Bad Breath Pug

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    How to get rid of pugs bad breath?
    My pug has really bad breath and she just got her teeth cleaned not to long ago.
    Her teeth were cleaned by the vet.

    • ANSWER:
      Pugs are predisposed to dental issues (prime cause of bad breath) Prevention is going to be key.

      Feed a top quality dry food (Innova and Canidae are just two -- there are several excellent brands) Don't get the small size kibble (you want her to really be able to chew and scrape her teeth while she eats)

      No soft or chewy treats -- stick to hard, crunchy biscuit type treats. Encourage your pug to chew -- get nylabones and other chew toys.

      Put a little apple cider vinegar in her drinking water (maybe 1/4 -1/2 tsp per bowlful of water)

      Have your vet show you the proper way to brusth your pug's teeth. Use a brush and toothpaste made especially for dogs.

      I sometimes spray Petrodex breath spray in my dog's mouths (sold at pet stores)

      Ask your vet about CET dental pet chews (Greenies don't work)

      There is a product for dogs called "Smell Goodies" made by the same company who makes "Body Mints" for humans. I don't know if either works, but they certainly can't hurt. Google "smell goodies" for the website.

      Be sure to bring your pug to the vet every 6 months to monitor the dental plaque situation.

      Good luck!

    Do dogs get smellier the older they get?
    My dog had no odor when he was a puppy. Honestly, his coat and breath had no smell at all. He's now 1 1/2 and lately I've noticed his coat has something of a dog smell (not strong though) and his breath is getting pretty unpleasant. I bathe him regularly and also brush his teeth. Is it just normal for them to get smellier as they grow more mature? Also, does feeding your dog a dry food with a higher meat content contribute to bad breath I wonder?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, My dog is 2 and has never smelled bad.

      Maybe get his anal glands expressed.(Can be done by a vet or groomer) That always helps my Pug!

    is it normal for dogs to have bad breath after neutering?
    I had my pug neutered on Aug 13 and I noticed that his breath smells bad now. Is that normal after a surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      Although I am not an expert, I expect it might be an after effect of whatever medicine they used on your pug. If it persists, I would contact your vet just to be sure there is no infection or anything.

    How to make dog smell good / have better breath?
    I have an 8 wk old pug puppy, I've only had him for one week, and have given him one bath since then, I don't want to over bathe him, because that can make them stink even worse I heard, because it messes w/their sweat glands. He doesn't really stink, but he doesn't smell that great either. What products, other than shampoo, could I use to make him smell better? Also, what can I do about that breath!?

    • ANSWER:
      With out puppy we use : Premium tearless puppy shampoo (gentle & mild) with a hint of baby powder smell and that's worked great for us. We bathe her once a month.

      Here's a link for the product:
      (you can also get it at Target)

      Breath - you can brush your dogs teeth or get dog mints at petsmart. An employee should be able to give the best suggestions. We just bought some puppy breath strips at Petsmart and though they don't smell good it does help with their breath.

      Good luck!

    What are the common illness that pugs have ?
    My pug sometimes woud pant heavily for one hour or two because of the heat. Even when I tried to turn on aircon and have plenty of water available for him. Is there any other way ?

    What are some of the common illness that pugs might have ?

    Oh and, I have him eat dental bone , which are supposed to be good for his teeth, but anything that is good for his breath ?

    • ANSWER:
      Pugs are a flat faced dog, which means they have a hard time breathing. You would've noticed that this stops after sometimes, don't let him exert too much and keep him in a cool place, not too much time outside. Pugs can develop serious problems if the wrinkles on their face are not cleaned. They have respiratory illnesses too. Pugs can develop bronchitis easily.The shortened muzzle (referred to as brachiocephalic) is the root of breathing problems and air gulping. The main symptom for this issue is that your pug has way too many gases. At the same time, breathing problems occur especially in hot, humid season. Therefore, air conditioning in summer months in the south is vital.

      Signs of heat prostration are frequent in brachiocephalic dogs. Pugs in heat pain should be cooled with cold water and taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re not a vet, than don’t try to solve the pug’s breathing problems at home. You’re not proficient enough and you’d only make him suffer for a longer time. Go to a doctor. He’ll make you dog feel better. However, it’s indicated to keep an ice bag on hand, in order to bring your pug’s internal temperature back to normal when needed. The Pug's eyes swell somewhat and can get injured, and he can have eyelid or eyelash deformities.Tooth and gum problems are also likely to appear with this breed because of the somewhat undershot jaw. Owners should check up the mouth of a growing pup to make sure baby teeth are not retained and to watch for mouth tumors. If you read the article about pug care tips, you’ll understand why brushing their teeth is highly recommended to avoid gum disease.
      Get your dog checked by your vet if you spot anything wrong. And yes, SOME denta bones do help with bad breath!

    My dog chews my underwear and even after I wash them they still smell badly. How do I get rid of it?
    My room is normally locked and my daughter will sometimes leave the door open. When she does that my pug will get in and chew underwear or pajama bottoms whatever he can get ahold of. Its not a matter of picking things up etc because I normally have my room locked. The problem is that even after I wash the garment I can not get rid of the smell left behind after he chews it. Its like a strong ammonia scent. I have tried febreeze, enzyme soak, everything!

    • ANSWER:
      Pick up your dirty clothes!
      I can't imagine that your dog's saliva is making your underwear smell that bad. If your dog's breath smells like ammonia you need to get him to a vet.
      Ammonia is a smell normally associated with urine. Are you sure he's not peeing on it? Or do you have a cat?

      I don't mean to be offensive, but have you compared the smell to any non-chewed underwear? Unless he's urinating on it I think it might be in your head.

    Can I brush my dogs teeth with human toothpaste?
    She is a 3 year old pug and her breath is terrible. I wanted to brush her teeth but I didn't know if using human toothpaste will hurt her.

    • ANSWER:
      Not with human toothpaste, but they do make a version for dogs. You can pick it up in most pet stores. It may take a lot of patience to get her to tolerate tooth-brushing, though. If you don't start them young, or if you aren't good at avoiding their objecting teeth, it can be very difficult to condition them to accept tooth-brushing. It's worth it, though.
      The only other way you can deal with her bad breath is to modify her diet; as with people, what you eat can easily make for halitosis. Or you can feed her those hard dog biscuits, which scrape off the plaque. Feeding mostly dry food is another good way to diminish the problem, since it helps keep the teeth cleaner. You might also talk to your vet, and see if he has any suggestions. They generally keep up on all the latest, after all.

    What's the best thing to use for infant nasal congestion?
    Our 4-month old daughter has a touch of nasal congestion to the point where at times she sounds like a chinese pug snorting. We have tried a very tiny squirt of saline up the nose a few times but doesn't seem to "get rid" of it. It doesn't seem to be getting any worse, but by the same token, it's not going away, either. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Get one of those nasal aspirators from a drug store and after you put the saline in one nostril depress the bulb of the aspirator and insert it gently but snugly in your daughter's nose. Be sure to get a tight seal and let go of the bulb slowly. It should suck out the congestion. Be sure to have a tissue nearby to catch what you get out. Squeeze the mucous out of the aspirator on a tissue and repeat with each nostril until you aren't able to get anymore mucous. I caution parents not to get overzealous and cause bleeding in the nose or to repeat so agressively that the baby can't catch his or her breath. You may need an extra set of hands to help stabilize her head so that her doesn't move and cause the tip of the aspirator to scratch her nose.

      Hope that was clear enough. If you have any concerns about her breathing take her to the doctor right away.

      On a side note, be aware that we just started RSV season. If you think your child has RSV take her to the doctor and have her evaulated. Here is more info on RSV.:

    Dog with separation anxiety what should I do?
    I have a 3 year old Pug-Beagle mix, she is spayed. She can't not be left alone, whenever I or my wife leave the house she whines so bad that she sounds like a child being be beat, we are seriously afraid that someone will call the cops on on us for animal/child abuse. Do any of you have any advice or suggestions on how to deal with this?

    • ANSWER:
      Well you can try getting a cage putting a blanket over the side that show the door(leave the back uncovered so it can breath) and close the door as quiet as possible. Or you can teach her to stop all you need to do is take very slow steps towards the door and in between each step say "sshh" or "stay" or something related to those. Practice this and if you can close the door successfully praise her with a pet and a treat (treat optional)

    Is it possible for this breed of dog to exist?
    My Pug got my English Springer Spaniel pregnant, and I was wondering if it was possible to carry these puppies to term? What is this breed of dog called?

    • ANSWER:
      A breed of dog describes a type of dog that was purposefully chosen for specific qulities or use. A puppy born of two different breeds is usually referred to as a cross between the breeds or as a mutt. One litter of puppies does not create a new "breed" of dog. I know it's just a terminology mix up, but it'll save you some embarrassment to be careful of it. :)

      While there shouldn't be unusual amount of dangers or complications for the bitch, I'd be very concerned about the pups. Not even to mention the dice roll you are taking by breeding two dogs of such different size and build (they'll probably be morw prone to arthritis and muscle and joint problems from badly blended body types). It's bad practice to breed "pushed-nose" dogs with normal faced dogs, especially in the extreme of this. A blockier headed, or apple headed breed may be less dangerous, but the long face and slight jowls of a spaniel breed aren't neccesarily going to blend together nicely... they might not even be fully functional. Pushed nose dogs have a completely different respiratory and scull set up from normal faced dogs (and pushed-nose dogs are already known for their respiratory and related health problems)...

      If your determined to keep these pups be prepared for the possibility that they might be deformed and cost even more then the extravagant cost of prenatal and puppy care. You'll need to get frequent ultrasounds done to ensure the pups are developing ok and to be prepared for what care they are going to need after birth (when they will need to use those faces to breath and see). If you are not prepared for that save your dog the trauma and heartbreak (not to mention yourself the heartbreak and cost) and get your dog fixed.

      Trust me, I say this with a very heavy heart, but the best scenario for you and the dog (and maybe even the puppy's) is to stop this mistake now, before you're all in over your heads.

    What to do about my pups Bad Breath?
    My teacup chiuhuahua (13 weeks old) has horrible breath, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      go to the nearest pet store (such as petsmart) and get a toothbrush, toothpaste for dogs not humans, and maybe some chewies that help bad breath and brush them every other night or every night that works for my lil pug. and remember for dogs not humans and i would suggest getting the finger brush the ones u can slide on ur finger and brush those work best

    Easy way to train my pug to stop licking me in the face.?
    I can not lay down or my pug will go nuts licking my face!!! It would not be so bad but she wont even stop enough for me to catch a breath. I need help!!!! I also need help stopping her from chewing on everything. She is 11 months old right now. I have no idea on how to train a dog. Any ideas would be helpfull.

    • ANSWER:
      put some jalapeno juice on your face and let him go at it, lol.sprinkle hot red pepper on things you want him to stop chewing. get a water pistol, zap him when he does wrong.

    What is the harshest correction you have had to enforce?
    What was the correction and what did the dog actually do? How effective was it?

    I have to slap his backside before now, nothing bigger than that. He lunged at a cat. Did he do it again? Yes... so maaybe not the best course of action but it was purely instinctive.

    I felt pretty bad as I obviously scared him but I don't think any dog is *too* soft for corrections. Wouldn't want to go much harder though, as he is a wuss and don't want him to shut down.
    Honestly... all these answers... the animal fanatics will think we're brutal ;)

    • ANSWER:
      the harshest correction i have used is pinning a dog down on the sidewalk ... i was walking two pugs and my dog and the male pug had behaviour issues with wheeled things which included skateboards ... a skateboard went by and he went crazy at the end of his leash barking and basically freaking out in a big way to get at the skateboard ... when he could not get the skateboard he bit his sister and would not let go ... he was tearing at her flesh like a pit bull and not letting go ... i finally got them separated but he was still out of control so he went for my dog ... my dog was off leash and got away ... then he went for my ankles and got a few bites in ... i tried just holding him at arms length until he calmed down but after several minutes of holding an out of control pug flailing about, i could not hold him any more ... so i yelled hey right in his face and he went for my face ... enough was enough, i grabbed him by the scruff and put him on his side, reminded myself to breath and not be angry or tense, and i pinned that dog for a good ten minutes in the middle of a busy downtown sidewalk ... when i could i removed my fingers from his neck and he remained laying there calmly ... and it worked like a charm ... the next day i saw three boys with their skateboards sitting down and not riding them, and i asked them if they would be agreeable to let the dog sniff the skateboard just to see it was not scary ... my dog and the sister went right up the kids and their skateboards and the boy pug was more tentative ... but he did go up to them and he is pretty much socialized to people so it was a calm encounter ... as we were walking away the kids took off on their skateboards and while the boy pug looked back, quick leash correction, and he just turned and walked with us ... have i ever pinned a dog before, no, would i do it again in a similar type situation, you bet ... the pugs do not belong to me, i dog sit them for a person four times a year for a month each time ... i told the owner what i did and he was okay with it and even emailed me a few weeks later to tell me his dog was no longer going for skateboards, bikes, strollers, etc. ... but now it has been months and he emails me that the dog is going for skateboards again which shows that dogs need a firm hand, especially the untrained ones ... would i do that to any dog, probably not, but it was very effective for the situation and i will be sitting those pugs again in a couple of months and i am almost looking forward to pinning him for out of control behaviour :O)

    Does anyone know if there has ever been a sucessful breeding of a pug & a boxer together an what they r called
    trying to find info on this subject like name of breed, health issues, and succesfulness of breeding.
    ok again i am gonna say that i am trying to find information on this subject. as in a place that i may research the results and health issues. and from what little i have been able to find it is an AKC registered BREED.
    if i wanted smart ass answers and comments i would have simply asked for them as i am sure that there are plenty of a$$holes in the world that would love to offer them. the reason i am asking for info is because i have a pug and intend to get a boxer and want to know if they mate on their own if there would be big problems. and as for the comment about akc registration i found the info on the AKC official website it is called a pugger or a pugbox. so yes it is an AKC registered BREED!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It's a little hard to tell whether you're serious, but you seem to be, so here's a question and then an answer:

      How could you ask if it's ever been successfully done and then in the next breath claim that it's AKC recognized? AKC recognition comes when you have a minimum of five pedigreed generations of a single breed with a breed standard and tons and tons of hoops to jump through plus you have to close out any "new blood" from coming in via unpedigreed dogs that are not already recognized as said breed (in 99.9% of cases).

      I do realize that this can be confusing.

      1) I'm sure there has been a successful breeding of a pug and boxer, and what you would call it would be a "Big Mistake". There is no conceivable good reason why anyone should ever do such a thing on purpose. Boxers are a super high energy breed. Pugs have a short nose which makes breathing very difficult. This would create some puppies with a huge need to burn energy but insufficient ability to so so safely. (Also a serious issue for "Puggles", incidentally). This is just one example why this is a bad idea and doesn't even account for the gigantic size difference between the two breeds.

      2) Health issues: I'd expect these to be unknown but high probability of some biggies. If I were adopting such a mix from a shelter, I'd take my chances with such a dog but under no circumstances should anyone ever, ever reward such an irresponsible breeder by paying money for such an animal.

      3) Successfulness of breeding: Also highly unknown, and why would you want to??

      Listen, I'm not anti-hybrid. Breeding AKC-pedigreed dogs to AKC-pedigreed dogs has been around for about 100 years of the thousands of years that dogs have been with us. There are good reasons NOT to breed dogs along those lines, and can be very good reasons to breed a Lab to a Poodle or a Border Collie to a Jack Russell Terrier (which is also NOT an AKC breed, for the record, and quite successful at it thankyouverymuch). But when you take any two dogs and interbreed them, there NEEDS to be that good reason present... not just a curiousity for what will happen. That's what separates good breeders from scary ones.

    My pugs are nearly ten and i love them so much they are my babies but the breathing problems are bad?
    I an stressed everyday with the breathing conditions of my pugs they are always struggling for breath i feed them properly they are a little tubby but not hugely over weight sometimes i think they are going to drop down dead its really making me frantic everyday ....

    • ANSWER:
      Pugs naturally have breathing problems and all dogs die so i'm sorry but don't the rest of their life worrying about when they're going to go. Use the time wisely and play with them and make their last days the best.

      *Warning* Don't overfeed or over play because you don't want them to get too out of breath or over weight:)

    my pugs breath stinks, he licks my face and afterwards my face stinks. what do i do?
    i know i talked about my pug already but i just picked him up and he licked my mouth and breathed in my face, lol, what can i give him so his breath doesn't smell like his bum. :)
    EVERYTIME i pick him up or get to his level he licks my face so i can't just stop letting him lick my face.

    • ANSWER:
      Brush his teeth. And they make mints for bad doggy breath. Also make sure that he isn't eating his feces. Plus puppies always have bad breath, so it may take a while for him to grow out of this stinky stage.

    How effective are charcoal biscuits in stopping Coprophagic (dogs eating feces)?
    I have a 3 and a 1/2 month old pug who eats her own poop. She has done this since we had her unless pulled away from the poop immediatley. What can be done to stop this behavior?

    • ANSWER:
      Most vets sell either FOR-BID or DETER. I have had great success with FOR-BID.

      Charcoal biscuits will help with bad breath, but won't do much if anything to stop her from eating feces.

      You can buy the FOR-BID on also. Comes in a bag of 12 packets.

      This is how we got our female to stop doing it:
      1/2 a packet sprinkled over her food twice a day 4-5 days, then I backed it off to 1/2 a packet once a day for 4-5 days. The remaining 2-4 packets can be spread out 1/2 a packet every other day.

      There is also "ACCENT" in the spice isle of the grocery store. I've never used it, but have hear others have.

    why does my dog eat cow poop?
    We live on a ranch where theres cows and my 12 week old pug eats their poop. Why does he do this, thats discusting! How can I get him to stop? I've tried telling him no when I catch him but he knows i'm going to take it away from him so he runs from me. He needs to stop doing this because i don't want him to have icky cow poop breath. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Copraphagia (or stool eating) is a common problem in dogs. I am not sure where you got your dog, but sometimes dogs that have been raised in poor conditions resort to feces consumption out of necessity but often it is just a habit that happens. If it were his own or your other dogs stool then there are natural type enzyme products that work pretty well. As in your case though, the only thing you will be able to do is close supervision by penning the dog up when you are not able to have your eyes on him, or keeping him on a leash outside. It is possible that with enough correction he will stop and/or will grow out of it. The most effective thing to do is, believe it or not, teach your dog to come regardless of the circumstances. Never yell at them or even give them a light swat after they come to you. Get yourself a good dog training book and start learning. If he always comes to you no matter what you can at least distract him from the bad behavior. I hope this helps.....

    Does anyone feed there dog "puperoni" dog treats, and it makes the dogs breath smell really bad?
    i give my pug those puperoni dog treats everyday after she goes out, shes been eating them for about a year,shes only 2 years old and her breath has started to smell AWFUL!! a friend of mine said it might be the puperonis. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • ANSWER:
      Not specifically, I would be more inclined to start a tooth care regime and make sure that she has no infected or broken teeth before I would suspect the treats! If you are concerned about the treats, half or a quarter of a baby carrot makes a great treat that most dogs love (watch out, too much fiber can make a very soft stool!). I personally don't use commercial treats since my dogs like their own food, cat kibbles, pop corn, baby carrots, and cut-up hot dog or lunch meat better and I don't like to purchase expensive, processed treats.

    my dogs breath smells really bad so how can i get rid of that!?
    my dog is half pug and half cocker spaneil

    • ANSWER:
      Listerine - When Listerine put out their new strips, my husband and I wondered if they would be safe for our dog (who has chronic halitosis)! I brush her teeth, I thought it was the food we'd been feeding her, no plaque, no gingivitis. So we asked our vet. He mentioned that he'd been recommending them to his other clients. So we've been using the mint strips ever since and they work like a charm.

      This is a vet approved please make sure to check with a vet before using any other strips or mints except listerine strips k dont want a tragic story.

      Bad breath may be a sign that your cat or dog has a buildup of bacterial growth in the form of plaque, or possibly a more serious condition, such as gingivitis.
      STEP 1: Understand that brushing your cat's or dog's teeth is the best method for preventing bad breath and other dental problems (see related eHow 'Brush Your Dog's or Cat's Teeth'). STEP 2: Look for abscessed teeth and other dental problems while you're brushing, and have a veterinarian properly treat any such problems. STEP 3: Consider offering your cat or dog mouthwash; some mouthwashes made for pets claim that they can deter dental tartar buildup. STEP 4: Consider your pet's diet. Some soft canned foods are particular offenders when it comes to bad breath. Make sure your cat or dog eats dry food in addition to soft food, unless he is elderly and needs to eat soft food exclusively. STEP 5: Be sure that your veterinarian includes a dental examination and cleaning as part of your pet's regular examinations. STEP 6: Consider other possible causes of bad breath'such as gastrointestinal disease'if it persists in spite of clean teeth and proper food. Bring your pet to the veterinarian for a checkup. Tips & Warnings
      Some pet foods are designed to help prevent tartar buildup and gum disease. Certain chew toys also can help prevent and remove tartar buildup.

    I have a pug that is 1 yr old. I would like to look into breeding her in about 2 or 3 years from now.?
    I am not interested in the money. I just want one of her puppies to keep and give the rest away. I was looking into the complications and there is alot. So far she is in good health. I was wondering how common is complications for pugs giving birth. I would not want to loose her. and I have never looked into breeding before. The main reason I do want to breed her is when she passes away, I will still have her puppy. Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    • ANSWER:
      i understand where you're coming from, but this may not be the best idea. i suggest going to the bookstore/library and getting several books about breeding. there are many complications which may arise, and you need to be certain you will not be working at the time the pups are born so that you may devote full attention to them.
      secondly, you'll need to find a stud dog. stud dogs are not always the greatest because often people just want to make money so the dog's temperment, health and background may not be very good.
      talk to your vet, too. he can give your little pug a check up and decide whether or not she is of good size, age and health to give birth to puppies.
      i am extremely familiar with the pug breed, but i am pretty sure complications such as the puppies' nose being to short to breath, patella luxation (joint problems) and possibly breathing problems in general can occur.
      hope this helps! good luck, and please, please, think this through, and be sure the other puppies would go to good homes, and that you have the time (and energy!!) for such a feat.
      best wishes.

    My dogs breath smells bad how can I change that?
    I have a 1 and 8 month old pug he's very clean on the outside but damn his breath smells really bad, we tryed dog toothpaste but he hates it and dosnt do anything.

    What can I do to get his breath to smell at least decent
    Every one complains about his stinky breath

    Help help

    Happy holidays:)

    • ANSWER:
      A few ideas:

      Try a different brand of dog tooth paste. Some of them taste like mint and my dogs hate them. You can get enzymatic ones that taste like peanut butter that are easier to get the dog to use. You have to use them fairly consistently, though.

      If his breath is really bad take him to the vet and make sure he doesn't have worse teeth or gum problems that need to be addressed.

      You can also pay a vet to do a full cleaning of his teeth. This isn't cheap, though.

      The way dogs naturally clean their teeth is by chewing on bones. You could try occasionally feeding him raw chicken backs (use only RAW bones) or something else with small raw bones in place of his normal kibble. They clean teeth very well.

      You may also double check that he is not eating his own poop, or cat poop. Our dog had horrible breath and then we found she was getting into the cat litter.

      Any sort of chew toys, nylabones, rawhides, chew ropes that you can get him to chew on will help his teeth and his breath as well.

    I understand they make peanut butter snacks for dogs...but is the real thing good for them?
    like a finger tip portion? or is it bad for them?

    Also why is peanut butter in dog treats? besides "better breath" what else does it help with?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, peanut butter in small portions is fine for dogs. Don't feed too much because it's fatty for dogs (and humans too I think).

      My Jack Russell and Pug/Chi mix LOVE peanut butter but my Beagle won't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

      I don't know if it has any nutritional value for dogs or not, but they love the taste.

    Are there any recipes for a healthy dog treat/cake?
    My Jack Russel-Pug is turning 6 this Easter, April 12th. I want to give her a good birthday. I'm going to take her to PetSmart and buy her several toys, but I'd also like to make her a doggy cake. Is there a recipe for a heathy dog cake? She is a little overweight, so I don't wanna over do it. Also, websites are appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      This is my dog's favourite:

      You could leave it as a whole cake and decorate with dog biscuits, etc. rather than cutting it up into individual treats. It's got the added bonus of being very good for teeth, coat and getting rid of bad breath, too!

    does anyone have and weird hiccup remedies that work?
    my boyfriend got the hiccups really bad last night and his usual cure ( a rollaide) wouldn't even help so I finally convinced him to try my remedy (drinking an entire glass of water at once through a piece of fabric) I just wrapped a teeshirt over a glass and he chugged the water through it and it worked. He didn't hiccup again. I just thought it was funny and was wondering what other ideas you guys have out there

    • ANSWER:
      I drink water from the opposite side of the cup while hanging upside down, or take a big sip of water and swallow it with my finger in my mouth. THese usually work but I have also tried with varying levels of success swallowing while pugging my ears and nose, swallowing just before I hiccup, and holding my breath.

    Help!! Why does my pug dog stink to the high heavens?
    I bath him on a regular basis, but he always has body odor. He also has very bad breath, is the body odor due to him licking himself?? The vet gave me deodorizing shampoo, but it's not helping. Anybody else have this problem with their pugs??

    Also, I've tried brushing his teeth but he's getting older and only has a few in the back.

    • ANSWER:
      It's all in the name! Drop the g from pug and what have you got?

    how can you get read of dogs bad breath that smells like butt?
    we got his rear glands sqeezed but his breathe is killer

    • ANSWER:
      I have a Pug and her breath isn't that bad but we brush her teeth. They actually have like beef flavored toothpaste that is supposed to freshen their breath. You can probably just buy it at Pet Smart. Hope this helps!

    We are taking our pugs for their first visit to a nursing home (along with 12 other pugs) any suggestions?
    I want to make sure I cover all the bases with our visit to a nursing home tomorrow. We are brining 15 pugs so far, maybe more, and meeting in the dining room area (2 dining rooms actually) anyone have any suggestions? We have nails trimmed, up to date on vaccinations, toys and treats for the pugs, maybe with a treat we can coax them into a few tricks....maybe. What else would be a good idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you're doing a great job of preparing for the visit. Just a few additional thoughts for you --

      Pugs are adorable and the seniors should really enjoy them! However, they shed like buffaloes, so I suggest that you bathe them and brush, brush, brush to get rid of as much extra hair as possible. Many facilities make it a rule that the dogs need to be bathed before they can visit.

      Also, check their teeth and breath. If somebody has bad breath, leave them home. If you're not already doing this, start brushing teeth and feeding T/D as a treat to help prevent dental plaque deposits.

      Make sure when you arrive at the nursing home you walk the dogs long enough so that everybody pees and poops outside. A little excitement can sometimes make dogs forget their training, and that wouldn't look good for you.

      I usually don't like costumes on dogs, but pugs look great as bumble bees, in baby leotards, etc. Makes people laugh.

      Be prepared to ask the seniors to tell you about the pets they used to have. This is good to help stimulate their minds.

      Watch your pets very carefully. Visiting is fun, but also stressful, so be prepared to remove a dog who has had enough. The same is true for the seniors, so don't make your visit too long. The best time to leave is while everybody still wants more!

      Watch the residents closely, too. Many people just love to feed pets, and will slip them all sorts of inappropriate things just to have something to give them. I'm so glad you're bringing treats -- allow the seniors to give a dog one of your treats rather than, say, a breath mint!

      Have a great time! Good for you for thinking about people who can't get out and enjoy pets on their own!

    My dogs breath is really bad?
    Just recently my dog (he is a pug) has been having really bad breath. It almost smells like fish. He keeps licking his nose like he has something in his mouth or like he just ate something. Last night it looked like pus coming from his mouth when he was drooling. It might not have been from him though because it was only a tiny bit, but I looked and there arent any abcesses in his mouth and his teeth look fine. I really don't have money to take him to the vet. Its been hot here these past few days so hes been a bit lathergic and he hasnt been eating as much. Could it be keytones like when humans are hungry?
    Any advice is great

    • ANSWER:
      Almost certainly he has peridontal disease (infected gums) you cant always see it, because it is below the gum line - if you want your dog to live, he must go to a vet for teeth cleaning and possibly extractions...foul breath is just the tip of the iceberg.

    is my 7 week old pug puppy is sick?
    we just got a new pug puppy yesterday. he is about 7 weeks old. his name is sid and we're worried about him, because he is constantly uttering a small cry with every breath. his breathing seems labored and he looks bloated. a friend told us that she thinks he's bloated and maybe constipated, seeing as he's only gone poop 2 times all today. we do not know if we're feeding him too much or if hes simply crying for his mother, or if its something worse. please help us out... thanks, this is urgent.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it is just nerves, the dog hasn't gotten used to your house yet. He is not too young though, the average break off age is anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks. I would go and see a vet to make sure though.

    I was wondering if my dog could eat breath mints?
    Ok, I have a pug and his breath smells BAD and i was wondering if i could give him a "people" breath mint and it would be ok for him... or do i have to buy dog breath mints

    yeah i know it sounds like a stupid question, but im just wondering!!

    • ANSWER:
      No. What's made for humans is not for dogs. If his breath is smelling awful, you might want the Vet to check. It could be some kind of gum disease or he has rotten teeth.

    pug Bad Breath................................................?
    my pug is Bad Breath........................................................................................

    • ANSWER:
      Pugs are notorious for bad breath. All you can do is make sure to brush their teeth often and give them the dog treats that clean their teeth. It helps a bit, but it never goes away completely. :)

    My dog has extremely bad teeth problems. help!?
    My dog peaches is an 8 year old pug who loves to eat and sleep. She is just the sweetest dog. But unfortunately she hasnt had any dental care besides the occasional dental bone. I checked her teeth the other day and I discovered that her teeth were loose, bad breath and were brown. What do I do to help her?

    • ANSWER:
      Most dogs will suffer from some form of periodontal disease by the age of 3. Unfortunately, it sounds like your dog is going to need some veterinarian attention to get her teeth sorted out before you can manage her oral care at home. Just like you would need to visit the dentist to sort out a cavity then brush your teeth and floss to keep it from happening again.

      Once she has had her teeth sorted, I would recommend brushing regularly with doggy tooth paste and feeding Greenies dental chews daily. Greenies are approved by the independent Veterinary Oral Health Council as being effective at removing plaque and tartar.

      Hope she feels better soon!
      Pet Nutrition Specialist

    Does my dog think the new pug is growling?
    I have a 3 yr old mini-greyhound named buddy and we just got a new pug a few days ago. Originally he was called Slugo, but my aunt was like no i'm not calling a dog sluggo so we named him frank after the one in mib. Frank is really big for a pug. he's only known other pugsd and his last owners prolly spoke sanish, but he learned his new name in an afternoon. so far the other dogs are interested, but the only aggression is when him and Buddy have a stare off. and Buddy has spells of interest. lol like when he sniffs franks butt frank is like "get away from me" and buddy almost rape him with his nose. XD but when buddy is interested in frank, he's REALLY interested. other times he like ignores him. i keep petting them both at the same time and giving them equal attention. But occasionally Buddy growls at frank for seemingly no reason when they stare, and i think buddy doesn't know that frank just sounds like that when he breaths. lol

    • ANSWER:
      Its all about dog behavior. When two dogs are staring at one another, that is VERY bad. Staring is considered a challenge in the dog world. Since Buddy was the first dog, he may feel like he needs to show Frank who is top dog. I am worried that it might escalate to the point where they could hurt one another. I would suggest going to a dog trainer at Petco or Petsmart and ask them about ways to help your dogs understand that YOU are the pack leader and that they don't need to assert dominance. This does NOT mean that you have to sign up for any classes, just try to get more information on how to create peace inside your home

    how can i stop my pugs from stinking...and i have few doubts...?
    I have a pair of pugs .they stink very badly. After bathing I feel its not fully dried. So can I use drier instead of towel. Pls give me suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      Change their food - 90% of bad breath and body odour in dogs is caused by thier diet.

      Check for skin infections - these can cause a bad odour.

      Change the shampoo you are using to a natural one (eg. oatmeal).

      A hair dryer won't take away the smell - it will heat it up and make it stronger.

      If you have tried everything - go see the vet :) There may be another problem.

      Good Luck :)

    What kind of dog should I get when I'm older?
    I want a dog that I can pick up without having to struggle.. so a mediumish kind of dog.

    which is best?

    yorkshire terrier?
    or a shiatsu dog?

    or what is a dog you would like to suggest?

    btw : when i'm older i'd probably live in the suburbs, if that helps at all.

    • ANSWER:
      when you are older i would get also a dog that is old too and it wouldn't make you run around a lot. i would not recomend a yorkshire terrier because in my opinion they are worse than chihuahuas. One thing about shih tzus are that they bark a lot. I would suggest a cavalier king charles spaniel, italian greyhound, japanese chin, maltese, pekingese, or a pug.
      italian greyhounds are susceptible to cold weather.
      japanese chins, maltese, and pekingese are very easy to train.
      pugs may breath loudly or snore because of their nose, that looks like it was smushed lol

      hope i was helpful!!!!
      p.s. adopting is always very nice!!! :)

    What are the problems with selective breeding? 10 points winning answer?
    Suggest the problems with selective breeding


    discuss alternative artificial breeding techniques
    no this isnt homework lol HELP|! 10 POINTS!

    • ANSWER:
      Genetic pleiotropy -- when selecting for one thing, you may inadvertantly be selecting for something else. One gene may have multiple functions, only some of which might be desirable.

      Another possibility is incidental selection for linked traits. Read up a bit on high uric acid production in Dalmations. Basically, the spotted coat gene sits nice and close to the gene for high uric acid. So we accidentally selected all Dalmations with high uric acid production.

      Another problem is --- people are stupid. They like to intentionally select for characteristics which directly cause serious abnormalities. Pugs who can't breath (we squished their noses), shar peis with skin problems, horses with HYPP, beligian blue cattle, bully whippets, German Shepards with hip problems etc, etc. People have a bad track record for selecting things that aren't in the best intests of health of the animal, but should be pretty obvious to people who take even a minute to think about them.

      Finally, we have issues with narrowing the genetic pool. If we continually select for specific traits, we may eliminate phenotypes which later turn out to be important. (think about sickle cell anemia and malaria resistance)

    I have two pugs and they sleep in my bed and they shed allot of hair i must breath n allot of hair is This bad?

    they say that the dog hair you take in your body is not good because it does not break down like food so it will stay in body and bad for you( it is not digestiable.....)

    • ANSWER:

    My Dachsund has stinky breath- any suggestions?
    Our 7 year old dachsund has horrendous breath. He has gone to vet, we brush his teeth, and have tried chrorophyl (sp?) tablets- nothing helps! He is a great yet stinky dog...anyone else have this problem?

    • ANSWER:
      Pedigree makes a biscuit called Breath Busters, my pug loves them. The biscuits stink to me but after she has one the bad breath is gone. You could also try Pedigree Dentabones once a week. Or even fennel seed, mint, or clove.

    My pug has disgusting bad breath. I have taken him to 2 different Vets and both say his teeth & gums are clea?
    There is no halitosis, plaque or tartar build up. He was on antibiotics twice and during that time his bad breath was gone. He has had blood tests and complete physicals and he is in great shape except for being overweight.
    To the one who answered first...Like I said before there is NO halitosis, his food has been changed 3 x's. The question is listed under Health because that is where it was suggested it should be. I was also told that bad breath can come with certain stomach problems but neither Vet offered a solution so I was hoping someone here could.

    • ANSWER:
      So change what you're feeding him, this should fix up the halitosis and, if you feed him smaller portions, allow him to lose some weight. After that nip over to the Pets section and ask any further questions there, I'm not quite sure why you asked this in Health.

    my breath is horrible!!!?
    i am of course a pug...and aside from the horrible gases that escape my breathe could put a horse there something that i can eat that will not just clean up my mouth...but my stomach...cause thats where the bad breath seems to come from?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend the product linked below for oral health, but you should have a vet check her teeth...there may be a tooth that needs to come out or she may just need a full dental cleaning.

      Try brushing and rinsing his teeth regularly for a week or two with the stuff linked vet carries this line of products, but I think you could try Petsmart or a similar pet supply store for C.E.T. products. If that doesn't solve the problem, then I'd call the vet.

      Often, doggy breath that's worse than...well, doggy a sign of gingivitis or some other kind of oral issue. It can cause serious pain to the dog if left untreated and there are many dogs that have only a tooth or two left after having to have them all pulled.

      Some dogs also just have really bad breath. If she's always had such terrible breath, then it may just be how she is naturally.

      I would also check the food...if she's really gassy, she probably needs a better food. I recommend Wellness (also linked below). Or, she may have a food allergy.

    old pug ;; seizures? HELP!!?
    my mother has a pug that is 10 or 12 years old. she runs up the stairs because she doesnt like to be alone. when she does this, she will cough. twice, she coughed and fell onto the floor on her side & acts as if she is having a seizure then she poops while "seizuring". she also has extreamly bad breath & i believe that she doesnt have anymore teeth. i try and tell my mom to bring her to the vet, but i think she thinks they will put her to sleep. my mother is very attatched to this dog because it was my grandmothers and she passed away in june '06.

    is it her time to go? should she go to the vet? please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      This is common in older pugs. It could be alot of things. They will never put a dog down without your mother's consent. If she loves this dog she needs to take it to the vet. It could be something that is totally curable with medicine, don't let the pug suffer if there is something that you can do about it! The vet isn't going to just "put down" the dog, they can't do that without your mom saying ok.

    Does this sound beautiful?
    I'm 5'3 120 long brown hair my scalp smells like shit some dandruff oily scalp pimple face oily skin I pluck my mustache whiteheads on my nose pug nose ugly yellow crooked teeth with a crown that doesn't match bad breath receding gums hair arms and stomach fat short legs fat stomach big feet size 9 really wide flat feet long second toe tailors bunion on each side of my foot small boob pimples on my back and chest So do I sound beautiful

    • ANSWER:
      Does your mommy know you are on the computer?

    why do Pug's nostrils close up?
    my young pugs' nostrils are closing in on her and i was wondering if you might know why they are..

    • ANSWER:
      Pugs are subject to a genetic condition known as brachiocephalic syndrome, which includes: stenotic nares (small nostril passages), hypoplastic trachea (small windpipe), elongated soft palate (long soft palate that covers trachea and causes snorting and snoring), and everted laryngeal saccules (small pockets in throat that turn inside out). This is a condition seen in brachiocephalic breeds such as pugs, bostons, bull dogs etc.
      all of these problems, except for the hypoplastic trachea, can be corrected or at least improved surgically by a veterinarian. If they are not corrected then they will continue to cause breathing problems in your dog ranging from snorting and snoring, to getting out of breath when running and active and even as bad as causing breathing problems when at rest. The extent of surgery need is usually based on severity of the problem and how much you can afford to do.

    Pedigree - DENTABONE?
    Has anyone used PEDIGREE - DENTABONE. I'm planning on giving it to my pug of 5 months so 6 months old. I'm hoping this is nothing like greenies so I'm kind of scared to give it to him. Or what the best thing you've used to clean your dogs teeth?

    • ANSWER:
      Besides lots of dog cookies for treats instead of the packaged kind of soft treat, try brushing your dogs teeth.

      Dog toothpaste comes in several different flavors and most dogs love the taste. Use a finger brush as the "toothbrush" variety allow your dog more ability to lick the tooth paste off. Aim for the yellowish gunk along their gum line, this is the plaque. Plaque is where the bacteria lives (as in humans) that will cause decay and bad breath.

      If you don't feel comfortable or are unable to brush your dogs teeth both a groomer or vet can. Watch it being done and ask them to give you tips so that eventually you can too.

      Giving your pup chew toys with ropes attached will also help as it gets at the plaque also.

      As far as the dentabone make sure you give your pup the appropriate size. This is important as you don't want big chunks to fall off and have your dog try and swallow it and choke.

      Congrats on being part of the growing group of pet owners that take the initiative to preform preventative dental maintenance. Dental bills for decaying, broken and missing teeth in dogs is very expensive not to mention painful.

    dog got smelly breath!!?
    so my 6 1/2 month female dog is crossed with a pug and a chinese crested and she has started to lick her self "down there" and then afterwards her breath is horrible!! i just wanted to know if this has something to do with her coming in to heat so thats why her breath smells like fish because if so i need to get her spayed. so do u think that its because one of the breeds that she is crossed with has been known for its bad breath problem or is it something different, also is there something to make hher breath more nice like a doggy toothpaste or something. Thanks xx

    • ANSWER:
      The fishy smell is probably come from her anal glands. Take her to a vet and have the glands expressed. It's just a 2 minute job for the vet.

      You want to have this done before the glands become infected because once that happens they can rupture.

      ADD: at 6 1/2 months her teeth should be in good condition so I doubt it's her teeth or gum disease. Teething dogs can have awful breath but it doesn't smell fishy. It smells of blood when they're teething. Only anal glands smell fishy.

    Do I sound beautiful?
    I have long brown hair with some pimples on my face oily skin 5ft 8in pimples on my chest and back tailors bunion on each of my feet and they really hurt bad breath kind of crooked teeth color is between a light grey chipped teeth gingivitis my head smells because i have a oily scalp pug nose flat chest wide flat feet i wear a size 10 hairy stomach i pluck my mustache kind of flabby stomach i weigh 125 pounds and my bunions really hurt like they hurt bad i want someone to chew it off Thanks tell me what you think

    • ANSWER:
      you're a fucken dumbass.

    puppy has horribel breath.?
    He'll be four months in about a week. He's pug/chihuahua mix has a habit of eating his poop (which is completely normal). He's allergic to the regular dog foods you can get at the store so he has to have a special mix made up of beef, green beans, carrots, and some other veggies. Is his bad breath cause for concern? It's smells like old gym socks that were worn about a hundred times.
    I take no offense at all. My mom thinks him eating his poop is a parvo thing. I read that it them just cleaning up after themselves. He's healthy energetic and the perfect weight for his size. We looked up everything that is full of nutrients that he can eat and mix it with his food.
    I'll try some of the doggy breath mints and probably toothpaste( for dogs of course ).
    My aunt has a dog he eats his poop and he's as healthy as can be, but her dog also had parvo.
    Not sure if there's a link between poop eating and parvo or not.
    he caught the parvo before we got him the symptoms showed up right when we brought him home. It's been about three weeks since then and he's made a full turn around.

    • ANSWER:

    Why do pugs lick so much?
    My pug is almost three years old. At first it was kinda cute but now his breath reeks and it gets a little gross sometimes...

    • ANSWER:
      A dogs breath shouldnt smell THAT bad. If his breath smells reallyyyy bad, he might have a cavity or something else wrong with his teeth. Brush his teeth with dog toothpaste. or u could give him puppa-mints. Theyre mints for dogs. Hope this helps

    Do you brush your dog's teeth...?
    I feed my dog dry food mixed with half a teaspoon of wet food and no more than that! She has nice healthy, strong teeth. However, I noticed lately that her breath is smelling pretty badly. I have heard that you are supposed to brush your dog's teeth, but everyone I know who has a dog doesn't do so. My Pomeranian would never let me do anything of the sort to her. What can I do about her bad breath? Also, do you brush your dog's teeth and should I be brushing hers and how?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't, no. Instead i bought Johnsons sweet breath tablets. Works a treat! They smell minty and i hide the tablet in a little bit of cheese and feed it to my pug first thing in the morning. He has nice, fresh breath all day then. You get about 30 tablets for about £3-4 i think. It worked after the first try. My pug had seriously foul breath and one tablet cleared it up straight away.

      As for removing tartar etc i just give them crunchy chews and dental chews.

      It says on the pack that bad breath can be from digestional upset, Worms or bad teeth and gums so its important to find out if its not any of that.

bad breath pug

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