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    What are the dangers of having a rotten wisdom tooth in your mouth?
    I need to set up an appointment with someone soon. Til then, I feel like my wisdom tooth may be rotten because it hurts all the time something sweet goes over it. It's time to get it pulled out anyway eventually because my gum flap is over it and it does nothing but trap food under it and I can't brush under the gum flap of skin covering the wisdom tooth. It makes my breath smell really bad too. I have to always have gum with me because of this.

    • ANSWER:
      that sucks, you dunce. you should put rubbing alcohol over it, maybe even a little bleach.

    Dry Socket or Infection of pulled wisdom tooth?
    I had a wisdom tooth pulled 2 days ago. The same day I developed fever, weak, dizzy on and off. The next day a horrible smell and taste in my mouth. The gum around the extraction and lots of gum near turned white and grey. That white stuff smelled like rotten egg.
    Does anyone have any idea what that white stuff is.
    My dentist said it's dry socket. But I am not sure as there is pain but not bad, but I get weak and shaking and cold on and off during the day all day long and that horrible smell and taste with the throbing pain down my throat.
    Any idea if it is infection or dry socket or something else?
    And what is the best way of healing it?
    How long does the healing take?
    I am worried that it is infection and that it can cause more health issues as my immune system is not good. I am allergict to all antibiotics and have to be very careful with any medication. My dentist is not experienced enough and does not say or do much. help.

    • ANSWER:
      Dry socket happens when newly formed blood clot in the extraction site does not form correctly or is prematurely lost.
      Jaw pain
      Swollen gums
      Facial swelling
      Swollen jaw lymph glands
      Swollen lymph glands near the ear
      Bad breath or a foul odor coming from your mouth

      Avoid drinking through a straw, the suction will interfere with
      healthier clotting.
      Avoid smoking, it can contaminate the extraction site.
      Avoid excessive mouth rinsing, which may interfere with blood clotting
      When you've had a tooth extracted, any discomfort you experience normally gets better with each passing day. If you develop new or worsening pain in the days after your tooth extraction, don't try to tough it out.
      Treatment of dry socket is mainly geared toward reducing its symptoms, particularly pain. Treatment includes:
      Medicated dressings. This is the main way to treat dry socket. Your dentist should pack the socket with medicated dressings. You may need to have the dressings changed several times in the following days. The severity of your pain and other symptoms determines how often you need to return for dressing changes or other treatment.
      Flushing out the socket. Your dentist should flush the socket to remove any food particles or other debris that has collected in the socket and that contributes to pain or infection.
      Pain medication. Talk to your doctor about which pain medications are best for your situation. If over-the-counter pain relievers aren't effective, you may need a stronger prescription pain medication.
      Self-care. You may be instructed how to flush your socket at home to promote healing and eliminate debris. To do this, you'll be given a plastic syringe with a curved tip to squirt water, salt water, mouthwash or a prescription rinse into the socket. You may need to continue to do this daily for three or four weeks.
      Once treatment is started, you may begin to feel some relief in just a few hours. Pain and other symptoms should continue to improve over the next few days. Complete healing typically goes smoothly and generally takes about 10 to 14 days.

    Bad smell in wisdom tooth cavity?
    Guys, I'm having a big problem. 1 week ago, I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. The surgery was perfect, no problems. On Wednesday, my dentist removed the stitches, and he told me to stop taking anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic, and in case of pain I should take painkillers.
    Happen that the pain returned with great force, and I started taking anti-inflammatory again. Now I do not feel pain. I'm fine about this.
    But now, a pus / mucus / secretion is forming on the cavities where the wisdom teeth used to be. I can notice it when hygienizing the cavity with a cotton swab. It turns out that this secretion has a ROTTEN smell. Really horrible, and it forms really fast. I clean the cavities with a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide, listerine and PerioGard, and after two minutes, more secretion already formed and there comes a bad taste in my mouth again (which should probably be causing bad breath). My mouth is smelling worse than my dog's mouth. This will surely hurt me socially, by the next week I'll have college classes. Not to mention that I'm even avoiding my girlfriend so she would not think I'm pig ...
    Does anyone know something to do about it?
    Is this because I am not taking anti-biotic? (Since wednesday, I don't have more of it)
    Any help is welcome, thank you guys.

    • ANSWER:
      Your first mistake was not listening to your dentist in the first place!!! You probably caused an infection by taking the antibiotic after the dentist told you not to! And look what it got you... an infection! I would call your dentist and tell them that you took the antibiotic after they told you not to and now you have this smell and gross stuff coming out of your cavitiy where the tooth was. Ask him what he thinks and see if you should make an appointment. Try rinsing with salt water every 2 or 3 hours to try and controll the smell and pus.
      Good Luck!

    Sorry - more wisdom teeth questions?
    Once I get my (rotten, sorry TMI) wisdom teeth removed, will my breath be better..lately it's been kinda....rank. Once again, sorry for sharing the details. thanks for everyone's help, I know I'm a pain in the butt. :)

    • ANSWER:
      I think that is a great question.

      The answer is yes or maybe no.

      Once the infection is gone you will no longer have that horrible taste or that infectious breath.

      Bad breath can also be caused by a number of things, like food you eat or bacterial growth in your mouth.

      If you do experience bad breath after the surgery, brush your tongue or buy a tongue scraper. This will do the trick!

    Normal for baby teeth to rot at 23?
    I am 23 and still have many baby teeth in my mouth, including one in the front where the adult tooth grew in above through my gums. That baby tooth is rotten, and there is a back molar that is rotten and causing an unbearable toothache for the past three days now. I already had another back molar pulled and a new tooth grew in the place, but I'm unsure if this is a wisdom tooth or an adult tooth.

    There are 6-7 teeth that I believe are baby teeth, which have cavities. I brush my teeth at least once a day and use a small, soft toothbrush so I can get all the way back to my molars (I have a small mouth)

    My main question is - is it normal that these teeth are rotting? They are causing pain and bad breath, but I've been told they can't get abscessed or spread infection because they do not have deep roots. I used to go to a dentist and he filled in baby teeth when I was 18, and now those teeth are rotting away. I want my baby teeth pulled out, I just need to find a dentist who will look at Xrays and pull out the baby teeth.

    Is that crazy to want from a dentist? I just want the rotting baby teeth out of my mouth!

    • ANSWER:
      Because you have baby teeth at a mature age, you need to have them removed. Your teeth should not rot unless you are taking poor care of your hygiene. You need to go to an oral surgeon, rather than a dentist. They will usually x-ray the teeth and then a month or so later remove them. I would recommend brushing your teeth twice or three times a day to restrict the chance of further tooth decay.

    What's wrong with my teeth?
    My lower back teeth on the left feel weird. When I woke up I had really bad breath, worse than morning breath I could actually taste it (didn't taste like food, maybe just kinda rotten).

    But i don't think my teeth are rotten. They don't taste or feel rotten right now. But they feel weird - not normal, not right. When I clamp down on them, thats when they feel weird. Not achy, but similar, but hardly noticeable.

    I'm 16, female, all adult teeth now. Don't go to the dentist that much.

    • ANSWER:
      Without having an x-ray done a minimun of every 12 months...there is no way for someone to know if they have a cavity or advanced gum disease. Do you brush twice a day, floss once a day, brush your tongue once a day?

      You could be getting a cavity...but you might also be cutting a wisdom tooth...go have a cleaning and check-up.

    Why is it so Painful Week after Having Wisdom Teeth Removed?
    Had my wisdom teeth out 8 days ago, and the pain just kept getting worse. It was so bad today, i was convinced i had dry socket. So i went to the dentist and he assured me that I do NOT have dry socket and that it is healing perfectly. He packed a tiny amount of gauze into the hole to relieve pain. It hurt so bad for them to pack that in there, but it did relieve my pain, completely. He also said that so long as gauze is int here, it cant heal, so I'm going to have to take it out in a few days.

    What I don't understand, is that if it is healing properly and not infected, why does it hurt so freaking bad? I mean its not just sore, its agonizing pain that prevents sleeping and thinking!

    Also, they rinsed out the holes with the plastic syringe, but nothing came out. And so I also don't understand why my breath has been so horribly rotten the past few days. Ive been brushing and rinsing as normal.

    I asked my dentist these things but he didn't give me any definitive answers. What gives? Why the intense pain, and why the smell? I would just like a scientific explanation! haha.


    • ANSWER:
      in my experience pain and smell after an extraction IS a dry socket situation.....smell is infection and that's never a good thing. i would think about another opinion or maybe seeing an oral surgeon . See the way a tooth heals after an extraction is that we want a blood clot ot form. So to get a blood clot to form we stay away from carbonated drink and alcohol and we don't rinse, we lean ours heads to the left and right and don't spit we let the rest drain into the sink.and no vigorous work.

    Wisdom Teeth...?
    My Gums are KILLING me & my Jaw is so sore!! I just KNOW this is a tell tell sign of my wisdom teeth trying to push through but they are impacted.

    My Question is... How BAD does it really Hurt?? Do they put you to sleep? Do you see a lot of Blood Afterwards(blood makes me vomit)? Will I need someone take care of me (live alone, 2 hours away from family)?

    • ANSWER:
      hi, I just had two impacted wisdom teeth removed and I go to college 4 hours away from home. I had the same symptoms and had to get them removed (they were also impacted). In terms of pain, the pain wasn't bad at all, which was surprising since I expected something worse. My doctor put me under IV sedation so I was asleep during the whole operation and it was all done with before I knew it. They will also give you some painkillers so pain shouldn't be a real issue. Swelling is also to be expected and you may look like buzz lightyear for awhile. I had no swelling for some reason. You will see blood after but you have to change the gauze every 20-30 minutes to stop the bleeding. Oh and your breath will smell like rotten flesh for a few days but overall, I am glad I got them removed after the pain they were causing me.

    Is it possible to have dry socket in an extracted impacted tooth that is stitched up?
    I had my wisdom teeth out last Friday and the pain keeps getting worse. My jaw, ear, and tonsils hurt like hell and I taste a horrobile rotten taste and have deathly breath. I looked at my tooth and it doesn't have obvious signs of infection, it is stitched up because it was impacted. Ive been taking a ton of ibuprofen to help and I dont want to go back to a dentist and have them not do anything about it. Could something be wrong, and if it is, what would a dentist do? Because if it's just antibiotics I could probaly get them from the doctor I work for and save the time...

    • ANSWER:
      please go back to the dentist and have it looked at. at this point you should be getting better, not worse. what you're describing could be symptoms of dry socket or an infection, and you should not hide this from your dentist, who can help relieve the pain.

    So about two years ago I started to get bad breath. Not just bad, so bad that I have to be at last 4 feet away from anyone at any time. I really picked up the brushing and tongue scraping over the last couple of months but about an hour later, I have the same rotten smell in my mouth. Yes there is chewing gum every so often but teachers in my school tell me to spit it out. I need serious with oral care that fixes any tye of breath problem in a great way. PLEASE PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      The 1st answer may be the problem tonsil stones (you may need your tonsils taking out)oryoumay have to take atrip to the dentist may have a rotten tooth that you may need to get pulled out or you might have an infection happen to me after I've gotten a wisdom tooth pulled an anti biotic cleared it up... there's a reason for everthing

    how bad are bad teeth for your health?
    hi i have been letting my teeth go bad for about 7 years....basically my wisdom teeth started forcing there way up and they pushed my teeth forward breaking two of my lower back teeth they went rotten and most of the tooth fell out but the bottom part of the two broken teeth are still there so i presume they rotting to the rooth and now it has recently starting to happen to one of my back upper bad is this for me can it kill me or anything like what health problems can this cause me ps i have a major fear of the dentist so this why i havent been....sorry for the long question thank you too anyone that can advise me

    • ANSWER:
      Well eventually infection will set in along with pain and then it becomes more complicated. Then you get things like cysts that cause bone loss and the the costs of improving your smile begin to cost more and more. Apart from that bad teeth and bad breath can be a real turn off in the employment market and with the opposite sex.

      Dentistry has improved considerably over the last few years and there is now something called sedation dentistry available and it will take away all the fear when the treatment is done Find a NHS dentist and get this sorted before it is to late.

    Do I have a cavity/ tooth decay?
    ok, during march I think I went to the dentist and found out I had two cavities in the exact same teeth on the top, either side of my mouth. I didn't know how they got there as I always brush my teeth. The dentist however said that all my other teeth were fine.

    I took her advice and have been using mouthwash and flossing but this morning I woke up and my tooth was feeling strange. Then when eating breakfast I accedently bit down on my spoon with tht tooth and it was so painful. I can eat with it but it hurts if I breathe in through my teeth and feels exactly like when I had the rotten tooth drilled away.

    The tooth that hurts is on the bottom left and I think is the third molar, so I believe its my wisdom tooth (im only 14 btw)

    I really dont want another filling though as my mum has to pay for me to have white fillings instead of mercury ones so she has to pay about £60 per filling and therefore has already spent £120 on my fillings before and I feel really bad. (i can get mercury fillings for free on the NHS but I don't want horrible looking silver teeth and my mum doesn't want me having the mercury ones incase they leak or whatever.

    Ok so my main questions are, does it seem like I have tooth decay and what could have caused this as I brush my teeth twice a day, rinse with mouth wash and floss sometimes.

    Thanks for ne serious answers and sorry for the long question. P.S. I will give 10 points

    • ANSWER:
      Have you just gotten your wisdom teeth? You got them pretty early! If you just got or are just getting them, then the pain might just be from the new teeth growing in. Or, it's possible that it might be impacted, look at it and see if it's growing in the row straight with the others, if not, you'll need it removed.

      If you want to check for cavities, look for physical signs! The earliest sign of a new cavity is the appearance of a chalky white spot on the surface of the tooth, indicating an area of demineralization of enamel. At this stage, the process is reversible, but once a cavity forms, the lost tooth structure cannot be regenerated.
      The affected areas of the tooth change color and become soft to the touch. Once the decay passes through enamel, the dentinal tubules, which have passages to the nerve of the tooth, become exposed and cause the tooth to hurt. The pain may worsen with exposure to heat, cold, or sweet foods and drinks. Dental cavities can also cause bad breath and foul tastes. (have you noticed anything like that?)

      Do you eat alot of sweet foods? Soda especially? Bacteria in your mouth converts glucose, fructose, and most commonly sucrose (table sugar) into acids by fermenting it. If left in contact with the tooth, these acids may cause demineralization. For dental health, frequency of sugar intake is more important than the amount of sugar consumed, so when you decide to treat yourself, make it count! (Just don't do it everyday!)
      It has been found that milk and certain kinds of cheese like cheddar can help counter tooth decay if eaten soon after the consumption of foods potentially harmful to teeth, so maybe try that!

      As for why the brushing doesn't seem to help, I'm sorry to tell you this, but oral hygiene is probably more effective at preventing gum disease than tooth decay.
      Over 80% of cavities develop inside pits and fissures in grooves on chewing surfaces where the brush cannot reach and there is no access for saliva and fluoride to neutralise acid and remineralise demineralised tooth. Few cavities occur where saliva has easy access.
      But there is good news, chewing fibre like celery after eating helps force saliva into trapped food to dilute carbohydrate like sugar, neutralise acid and remineralise demineralised teeth.

      Sorry for the long answer, I hope that it helps you, even if only a little.
      GOOD LUCK!
      BTW I think it's very sweet that you're thinking of your mother like that!

    I'm going out of my mind, is this dry socket with no pain?
    Okay, I got my wisdom teeth (all 4) removed 5 days on July 27th. I followed all of my surgeon's instructions precisely, no spitting, smoking, sucking, etc. The big problem is that I think none of my blood clots formed. I looked at the sockets about 2 days after surgery, and there was/ still is bone, a gaping hole, and no blood. There is also a rotten tasting liquid oozing from it once in a while, and a terrible smell, my breath smells awful. The only catch is that today is day 5, and that was 3-4 days ago, and I have no feeling of pain whatsoever. And I hear you are suppose to have excruciating pain with dry socket. What's going on?!? Please help. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The only concern I have from your description is the possible drainage from the sockets. The whole socket need not be filled with blood clot, and at this point there is probably no real bleeding anyhow. A fibrin clot will look kind of funky, with whitish/grayish coloration.
      I obviously can't rule out dry socket but yes, they are generally very painful. I'm thinking you would probably have pain with an active infection as well.
      So I'm inclined to think that you have little to worry about, but even so if you don't see some improvement in the next couple of days with the bad smell, taste and exudate that you call the surgeon and get your mouth looked at.

      Good luck,
      Steve Bornfeld, DDS

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