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    How do you fix a dog's bad breath?
    My dog has bad breath. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I tried brushing the teeth, doggy breath mints, having her teeth cleaned at the vet. Can't find any solution.

    • ANSWER:
      You said you had her teeth cleaned at the vet, but did you also ask the vet about what might be causing the problem? She may have periodontal disease (although the vet probably would have mentioned this while cleaning her teeth) or she may have a digestive disorder like gastroesophogeal reflux disease that causes gas and acid from her stomach to frequently mix into her breath. Keep it up with the dental cleaning and make sure you give her lots of tooth-friendly bones and *dry* food. You also might also want to switch her foods to a grain-free formula; wheat can give some dogs bad breath because it makes them burp and encourages plaque buildup.

    How to clean a dogs teeth really good?
    Since we got my dog he has really bad breath and brownish teeth. So we boguht dog toothbrush with chicken flavored toothpaste. I lifted up to side of his mouth and brush what I could, But he didn't like it. He kept trying to push it away. Is their another way besides taking him to the dentist?

    • ANSWER:
      I agree the best (only) way to get off tartar is via a professional vet cleaning. With proper care however, you might be able to stave it off for a while doing the following.

      1. Start by getting you pup used to the toothbrush by putting yummy stuff on it like peanut butter and cheese every couple of days. Then you can move up to the cleaning toothpastes or even baking soda. Some of them of pretty gross so try a variety of flavors.

      2. Dental chews like greenies are helpful

      3. Rawhides also help keep the teeth clean.

      4. Cut down on starchy/sugary foods in diet. Also start mixing some veggies into food. You'd be surprised how many dogs really like raw and/or cooked veggies.

      Side notes: Brownish teeth are worth getting checked out with your vet. Also, look for the buildup of plaque along the gumline,red or inflamed gums, and especially loose teeth.

      Also, don't assume that his teeth are the root cause. Often, pups with sensitive tummies or acid reflux have bad breath and not great teeth.

      If your's in an older dog I wouldn't worry too much about this. If younger it's worth a visit to a vet or clinic for a once over. Plaque (just like in humans) can cause other health issues.

      I run a site called so deal with doggie questions a lot.

    Any ideas on how to get rid of my dogs bad breath?
    My dog has the worst breath ever. I've taken him to the vet about it but she feels theres nothing wrong with him. I have brushed his teeth, gave him doggie mints, and milk bone dog biscuits but nothing helps. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Dog breath is NOT NORMAL. Bad breath is caused by the bacterica that is growing below the gumline, indicating tartar. If your dog has tartar build up then I would recomend a professional veterinary dental prophylaxis (dental cleaning). You can ask your vet if they do their cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler (this scaler works the best for cleaning but can only be used while your pet is under anesthesia.)Yes Greenies do help but it does not remove the tartar on their teeth that already exsits. Also keep in mind that Greenies are not a low calorie treat, so if your pet is overweight it wouldn't be a great treat for them. Brush your pet's teeth at least once a day and don't use human toothpaste (the reason is because human toothpaste is meant to be spit out VS animal toothpaste does not). Try CET toothpaste, poultry flavor seems to be the all time favorite with dogs. Brushing your pet's teeth once a day will GREATLY reduce the plaque reduction therefore getting rid of doggy breath. I hope that helps some. Also keep in mind bad with bad doggy breath it can also be a sign of dental disease. You said you brought your dog to the vet and she said nothing is wrong. If I were you I would bring your pet to a veterinary practice that specializes in veterinary dentistry. Some vets do NOT like dentistry and you as the pet owner noticed the problem and I would recomend that you bring it to a veterinary dentist. It's also possible your dog could have an abcessed tooth (this too can cause bad breath). Dogs eat as a survial skill, so even if they have soreness in their mouth & are in pain they eat to survive.

    What can help a dog with really bad breath?
    my dog has really bad breath, but wont eat any type of denta bone or teeth cleaner, any other suggestions?
    he is 12 years old, and my parents wont pay for a teeth cleaning at the vets unfourtunatly

    • ANSWER:
      Add fresh parsley to her/his food. It's great for freshening breath and very easy to grow at home, so no need to keep going to the shop for it.

    what can i do for my dogs bad breath at home?
    My dog has the worst breath what can I do to help it get better with home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you need to find out what is causing it first. There are diseases that can cause bad breath that need vet treatment, it could also be dental disease, like an abscessed tooth, that would also require vet attention. Make sure you rule out medical reasons first. If its given the all clear from your vet, the folllowing could help:
      1. A better quality food. If your dog food has corn, wheat, soy, byproducts, or meat and bone meal, try a better quality food. This it a good site, take a look at the 5 and 6 star foods and give one of those a try:
      2. Raw meaty bones. They're cheap, get them from any local butcher. Beef knuckle bones and marrow bones are good, make sure they still have meat clinging to them. Tearing the meat and connective tissue from the bone will clean between and around their teeth. Keep frozen until you are ready to use them. I give mine a raw bone once a week. Don't use cooked bones, they won't get any of the benefits, and they can splinter. I have heard of people using raw chicken necks the same way with great results as well.
      3. Safe chewing items. These include Bully Sticks, Flossies, and beef tendons which are fibrous and not prone to breaking off in chunks. No rawhides, and no Greenies, these can break off in big pieces, causing your dog to choke, or cause intestinal obstructions, plus they really don't do a good job of cleaning their teeth anyway. I personally know people who have had dogs die after choking on a piece of rawhide.

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