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    I dont like having minty breath when i make out, what could i still do to keep it fresh and clean?

    • ANSWER:
      First off, look in the the toothbrush/toothpaste aisle and look for a tongue scraper. It will remove the film from your tongue that brushing just cant get. You would be amazed at how much comes off and a lot of odor can come off the tongue itself. Also, to keep breath fresh, check out Breath Assure pills. You can find these at places like Walgreen's and Walmart. All's it is are tiny gel caps that you swallow and neutralize the stomach acids and odors. Keeps your breath fresh from the inside. Also, chewing a little sprig of parsley will get rid of any foul breath.

    is there something that can be done to fix morning breath???
    my boyfriend has a bad case of morning breath....he dont eat anything or drink anything before bed but still wakes up with breath like that smells like ass!!....what can we do to rid of his morning breath problem..if not rid it at least make it less bad

    • ANSWER:
      This problem is likely caused by either a case of gingivitis or tooth decay. It is important to see a dentist if the cause may be tooth decay. Rinse with Listerine three times daily along with brushing or you can use a program that Walgreen's sells called 'Breath Assure', it is somewhat costly, but works great. A less common cause is the digestive tract, this would entail correcting the imbalance of enzymes which is causing the bad breath. There are several OTC programs which will help with this as well. Good dental hygiene is the easiest to correct, so start there and move down the list of possible causes. Good Luck.

    Should I listen to these pharmacists?? Or go to the hospital?
    About an hour ago I accidently inhaled my spit, a little bit I think and I had a huge argument with my mom cause I wanted to go to the hospital to be safe but she kept saying if I can talk i am fine and I was I was screaming at her for a half an hour and she stillwouldnt take me cause she thought it was ridiculous and the only thing icould do was call a pharmacist and I called 3 walgreens and they all said I should be fine, I dont sound like I can't breath when iwas talking to them and it should get out of my system on its own since its musus or something..
    but I feel short of breath but I'm not sure If its my mild anxiety. But I always get out of breath and get a heavy chest with anxiety.
    What should I do? I'm afraid to go to bed.

    • ANSWER:
      Listen to the pharmacists. Listen to me. I am an RN, and I assure you that you will be fine, and that it is the anxiety that is affecting your breathing. You aspirated some saliva into your upper respiratory tract. It will be coughed out, and other mechanisms in your airway will propell the saliva to your throat to be swallowed or coughed out. Go to bed knowing you are fine.

    Tampon Trouble! Read On Please!?
    ok so ive had my period for about 2 years now and all ive been using is pads. well you know how that is... they smell... you can leak through them.. ect ect. well they never work for me.. there really uncomfertable and i hate them.. but my mom wont let me use tampons! so how could i use a tampon with out my mom knowing?
    and how do you put a tampon in? please no links please! my mom checks where i go and stuff shes really strict...
    thanks for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      you really should talk to your mum about you using tampons.

      but if you must sneak, put them in a fabric pencil case.

      you should get the lowest absorbency you can. i'd suggest any playtex tampons, but my favorites are:
      playtex sport
      playtex gentle glide
      or playtex beyond.

      you can get them at walgreens, walmart, or any other grocery store or pharmacy.

      step 1: wash your hands :)
      step 2: take the tampon out of the wrapper, and hold the grip (decorative flat piece between the first and second pieces of plastic) and leave you index finger free so that you can use it to press the tampon in once its inserted.
      step 3: put one foot on the toilet seat,and keep the other one straight. (this is the easiest way to insert that i've found)
      step 4: relax your self. it makes it hard to put the tampon in when you're stressed out or tense.
      step 5: place the tip of the applicator (the plastic head of the tampon) on your vagina, a little further back than the middle. remember to just relax, its just a tampon, and its not going to harm you.
      step 6: carefully slide the tampon into you. go reallly slowly, so you don't hurt or surprise yourself. you want to make sure that you're not going straight up, but rather pointing it towards your lower back.

      if you have a hard time, or you feel your hymen (the protective layer of tissue in your vagina) start to resist, or it starts to sting or ache, just take the tampon out, take a few deep breaths, and try again.

      you should be able to turn the tampon a little, twisting or moving it to the sides, to avoid hitting your hymen. you can just slide the tampon past it, as weird/gross as that sounds. just carefully try to find a path to get the tampon into you. remember, point it up and towards your lower back, like it shows in the pictures.

      when you feel your thumb and middle finger hit your skin, then the tampon is in. simple push the long thin piece with your pointer finger to push the tampon into you. you should be able to feel when the applicator (plastic part :P) is empty, and then you can slowly slide it out of you, wrap it in the wrapper and about 5 or 6 squares of toilet paper, and throw it in the trash.

      now you'll want to GENTLY tug the string to be sure that the tampon isn't too far up. this assures you that you won't leak blood on your bathing suit bottoms.

      - be sure that you're using the lowest absorbency possibly. that way it doesn't hurt when you remove it in 4-6 hours.
      - never leave a tampon in for longer than 8 hours. it becomes a danger to your health at that point.
      - every hour or so, excuse yousrself to use them bathroom. putting your leg up on the toilet seat again, GENTLY tug the string. if the tampon feels like it could slide out, it means that it's full and you need to take it out. (to do this you simply pull the string gently until the tampon is out). if its resisting, or it hurts a little, leave it in, as its not full.

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