Bad Breath Parvo Disease In Puppies Virus

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Frequently Asked Questions

    taking care of a dog help?
    1) My dog's breath is starting to smell really bad what do you give dogs for that? or in general taking care of there teeth/mouths

    2) My dog is afraid of water how can i give it a bath? i used to give it bath's when it was still a puppy it was always scared of the water... but i made sure the water wasnt too hot or too cold so don't know why she's so scared of water, now that she's bigger she just runs off when she see's water running nearby.

    3) last year was a very bad year for my dogs, i had 4 dogs, 2 young dogs, and 2 old ones. and the younger dog's started fighting with the older ones and it just got worse and worse and i had to put out the dog i had for 13 years because it was hurt so badly i didnt want it to be even worse. and this was between the 2 female dogs, now between the 2 male dogs the young male dog was a mix between a chow and something else, and the older one was a maltease poodle ... and im not sure how it happened but the younger one just lost his shit and killed the older dog, and i hate too see my dogs like this i don't treat them badly or anything i spoil my dogs as much as they want... anyways its not over yet... a month later the young male dog gets the parvo virus and dies within a week, and later on we figure out the person who gave us this dog lied about the dog having gotten all its shots.

    anyways so now i have the 1 female dog left she's 2 years old now. its a boer boel (south african breed) healthy dog, but she seems abit lonely because she used to love playing with the other dog that died with parvo but now that he's gone she just seems to be lying around bored all day, and i try to play with her as much as possible. but i cant keep her entertained all the time so i want to get a new puppy but i dont want it to end up fighting with my dog what must i do in order to prevent this to happen?

    • ANSWER:
      For the teeth issue, VET! Bad breath is almost always because of either teeth decay, or gum disease. All dogs should have a regular dental check up to avoid their dental hygiene deteriorating to the point their breath smells. And this isn't the only result of poor teeth - this can affect the whole health of the dog, just as it can with humans. Bathing - well if she is afraid of water, and not just being in the tub (it's quite often the case), then using a shower, not filling the bath with water, you'll just need to have somebody with you to restrain her while you get round with the shampoo and rinse, fast. IF she's really in need of a bath - many dogs can actually go through their lives without all this bathing. Provided they are being groomed daily. A lot depends on the life-style of the dog, and their coat. Obviously an indoor short-coated breed would need minimal time in the bath.

      As far as her being lonely, yes, this is quite possible. BUT if you lost a dog to Parvo, this is going to remain on your property for a very long time, especially in the soil outside, so you simply cannot bring an unvaccinated puppy in, and even if vaccinated, I'd still be concerned! Hopefully your remaining dog is fully utd with her boosters, especially for Parvo?

      If I'm honest, and you may not want to read this, I think I'd stick with the one dog - seems multiple dog families haven't been too successful for you after all.

      ps I'm really not sure exactly what dogs you have - you talked about 'now between the 2 male dogs' .... and then one of them died, from Parvo? Later you just have the one FEMALE? Is any of this true?

    feline periodontal?????????????????
    my 6 month old kittens breath has been smelling pretty bad lately so i checked out her gums and they do seem to look red right on the line above her teeth. i did some research and came to the conclusion that she might have periodontal (praying i'm sooooo wrong) but its a relief her gums aren't swollen yet, their just slightly red. I picked up some oral hygiene gel and dental gum. the gel is easy to give because i just put some of it on her paw and she licks it off, but she wont eat the damn gum!! she'll nibble on it and lick it, but wont actually bite it off and chew it in her mouth!!
    anyone have any good tips on how to get my kitty to eat the gum??
    also the gel i'm using is Orozyme Oral Hygiene Gel, anyone reviews on this product would be much appreciated
    aaaand finally any advice on feline periodontal would be fantastic!!
    my puppy just died 2 months ago of parvo, i really dont want to go through more heartbreaks because of sick pets. i just want my kitten to have a long healthy, painfree life.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there,

      There is actually a condition called "Juvenile onset Gingivitis" and needs veterinary attention. The condition of the gums that you describe and her bad breath may point to this early onset dental disease.
      While the cause of this condition is not yet fully understood, it needs to be treated.

      Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics, or, if the etiology of the problem is caused by a virus, such as herpes, your vet can also provide medication that is appropriate.

      If it is stemming from herpes, in addition to regular dental care, prudent brushing, L-Lysine ( an essential amino acid which helps boost the immune system) is an excellent suppliment to give your kitten. You can get it at any health food store in capsules. Talk to your vet about dosage for a kitten that age if this is what your vet thinks may be happening.

      But please do take her to the vet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. We can all speculate about what is causing your kitten's gums to be inflamed. Your vet can diagnose it correctly.

      Good luck with your kitten.

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bad breath parvo disease in puppies virus

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