Breath Stinks Like Poop

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    How do I stop my dog from eating cat poop?
    That sounds funny, I'm sure, but my dog--he's 1 1/2 yrs--digs in the cat litter box with his face. It's so gross. It makes his breath stink, and it scatters the litter on the floor. We've tried moving the litter box to a very inconspicuous place, but he gets it whenever he has a chance. The thing is, he knows it's bad. When he comes out of the room after doing it, he sneaks around with his tail tucked ... Any training/discipline suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your vet about Forbid. It's a powder made specifically for ure problem. Basically you sprinkle it in the cat's food, and it makes the cat's poop real nasty (as if it isn't already eh?). Anwyays if your clinic has it they can give you the details and let you know how to use it and when it becomes effecting ect ect. Again its called Forbid.

    Why is it that some people's breath smells like poop?
    There's a guy in one of my classes whose breath literally stinks like poop. What on earth causes this?

    I've read that this smell is really hard to get rid of because normal brushing and mouthwash either doesn't work or can make it worse.

    • ANSWER:
      It's caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth and throat. You're right, brushing and mouthwash don't help, they just mask it temporarily. You can get chewable tablets that help to balance the bacteria in the mouth and throat. I think they're called k force.

    What age do you think a puppy stops being categorized as a puppy.?
    Wondering so I can figure out when to stop feedng him puppy food. It smells horrible! I know he loves it but it makes his breath stink his poop stink and even his hair, even though i wipe him after. But anyway i need to know anyway so when people ask i'm no still saying puppy when hes nt. He was born 9/13/06.

    • ANSWER:
      If you love your dog, then he will always be a "puppy" to you!

      But realistically, and in general, a dog is considered an adult at "approximately" 1 year old. I say "approximately" because the time at which a puppy matures is based on its breed. Most puppies do mature at around 1 year but some large breed puppies may not mature until 2 years old.
      Knowing when your puppy becomes an adult is very important. So feeding it the right food (puppy vs adult) will certainly make a difference in proper development. The best person to determine when your dog has matured would be the dog's "doctor".

      But please be aware that, regardless of when you change foods from puppy to adult formulas, the quality of food he gets plays a major role in his overall health and well-being, including how his breath and stools smell.

      So many dog foods claim to be the best for your pet, with some even being "recommended by veterinarians and top breeders". But ignore the hype and become educated and informed about any product you feed your dog.

      Most foods on the market contain low quality, less-than healthy ingredients, with some foods actually containing harmful ingredients (such as BHA/BHT, Vitamin K3, "animal" digest, etc).
      But thank goodness there are still a handful of companies that produce quality foods without adding the junk that goes into most others.

      Naturapet, makers of Innova, California Natural, Healthwise and Karma Organic foods, are considered to be one of the top manufacturers of healthy foods for pets. But there are others who are also pretty good.
      Canidae Canine, Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Solid Gold, are just a few high quality foods to feed your dog.

      And some of the better known "top selling" foods are actually poor choices to feed any pet. Science Diet, Iams, Nutro, Pro Plan, Pedigree and many others are not as good as many are led to believe.
      And don't expect a 20 pound bag of dog food that you paid for is going to have good, wholesome ingredients. Though some ultra premium foods do cost alittle more, the investment you are making in your dog's health is alot cheaper than making multiple visits to the vet's office. Better foods lead to better health.

      Whatever food you choose, before purchasing it read the ingredient label on the bag/can. Know what these ingredients are and know what to avoid. There are plenty of great websites that can educate you on this.

      Start your puppy's life off right by feeding it well. Your pet can live a long and healthy life, but only with your help. He is counting on you!

      Check out the following websites!

    Why do dogs like to eat cat poo or even their own poo?
    As you can imagine their breath stinks after they have done this, so beware when mans best friend is going to give you a big kiss on your face!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Coprophagia is a behavior sometimes observed by dog owners. Hofmeister, Cumming, and Dhein (2001) wrote that this behavior in dogs has not been well-researched, and are currently preparing a study. In a preliminary paper, they write that there are various theories for this, although none have been proven:

      * To get attention from their owners.
      * From anxiety, stress, or having been punished for bad behaviors.
      * They had been punished for having pooped in the past,and attempt to clean up out of fear to be punished again.
      * From boredom.
      * In an attempt to clean up in crowded conditions.
      * When dogs observe their owners picking up feces, and imitate this behavior (allelomimetic behavior). This is highly improbable because the behaviour has also been observed in environments where owners never picked up the dog's (or other) feces.
      * Because puppies taste everything and discover that feces are edible and, perhaps, tasty, especially when fed a high fat content diet.
      * Because dogs are, by nature, scavengers, and this is within the range of scavenger behavior.
      * To prevent the scent from attracting predators, especially mother dogs eating their offspring's feces.
      * Because the texture and temperature of fresh feces approximates that of regurgitated food, which is how canine mothers in the wild would provide solid food.
      * Because of the protein content of the feces (particularly cat feces), or over-feeding, leading to large concentrations of undigested matter in the feces.
      * Due to assorted health problems, including:
      o Pancreatitis
      o Intestinal infections
      o Food allergies, creating mal-absorption
      * Because they are hungry, such as when eating routines are changed, food is withheld, or nutrients are not properly absorbed.
      * Carnivores may sometimes eat or roll in the feces of their prey to ingest and exude scents which camouflage their own.

      Some vets recommend putting meat tenderizer in dogfood, since this makes the feces taste excessively bad to dogs. Several companies produce food additives that can also be added to the animal's food to make feces taste bad.

      Due to the attraction of dogs to their feces, a popular Chinese idiom goes "A dog cannot change its habit of eating feces", which usually refers to a habit that is hard to correct

    How can I get rid of my bad breath?
    Both my toncills and my theeth stink after just a couple of hours of sleep! And it is impractical to bring a toothbrush to school...
    My toncills sometimes have this white stuff on them that stinks like poop.

    • ANSWER:
      Poor you. you could take some mints to school and eat those on the way to school. or drink peppermint tea.

      try this website for more info on bad breath.

    Is it common that two people will have anal sex and then the girl will give the guy a bj?
    Also, am I the only one that is disgusted by the thought of it? I mean, the girl would be eating her own feces. That would taste disgusting and make her breath stink to high hell. Also, if the guy stuck his poop caked penis into the girl's vagina, she would get poop in her vagina. Is this a common practice? I am glad that I don't have to deal with guys that are into that lol

    • ANSWER:
      The vagina is very sensitive to which bacteria goes in, and going "azz-to-vagina" will cause you problems. Going "azz-to-mouth" won't cause you any problems, however, because it's all part of your digestive tract. Your own poop won't hurt you. If it grosses you out then try an enema first.

    How long will it take for my poop to start fending for itself?
    about 4 months ago i took a poop. i've been taking care of it ever since. but now its just getting all dry and ive been feeding it and tucking it in every night. My friends keep telling me to throw it out.. but i cant just get rid of my poop that easily! its precious to me!.. it even talked to me before while i was cuddling it.. how long will it take for it to mature enough to take care of itself??

    • ANSWER:
      I've had this problem before...I ended up getting frustrated to the point where I ate the damn thing just to get rid of it. My breath stunk for a week, but, in the was worth it. By that time, mine was dry as a bone, too. It just sort of tasted like a Ritz cracker with all the goodness gone out of it.

    Is it common that two people will have anal sex and then the girl will give the guy a bj?
    Also, am I the only one that is disgusted by the thought of it? I mean, the girl would be eating her own feces. That would taste disgusting and make her breath stink to high hell. Also, if the guy stuck his poop caked penis into the girl's vagina, she would get poop in her vagina. Is this a common practice? If it is, I am never dating a guy that is into anal lol

    • ANSWER:
      Only in porn. I wouldnt want my girl to do that. I wouldnt let her do that. Thats degrading and disgusting.

    What might be causing my cat to have bad breath?
    She is eight months old and is in seemingly very good health. When I asked the vet a few months ago about it, she said that it is likely from teething, and it should go away by 6 mos. But, it hasn't. And it's baaaaadddd. When she grooms herself, her whole body stinks!

    • ANSWER:
      it might be from eating its poop it sounds crazy but a lot of cats do that for some wierd reason

    How can I make my dogs mouth not stink?
    He is a Yorkie and his mouth stinks HORRIBLE! Any tips.
    Well first of all I tried brushing his teeth and he's scared of the toothbrush and I really don't want to dollars for the vet to brush his teeth.

    • ANSWER:
      Has he been thoroughly examined by a vet recently? A healthy dog shouldn't have such a stinky mouth. He may very well gingivitis, tooth decay or other dental problems. It can develop as early as two years if you haven't been providing proper dental care.

      Have you been taking him to the vet to annual dental cleanings? Like humans, dogs and cats need some attention from a dentist to thoroughly clean their teeth.

      Start maintaining his teeth. Check them weekly for signs of unhealthy gums or cavities, and while you're at it, brush them! You can purchase a toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog at a pet store like PetSmart or PETCO. (Make sure you do not use human toothpaste. It isn't safe for dogs.)

      Start adding a mouthwash-like liquid to his drinking water. You can buy a bottle at a regular pet store. It helps fight tartar and keep the breath fresh.

      Make sure he always has fresh, clean water.

      Make sure he's eating a high-quality diet. If he's on soft food, get him on a hard kibble. Soft/wet food is terrible for teeth. Low-quality brands like Science Diet, Iams, Pedigree, Purina and Eukanuba are often behind stinky dogs, too.

      Give him plenty of good toys! For instance, give him bones like Nylabones to help clean his teeth. Give him a "flossy" rope toy. Give him some rubber toys with ridges and bumps to help scrape the teeth clean.

      Make sure he isn't eating anything nasty. Obviously, if he's snacking on poop or something, his breath is going to be rancid.

      Finally, make sure you purchase from a very high-quality breeder next time. Yorkies are prone to serious dental problems, so it's important to support a breeder who only breeds their healthiest, truest stock.

      EDIT: You really can't hold down a seven-pound Yorkie long enough to brush his teeth? Anyway, I hope you introduced him to the toothbrush properly. You can't just stick something in a dog's mouth and expect him to be fine with it.
      Dental hygiene is a simple fact of pet ownership. You should have considered all necessary costs before obtaining a dog. He needs regular dental maintenance, and that's that.

    What to do when your boyfriends breathe stinks discusting but he wont do nothing about it?
    I have dropt hints and told him straight that he has bad breathe but he wont listen,then he wonders why i'm not very enthusiastic to kiss him,he eats healthy and exercises but his breathe smells like someone pooped in it!,he also goes regular check ups at the dentist but it obviously doesnt make any difference,sometimes he only breathes by me through his nose and i smell it!what can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Bad breath can be a mood killer for sure.

      He may need to floss, has halitosis, or he can try brushing his tongue when he brushes his teeth.

      Gum only masks the problem for a little while, sounds to me it is pretty serious.

      Mouthwash with fluoride can really help, if he uses it daily.

    Can you tell the difference between when your baby has gas and when he has a bowel movement?
    I work in my church's nursery with babies every sunday for 2 hours.

    I try and judge the faces, but everytime I think a baby just pooped I go to change the diaper and its nothing, it was just gas.

    Do you learn to recognize the difference eventually?
    Or do you end up with a lot of false-alarms like me? Lol.

    • ANSWER:
      When it's of the brown variety - the stink lingers!
      If it's just gas - the smell goes away within 30 seconds.
      (I realized the other day that I was a full fledged mother when I lifted up my son and took a sniff of his butt just to be sure!)
      Both smell horribly but when it won't go away - then it's time to push up your sleeves and put a clothespin on your nose!

      And if I'm really unsure - like others have said - I check the outside of the diaper and you'll see a brown section - or you can just open up the tabs, take a quick look and see for sure!

      Also - try not to change it RIGHT away when they've gone poo - give it a minute or two so they're DONE! I've gone to change it quickly and ended up having two dirty diapers - or having him push out more just as I'm done cleaning him up. It's not a fun thing to watch! (And if no one has told you - put a wipe over the wee-wee's of boys so they don't make even more of a mess of the situation.)

      My son used to trick my husband and I - we'd be playing a game of russian roulette so to speak - and each time we thought we had handed off a nasty diaper to the other one - it turned out to be gas and then WHAM we'd get ourselves with the nasty diaper. We've learned to give him a whiff and there is NO denying when it's a full one! Takes some of the fun out of the game but at least we can give ourselves some prep time and get some deep breaths in before attempting the clean up. :P

    puppy breath - is it worse when they are teething?
    her breath stinks - not sure why? she is not eating poop. Any ideas? i also do not give stinky chewey stuff. i have not brushed her teeth much because they look sore and are coming out - but should i still brush even if they bleed?

    • ANSWER:
      I did brush when my pup was teething, I was more careful, sure and his breath didn't become stinky. I think that if you don't brush more bacteria will grow (bacterias tend to grow when blood is present) so it will do more damage not to brush.

    Why does my dogs breath smell like fish?
    It smells really gross. This just started 2 days ago. He is a 5 month old puppy. We brush his teeth and give him greenies dental chews. Do you think its the food he eats? We switched it about 2 weeks ago its excellent food (great life buffalo) but my other dog eats it as well and her breath doesn't stink. Any ideas what could be causing this? What caj I do to cure this?

    • ANSWER:
      He likes to secretly eat the bitches out! Haha. I know bad joke. But seriously...fishy bad breath is quite normal in puppies caused by them teething. Check her teeth for where adult teeth may be coming in or for redness and swelling of gum. If all looks okay and he is eating okay you are probably fine. If you have a hard time checking or arent sure have your vet look. Puppies usually stop teething around 6-8 months. Make sure you also check that he isnt eating feces. Even just cleaning his hind quarters can cause bad breath especially if he has some kind of intestinal parasite. If he hasnt been vaccinated against worms Id suggest you check to make sure he doesnt have any. Chances are if his poop looks normal he doesnt but ask a vet to be sure and get him vaccinated. My personal opinion, its just thenormal bad puppy breath from teething and you just need to wait until he grows out of it. Give him ice to chew, it will help him teeth faster by loosening his puppy teeth and allowing his adult teeth to grow, as well as sooth his gums. If he doesnt want to chew it try adding something good to it like meat shavings. OR other trick is to take and old rag or tshirt and soak it in water adn freeze that and give him that to chew on. Good luck with your pup.

    Is foul smelling breath symptom of histoplasmosis and psittacosis ?
    My husband worked in a poultry house as a teen, he started feeling really sick about a year ago. His breath is just foul, it smells like chicken poop? It stinks real bad. I found these two diseases that fall under farmers disease. he cleaned chicken houses out so he was exposed to many gases and chicken droppings.
    Please only answer if my question if you a competent person with a real answer. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    My kitten is making weird coughs what do you think it is?
    I just got her two days ago, and shes been making weird coughs, her stool had some blood in it, and her breath stinks. shes still doing cough, hasn't pooped and she doesnt smell as bad now. she is very happy, eats a little , and is pretty playful

    • ANSWER:
      you need to see a vet

    My dog really stinks, how can I make her smell better?
    Even after a bath. If she goes outside for 10minutes when we bring her back in shes really extra dog stinky. And no she is not out there rolling around in her poop.

    • ANSWER:
      have you had it checked by the vet?
      might have a skin problem?
      anal glands need emptied?
      bad teeth?
      You can get some dry shampoo
      bath in some of the nice smelling shampoos sold from vets
      try some talc a little dusted on its coat

      There are a number of reasons why a dog may acquire an unpleasant odor. He may have an ear infection, a dental disease, oily skin, or he may simply be dirty. It's fairly easy to tell if your dog is dirty, perhaps he rolled around in something stinky, in which case a bath is in order. If that's not the case, however, take a close look at your dog to find the source of the smell. Start by looking in his mouth. If his teeth are discolored or he has an odor worse than his usual doggie breath, you should have your veterinarian perform a dental checkup and any necessary treatment. Further, you should clean your dog's teeth on a regular basis.

      If the teeth appear fine, next check your dog's ears. Offensive odors can commonly occur from ear infections. Long-eared and floppy-eared dogs tend to be more prone to infections. If the skin inside your dog's ears is red or sore, if the ear has a bad odor, or if your dog reacts in pain when you examine his ears, you should have him checked by your veterinarian to see if an ear infection is present and to have it treated if there is.
      If both the teeth and ears are fine, your dog may have a skin disorder known as seborrhea. This is usually characterized by flaky dandruff or an oily, waxy feel to the coat and a strong odor. Your hands may feel slightly greasy after petting your dog. The odor can be prevented by frequently bathing your dog with a medicated shampoo that your veterinarian can recommend. Lastly, your dog's rear end may be to blame for the odor. Some longhaired dogs can have a soiled rear from defecating which can become stinky. Regular brushing can help, but you can also have the hair around the rear clipped on a monthly basis. Infection or anal gland problems can also lead to an odor, as well as discomfort, in which case your dog will need to be seen by your veterinarian.

    Halitosis sufferers are there times when you can smell your own breath when singing or talking?
    Don't be discouraged just keep on doing your research and work together for a cure that can be provided for all. And if you find a cure don't seek to make money from it or try to sell it but out kindness and empathy for chronic-halitosis sufferers provide it for free and instruct others how to make such a remedy,.Have you found any remedies yet ?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to clean out your bowels. The bowels are the sewer of your body. If they're gunked up with rotting food (the average person carries between 9-25 lbs. of fecal matter (poop), your breath will stink.

      Food needs to be digested, since it can take up to a week to poop out what you eat today.

    my 7 week old puppy has very bad breath how do i help it without harming her?
    my 7 week old puppy is a mix between a retreiver and a fox terrior with a little lab in her. she has reallyyyyyyyyyy bad breath from chewing her poop and our cats poop. groos i know. i think this is typicale but i need to slove her bad!

    • ANSWER:
      You need to make sure that youre dog doesnt eat anymore poop. Its definately not good for her. I know this sounds wierd, but when you have made sure that she is ok, try using a doggie toothbrush to brush her teeth. I used it for my dog when he needed it. Annother thing that you can try is when you buy dog treats, look for the special ones that say things about your dogs breath on them because certain ones can help stop the stink. Ususally Milkbone helps.

    How to convince my parents to let me get a cat?
    I know there have been some similar questions but mine is a little different.

    My parents (mainly dad) dont want me to get a cat because we live near the bush, though I want an indoor cat (I also have a bell for its collar).

    The other reason is that he reckons they stink, but after posting a question on here about that it seems thats only there breath, when there sick, etc.

    What should I say to convince him, he keeps saying, "when you get your own house", but it isnt really like he is going to have to do anything for it.

    The other reason they have is it is bad for it to be inside all the time, but I think if there are toys for it to play with & me home like 6 hours a day it shouldn't really be a big deal.

    So any ideas how else to convince him?
    Nah, Well there is a big window, I would have the scratching post in front of the windows so it would be able to watch the bush.
    I am 14, have wanted a cat for a couple of years.

    With the time thing, I am home most the day, minus 6 hours when I am at school, otherwise for the rest the day I am home.
    My mum had cats when she was a child, I think that the main reason is the bush, and he doesn't like them if they sit on him. Everything else he complains about I have gone and proven wrong or found out how to change that (odor).
    Wanted normal domestic shorthaired cat, not a purebred, probably just one from a shelter.
    Forgot to mention, we are buying a family dog sometime next year, though I have heard of many german shepherds making great friends with cats in the house.

    • ANSWER:
      hey there.

      I think the idea about building an enclosure that is joined onto one of the windows of your house is about your best solution. It doesnt have to be huge, and if you make it tall enough so that you could fit inside it, you could even teach your cat to use the outside as a toilet, and you would just go in every now and then and sift out the poop. This would solve almost all of the worry about the cat "stinking" and solve your problem with your dad worrying about the bush. You can also tell your dad that the cat wouldn't be indoors all the time (which is unhealthy, according to him!). In fact, your cat would probably spend most of his time in his "garden" lazing in the sun while you are at school.

      As this solves what seems to be most of his arguments, maybe even ask him if he could help you build it (a nice bonding experience for the both of you!) The other girls suggestion that you would get a job to pay for its sterilization etc is also a good idea, as you are willing to make sacrifices for your pet and are willing to take on added responsibility.

      My father never has liked cats, but I managed to convince him on two occasions. The one cat even ended up sleeping on his feet when I wasn't home! If you can convince him initially, I think he will warm up to the animal.

      Also maybe mention that indoor cats live an average of 15 years, as opposed to 3 years for cats who are allowed to roam indiscriminately. This means that your cat could still be yours by the time you are 30! So it's not going to be in his home forever!

      If you are getting a puppy, I reccommend that if you can convince your dad, get your cat soon - also, get a kitten that is at least 6 months old already because a german sheppard puppy is quite big and very boisterous, it could easily injure a kitty that is any younger - even if it's playing. An older kitty will be able to jump away when pup is getting annoying.

      Ok, one last thing - I promise! As far as the stinking thing goes, here is an interesting fact. Cats in the wild generally hunt alone (barring lions) - their saliva is actually a deoderant that neutralises scent so that they are able to creep up on their prey. Dogs on the other hand, hunt in packs. They have quite a strong scent which they use by having some of the pack go up-wind and drive the prey towards those waiting down-wind. SO, your puppy is gonna smell way worse than a new kitty!

      Good luck and let us know if you manage to convince him.

    How do you remove bad smells from carpets?
    OK, so this sounds real stupid but a fish (cod in fact) was left on the carpet when it was removed from the freezer and forgot to be back in again.

    Now the place absolutely stinks and nothing seems to remove the smell. I have had to leave the house as it is not possible to breath. Have tried scrubbing with gallons of water, fabreeze, bathroom cleaner spray ...... etc but nothing seems to help. Andy ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a pet supply store and get a bottle of Urine-Away or another pet stain cleaner. These are designed to break down biological substances in the carpet such as pee/poop/barf from pets, and will probably work on fish goo as well.

    Has anyone ever passed out from tge smell if rgeir poop?
    I was pooping the other day and the smell was unbareable. I could not stay in the bathroom long enough to wipe because it smelled so bad. I tried to hold my breath but eventually I had to leave the bathroom because of the stink. Can the smell of poop damage the body or make you pass out?

    • ANSWER:
      No but if the smell is bad enough it can cause people to misspell "the" and "their", often coming out as "tge" and "rgeir".

    My 3 month old puppy eats her own poop?
    I know she does because her breath STINKS. And my mom and brother told me that they saw her doing it. What do i do about this? Does'nt she die of eating her own poop? And how do i get rid of her smelly breath?
    I'm pretty sure she's getting the right nutrition.
    She does eat very fast. That's what im noticing.
    And good thing i have milk bones. But its for my adult rottweiler. I guess ill just crush it up for her? For her breath?

    • ANSWER:
      Same position as you brian, our 3 month puppy is a bitch. This combination worked for us;

      Don't let them see you cleaning up their poo, bitches eat poo as a natural instinct to keep their toilet clean.

      Limit water immediately before and after food. Water could dilute their gastric juices so the food doesn't digest fully making their poo smell like their food.

      Dissuade them by putting a few drops of tabasco sauce on their poo soon as they've done their business.

    I just bought a puppy what do I do now?
    I just want to make sure that I feed him right and do all he things that you're supposed to do when you first get a puppy, What do I feed her, when do I take her to the vet for her shots?, what shots is she supposed to get?, where should I put her to sleep?, What do I do to prevent bad breath? What's the best dog shampoo to use? I can get as many information you people have out there.

    • ANSWER:
      Buy main necessities needed to care for a puppy.

      These are:

      Two stainless steel bowls. These are better than glass because they do not chip and stay cleaner. One is for food, the other is for water.

      A puppy bed. Some options are: crate with a crate pillow, a snuggle nest, or a wicker basket with alot of towels. Whatever you choose, make sure it is always soft, comfy, and dry.

      Many toys. Your puppy will be a ball of boundless energy, so make sure you get alot of toys. Make sure you have at least three rubber balls and two tug toys. Make sure the toys are indestructable, if not your puppy will choke and die. Remember: The more toys, the better.

      Puppy treats. Make sure you get a variety: Crunchy and soft. The soft will be good for training, and the crunchy will help clean teeth.

      Puppy food: Make sure you get canned and dry. Never attempt to feed your puppy a whole raw diet, it may not have all the nutrients that store-bought food has. Also, don't make home-made puppy food. Home-made dog food is for adult dogs only.

      Chew toys. Do not get rawhide, it is indigestable, and dogs choke on it. Get something digestable, but is larger than four inches. I recommend Greenies, regular size. These will help your dog ease teething.

      Basic grooming tools. Get a pin brush, bristle brush, comb, nail clipper, Kwik Stop nail powder, dog shampoo, dog conditioner, dog toothpaste, dog toothbrush.

      A harness and tag. Get a nylon harness, and metal tag. Do not use a collar while walking puppies, it hurts their neck.

      Start using a collar at 6 months of age at the least.

      Show your puppy around the house as soon as you bring him home. Let him walk in all the rooms and backyard. This will make him more comfortable.

      Leave a radio on for your puppy when not at home. This will make him feel safer.

      Come home frequently to check on your puppy. Sometimes they get scared, sometimes they get hungry.

      Groom your puppy every day. Brush his coat, clean his ears, and wipe his eyes.

      Feed your puppy three times a day. Feed him dry in the morning, half dry and half wet in the afternoon, and wet at night. This will give him a variety.

      Walk your puppy on a short 5 minute walk every day or every two to three days. Any more will make him too tired and hurt his joints. Exercise him with playing fetch every day also.

      Train your puppy basic obedience commands, and start potty training him the day you get him. This will make him more enjoyable to be around.

      Take your puppy on regular car rides to get him used to traveling with you, or every time you get in the car he will think "WE ARE GOING TO THE VET!!! NOOOOO!!!". Then, he will start whining, and it will just get you frustrated.

      Socialize him by bringing him to a puppy obedience class once a week. This will help him learn how to act around unfamiliar dogs and people.

      Schedule a vet check-up for your puppy at least every six months. Also, schedule vet appointments for the proper vaccinations. (Usually after the first appt your vet will send reminders for later.) Teach your puppy that going to the vet is an enjoyable experience by bringing treats with you while you are there.

      Bathe your puppy at least once a month.

      Make sure you train your puppy on where the potty is(usually on newspaper), you don't want the puppy pooping everywhere.

      Spend all the time you have with your puppy. He won't be little for long.


      Wash your puppy's food bowls daily with warm water and a little dish soap. Or, just throw them in the dishwahser. Washing food bowls prevents illness, bacteria from growing, and it makes each meal time more enjoyable.

      Clean your puppy's eyes daily to prevent infections and tear stains (even breeds without white coats can get tear stains and inflammation of the skin around the eye!!!). Clean ears bi-weekly to prevent wax and stink.

      Be sure to give your puppy lots of love, attention and gentle guidance about good behavior.

      Don't expose your puppy to other dogs before it receives its vaccinations.

      Do not leave anything lying around that your puppy could choke on.

    I just got a 5month old cross Rottweiler/staff bitch, she is an excellent dog of the lead outside,?
    she loves to meet people, but my problem is she eats everything,(she eats a lot anyway),but she eats shite,,why i dont see the point and her breath stinks,how do i stop this discusting habbit, she also chews everything and eats anything ,i seriously need help in this matter, before she eats something thats gonna harm her, she seems to always have the runs, but she is happy in herself, so want can i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Just because she's "excellent" off leash doesn't mean she should be. She needs to be on a leash so that you can control her better and you need to keep your yard free and clear of poop.

      She also needs to learn the "leave it" command. Do an internet search on positive reinforcement techniques to teach this command and it should help you be in better control.

      She is at serious risk for Parvo and other diseases if you allow this to continue.

      She's chewing everything because she's a puppy. Get her a better variety of toys and encourage her to play with them. And, be sure the house is puppy proofed and free of things she can chew - other than the toys.

      For the breath, be sure she's on a good quality food (Pedigree, Alpo, Purina One, Science Diet, Iams, and similar are poor quality) and start brushing her teeth. They have toothbrush kits at most pet supply stores like PetCo and PetSmart. (choosing a good dog food)

    How to talk to a random girl you never met before?
    I all ways see her in passing time and im in 8th grade middle school and shes in the same grade to.

    • ANSWER:
      First do a check up of your personal being.
      - If you stink, wash up.
      - If your breath smells like poop, brush your teeth.
      - Clean your fingernails, straighten your hair do and wipe any other crap off of your face.
      You would be supprised at how closely girls pay attention to the smallest details.

      Second, don't dress like a douchbag.

      Third, before you talk to her, try to find something that interest the both of you.
      - This will make the first conversation go really smoothely.

    how do you know if a dog has manes / or something wrong?
    My new dog keeeps showing her teeth and not consistantly I mean just ever now and then. Her eyes are glossed I think or scary. She pooped in the house and her piss stinks and breath like fish HELP?

    • ANSWER:
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>It sounds to me as if she just needs time to adjust in her new home & time to know that she is safe there.Spend alot of time with her & give tons of comfort & love & praise.I think she has a sight problem that comes with age .Teach her that she has to go outside to do her duty,Take her out there often until she is used to that.You will notice that there will be a specific time of day that she needs to go.Usually in the morning or after she eats & before bed.Her urine may smell due to diabetes (that would also explain the cloudy eyes but not nessessarily the reason) When a dog has diabetes where the glucose (sugar)level is too high ,,it will spill out in her urine & look crystalized.Do have her checked for diabetes & learn more about this.Some diabetes (sugar level can be too low,,but yours may have too high of sugar.Does the urine look like crystals in it? They also sell chicken flavored toothpaste @ the vet.Doggie biscuits after eating helps clean the teeth.Please take the dog to the vet (find a vet that you can trust) for a complete exam so that you know what you are dealing with if anything.

    Why are major conservatives coming out hard against McCain and Palin?
    Some are saying McCain needs to fire his staff, others that he needs a message, some say he needs to drop Palin and one of them is voting for Obama.

    • ANSWER:
      Because they are becoming worried about their "post-McCain" careers, that's why.

      Look, the fact is that some crazy stuff has gone on in Repuboland: Palin's selection; the whole "celebrity" thing (which they turned around as now use as a plus for Palin); declaring its about personality, not issues; that crazy sex-ed lie--and the stubborn denial of it as a lie; announcing the "going dirty" plan; the Ayers lies...oh, I could go on and on.

      But the fact is that even though some crazies actually believe the stuff, the big guns within the campaign and also in the conservative media (NOT the big guns whose careers rely on crazies, though: i.e. not Rush or Hannity) know it's bull. And as long as the bull works, they rah-rah with the rest. But once the bull starts smearing poop all over, they don't want the stink to stick to them.

      Remember, everyone and his uncle is going to write a book after this election. Everyone is going to take a deep breath, step back and really analyze, not jsut bullshit. Chances are, you're going to hear and read about a LOT of McCain campaign people burning Palin's effigy and talking about the madness within the campaign.

      And, do realize, that is NOT going to happen with Obama's campaign. That's crystal clear. It's a coattail thing -- whose coattail do you want to have been associated with when it's all over?

      The ship is sinking. And it's not just rats who are fleeing. The stampede for the lifeboats has begun.

    How can I clean up doggy diahrea?
    my dog just pooped in the bathroom on the tile and im at home alone because ny mom is at work and my dad is away. if my mom found out, she would kill me and the dog. i mean, im okay with cleaning up dog poop if its more solid and stuff. but this is pure diahrea. i'll throw up if i grab it with a bag so how do i clean it up? please answer soon it is stinking up the whole house.

    • ANSWER:
      Hold your breath, get a few p-towels & get up the main puddle.
      Then go back over once with more p-towels.
      Then take a good disinfectant cleaner & clean the area well.
      Then spray air freshener.

      ADD- You should also look into why your dog had diarrhea.

    Do you love that new puppy smell?
    My hubby thinks it stinks. I think its sweet, just like the smell of a new baby. How many think so too? It doesn't stink, its fresh and clean, hasnt been into dirt, or poop, or got that bad dog breath yet, its perfect! Like my new puppy, isnt he adorable?

    • ANSWER:
      My dog does not have a "that new puppy smell;" however, she has a distinct min pin smell that I love. I sometimes find myself sniffing her just to get a whiff of it and smile. My boyfriend says she smells like a dog, but I say it's the min pin smell.

      So I can relate. Good Luck with the pup.

    How can I get rid of the curry smell?
    Im nepali which is near india and i live in usa. I eat curry and i know the smell is bad. At school people make fun of me and say i smell like curry how can i stop this curry smell. I take showers every day put deodorant on and cologne. My parents also cook rice every day with curry Im 13 years old and its ruining my life im trying everything to stop it but it wont work. I brush my teeth to get rid of the smell from my breath. Its ruining my life I can here people near me whispering and saying my name and saying I stink I feel so sad and mad i feel like punching somebody in the face for saying that I stink. Im not sure what is causing me to stink. Yesterday I just came out of the shower and went downstairs and my parents say i stink. Dont think i poop my pants or not shower properly. I do everything i can to stay clean but i still have that curry smell. Can you please tell me how I can get rid of this odor? Girls are avoiding me by this. other kids dont want to be friends with me it makes me feel alone. How can I get rid of this????

    • ANSWER:
      Theres not much more you can do besides what you are doing.

    What are some animals that you believe would have really smelly breath?

    • ANSWER:
      1 The Hooker’s Sea Lion!
      Their bodies are not smelly – But their breath smells so horrible, the most smelliest breath among animals.
      Definitely. I went to the aquarium once and got a chance to touch one. It breathed all over me and I actually vomited.

      #2: Maybe? Giant Petrels: these birds frequently vomit, and their vomit smell so horrible (vomit frequently = stinky breath)

      In response to the vultures, I don't think their breath would stink but their poop (rotten meat that is fermented :S )

    What can I do to make my breath not stink all the time?
    I brush in the morning and at night...i hate sucking on mints all day and hate chewing gives me headaches. I have tried the drops and put them in my mouth but then I am doing that every 30 minutes

    • ANSWER:
      Your bad breath is caused by bacteria that sucks up food particles, dead skin, dried saliva then eats it and secretes (poops out) sulfurous particles. That's where the smell is coming from.

      Try using a toothpaste and mouthwash formulated specifically to kill bad breath germs. I have used TheraBreath for several years and it is really terrific. I highly recommend it.

    How can i get my dog to be smellin less nasty?
    I know i know dogs are like always smelly
    But i always bathe her every wednesday but when i take her out i want her to be smellin good and right now she smells bad how can i make her smell less bad but without bathing her becuz dog skin gets super rough soooo

    • ANSWER:
      Find out why she tends to smell unpleasant so quickly. It could be her breath: She "cleans" herself and makes her coat stink. This could be easily fixed OTC. Older dogs tend to have a problem with this.
      Some breeds are smelly. My ex-wife briefly owned a cocker spaniel. That dog was foul. It is my understanding that some dogs have glands that can cause unpleasant odors. Check with you vet.
      If your dog is always inside, this could be a hygiene issue. Do you suspect it is from urine or feces? Once again, this could be a problem with an older dog.
      I have two mixed breeds (Chief is St. Bernard and Collie and Biscuit is a classic mutt). They are bigger dogs and roam free around my home. The biggest problem I have is they tend to roll in scat. Since my wife keeps horses, this can be a problem if the dung isn't cleaned up quickly. I bathe the dogs about every 10 days. As long as I keep the horse poop out of our yard, my dogs stay pretty clean (... save for when they happen to kill a possum or rabbit... horrible breath!).
      I wish you and your dog the best! I hope you find a reasonable solution. Good luck!

    why does the bathroom smell when someone else uses it but not for me?
    like when my dad uses the toilet it stinks and i can't use it for an hour. but when i use it, it doesnt smell. why is this?

    • ANSWER:
      Because your poop is yours and waste not only comes out your backside but in your breath as well. I imagine you are desensitized to your own odor, at least to some extent.

    What to say to a girl I like in school?
    I like the girl in my school and I only she her once a day but my friend hooked me up and I heard age might like me but if he's telling the truth what do I say to her, and get her number?

    • ANSWER:
      People are so conscience of themselves, they don't have time to notice you. I'm the same way. Does my breath stink? Is my hair ok? I ain't too worried about what you look like, lol.
      Try smiling at her. I'm not saying sit there staring and smiling at her like a cat eating poop. Just a casual smile and go on about your business. Then maybe the next day, give her a compliment. Your hair looks pretty, or you look nice today. No need to get all detailed because she'll just be happy you complimented her.
      Introduce yourself, have a small conversation with don't have to talk religion or politics or anything like about something relative to you and her, like, "Did you go to the game last night?" and go from there. Try asking questions that she can't answer with just a simple yes or no. Sometimes that's a conversation stopper. Yes. No. Maybe. It's too simple.
      Maybe you'll get lucky and can somehow get her number, or give her yours and you all can hang out and get to know each other. But she can still say no, she isn't obligated to do so. And if she does, oh well. It's not the end of the world. There will be all kinds of girls that you will like throughout your life.

    why do you think my breath smells like shit everyday?
    everyday i wake up to the smell of poop coming out of my mouth.its terrible. my aunt used to tell me that if you have a lot of poop in your colin the stink waves will go up into your breath.

    • ANSWER:
      Halitosis: bad breath. Causes of halitosis include dietary factors, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, certain chronic medical conditions, or dry mouth (as a side effect of medications, from mouth breathing, or from problems with the salivary glands leading to decreased production of saliva). : (

    Can your breath stink because you're full of poop?
    My wife thinks that if you are constipated or have poo in your bowels it'll make your breath stink....I think she is full of crap. Figuritively speaking. Who is right, and why?

    • ANSWER:
      Well there is no scientific study I know of, so she is probably wrong. Then again the hole in your mouth goes through your body and out the anus, so it is all attached

    Why does my kitten stink so bad?
    It's not like a poop smell, she just stinks. Her breath is no better. we have 5 other cats and we've never had a problem with them. She is still the only one in the house that stinks... cat breath is not pleasant, but I've not been actually grossed out by a cat yawn because of the smell..and hers will do it. we've tried cleaning her teeth, we have had to give her a dry bath because the stink got so bad...what gives?

    • ANSWER:
      Just like humans we are all different, some stink some don't. but if your worried about it take it to the vet im sure they have some sort of answer.

    How can I not gag and retch when cleaning my cat's litter tray?
    My cat has done the biggest, stinkiest poop, and i have to clean it because noone else will touch it. I gag and retch even if it's just a normal little odourless poop, let alone if it is massive and stinks :/
    its stunk out the whole house... how can a not gag while having both hands free?
    ( retch even by looking at it :/ )

    • ANSWER:
      Wrap a damp cloth around your face (like a mask), take a deep breath and dump all the cat litter into a plastic bag.

      That will take a second....

    whats a food puppy food for a teacup pomeranian?
    I just got a teacup pom she is about 11oz in weight.. the food the dog breeder gave me makes her poop and breath stink. any suggertions??
    just to let the 2 of you know i personally know the breader and the mom and dad to the puppy they are both under 5lbs at full growth... and the one that i got was not the runt... i saw them right after birth and just disagree with the food...

    • ANSWER:
      The parents were poorly bred runts and so is your dog. The breeder is a scumbag BYB! There is no such thing as a teacup anything. Find a good quality puppy food and start building a relationship with the vet as you will need it.

    How bad do cat farts stink, in the worst case scenario? Describe the smell?

    • ANSWER:
      Please get off this site and into counseling for your strange obsession with animal smells. And you've been reported for Point Gaining. Not so easy to figure out that's also YOU asking the questions you've answered about animal smells!

      How many times do you have to be suspended to realize your sick fetish questions aren't welcome here? GET HELP!

      Za8 asked a question "If you could force your worst enemy to smell the poop of three different animals for 5 minutes each...?"
      Which three would you pick and why
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      Za8 asked a question "If you could force your worst enemy to smell the breath of 3 different animals for 5 minutes each?"
      Which three would you pick and why?
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      Za8 asked a question "If you could force your worst enemy to smell the urine of 3 animals for 5 minutes each...?"
      Which three would you pick and why?
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      Za8 asked a question "How bad do cat farts stink, in the worst case scenario? Describe the smell?"
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      Za8 asked a question "Describe the smell of the nastiest thing your dog has ever rolled in?"
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      Za8 asked a question "If you could force your worst enemy to smell the breath of three different animals for 5 minutes each...?"
      Which three would you pick and why?
      Posted Yesterday 3:35 AM

      Za8 asked a question "If you could force your worst enemy to smell the poop of three animals for 5 minutes each...?"
      Which three would you pick and why?
      Posted Yesterday 3:35 AM

      Za8 asked a question "If you could force your worst enemy to smell the urine of three different animals for 5 minutes each...?"
      Which three would you pick and why?
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      Za8 asked a question "Do cat farts smell really bad? Describe the smell. Is it generally worse than a human fart?"
      Posted Yesterday 3:33 AM

      Za8 asked a question "How bad do dog farts really smell, in the worst case scenario?"
      Posted Yesterday 3:32 AM

      Za8 answered a question "How bad does llama spit smell? Describe the odor?"
      Like sour milk
      Posted Yesterday 3:18 AM

      Za8 answered a question "List as many smelly animals as you can think of?"
      Moose oxen turkeys snakes skunk llamas dogs Tigers lions ferrets Sea lions Camels These are some of the worst =p
      Posted Feb 4 3:24 AM

      Za8 answered a question "I've been dared to muck out a filthy horse stall with nothing but bare hands for 0. Is it worth it?"
      It can't be that bad. The smell of the urine will probably be the worst part, bhut you'll get used to it =p. Free money!
      Posted Feb 2 3:57 AM

      Za8 answered a question "How bad can nasty dog breath smell, in the worst case scenario?"
      Really really bad, almost as if something died
      Posted Feb 2 3:54 AM

    Why does my dog have fish breath?
    My dog's breath stinks like fish.

    • ANSWER:
      it depends on what u feed it,
      if u give her table food, or wrong dog food brand its wats causing the breath.

      brushing her teeth wont change anything
      the smell comes from the stomach of the dog, out the oesophagus, the smell is caused by digestion of bones, raw meat, oils, toxins,cereals like corn, rice, wheat, AND OTHER THING DOGS SHOULDNT BE EATING.
      if u let ur dog free in the house/yard, he might be eating things he shouldent like other animals poop, left overs, ect....

    Guy i work with has REALLY bad breath, could there be a medical reason?
    it's REALLY bad, as though he ate poop. could there be a medical reason besides him not brushing his teeth? oral cancer? drug addict,or is it just from not brushing his teeth?

    • ANSWER:
      Apart from the obvious such as poor oral hygiene (not flossing, seeing the dentist etc, and eating too much garlic) there is a rare condition called an oesophageal pouch. This is what it sounds, a trap for food being swallowed. The food rots in this pouch and stinks. It can be surgically fixed, but unless the person is aware of the small, they probably won't do anything... So yes, a medical problem is possible. Also digestive disorders can cause bad breath.

      I forgot to say that smokers have bad breath.

    Is it ok for a bbys breath to stink?
    My son is 1yr & 3mths && his breath smells like the poop, && he was been having diarea, is that normal?

    • ANSWER:
      May have an infection and no one would blame you for seeking treatment if or no other reason than to ease your conscience but the formula does leave an awful smell on babies breath.

    can dogs get stinky by eating raw meat diet?
    both my bulldogs are indoor. i might be start raw meat fed them. will their mouth or breath smell bad by raw meat diet?

    • ANSWER:

      Your dog will experience improved healthy all around. Most raw feeders report no more flatulence, less stinky and/or stink-free stools, improved oral health, shinier coat, less dander, less shedding, less hyper behavior, etc. etc.

      My pup pooped a TON and farted all of the time when on kibble, even a high quality grain-free kibble, and holy smokes it stunk to high Heaven.

      On raw prey model, within a day his stools went from watery and copious to firm and compact with nearly no smell (seriously, had to have my nose about a foot away to smell them), and within 2 days he stopped passing wind altogether.

      You can't just feed raw meat - you must include a good chunk of bone as well as organ meat.

    Why does my puppy eat cat litter?
    I just got this puppy from a good friend a Husky with A mix I am not sure but he keeps eating cat litter and it make the house stink as well as his breath.

    • ANSWER:
      You have to understand the way a dog's sense of smell and taste work. To you i'ts disgusting cat poop, to your dog it's a found treasure, it doesn't smell or taste bad to them. It isn't likely to hurt your dog unless they eat a lot of the clumping type of cat litter, then it could cause digestive problems, but your dog is unlikely to eat enough for this to be a concern. Still, you don't want your dogs breath to smell like cat poop, so here's what I suggest. First put your litter box somewhere that the cat's can reach it, but your dog can't. Second if you catch your dog eating poop either from the litter box or out in the yard use a firm "NO" or something to grab the dog's attention. Eventually the dog will get the message that it's not okay and should stop doing it.

    Why does our breath stink when we wake in the moring?


    • ANSWER:
      the bacteria that live in your mouth are reproducing and pooping. graphic, but absolutely true. that,s why we floss and brush daily.

    Anyone ever used Deter for corpophagia (poo eating)?
    My dog is a nasty poo eater (LOL I say affectionately). I pick it up outside but sometimes the new puppy poos in the house and the older dog finds it before I do. I only know she's done it because her breath stinks.
    So I was wondering if anyone has tried Deter or other tablet to stop this and if it worked. I tried pineapple, it didnt work.

    • ANSWER:
      Haven't used that. But I know that Forbid works well. If you go with Forbid, give it to the dog that isn't eating the poop.

    My dogs breath smells awful, is there any way i can get rid of it?
    It doesn't just smell a bit funky, it smells like fish... she doesn't have any tooth problems, i feed her wellness core which is all protein. I think it might be the food because it makes her poop smell very strong and since its all meat and what not. Her butt also smells like fish very strongly. I think it might be her glands but i dont know why her mouth would smell so strongly. shes a bull terrier i know theyre gassy dogs but i dont know maybe the breed is just over all a bit stinkier. when i was making her rice with veggies and turkey her poop didnt smell that bad but her fishy smell still stuck around. i did notice her teeth have a bit of build upbut not badly..but i guess a little is still a lot. any how, i had an american bulldog who ate the same well ness core food with her and he didnt stink at all... so i dont see as to why it would be the food. so if any one knows anything that might help please let me know ;)

    it sucks because she likes biting and licking my ears and sometimes i just cant stand her breath and i feel bad like if im rejecting her...

    • ANSWER:
      Its possible that the food is to blame if she isn't digesting it well, but its just as possible that the tartar on her teeth or a sinus or nasal infection could be causing the smell. I would take her to the vet and have them take a look at her.

breath stinks like poop

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