My Baby Has Bad Breath Teething

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    Why does my Maltese have such bad breath, and what can I do to help this?
    My sweet little Lilly is only 7 months old, and she has had bad breath fro several months already! When I first got her at 9 weeks old, she had the sweetest puppy breath of course, but that didn't last long. I don't know exactly how old she was when I first noticed the bad breath, but I think I would go as far as to say she was having bad breath before she was 4 months old. Is she ok? Is there something wrong with her? I am completely disturbed that she would have a stinky mouth before she is even a year old. I know dogs accumulate tartar on their teeth as they age, and you have to get their teeth cleaned, but I feel like she is too young to be having this problem already! Does anyone else have a young Maltese/dog with this problem? Do you know what could possibly be causing this? Do you know how to reduce/eliminate the problem? If anyone has been through this before with your baby, what did you find out and what is some advice you got/anything that worked for you to help this problem?

    Additional Info:
    - I feed her only dry food, no wet food, and she has never eaten wet food.
    - She gets Milk Bone Mini's Dog Treats
    - She occasionally gets table food, but not often and only in small amounts.
    - Her breath is really bad.. it's not like you have to stick your nose in her mouth to smell it. It hits you in the face.


    • ANSWER:
      First, ensure that the bad breath is not being caused by an infection in the mouth.

      It is not uncommon for puppies to get bad breath when they are teething. They usually stop teething at around the age your Lilly is at. Give it a little time and it should resolve itself.

      You should also adopt an oral care regimen at home. I recommend brushing and supplementing with daily Greenies. 80% of dogs will suffer from periodontal disease by the age of 3 so its important to start now, even if she is not done teething, it will get her used to having her mouth handled.

      Hope that helps :)

      Pet Nutrition Specialist

    What should I do with terrible puppy breath?
    Ok another question today. The girls got horrific breath. Jasmine's is worse. It could be from teeting and excessive drooling. They're under supervision almost 24/7 so I know they do not eat poop. I try brushing their teeth but Jasmine acts like I'm killing her. Anything I can give them?
    They have a quick vet visit tommorrow so I'll have them check their teeth.
    They eat Iams large puppy. I know I'm changing their food. No human food, just carrots and apple.

    • ANSWER:
      Some dogs will always have bad breath and your vet will be able to tell if its normal or a health issue.

      LOOK in the mouth and check and see if there are any food things stuck in between teeth or maybe in a hole left from baby tooth (if there are any).

      Also look to see if the gums are swollen at all as that could be infection.

      If its from the teething at least that is usually over by 6 to 7 months.

      You can try feeding ice cubes to see if that helps clear out some of the source.

    How can i make my puppy smell good?!?
    He's too young to shower legitimately and mostly his mouth smells...
    Maybe its the puppy chow smell? I dont know how to get rid of the smell, its not pleasant
    he has little teeth and hes teething now..
    His body smells alittle bit too but not as much..
    What can i do to make him smell good??

    • ANSWER:
      That "bad" smell your puppy has is puppy breath. All puppies have that smell. Once you know what is it you tend to like it. Only young puppies have that bad milk, irony smell. Your puppy will grow out of it.
      You should be able to bathe your little puppy in warm water with gentile puppy or human baby shampoo in your kitchen sink (It'll be better on your back if you aren't bent over the tub straining your spine holding on to a wiggly wet puppy!) Just make sure to dry the baby well with thick warm towels and a low setting on your hair dryer or your pup cold get a chill. The sooner you do it and more regularly you do it the sooner your puppy will become used to a bath and you won't have to fight with your puppy once they get older. Just don't forget to speak soothing to your fuzzy baby and tell your puppy how good they are! Bathing any baby (human or critter) is a good way of bonding.

      If you are really concerned and it's not just "puppy breath" you really ought to take the baby to the vet. Bad breath can be a sign of illness.
      Puppy breath isn't like flowers but it is fleeting just like your dog's puppyhood. They grow up fast! Cherish the baby times!

    How common is vanishing twin syndrome after 2 heartbeats been detected?
    I had a scan two days ago and was shocked to be told im having twins!! After the shock wore off im really excited now. But ive done the absolute worst thing you can do and googled twins which has now left me panicked! I came across vanishing twin syndrome. From what I can gather this doesnt tend to happen after 2 healthy heartbeats have been detected but im still really worried. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I'm 8 weeks 6 days pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      It's the reason why pre-natal scans are a mixed blessing, to be honest. From a "survival of the species" perspective, human reproduction was always apparently a bit inefficient - one egg, one lucky sperm, one baby. Ideally, given the energy and effort pregnancy and parenting takes, a couple would be best having "twins" of one girl and one boy and then they wouldn't have to go through the process all over again to get a child of the opposite sex.

      VTS is now believed to be quite common - the theory is that the majorityof women are efficient - you release multiple eggs at once or in a short space of time, and more than one is fertilised either at the same time or within hours/days. So if you and your husband were a bit frisky, he could have made you pregnant at 9pm, then at 11pm and then again the following morning. However, because several babies would be a bit sardine can, the body then has a normal, natural function where the best embryo hogs the glory and either absorbs the others to become "one" baby or else the other embryos are absorbed back into the womb lining or passed naturally out of the body. It is nothing to worry about and VTS has only become known about by scientists because of modern scanning technology. As it happens, real "twins" only occur when an embryo splits into two and develops as identical twins - all other "twins" are really just a double pregnancy - you are carrying two babies at the same time, not actual twins, and the children are no more likely to be alike than any children born separately.

      To be honest, a lot of perfectly natural normal functions have been falsely medicalised or overanalysed by scientists and private/public vested interests to make money or to scare-monger people into obeying government diktats. the Important thing is that you take a breath and stop working yourself into a state over all these scenarios and take it all with a big pinch of salt. From the moment you reveal your condition, particularly if this is your first baby, you will be drowned from all sides by advice, instruction, hectoring and opinionating. Ignore it; only you and your husband matter in this.

      At the risk of being indelicate, if you want your babies to be healthy, placid, sleep through the night happy types, start now - you may not feel like it at first, but if you can, increase your sex relations to several times a week, even daily, in the morning. This will flood you, your husband and the twins with oxytocin and serotonin - they are feel good chemicals which boost the immune system and increase pain thresholds, so your twins will be less likely to get colic, scream the place down when they are teething or wake up every hour through the night if you bathe their foetal brains in feel-good chemicals for the next few months. It will also give your twins lifelong protection from a whole host of health issues such as obesity, arthritis, dementia, depression, by boosting their bodies with all sorts of hormones and chemicals. On top of that, daily sex will increase you and your husband's health also - your immune systems, complexion, alertness, energy levels, positive feelings, IQ and general wellbeing will all go through the roof, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not.

      As your pregnancy develops, you should try and - I apologise there is no delicate way to say this - straddle or ride your husband - this will make your pelvic floor like concrete, and give your strong thighs - that means when you are in labour, you will be able to - again, apologies - squat and squirt rather than be a sedentary, flabby modern mum who needs 48 hours and lots of drugs. It will also strengthen your bladder muscles so post-natal incontinence is not an issue and will make your vagina elastic - no bruising or tearing and it will go back into shape much faster and less painlessly after birth. Finally, your husband should stimulate your breasts through pregnancy sex, so hopefully you will begin to lactate about 8-9 months. This is a good thing - get your husband to suckle your milk so your breasts gradually and slowly fill with milk that flows easily, so after your quick and easy labour, the twins can suckle easily instead of you suddenly ending up with barrage balloon boobs that are incredibly painful and so sore that the babies' rooting feels like agony. Your boobs will also be less likely to get stretch marks and will stay pert and non-sagging the longer you are able to breastfeed.

      Above all, enjoy your pregnancy - there is a lot of scaremongering about twin pregnancies being dangerous or worrisome and a lot of that is a great deal of harmful exagerration that just makes you and your husband anxious and worry unnecessarily.

    How can I tell if my baby is orajel ok to use?
    My daughter just turned 4 months old. She drools constantly, her face is getting a rash from all the drool. She bites on everything she can, shes had a slight fever the last couple days, shes been waking up at night a lot more than she used too. Everyone tells me its too early for her to teethe, but i just dont know. Also, people keep telling me orajel is bad....would they really keep making it if it was bad?
    My mother in kaw told me that orajel is really bad for babies. That it keeps there teeth from coming in, thus causing more pain. I really dont believe her, shes kinda crazy.

    • ANSWER:
      She probably is teething and she isn't too young b/c every child is different and can began teething at different ages. My daughter was about that old when she got her first and she was exactly how you are describing your daughter. I knew she was teething b/c normally she was a pretty laid back baby and then she suddenly became very cranky and nothing I did would please her. If I was holding her she cried, if I put her down she cried. You can look at her gums and see if they are swollen or red and you can definetely tell from that. Orajel isn't bad for them but it didn't seem to help my daughter at all, it actually just made her more upset. See if she'll let you put you're finger in her mouth and massage her gums w/ a cold rag, or give her some frozen teething rings to chew on (make sure they're not too cold or it could take her breath away). Also, a little bit of tylenol may help her not feel so uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a 100% effect solution, it's just something you're gonna have to deal with. If it seems to get really bad ask her doctor if they have anything that can help w/ the pain. Good luck!

    What is going on with my three month old baby girl?
    For the past few days, my daughter's blocked tear duct has become worse, today we took her to the Doctor because last night she had a high fever, kept throwing her head back and gagging, drooling, her chest is a little weezy, she was just all round-Looking sick. We gave her some infants panadol, a bottle, and that seemed to help her get to sleep. Today the Doctor looked at her eye, called a specialist where he explained to him how to pop the membranes in her imature tear duct. The infection was quite evident, her eye started draining, finally real tears. Since then she has been crying a lot, still throwing her head back, gagging, drooling, her cheeks are very rosy and she has a high fever again. She has an appointment with the specialist tomorrow to do with her eye, but now i'm worried there is something else wrong. The Doctor prescribed her some amoxycillin paediactric drops. Which we've been giving her. She still has a fever but is now sleeping.
    What should we do? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It does not seem like an eye infection is the cause of all this.

      It seems it is a result of a bad cold, and most likely a virus ,

      I suggest that you run a warm bath for her and bathe her before bed time and again when she wakes up in the morning. it'll help loosen the mucus.

      keep her warm and comfortable, dress her in a sweatsuit its soft and warm

      next when you put her down to nap it should be at an angle

      so her head is elevated and the mucus can drain down in stead of getting stuck and pooling at the back of her throat, this is what causes the gagging.
      put her back on a pillow or hold her in your arms upright, even put her in the car seat, some people put the pillow under her crib mattress

      I don't like that idea personally

      the drooling can be a result of stuffy nose, if she has to use her mouth to breath then this is why she is drooling, also she can be teething and this can be terribly painfull for her, so check her mouth if it looks red at the gums or you see little white spots on her gums it could be teeth.

      I would suggest robitussin DM for children, and keep giving her the amoxicillan for the eye infection, it should not hurt her, but just watch for yeast infection in her diaper area ok.

      crying and throwing her head back is frustration

      Email me

      I really would like to know whats going on throughout the day. I can help make some suggestions.

      I have 3 boys 2 under 2 and a 10 year old.

    does a dog have bad breath when they have roundworms?
    My puppy has really bad breath and he also has Roundworms are thous two things related? If so how do i fix it? If not why does his breath smell so bad? He is a rescue but we think he is a shi-tzu terrier...( he doesn't have a squished face like a shi-tzu though) Thanks hope you can help

    • ANSWER:
      Worms in general can cause an animal (and humans) to develop bad breath. Weigh the dog and ask your Vet for a dewormer. (tell him the weight of your dog because animals are dewormed according to weight)
      If your puppy is finished teething then check to make sure that all the baby teeth have fallen out, if not ask your Vet to remove them. Also, remember to feed your dog only at mealtimes and brush his teeth strait after he has eaten. (only use dog toothpaste from your Vet) Bad breath can be caused by rotting teeth as a result of bad dental hygene.
      Good luck!

    Does my 17 month old son have a tooth infection?
    My son is 17 months old. He has been teething for about 1 week or so. He is grouchy as suspected. However I have noticed that his breath is a quite smelly. Could he possibly have a tooth infection or is this normal? Please help!!!!!

    *His breath smell this way all the time, even after I brush his teeth. Also the last time that I brushed his teeth, I noticed his gums were bleeding a bit.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm a dentist.

      It's unlikely that he has an infection. Nonetheless, if you're unsure, you should take him to a doctor (either his pediatrician or your dentist) to have him evaluated. You're probably better off seeing the dentist, as in my experience I have found that most physicians are pathologically inept at diagnosing oral/dental diseases.

      A few things for you to consider:

      Babies can have morning breath too (although it's generall not quite as bad as that of adults).

      The types of bacteria that reside in a child's mouth (i.e. the oral flora) change over time. The adult oral cavity is THE MOST bacteria-ridden area in our body. When I say "the most", I don't intend it as a figure of speech. Our anuses don't have as diverse a variety of bacteria as our mouths do.

      Why are our mouths so bacteria-ridden? Because there are lots of different environments in our mouths. There are bacteria that live on the surface of our teeth; bacteria that live in the grooves of our teeth; those that live deep in the decay we may have; bacteria that live on our teeth below our gumline; bacteria that live in our gingiva next to our teeth; bacteria that live on our tongue; in our throats; in our sinuses, and so on and so forth.

      A newborn does not have all of these environments, but as their teeth grow in, they develop them. As such, they become susceptible to the odors (and infections) caused by bacteria that reside in these various environments. Hence, the odor your smelling on your son's breath may just be the kind of bad breath that some adults have. But without seeing him myself, I certainly cannot rule out infection.

      It is also important for you to remember that halitosis is not just caused by bacteria indigenous to the oral cavity. Sinus infections can also cause bad breath, as can gastrointestinal problems.

      I would recommend the following:

      1. Spend a bit more time brushing his teeth, including the teething areas. Make sure you are doing a thorough job.

      2. Cut out the milk bottle or juice bottle at night when he is put in his crib (if you're giving it to him). At this age, he does not need nourishment overnight. Exposing his mouth to sugars after at this time only promotes bacterial growth.

      3. If doing this for a couple days doesn't improve the smell, take him to the dentist.

      4. If the dentist rules out oral diseases, take him to his pediatrician.

      5. If at any time your child develops a fever and/or appears sick to you, take him to his pediatrician. As I understand it, teething may cause elevated temperature, but not fever or malaise.

      Good luck.

    My dog has stanky breath.What should i use to make it go away>?
    She is a dachshund and she is the only dog out of 7 that I own that has a breath problem.
    its getting absolutly out of hand.I cant stand it anymore!!!!!!!

    what do you think would work best?Anyone have this problem in the past and if you did then what did you use.
    thanks im going to go out and and but a doggie tooth brush and some doggie tooth paste:)

    • ANSWER:
      Well I use dental chews/rusks/, use beef toothpaste from the petshop and if it comes back I'll take him to the vet but he's teething and mostly smelt of blood when baby ones fell out.
      I also find dental dog biscuits with a natural cleaner in the centre helps and try and find the ones she likes best.

      If she is young (- 6 months) she could be teething so make sure she drinks to get rid of the blood.

      Or go to a vet if it's really bad.

    Should i have these teeth removed on my dog?
    We adopted a dog about a month ago and had him checked out by the vet. The vet discovered extra teeth where the adult teeth came in and the baby teeth didnt fall out. The vet said he would not put him under just to remove the teeth and im worried about tooth decay. I brush his teeth every day and remove the fur that gets stuck in between the teeth but his breath is still pretty bad. Should i find another vet to remove them or just leave it alone?
    Hes 7-8 months old and he has already been neutered

    • ANSWER:
      Those teeth will need to come out, yes. They cause issues with bite and jaw development, and you can avoid that by pulling the baby teeth.

      The only reason I can think of as to why your vet won't do it is that your puppy is at the low end of the teething range (under 6 months). A lot of vets don't want to anesthetize a pup who is less than 6 mos old. If you have been waiting to spay/neuter, maybe your vet wants to remove the teeth at the same time? Or did something in his blood work indicate that he's a poor candidate for anesthesia?

      If that's not his reasoning, then I'd get another opinion.

      ETA: Ok, then he's plenty old enough to have those teeth pulled. Just consult with another vet and get it done.

    Co sleepers when did you start co sleeping...were you ever afraid of them falling asleep breastfeeding and not
    being able to breath

    my daughter is 5 months and is teething really bad at night time and so I am sleeping with her because she is getting up every hour to nurse...

    is this safe..

    is it okay if I fall asleep with her still nursing

    I know moms do it all the time but is there a technique?

    thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      There is no technique, just whatever works for you and baby. Remember to not use fluffy comforters and pillows, other than that...go for it. It does take some practice...I had the hardest time nursing laying down, but once we got it...yay!

      I love that we cosleep and that I *can* go back to sleep while nursing. If not I would have missed a LOT of sleep over the years. In fact, usually when they are done nursing at night, they are asleep, and they kind of fall back with their mouths open. It's the sweetest thing...

    My 15yr old pomeranian has no teeth and bad breath. Can't give him chews for this problem Any help appreciated
    Are there any herbal remedies for this?

    • ANSWER:
      Fresh Mint Leaves. Or Clove rubbed on the gums or tongue. Old dogs like baby teething rings cuz they are strong & squishy & you can refridgerate them or heat them according to the season or the dogs personal preference.

    My 8 week old Bernese Mountain dog play bites alot, what is the best way to discourage this?

    • ANSWER:
      Play biting? She's teething! She may be playful about it, but those gums of hers are probably a bit uncomfortable. I have a seven week old miniature dachshund, and she's teething too. Some, but not all, of her baby teeth have broken through yet. She was chewing on my fingers, hands, and clothing, but I quickly stopped this. First off, the best way to teach a puppy is not to discourage, but to reward it. Go to the store and buy some chew toys, or, if you prefer, you can give her some household items to chew on, like an old teddy bear, etc. When she goes to chew or bite you, quickly replace your hand/finger/whatever with a chew toy. Be sure to always have one on hand. Let her chew on it and when she chews on it reward her with love and attention and small treats (I use Old Mother Hubbard's Mini P-Nutty Treats, they're super small so you can give your puppy some every time it's good without over feeding it). Be sure to tell her what a good puppy she is! I did this for about two days, and her chewing on/biting me has almost stopped. Whenever she bites or chews, ignore the behavior. Don't punish it! Punishing can often be misconstrued as another way to get attention, just like when children act up to get attention (they're smart!). Ignore the behavior completely, ans simply replace the bad behavior with a positive one and reward her. I used this same reward method in her potty training, and at seven weeks old she is 100% potty trained. And I've spoken to the couple who now have her sister, and they are having a terrible time training you, and they are using the punishment method. Another tip, purchase a rope chew toy. Soak it in chicken or beef broth (low sodium) for a few hours. Then bake in the oven on a low heat until its dry again. Let your puppy chew on it to help break those last few baby teeth through its gums. Not only does it make the puppy's teeth feel better, but it also improves her dental hygiene and makes her puppy breath smell a lot better (which is notoriously gross!) Good luck with training your puppy!!!

    Does a kitten's gums turn red during teething?
    Chance is our bouncing 6.5 month old kitten I brought home from a TNR clinic I volunteered at in July '06. I've noticed his gums, just above the teeth, are red (or really dark pink). I wonder if it's from teething or may be it's something else? The rest of his gum area looks good. Since he was feral I have absolutely no history on him.

    He's happy and very playful (to the dismay of his 3 big brothers and sister). He doesn't act like he feels bad and he's eating fine.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, gums may become red and swollen. It's also normal to have bad breath. Believe it or not, some cats get just as cranky as babies do while teething. If your cat looks like it's in pain, throw an ice cube on the floor. He'll play with it, but will also lick it.

    My baby is teething and is quite ill?
    My baby is getting her top tooth coming through but has also got a bad case of snotty nose and is sick. I feel terrible for her as she cant breath when she's trying to drink her bottle and she is so bunged up she's gagging and being sick.
    Is this what usually comes with teething / symptoms?

    Also ive given her nurofen, bonjela, teething pwders and vix and nothing seems to help.

    I really need some advice as i have a really tearful restless baby.

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Rosie
      So sorry to hear about your little one. I would take her to the doctor to just make sure there isnt something else happening and to get advice on decongestants. Make a note of what colour the nasal discharge is just to make sure she hasnt got a chest infection. Get the doctor to check her ears as well as it may well be an ear infection as well. If it is teething, lots of cuddles and you could maybe get her a teething ring that you can put in the fridge that may help.

    My 5 month old is BAD! She screams when she can't crawl and demands food constantly! What's going on?
    I must feed her solids atleast 4 times a day. I give her huge bowls of rice cereal before bed and she still wakes. She drinks 6 oz. bottles every two hours ontop of all that food. She likes to scream if I don't hold her and throws a fit if I can't scoop the food into her mouth fast enough. Sometimes I have to shovel it in! Is this normal behavior of a 5 month old? She used to be behaved!

    • ANSWER:
      Alot of people are going to tell you you are doing something wrong and blahblahblah.

      First of all, don't give in to your daughter's demands. The more you do so the more she will learn that if she throws a fit she will get what she wants, and this behavior will become worse as she grows older.

      First of all you're not alone!

      As others have suggested, speak to a pediatrician about proper feeding for your child. If you keep feeding her the way you are now she will become obese and it may endanger her health, especially as she gets older. Also speak to the pediatrician about this behavior and what you can do to correct it.

      If she cries, ignore her. If she throws a fit, ignore that too. I know its hard to do so, but eventually as she sees that you are not responding to her fits she will stop, she'll grow out of it. Its simply a learned behavior. She throws fit, mommy responds, she gets what she wants, and does it again because she knows you won't ignore her.

      And no it is NOT cruel to ignore your child's demanding fits. It is beneficial to her mental and physical health that you slowly, but surely, correct this behavior immediately. All babies cry, that's normal.

      So next time your baby starts screaming, simply stop, take a deep breath, its going to be ok, it will pass. You could also give her one of those teething toys that babies chew on when thier teeth hurt. Go to your local pharmacy and ask about an appropriate item that you can give your daughter when she is teething.

      Secondly, and MOST importantly, don't be afraid to ask people around you questions. Children don't come with a "how to" manual (unfortunately lolz), so being confused about things isn't wrong. We all have our ups and downs the first time we have kids. Its being able to ask questions of the people who have experience with child raising that makes us parents and role models to our children, as it is a learning experience.

      So chin up!! :) You'll be just fine!

    My 3 month old son has red dry rough cheeks. now his ears are starting to crack. help please?
    My 3monyh old son has very rough dry red skin on his cheeks. he has had this since he was born. now i noticed that behind his ears, the skin is cracking and sort of cutting. Can anyone please help?

    • ANSWER:
      My son had the same problems from birth too. The cause ended up being an allergy. This is what our ped. allergist said to do. Remove all baby soaps and lotions. Wash baby in pure dove soap. Then coat him in euricin cream or cetaphil cream all over. The dry cheeks and ears are also a sign of teething and drool can dribble behind the ears and cause irritation as well. The Dr. was very clear on NOT using hydrocortizone anywhere near thhe face because it can cause scarring also said NOT to use vasoline because if it is a type of excema then vasoline does not allow the skin to breath and this will make it worse. Also said to use detergent cheer free and clear and not baby detergent, ALL free and clear is cheaper but the same. I noticed that my newborn spent a lot of time being passed around to well wishers and their clothing and lotions and perfumes would also make it worse, you might ask everyone to wash hands in dove soap and put a clean blanket between them and his skin. I also know from mom experience that food allergy can look the same when they are tiny but evolve into constant colds and stomache issues as older. Remember that in the winter even outerwear needs to be washed frequently because of cross contamination. In the summer time if it is very humid you will need little amounts compared to the winter as the more humid air is not as drying to the skin. Good luck and remember to be vigilant about getting rid of possible allery culprits and keep a journal of what makes it worse, that way when you begin solids you will know if food is a culprit as well.

    why do puppies have bad breath?
    why would a puppy have bad breath when he is done teething?

    tried changing food and diet and using mint dental stix...

    • ANSWER:
      Check all her teeth & gums to make sure none are impacted (the baby tooth hasn't been pushed out by the adult tooth) or for redness & gum swelling. If all looks OK & she's chewing normally, it's probably no big deal.

      If you're not sure, or you have a hard time checking, have your vet take a quick look-see in her mouth. Sometimes a baby tooth gets impacted & will get infected.

    I think my kitten is teething?
    My cat hasn't been eating that much and he's been chewing on his moist cat treats more than he should be. He uses them like people chew gum. His breath is a little bad and there's a tooth loose in his gums. He's been laying around and not playing that much at all. He's about 6-7 months old.

    Is this normal? I didn't know cats could teeth like babies?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should bring him to the vet tomorrow. The bad breath indicates infection and he should have lost his "baby" teeth already.
      Please call the vet first thing in the morning, the kitten is in pain if he is not eating normally.

      A little information for you:

    how do you get your smart 8 month old to sleep at night?
    My son is 8 months old and advanced!!very smart hes already saying words and trying to walk. Lately hes been throwing fits where he holds his breath and turns do i get him to sleep at night and not scream and cry? i had him trained to not throw fits but hes starting again. I want to end it before it gets really bad. Thanks :D

    • ANSWER:
      Angela, it sounds like you are concentrating too much on specific methods and not leaning on your own motherly instincts. Using a system is fine but sometimes babies change the rules when they are going through different stages of life. You may be confusing what you see as fits for something your baby sees as (teething pain, ear infection, separation anxiety, etc..)
      Try getting a check up at the doctors to rule out any pain that your child can't communicate and tehn if it isn't that try changing the bedtime routine to include a little more cuddle time with mommy. It is frustrating, just when you get comfortable they throw a wrench in the system. I hope it all works out. Just trust yourself!

    Movies And Music are the Reason People falling in Love?
    i think that u?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you may have something there XXX. Starry-eyed teenage girls (and some older ones) watch that stuff and think it's real life. Then the romantic music so beautiful, singing of devotion and love that lasts forever. They actually believe they will stroll off into the sunset together, happily ever after. And then there is real life with bills and illnesses, affairs, car repairs, in-laws, teething babies, stretch marks, and bad breath. What a bummer, huh?

      But once in a while, when you least expect it, you look up into the most incredible pair of eyes. And you smile, and your heart smiles, and you fall....and it's real.

      Sweet dreams.

    My 7 month olds breath smells weird?
    my babies breath smells weird not really sure how to explain it, almost like medicine or metallic. I talked to a few people about this and they say there babies did the same thing while teething. Did anyone else ever experience this?

    • ANSWER:
      I have not notcied a metalic smell at all but my son started to get bad breath while he slep at night after cutting teeth.

      Some times it smells pretty funky but the only time it ever smells is while he sleeps. In the day his breath is odorless.

      I brush his teeth 2 times a day and let him chew on his Babby Banana Brush in his high chair. It is an infant tooth brush.

      My son's bad breath started around 6 months.

    bad breath for teething puppy?
    I have a 5 month old chi and he is teething but, his breathe is (ugh) horrible. What can I do to make it more tolerable atleast?

    • ANSWER:
      Teething is a hard time for pups. They are at their worst for chewing things. !st make sure your pup is chewing on the right things to help new teeth come in. Rebel is 100% correct in checking for retained teeth. They can cause problems if they do not fall out while the new teeth are pushing through.

      Bad breath at this time is very normal. Pups get upset stomachs while teething and that means bad breath. Doesn't matter what you feed them. Raw meat bones help with the teething process too.
      Plus if the new teeth are coming in or old baby teeth falling out some blood can also be mixed with the dogs saliva making it smell bad. If the pup swallows enough of the blood then that in it self will upset it's stomach. Blood is very irritating to the stomach lining causing more stomach acid and getting bad breath too.

      Watch for any retained teeth and if they do not fall out then your next move is to see your vet. They can cause misalignment of the dogs permanent teeth.

      Hope this helps!.

    At what age should a child stop "drooling" and "dribbling" while eating and using the bathroom?

    • ANSWER:
      Children vary a lot in how much they drool. My daughter stopped before the age of 2. My son drooled quite a lot more than daughter ever did. Kinfolks joked about using him to wash the car! I put a bib on him as a baby all the time and he would soak it several times a day. This seemed to have something to do with teething, but even when he wasn't obviously teething, he would drool quite a lot. He was much slower to stop than my daughter. He also sucked his thumb, which she did not, and I'm sure this was part of the problem. He continued this sucking through his fourth year, and this continued the problem to a degree, though it lessened as he got older. He seemed to be worse when he was tired or had a cold, when he was breathing through his mouth. Allergies were worse in my son also, which made him breath through his mouth and this no doubt played a role. He took allergy shots for a couple of years in elementary school and this helped somewhat, both with the allergy problem and the drooling. I don't recall precisely what age that was, as he is now over 25. But if you're concerned, take him to the doctor and talk about allergy testing, having his sinuses checked -- another possible reason for excessive drooling -- and he might also be needing to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables if he's constipated and is straining and that's what's causing the drooling in the bathroom. Give it a try since that's relatively painless anyway. More liquids in the diet could possibly help as well, oddly enough.

    My siamese kitten has the most awful breath. He is 5 months old. Does anyone have any idea why it's so bad?
    He has recently been losing a few of his baby teeth, could this be the reason or is there a bigger issues?

    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      It could just be because he's teething.
      Or maybe it's time to worm him again.

    My 1 Year Old Has a Stuffy Nose, What should i do?
    my son is 13 months old and is sick for the first time, he was first sneezing with running nose and gave him tylenol and so the sneezing stop and now has a stuffy nose, he cant sleep well neither do i and he drinks his milk but i cant stand watching coz he gets out of breath, anyways what can i do so he could get some relieve? coz the pharmacist at CVS told me there's nothing i can give him.

    • ANSWER:
      There really isn't anything that you can give him medicine wise. The best thing I can recommend from experience is a humidifier, maybe a little baby Vick's on the chest and a nasal aspirator. My son hated having the boogers sucked form his nose but if it helped him breathe so be it. It's a common cold and they suck but it has to run it's course. Also remember to give him lots of fluids. The milk could make his congestion worse so I'd steer clear of too much milk. If you feel he's not eating/drinking enough you could also get some pedialyte from the grocery.
      The tylenol won't really do anything unless he has pain. I don't like taking medicines myself so I try not to give them to my son unless I know he's in pain like from teething or shots. Like I said, colds suck but they have to do their thing. No worries, good luck!

    Baby had bad breath? What to do/give?
    I try brushing her teeth but she's too small and she rejects the toothbrush or she just wants to play with it. I'm not sure if she's having bad breath because of her teething and there may be some dry blood....but does anyone have any solutions to this. Not that it's a big problem, of course it is not, but I prefer to know that her mouth is clean to avoid any type of bacterial growth.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all how old is your daughter? Until she has most of her teeth in you shouldn't use a toothbrush as it can damage her gums and will mess up not only her baby teeth but adult teeth as well. If she doesn't have most of them in, I suggest using a wet wash cloth and wiping her teeth after meals.

      As for bad breathe it can be from a variety of things, dried blood from teething, teething can sometimes cause bad breath because all the extra saliva or it could be an infection. When my daughter got thrush her mouth started to smell awful but we didn't have any symptoms for about a week then finally her tongue started to have a white coating.

    Is stinky kitten breath normal?
    I have a 4-month old kitten. She was thrown out near our home so we are going to adopt her. We have had her a couple of months now and will be taking her for her shots/spay very soon. She has been strictly an inside kitty since we found her and she has eaten nothing but quality food. She appears to be in excellent health, but her breath stinks something terrible! Yuk. I've read that sometimes this can be due to losing baby teeth. Is this true or is there another reason? Will this go away eventually?

    • ANSWER:
      Their breath does smell when they are teething.Sometimes,they will get very sore gums and won't eat much,especially when their canines are erupting. Other things that can cause bad breath are respiratory infections and sore throats,but it is probably from teething. Just ask your vet when you take her to be spayed. And thank you for getting her spayed!!

    There is blood when I spit out the saliva early in the morning before brushing my teeth. What can this be?

    • ANSWER:
      dear friend
      U have bleeding Gums.. before i tell you the remedy, i will first let u know about it, so that u have enough knowledge to fight back with problem if it occurs again...

      Bleeding from the gums is mainly due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth at the gum line. This will lead to a condition called gingivitis, or inflamed gums. If plaque is not removed through regular brushing and dental appointments, it will harden into what is known as tartar. Ultimately, this will lead to increased bleeding and a more advanced form of gum and jawbone disease known as periodontitis.


      When you check your mouth, see if you have any of these:

      Gums are red,soft,puffy or swollen
      Gums bleeding during brushing or flossing
      Teeth that look longer caused by gum recession
      Gums separating ,or pulling away, from teeth
      Teeth shifting or loosing
      Changes in the way you teeth fit when biting
      Constant bad breath or a bad taste in mouth
      Pus coming from between teeth and gums

      Any of the above might indicate gum disease.
      Common cause of bleeding gums:
      Gingivitis from inadequate plaque removal
      Periodontitis( advanced form of gingivitis)
      Toothbrush abrasion,improper flossing
      Infection,which can be either tooth or gum-related
      Chemical irritants such as aspirin
      Placement of new dentures can lead to denture sores/irritation
      Teething in babies and young children.
      Pregnancy,blood-thining medications,or bleeding disorders,each can cause gums to bled easily
      Lack vitamins, such as vitamin K or vitamin C,or medical problems, such as anemia,that interfere with the body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins.

      The following tips can help prevent gum disease

      Floss at least once a day
      Brush after every meal
      Use a water pick to help flush out food from between teeth
      Have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year
      Use a mouth rinse to help prevent bacteria buildup in the mouth
      Have regular checkups with your dentist

      thanks for the query..
      god bless u
      Dr Sumit Dubey
      New Delhi

    Do shih-tzu's get diarrhea for there baby teeth coming out?
    cause she has bad breath and she has diarrhea and its about time for her baby teeth coming out! and im so WORRIED about her she just turned 4 months old and a female!she is acting normal!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, quite often, when teething they will get diarrhea.. be quiet, act like they don't feel well ... even have a slight fever.. It's hard on them..

    how to know if my 11weeks old baby is teething she always cry for no reason and put her hands in her mouth?

    • ANSWER:
      My daughter was the same way when she was teething. Normally she'd be pretty laid back and easy to deal with, but when she was teething she would be sooo irritable and nothing I could do would satisfy her. If you look in her mouth at her gums you may be able to see a tiny bit of the tooth breaking through, or if the gums like red or swollen. Orajel is ok but it didn't seem to help my daughter at all, it actually just made her more upset. See if she'll let you put you're finger in her mouth and massage her gums w/ a cold rag, or give her some frozen teething rings to chew on (make sure they're not too cold or it could take her breath away). Also, a little bit of tylenol may help her not feel so uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a 100% effect solution, it's just something you're gonna have to deal with. If it seems to get really bad ask her doctor if they have anything that can help w/ the pain. Good luck!

    I have a 6 week old puppy! But I need help on potty training him!?
    K! So I havent had my puppy super long only for alil over a week! But I need tips on potty training parents expect him to learn ASAP..Im tryin to tel them it doesnt happen over nite..that even us when we were babies didnt learn to go to the toilet over nite. But who likes someone poopin and peein everywhere! haha hahaha I know itll take awhile for him to learn! But i would really apperciate what do i do if he has an accident? I know to praise him when he goes outside...but what if he doesnt? I think hes KINDA got the peeing down but the know...uhhh NOPE. So any advice please! THANKS!!!!!! N wish me luck! hahaha

    • ANSWER:
      You poor thing, you are between a rock and a hard place and you, your parents, your floors and the puppy are suffering because of mistakes by the breeder.

      I am feeling so bad for you that I am afraid this is going to be a very long answer. I hope it helps.

      First, take a deep breath: You can get through this and you are doing a good job. It is great that he is starting to get the peeing part down and you are praising him when he goes outside. You are on the right track.

      Please get a reputable book on puppies (such as "Before and After You Get Your Puppy" by Dr. Ian Dunbar) and share it with your parents.

      Also let your folks know that the puppy is too young to be away from its mother (8 weeks is the minimum and in some states in the US it is illegal to sell a pup under this age.) and for that reason, expecting the puppy to be easy to housebreak is unreasonable. Although he is getting the "peeing" down, he will have set backs---so be prepared.

      Like you said, housebreaking can take time just like with people----BUT there are also some things a pup is incapable of at certain ages just as YOU were incapable of certain things at certain ages.

      Such as walking or teething----expecting a 3 month old human baby to sprout teeth like a 6 month old---or crawl or anything like that, is just unreasonable.

      As you know, MOST of housebreaking is getting the puppy outside at the right time and rewarding them like crazy---hand him tons of treats when he potties outside and praise like crazy. Also wait about 2-3 minutes after he pees to give him time to poop. Always stay with the dog and have it on leash when it goes out to potty. This is key!

      Confine him to a crate or x-pen when you are not watching him
      like a hawk.If he starts to circle and sniff, scoop him up, run outside and put him where he needs to go potty. Praise like crazy and hand out treats. (Keep them in a pocket)

      The goal: potty outside equals a big pay day.

      ***The treats don't have to be big dog biscuits. Either feed him his regular dog food OR EVEN BETTER get something yummy and age-appropriate (ask the vet) and break it into SMALL chunks. Three tiny pieces of a treat the size of the white part of your fingernail is more exciting for your dog than one lump of treat. AND too many treats is not good for his tummy

      You must also confine him in a small crate or pen when you can't watch over him so there are fewer accidents.

      If he has an accident, do not use bleach or another cleanser on the floor. Bleach smells different to dogs than people. Find an enzyme-based cleaner like "Nature's Miracle" and follow the instructions. I know this stuff works because I have seen it used in shelters/training centers in the places where they train puppies and don't want any spot on the floor to smell after an "accident".

      What makes it so hard for your pup is that he can't "hold it" for any length of time, and he is also used to having his mum help clean up after him a bit.

      At 8 weeks he may be able to hold it about 2 hours at most. I don't know how long a 6 week old pup should be able to hold it---but it can't be long.

      Plus, any running around, excitement, eating or drinking can make the urge to go even worse. (The tummy gets full and pushes and bowels and bladder empty to make room.)

      Another factor--when you got the pup at 5 weeks he would not have been fully weaned yet, and eating regular puppy food so soon may be doing a number on him.

      Poor tyke and poor you.

      Take him to a vet and get him checked and make sure his shots are on track. Bring him to the vet in a crate and do not let him have contact with any other dogs or even the ground they are walking on. Carry him.

      If you have other questions/issues you might even want to contact the breed club rescue or a reputable all-breed rescue for advice on helping a pup this young. (Try the national breed club or They won't want to take the pup away from you---but they will do everything humanly possible to help you train and keep the pup.

      Once your parents understand that the pup you were sold was not ready to be sold yet---or ready to be housebroken---they will have more sympathy. Compare it to buying a house that is unfinished: the sheetrock walls are up, the carpet is in, the plumbing is in and the electricty is wired but there are no faucets or switches yet. It looks like a house and you can live in it---but it is not completely ready for occupation.

      Then follow the advice in Dr. Dunbar's book and it will be a huge help. Pay particular attention to the parts about socialization with people and other dogs, AND bite inhibition***

      Bite inhibition is something the mother dog starts teaching pups---but yours did not get the benefit of these lessons---and good bite inhibition means less likelihood of a dog biting as an adult EVEN WHEN he is provoked.(Like when a 45 pound kid falls out of an oak tree onto a sleeping arthritic dog. My son did this and was NOT bitten by our dog.)

      Take the pup to puppy kindergarten when he is older and this will help him learn the rules of human society and canine society at the same time.

      Best wishes, sweetie on working with this pup. Get the book----it will be a big help---and post here if you need more help. I will look for your posts.

    Wisdom teeth infection? antibiotics not working?
    So on the 18th i had my wisdom teeth removed 4 of them. Yesterday the 26th was my first week since surgery and i felt ready to eat real food. I had a muffin and big texas which were soft foods but also a hot sausage sandwich on bun. It wasn't hard and had a little spice. Now on the left side which the wisdom tooth was removed at the top the hole/gum is swollen and i don't feel.comfortable closing my mouth. There isn't any pain at all but i can feel my gums and it feels fat like a teething baby. I also have bad breath due to i can can't open my mouth fully and i researched that blood clots stink too. Yesterday came out what i thought could have been a piece of food or blood clot. Blood clots hurt so is it not it? I have antibiotics called amoxicillin and i have been taking them religiously until yesterday because i missed a dose by mistake but back on track. What could be the cause of this? If it doesn't heal down I'm gonna go to the dentist but i will like feedback and personal stories that relate to this. Please no talk of irrelevant things not with this problem or silly answers im really serious here.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi OK I think you agree you ate a little too soon too much and your gums could not cope.
      If you can buy some sea salt and mix some to taste with some water rinse gargle three four times a day. These wounds take time to heal so not to panick - you can call the Dentist for more advice see what he says. Make the health of your teeth a lifelong priority - follow guidelines on how. TC :)

    My baby has bad breath!?
    She will be 1 in less than two weeks. For months now she has had bad breath. Not like milk breath, like real adult morning breath, and she has it all day long! I brush her teeth after breakfast and before bed but it makes no difference. I use only a tiny amount of childrens toothpaste and dont expect her to smell "minty fresh". At first I thought it was from teething, maybe like a wound because her teeth were pushing through her gums.

    What could this be? Have you had problems like this with your child? How can I stop it?


    • ANSWER:
      ask her pedriatician for more details, may be somethings wrong inside the throat, ears , nose, and relationship with the mouth.

      I have 3 kids, will be 4, never see that problems btw, usually the bad-breath coming when the kids already 5years++.

      Keep spirit and good day!

    Why don't dogs teeth fall out?
    Dogs rarely or never have their teeth brushed and they don't floss. If humans didn't take care of our teeth they would rot and fall out, right? My dog is 16 and his teeth look pretty good. They're a little yellow and his breath smells, but they're not rotted or antyhing. Do dogs just have stronger or more resistant teeth then us?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, most health problems that dogs contract can be linked to poor dental health (plague gets into their blood systems and internal health issues arise).

      As our knowledge of pet needs advances, its come into light that dogs and cats need just as much dental care as the rest of us. Because they tend to eat hard kibble, it helps in removing plague and maintaining stronger gums, however.

      But you'll notice most vets reccomend a dental cleaning yearly now and there are kits to let people brush their pets teeth at home weekly or at least with every bath.

      My lab never had dental assistance and made it to 19 just fine.. but (and I didn't know this back then, I was a kid) his slightly yellow teeth were a sign of plaque and gingivitis, and the bad breath was from the same. We were just lucky.

      ALSO as a side note to the folks above who said their teeth are locked or don't fall out.. tooth loss does occur in dogs from poor dental health. And they do lose their baby teeth as well just like other mammals, they just tend to swallow them so most folks don't notice. Our puppy was constantly shedding his baby teeth all over his teething toys.

    Is a steroid necessary for asthma treatment for a toddler?
    My twin sons are almost 20 months and this winter got beaten down by a lot of colds. One of the twins had to go to the ER for what turned out to be a very bad case of RSV. He in general wheezes a lot more than his brother when he's sick and wheezes quite a bit just when he gets all riled up with play. Anyway, our pediatrician advised albuterol neb treatments after the 3rd or 4th trip to her office and after treating him with that a couple of times and switching to xopenex (levalbuterol) it seemed to help symptomatically, but I'm still worried about the frequency of recurrence. SO this latest episode which kind of came out of nowhere and has led him to have the worst barky cough I've ever heard and makes him cry with the effort of trying to cough up whatever is irritating his poor lungs has really pushed me to push the pediatrician into looking deeper into the recurring RSV. So, I was told that it is a good possibility it is asthma and they recommend starting him on Pulmicort. I am not thrilled with the idea of putting him on a steroid. I will do it if it is necessary, but shouldn't there be more investigation before diagnosing a serious condition like asthma and prescribing a heavy-duty drug like a steroid?? I don't like giving either of my sons any kind of drug unless it is absolutely necessary. I'm just overwhelmed and confused by all the information out there and would like some advice from anyone who has already gone through this!!

    • ANSWER:
      my son had RSV when he was 6 weeks old can be real scary that's for sure, was your twins perm at all as its common in perm babies. and my daughter last week was taken in hospital because boom out of no where she couldn't breath (she did have pneumonia a couple of years ago) she had to have nebulizers every 2 hours and steroids for 3 days. she is now a lot better. an inhaler may help your son a lot. If you are worried about long term use only use it when he is bad with his chest. it maybe something that he grows out of as one of my other daughters now has no problems but when she was a toddler she always had a bad chest. it also maybe the teething that is causing your sons bad chest.

    Question about a dog...Read on?
    Alright, i have a chihuahua that is 5 months old. Lately he has had awful breath. I know it can be because of a tooth problem and all so no need to tell me to take him to the vet for its his teeth...i know! Ok, well, I was wondering if it could be because he's going through the stage of losing his baby teeth and getting the adult ones. Could that possibly be his awful breaths cause? Again, i know he will have to go to the vet more than likely but i want an idea of what it could be if anyone knows. Serious answers only!

    thanks!! 10 pts to the most informative and helpful..(oh and no website links if possible too, unless its absolutely necessary!)
    He was wormed last time he went to the vet about a month or a little over ago to get his shots, and he has no fleas, doubt that matters just thought id mention it. He weighed 3.7 pounds last time he went in and weighs about 5 or so pounds now, not sure the exact weight. He goes in in the next few months to get neutered.

    • ANSWER:
      Teething puppies often have bad breath, but this is usually normal and passes after teething is completed.

    My 10 month old baby/toddler has persistent bad breath
    We brush his teeth with a finger brush and damp cloths frequently and the bad breath in not just in the morning. It started a couple of weeks ago. It smells like tuna fish and will return shortly after brushing his teeth without napping or using a paci in between. He doesn't seem to have any other symptoms (I heard the cause can be infection - tonsils, sinus, etc for bad odors). I couldn't find anything specifically on the tuna sandwhich smell. I just started using saline drops in the nose only today, to see if it will make a difference. We did have relatives that came and stayed with us over a month ago for a few days (from Europe), and their toddler had a cough and cold and he picked up a really light case of it - and it has been long gone for the few couple of weeks. He has 3 bottles a day of enfamil, he does use a pacifier in his crib which gets changed out and I have increased his water intake to try to flush the smell out. He eats (homemade cubes) sweet potatoes, chicken, zucchini, yo baby yogurt, bananas etc. I try to keep the fruit to only bananas, pears and applesauce due to early acid reflux when he was younger. He is teething - has 2 front coming in, 2 side front coming in, 2 bottoms in and 1 bottom side coming in. What could this be from and is it anything to be concerned about?
    When this began, I started using the elmo toothpaste without fluoride made for infants that comes with the finger brush.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried the baby toothpaste? They make it safe for infants w/o flourine or other chemicals. Baby can swallow it w/o any problem.

      Other than that, I don't know there's much you can do. If you are concerned, call a pediatric dentist. They may have some good advice.

      Good luck!

    am i missing anything on my dog supply list?
    here is a list i made on all the things we are going to need before we get a puppy
    water dish
    food dish
    a bed for her crate
    baby gates
    am i missing anything? im getting the puppy tuesday, we already have a few of the tings :)

    • ANSWER:
      Your pretty set, I'd also include shampoo for dogs, a toothbrush and paste for dogs(it's best to start brushing when there young or you'll have a dog with plaque and bad breath. Please take my word for it!) and heartguard you can get from your vet, lastly chew bones are great for teething dogs( rawhide bones) highly reccomend.

    my 14 month old lately has been having really bad breath....?
    I brush her teeth 2-3 times a day. She does still wake up once a night for a bottle, which I am trying to break her of. She also uses a pacifier wich I will be breaking her of shortly after the bottle. any ideas on the breath issue? Is it normal?
    Yes, I believe she is teething with molars!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I know some babies get bad breath when they are teething. Perhaps she is getting some molars??

    my 11 month old daughter has had a runny nose for like 2weeks now, or so, and is coughing too?
    i think it got worse these last couple of days, before it used to mostly at night, but now she is coughing during the day too, it sounds pretty bad at night, like she cannot catch a breath, it sounds to me like a whooping cough, could i be right.... i hope it isnt, she doesnt have a fever, just a runny nose and a cough, but her cough scares me... what do u think it is, and did ur baby have similar symtoms, and should i see a doctor... could that also be from teething or its impossible... because i would say she seems fine, if not runny nose and cough....

    • ANSWER:
      Take her to a doctor, it could be any number of things including croupe, ear infection or RSV all of which can be very serious, 1 week is too long to let it go on and if it is getting worse, she probably needs treatment.

      My doctor told me with my first son, to call anytime I had a question or concern, no matter how stupid I felt, or how little the problem seemed, it was better to call them and have them say there was no concern than it was to have something wrong and have it go untreated.

    Why would my 7 month old have bad breath but only while he sleeps?
    So recently my 7 month old son has started to have bad breath at night.

    And I brush his teeth right before bed and in the morning and in the afternoon.

    But it only smells at night, never during the day.

    I took him to his Dr because I thought maybe there was some kind of sinus infection or virus going on...

    He has a clean bill of health. He has not been stuffed up or congested, nor has he been acting sick at all...

    His Dr can't explain it and seemed to think it wasn't a worry...

    But he gets REALLY bad breath. It is so bad lately that when I join him in bed at night with his mouth closed I can smell it a little. And it has been going on for almost a month now.

    Is it possibly teething? He has been cutting so many teeth in the past month... he had 4 cut at 5 months but in the past mont he has had another 4 come fully in and he is now cutting another 2...

    I asked his Dr if it was possibly due to the teething and he said no...

    Has this happened to your baby when they were teething?

    I did some reading and the info I found said the same thing the Dr said... Sinus infection or Virus... But like I said, it is only at night and has been going on for a month now...

    Any insight on this?

    lol rave girl! Thanks...

    • ANSWER:
      awe you care a lot for your baby thats sweet, i can tell your a great mother to detect his breath! thats really sweet. i would think its a sinus infection too, sorry i cant help much

    babies symptoms - what else could they be?
    My baby has been off colour for a few days now, She is dribbling loads, has runny nose, bad breath, irritable, tired with not much energy. All of this I put down to a cold and possible teething until last night, when she developed a rash. It has now spread to her back and is litle little red pin pricks. I have done the glass test which was clear and I am taking her to docs this pm. I was wondering what else it could be? Do babies get rashes when they have a cold? teething? any advice from oter mums would be welcome. She is just over a year
    I forgot to mention she has been off her food and not taking a great deal of water either

    • ANSWER:
      when my son was teething he was dribbling loads, wouldnt eat, generally upset, and tired he also had a wee rash over his cheeks aswell,
      Its more that likely teething rash but check with your doctor just incase
      also ask him for infant paracetamol.

    My puppy has horrible breath!!?
    My puppy is 4 1/2 months old and has the worst breath!! I have read this can be from teething which she is certainly in the middle of, but is there anything I can do to help it sort of pulling all her baby teeth out :)
    I was joking about pulling out her baby teeth . . . hope that was clear

    • ANSWER:
      I'd say the bad breath is caused by teething. Often teething pups mouths bleed as the teeth are wobbling around loose before they fall out.. This is what's causing the bad breath.

      As long as your pup's mouth looks healthy and she has no digestive problems I wouldn't worry about it. This too shall pass.

    are you born with gingivitis?
    everyone in my family seem to be born with breath problems. even the small babies. how is that possible. The dentists don't have all the answers.

    • ANSWER:
      the clinical definition of gingivitis is: inflamation of gums, caused by bacteria/plaque on teeth.

      No, babies are not born with inflamed gums - gums get inflamed when they begin teething, but that's a different clinical diagnosis completely.

      It is hereditary, however, to have gastric reflux problems. Maybe the bad breath is originating from the stomach, and not the gums?

    Ummm, teething puppies???? need help?
    Hi guys, i was just wonder a question about my new baby yorkshire terriers? They are about 6 months old, and they've started teething. Their breath stinks really bad, and i was just wondering if it was bc they were teething. Does anyone know? Thanks, riley :D.
    It smells worse than

    • ANSWER:
      its because their puppies.

    Is it normal for a teething baby to have a weird odor in saliva?...he is 13 months old...?
    Is it normal for a teething baby to have a weird odor in saliva?...he is 13 months old...?
    And I am getting worried because of this smelly Saliva...everytime he puts in fingers in his mouth ... his hands stink :( and I feel really bad when he is around other kids and they notice it too :( please...tell me what it is? I asked his doctor about any possible oral yeast infection that was causing it and he said that its not yeast infection its just that he gags (with his fingers in his mouth because of teething) and that makes the Saliva smelly :( it normal or am I getting worried for a reason?
    Please please me!

    PS. I noticed this smell after when I started giving him whole milk...does that make any connection?
    AND he is NOT having bad breath...its just his saliva!....I have searched the internet for 1000 times and all the time all I could find was cure for the bad baby breath!...please share your xperiences!

    • ANSWER:
      there is no reason to worry here! adults and children too can have smelly saliva and it not mean anything! if he's gagging when munching on his fingers then he may be bringing some bile or sick up a little and causing it to smell!
      i remember my eldest having this slightly when he was teething it also gave him terrible dribble rash! once he had all his teeth the smelly saliva went to! so my guess is its linked with his teething!

      mum to 3.5yrold, 2.5yrold & 8month old!

    Is it normal for a teething baby to have a weird odor in saliva?...he is 13 months old...?
    And I am getting worried because of this smelly Saliva...everytime he puts in fingers in his mouth ... his hands stink :( and I feel really bad when he is around other kids and they notice it too :( please...tell me what it is? I asked his doctor about any possible oral yeast infection that was causing it and he said that its not yeast infection its just that he gags (with his fingers in his mouth because of teething) and that makes the Saliva smelly :( it normal or am I getting worried for a reason?
    Please please me!

    PS. I noticed this smell after when I started giving him whole milk...does that make any connection?
    AND he is NOT having bad breath...its just his saliva!....I have searched the internet for 1000 times and all the time all I could find was cure for the bad baby breath!...please share your xperiences!
    Please please... I need more answers!
    He doesnt have thrush for sure (touch wood) but I think there may be some sort of infection...I brush his teeth regularly! so I am still worried because even after putting alot of poor baby is getting a bad smelling saliva :( I am really really worried :(
    No, he was not colic and he is a healthy baby too...its just the smell that is not normal I guess ... :( am going to his doctor again I guess!

    • ANSWER:
      I think that the best thing to do would be to take away cows milk for a few weeks and see if it improves. I have heard of this happening to someone before and it turned out that they were sensitive to dairy. Dairy is not for everyone. A lot of babies can't tolerate it.

    Is it normal for a teething baby to have a weird odor in saliva?...he is 13 months old...?
    And I am getting worried because of this smelly Saliva...everytime he puts in fingers in his mouth ... his hands stink :( and I feel really bad when he is around other kids and they notice it too :( please...tell me what it is? I asked his doctor about any possible oral yeast infection that was causing it and he said that its not yeast infection its just that he gags (with his fingers in his mouth because of teething) and that makes the Saliva smelly :( it normal or am I getting worried for a reason?
    Please please me!

    PS. I noticed this smell after when I started giving him whole milk...does that make any connection?
    AND he is NOT having bad breath...its just his saliva!....I have searched the internet for 1000 times and all the time all I could find was cure for the bad baby breath!...please share your xperiences!
    Thanks Ellie and Chris!
    that was very informative!!

    • ANSWER:
      I think the doctor should have taken a swab of his mouth, perhaps one from the tongue and one from the throat, perhaps even one of just his saliva. Odor often means some sort of infection. Does it only smell when it is on his hands? Maybe that's another clue. If you have only noticed it since changing his milk I would say there is something in that to investigate further. Try another milk perhaps goats or soy. Keep at it you will find your answer, good luck.

    SIX Canine teeth - YES SIX! - have you seen this?
    My six month old kitten is teething and has horrible dragon breath. This is the 28th kitten I have raised - be them my own adopted babies or kittens I fostered.

    Never, have I seen this, his milk teeth are coming out, on schedule and as they should be - I know the teething and bad breath are normal and as expected.

    BUT - he currently has two top canines on each side. They are side by side as if the new adult tooth pushed the milk tooth to the side.

    I called the vet and they said it is okay...odd, but okay. I just need to keep checking him and making sure he is eating.

    Has anyone ever seen this? I am going to try and get a picture but it is hard to hold his mouth open and operate the camera at the same time.
    Thank you! That picture looks pretty much like what my poor little Leopolds mouth looks like.

    The input is appreciated. I am glad I checked in with the vet. I will continue to check him daily - and try to get that picture :-)

    • ANSWER:
      I have seen and heard of dogs having something like this. When they are suppose to loose their puppy teeth, they never fall out, and the adult teeth grow right along side of it.

      Never have I heard about it in cats though.

      I will try to find more info, or images...but I am having no luck right now.

      Edit: It's called: Retained Deciduous (Baby) Teeth
      Found a site:

my baby has bad breath teething

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