe carry mints until you're feeling 100%. I really like Sensodyne's mouthwash. Try to avoid Listerine because it contains alcohol which might irritate your healing mouth. It also works really well on a sore jaw.

    Complications after wisdom teeth removal?
    In February, i had my wisdom teeth extracted. i did get dry socket though, went back and had that taken care of. I still have a hole where my left lower tooth was, the one that had dry socket. The problem is i am having really bad breath, which only started to occur after the surgery. i brush and rinse with mouth wash several times per day and also use a syringe to rinse in all 4 spots where my teeth were. i also floss daily too.

    has anyone had this problem after there wisdom tooth extraction, and also my hole on my lower left has closed up some, but not all the way, how long should it take? and im sure thats probably the cause of the bad breath.

    looking for input before i contact the surgeon again, trying to avoid going back...
    Will Peroxide get rid of the infection, or is that a temporary fix?

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same problem. I had dry socket in one tooth and once heeled I noticed that sometimes while talking a nasty smell would come up. In addition, hole would get infected and if I pressed on it the smell would come up. I complained to my dentist and he ignored at first but I persisted. He eventually sent me to an orthodontist to have a 'Wedge'. This operation is where they clean out the hole and cut the gum out a little. The idea is hopefully it will seal itself. Mine did not. Although it is not as bad and I am better able to deal with the frustrating random bad breath. I did contact the orthodontist and he said it would take about 6 months to a year for it to heel. But it has not. So, I am going back to the orthodontist and have him clean the hole and cut it again. Hopefully, this time the hole will seal itself. You are not alone and it is very frustrating. I get tired of hearing people say try cleaning with peroxide. I do it everyday with a water pick and it does not do the trick. The only way to get rid of it is to seal the hole. Otherwise it will continue to trap food and particles that turn into bacteria. Thus, bad breath. Let me know if anyone has better suggestions.

      Peroxide will not do the trick it is only temporary relief.

    Could my health have changed so much because of this?
    Last week I had 5 teeth extractions - 4 were decayed wisdom teeth and the other a root canal gone terribly bad. Before I had horrendous breath, body odor (in ALL places- sorry Too much info). I NEVER EVER drank water before cuz I can't stand it and I was eating fast food every single day. Yah not so healthy. Anyway, after the extractions they told me no soda or alcohol because I could get dry socket. PLUS I have to eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt, shakes,etc AND drink LOTS of water for 2 weeks. My weight hasn't changed (I'm 5'1 / 125 lbs), but I have absolutely no odor at all, no bad breath which I figured would happen. But my question is, could my teeth have been causing the problems with my stinky armpits and bodily odor? I FEEL so much better now that the infection is out of my body. More energy, not lethargic at all.

    • ANSWER:
      yup....i had a bad root canal done...on the wrong tooth...ended up having implant done with bone grafting done from losing so much bone over the course of a year. i felt so bad for so long and once the tooth problem was taken care of i felt like a new person. bad teeth can affect your overall's amazing really, i was shocked!! congratulations for getting this taken care of. my dentist told me to never drink soda again...not even diet as this can destroy the enamel...i try to listen but still cheat every now and then....

    How much did your herbst appliance + braces cost you all together?

    • ANSWER:
      Ah the girl with the short jaw....
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    Wisdom teeth extraction bad breath?
    I had four wisdom teeth extracted three days ago, I'm no longer in any pain but have bad breath. Is that because of the dried blood or do I have a dry socket?

    • ANSWER:
      If you had dry socket you would know it is a hundred times for painful than a tooth ache. As to the bad breath not really sure maybe just because you can not brush the area like you normal would until your gums heal

    There's a weird taste in my mouth were my wisdom teeth was removed, why?
    My wisdom teeth was removed like 2 days ago and now there's a weird taste were it use to be and it makes my breath smell bad does any one no what it is or could be ... I'm using mouth wash and salt water and nothing happens it's still ther

    • ANSWER:
      When you have your wisdom tooth pulled, it takes time for the extraction to heal, so you may experience blood clots and continued bleeding during the healing process. This all can add to increased bacteria and the only way around this is to practice good oral hygiene.

      Any time you have a tooth extracted you are susceptible to infection which also can increase mouth odor. Keeping the area clean and free of food particles will help prevent infections. Be sure to follow your dentist’s post extraction instructions to the letter. As the extracted tooth socket heals you’ll notice a reduction in your bad breath. If you continue to have mouth odor or bad breath consult your doctor.

    Does this sound like a dry socket?
    A throbbing in the gum and the feeling of being stabbed in the wound. It hurts so bad. I just got my wisdom teeth out on thursday. This has been hurting for a while, but got serve at 4:30 this morning.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you are currently in the right time frame for dry socket, as it usually begins within 3-4 days. It usually feels like a searing pain from your mouth to your ear, or from your ear to your temples. The easiest way to tell is to look into your mouth. What do you see at the site of the extraction? If you see a hole, you have dry socket. If you see the spot filled in with a blood clot, it probably is just regular surgery pain. Also, with dry socket you get really bad breath.
      Good luck and feel better, I just got my wisdom teeth out and I know what it feels like! =D

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    does anyone know a GOOD dentist in the boston area who does dental veneers???
    the current dentist im going to is charging me 00 a tooth!!! ive been told this is a rip off, im planning on getting 6 for my front smile.

    • ANSWER:
      Me! I'm the best in Boston
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    Bad breath after wisdom teeth extraction?
    It's been a week since my wisdom teeth extraction, and I really have bad breath. I thought it was coming from the back of my throat, but it turns out it's also coming from the pockets in my gums where the teeth were removed, as well.

    Problem is, I can't get rid of it. I can brush my teeth or take a mint or drink water or rinse with salt water or eat something good for my breath or whatever, but it comes back minutes later. It's disgusting- I'm having trouble concentrating in class.

    Could it be an infection? Do you think I might have food stuck in the back of my mouth? Or is it dried/fresh blood?

    • ANSWER:
      Rotting food or infection. If you don't see excessive inflammation and you don't have pain it's probably just a natural part of the healing process (or rotting food).

      I wouldn't suggest trying to brush too roughly back there, because if you dislodge the blood clot it will be quite painful.

      Just chill, if you get additional swelling or it looks really nasty, go into the doctor. If not, let your body recover.

    just got my wisdom teeth removed how long till the bleeding stops?
    its been 1 hour and i am still bleeding when will it stop??
    did this make anyone sick?
    im trying not to swallow it
    How long till you can eat/ drink??

    Its starting to hurt whats the best pain killers??

    • ANSWER:
      its gonna take like a day to fully clot. change the gauze every few hours. since the novacaine is obviously wearing off.... your gonna feel pressure... like a deep throbbing. its gonna hurt for a few days.your gonna feel pain in your jaw and the sides of your neck. u dont normally get sick from it, but try not to swallow it. i'm surprised your doc didnt give you pain killers like tylenol3 with coedine. that stuff is serious. but if you can, go to the pharmacist and ask them for a mouthwash that u can use for tooth extractions. i forget what its called but it comes in a white bottle with skyblue on it. it kills the germs that form esp when u have dental surgery and keeps your breath from gettin stinky. you can drink but not from a straw. n no spitting. the suction action can caue the blot clot to come out from the hole where the tooth came from. eat soft stuff. nothing hot. hurts bad.

    Gums hurt after wisdom teeth exrtraction?
    I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted last week on Sat. It's day 8 now and my right cheek is fine, but my left one is still a tad swollen and bruised (I'm assuming it's because that tooth was hard to take out), but now I'm getting a painful pounding feeling. Is this normal??

    • ANSWER:
      The soreness and bruising are normal but if you are beginning to experience actual pain, especially if it continues to get worse, you may be developing 'dry socket.' It isn't uncommon with the extraction of the wisdom teeth. This happens when the blood clot that is supposed to form at each extraction site becomes dislodged or dissolves several days after the extraction. The clot covers and protects the nerve and if it becomes dislodged it will result in pain, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, and can also lead to infection. If your pain doesn't subside, I would call your dentist or get back in to the office and make sure this isn't the case.

    Do getting wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
    I am sooooo scared, i have to get 3 out on friday. I dont care about after pain, im just scared about the pain i feel during. Plzzzz help lol. Thank You!

    • ANSWER:
      I was put under anaesthesia like the person before me suggested, therefore I didn't feel a thing that is until about a little while after I woke up. I got all 4 of mine removed and the pain afterwards sucked for me but I've heard that it really varies from person to person.

      Now if your not being put to sleep completly I'd imagine they'd give you some form of anesthetic or something to numb your mouth so you don't feel anything. Since I don't think they want you moving during the extraction :).

      Don't be scared as nothing will happen to you besides the annoyance of not being able to have anything but soft foods, making sure no food gets stuck in the surgical holes (rinse the holes with warm salt water if you do because it does happen) bleeding for a little while, possibly pain and headaches/toothaches (you'll probably get some pain medication like Ibuprofen) and in my case possibly some bad breath that can be temporarily got rid of by gently rinsing with warm salt water.

      Good luck with the surgery on Friday, it's natural to be a little worried. Hell I was when I had mine taken out about 2 years ago :)

    is bad breath a normal thing with wisdom tooth extraction?

    • ANSWER:
      Yep. Get yourself some mouth wash, but I'd suggest avoiding the Listerine until you've healed considering how much it burns. Your breath will go back to normal as soon as it heals enough that you don't have a dried blood and old tissue in the extraction site anymore, between 2 and 4 weeks.

    throbbing in jaw a week after wisdom teeth extraction?
    I got 4 impacted wisdom teeth taken out a week ago and i still have a throbbing pain in my left jaw that will wake me up almost in tears every morning. I am constantly taking IB profen and tylenol and I now have a sore throat along with swollen glands. Along with the pain i have a constant bad taste in my mouth and bad breath. is this normal, an infection, or dry socket?
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      I just got mine taken out exactly a week ago too! :) That is definitely not normal. Did you take your 4 vicodin a day for 3 days? That usually will numb the pain, but if you're badly impacted it will last longer. You should be checking in with your dental surgeon soon anyways, let him know about your symptoms! The bad taste may be caused by blood/saliva/food. Hope it gets better!

    Should I be in severe pain 10 days after a wisdom tooth removal?!?
    It was feeling better but now the side of my face hurts really badly, should I go back to the dental surgeon or to my regular dentist?! And is it normal for the pain to go away and come back again?!

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely go back to your dentist!! It sounds like dry socket!
      It could also be an infection! If you notice bad breath, increased swelling, pus oozing from the extraction site. try the surgeon, let him know what is going on, the least he can do is just check the site, and see, it takes all of 5Min's!
      Your pain should be gradually receding! Not getting worse! If you can not get anywhere with the surgeon, your dentist, you doc, then go to the ER! get some answers!!

    Bad breath after tooth extraction?
    I just had two teeth removed, not wisdom teeth just normal teeth, i dont have dry socket i just have had really bad breath, ive never had a problem with bad breath before.
    Whats wrong, should i brush the spot or something?
    and i know what halitosis is.

    thanks everyone else
    eww no i didnt have rotten teeth i take good care of my teeth, i have braces and they needed to extract because my mouth was too crowded.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello..What your experiencing with the bad breath issues is ,more than likely just the healing process...During the early healing process the extraction wounds create bacteria and those little
      critters can and do cause foul odors...Rinse gently with warm water containing both salt and baking soda....once you rinse "do not" final rinse with clear want residue from the salt and soda to stay behind. I wish you well..The Denture Pro.

bad breath after wisdom teeth extraction

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