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    What is wrong with me? ? I have unexplainable recurring upper abdominal pains?
    I have no idea. My stomach has been upset now for about 2 weeks. I have recurring upper abdominal pain. My sister says its a stomach virus but usually people with viruses are nauseous and vomit, but i have not had either of those symptoms. My symptoms are just a pain in my upper stomach. Whenever I eat or stand up, it hurts, sort of like cramps would(they come and go). I also feel the symptom called vertigo.
    The only thing I have been doing differently is take a multivitamin pill. I don't know if that has anything to do with it though, because the people i live with are all saying their stomachs are upset as well, and they do not take multivitamin supplements.
    The upper stomach cramps feel like a combination of hunger pains(even if i am not hungry) and period cramps. They also resemble the pain you get in your side after exercising. When I breathe in a deep breath, it makes it worse. I also have a loss of appetite and energy because of the pain.
    Does anyone else feel like this or know what is wrong with me? I will go to the doctor soon if nothing changes, so please don't put a simple comment like "go see a doctor" if you have no clue. But if you can relate or know what might be wrong with me please let me know. ! =0
    I am 17 and have been very stressed lately. I thought that could be an important factor for some problems. And Im 100% sure I'm not pregnant because I am not sexually active.
    the main spot the pain is in is the left side of the middle of my abdomen. i can also feel it in my back.

    • ANSWER:
      DITCH the vitamin pills. Some have been found to be tainted with heavy metals which are very toxic. Vertigo, and other neurological symptoms, occur with poisoning.

      It may be a poor formulation and your digestion may not be up to the job. It may be interfering with digestion in some way, creating an endless cycle of undigested food.

      If there is a possibility that you have a bacterial infection,
      you could try having a small amount of apple cider vinegar (made from whole apples, like Heinz, Bragg or Eden brands) in a big glass of water. If it is a bacterial infection, this may clear it up. I solved a nasty case of food poisoning that way.

      Or take MMS (see It started out as an amazing cure for malaria that has cured pretty much every single case of malaria, and seems to do wonderful things for people with other problems as well. There's a free ebook about how it was developed and who did testing and how the testing and protocols changed in different areas they were working.

      If your pain started around the time you started the pills, the smartest thing to do is to stop taking them and to see what happens next. If they have something toxic in it, you can find out by having an IV chelation challenge. A hair analysis can do the same thing, but you will definitely need to pull the hair out all the way to the follicle, because when we eat/soak in toxins, they can deposit on the hair shaft as well as in other parts of the body. My dh tried and stopped using a vitamin supplement system because he didn't feel well while he was on it. I think it is because the supplements had added herbs which created too strong of a detox reaction.

      I guess the vitamins are either bad OR they are so good that you are having a major cleansing and detox reaction....I suggest you stop them, eat light (cabbage juice in a veggie juice and/or soups with bone broth base can help heal you if you have the beginnings of an ulcer in there), and try a chelating supplement: be really, really selective about the brand you use. Chlorella is a seaweed that pulls some heavy metals and toxins. Wairora's Natural Cellular Defense are little drops of Zeolite that you take in water, and it is reported to be an excellent detoxifier. Eating cilantro and miso soup and home-made sauerkraut have all shown detoxifying powers against powerful toxic substances.

mms to cure bad breath

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