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Miniature Dachshund Bad Breath

Frequently Asked Questions

    At home remedies for dachshund bad breath?
    I have a year old miniature dachshund who has awful breath. He is completely healthy, I brush his teeth with doggy toothpaste once a week-ish, I also have doggy breath spray for him, these only seem to work for a day or two and then the horrid breath is back. I took him to the vet and they gave him dental chews which did absolutely nothing. Is there anything I can do that will help? Thanks.
    His vet said not to brush his teeth more than once a week, but they don't seem to know what they are talking about most of the time, hence the question.

    • ANSWER:
      You may want to consider switching to a low carbohydrate food. Carbohydrates are what bacteria feed on, so feeding a food with less carbohydrates is going to reduce the amount of bacteria in your dog's system. Carbohydrates are also not very digestible and that can contribute to bad breath. You can also add some digestive enzymes to help digestion as well.

    My mother's dog has terrible breath. Is there something that can b e done?
    My mother has two miniature dachshund dogs. She brushes their teeth every night, but the one dog has terrible breath every day. They only eat hard dog food as well.

    Is there a home remedy for this problem?

    • ANSWER:
      Besides the breath freshening treats and checking for periodontal disease, your Mom can try changing her dog's food. Often times kibble, especially the corn laden lower-end brands which can be bought in grocery stores, can cause bad breath.

    Our miniature dachshund barks a lot when people come over, is there anything we can do to curb this?
    He is not aggressive with our guest, he just barks. We have scolded him and hushed him but it doesn't seem to work. If he does quiet down after we scold him, sometimes he will do little quiet barks under his breath like a bratty child!

    • ANSWER:
      Instead of scolding him, discipline him like a boss dog would discipline him, with a sharp bark (command from you). Some people succeed with a sharp loud hiss. Don't talk to your bad dog like it is a bad human. Dogs are different than humans.

      I have a barker also. I use a sharp "NO". And I start before my guest enters. I get inbetween my guest and dog and control my dog, maybe giving him a little nudge with my foot to keep him in position. Sometimes I will roll him over onto his back (submission position), forcing him to submit to my guest's presents. I ask my guest to ignor my dog until he (my dog) behaves.

      I like the TV program "The Dog Whisperer". It is both entertaining and educational. The host shows us how we should lead and how to get the dog to follow our lead so that both of us are happy.

    My 8 week old Bernese Mountain dog play bites alot, what is the best way to discourage this?

    • ANSWER:
      Play biting? She's teething! She may be playful about it, but those gums of hers are probably a bit uncomfortable. I have a seven week old miniature dachshund, and she's teething too. Some, but not all, of her baby teeth have broken through yet. She was chewing on my fingers, hands, and clothing, but I quickly stopped this. First off, the best way to teach a puppy is not to discourage, but to reward it. Go to the store and buy some chew toys, or, if you prefer, you can give her some household items to chew on, like an old teddy bear, etc. When she goes to chew or bite you, quickly replace your hand/finger/whatever with a chew toy. Be sure to always have one on hand. Let her chew on it and when she chews on it reward her with love and attention and small treats (I use Old Mother Hubbard's Mini P-Nutty Treats, they're super small so you can give your puppy some every time it's good without over feeding it). Be sure to tell her what a good puppy she is! I did this for about two days, and her chewing on/biting me has almost stopped. Whenever she bites or chews, ignore the behavior. Don't punish it! Punishing can often be misconstrued as another way to get attention, just like when children act up to get attention (they're smart!). Ignore the behavior completely, ans simply replace the bad behavior with a positive one and reward her. I used this same reward method in her potty training, and at seven weeks old she is 100% potty trained. And I've spoken to the couple who now have her sister, and they are having a terrible time training you, and they are using the punishment method. Another tip, purchase a rope chew toy. Soak it in chicken or beef broth (low sodium) for a few hours. Then bake in the oven on a low heat until its dry again. Let your puppy chew on it to help break those last few baby teeth through its gums. Not only does it make the puppy's teeth feel better, but it also improves her dental hygiene and makes her puppy breath smell a lot better (which is notoriously gross!) Good luck with training your puppy!!!

    A Name for our new Dog?
    We just got a new dog yesterday. We adpoted her from a shelter where she came in as a stray. She is a miniature dachshund, she weighs 7.5 lbs and she is 13 years old. She is very hyper for her age, she waddles like a penguin, has bad breath & is the cutest thing ever. They called her Gretchen at the shelter, she doesn't respond to that name, and we are not sure that we like it that much. We have 3 names that we really like-- Charlie, Daisy, & Midge. We also have two other dogs named Lexis & Cheyenne. Please tell me which of the three names you like (if any), or we are open for other suggestions too!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Choose something you have rarely or never heard for a dog. I have a puppy named Larry and everyone smiles when i mention him, plus he is like one of the family so it is nice. Try Kendal or like Aubry....something out there but states that your pet is a memeber of the family....

    We have a miniature 3 year old wire-haired dachshund.?
    He is extremely healthy but suffers from very bad breath. What causes it and what can we do?

    • ANSWER:
      well you should brush his teeth daily and this might help http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3060827

    3 year old, 15 pound Miniature Dachshund, types of food we should be feeding her?
    She has been eating Purina One up until about a week ago when we decided to change to Purina Pro Plan for Small Breed Dogs and ever since then she has had really bad breath! we are really wondering if it was the food. we want to try another brand of food that will be healthy for her and keep her at her current weight and something with the most natural ingredients in it that isn't too pricey.

    • ANSWER:
      I`m assuming the bad breath is from the food. I`m sure there`s a lot of grain or corn in the food.

      Good for you for looking for a more natural diet for her. But personally I don`t think price is an issue when you take on the responsibility to care for a dog.

      Although eating healthy is not that much more expensive than eating purina.

    i can't decide what dog to choose?
    I was just thinking of breeds of dogs when I'm older but I can't decide which I prefer..
    A Dachshund (Miniature Long-Haired)
    A Papillon?

    I would like it to be affectionate, not too yappy, I don't mind how long exercise is needed or how often to groom him/her. Also, what are the common health issues that are known for these breeds?

    Thanks :) x

    • ANSWER:
      Papillons are friendly, intelligent dog that is tougher than it looks, and loves outdoor exercise. A Playful, lively, amusing, animated and charming little dog. Affectionate, gentle, patient, and proud, they love to cuddle. Enjoys a good romp outdoors. They are steady, obedient and are not yappers.

      Comman Health problems:

      Neuroaxonal Dystrophy Disease( NAD ) - This is health concern just coming forward recently in Papillons. A progressive disorder where brain and spinal cord swelling occurs and deterioration continues. The puppy shows slight gradual signs the disease by 8 weeks of age and usually by 19 weeks the puppy has to be euthanized. Signs of NAD are wobbling head treamors later poor coordination, unable to use back legs, inablity to eat on its own.

      Patellar Luxation - common in all toy breeds of dogs. In the active Papillon, it can be genetic or be caused by injury from over use of the knee joint. Genetic luxation is usually found in young dogs, the average age of diagnosis is 3 months to 12 months. It is our opinion that in many cases injury luxations is usually found in a healthy Adult Pap that either bounces up and down on their back legs a great deal or works in some type of performance that uses the knee often in jumping climbing, running.

      Periodontal: Since Papillons have small mouths and their lips lay tight against the teeth and gums it is very common for Papillons to need regular dental maintenance. Maintenance includes regular brushing. Baking soda or doggy toothpaste is suggested to use along with the brush. In a pinch, we have successfully used a tiny drop of human tooth paste in place of baking soda.ooth loss of dogs over the age of 4 is very common. The warning signs of gum disease are bad breath, red and swollen gums, a yellow-brown crust of tartar around the gum line, and pain or bleeding when you touch the gums or mouth. Providing bones and hard kibble will assist in keeping plague build up at a minimum.

      Dachshund: Dachshunds are playful, but can be stubborn, and are known for chasing small animals, birds, and tennis balls with great determination. Many dachshunds are stubborn, making them a challenge to train. They are statistically more aggressive to both strangers and other dogs than the rottweiler. They can have a loud bark. Some bark quite a lot and may need training in order to stop, while others will not bark much. Dachshunds are known for their devotion and loyalty to their owners, though they can be standoffish towards strangers. If left alone, many dachshunds will whine until they have companionship.
      Comman Health Problems:
      IVD, is marked by herniated disks in the lower back. The disease primarily affects dogs with stunted legs. Affected dogs experience severe pain, usually in the lower back but sometimes in the neck as well. The disease can be treated medically and/or surgically, depending on the severity. Carts for dogs have been devised to assist Dachshunds with rear-quarter paralysis due to severe IVD.

      Back injuries are the most common type of Dachshund health problem. The Dachshund's funny body shape makes them particularly susceptible to CIDD — essentially a ruptured or leaking disk. When this happens, every second counts; consequently, it is important to know how to recognize a back injury as soon as possible.

      Bloat—Bloat occurs when the stomach twists on itself, cutting off the blood supply to several organs. Without immediate treatment, bloat is fatal. If your Dachshund suddenly starts pacing, salivating, and acting upset, nervous, or in pain—or it just seems like something is very wrong—call your vet immediately. The only hope is emergency surgery.

      Canine epilepsy—a seizure disorder that happens in some Dachshunds. If your Dachshund suddenly goes stiff, starts shaking, or becomes completely non-responsive or totally limp, call your vet immediately. You can't prevent epilepsy, but it is treatable with medication.

      & many moree...... I got them from this site http://www.showpaps.com/health.htm for Papillons and http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/recognizing-common-health-issues-in-dachshunds.html for dachshunds I only named a few but there are a lot listed.

    Miniature Dachshund with HORRIBLE breath, help!?
    I have a male Miniature Dachshund that has horrible breath. We have tried the dog breath mints, but that doesn't help at all. We've thought about trying to brush his teeth, but we tried a few years ago and he didn't like it too well and tried to bite! Any suggestions before we spend the money to take him to the Vet?

    • ANSWER:
      sorry no, any time your dog's breath is that bad then there is something wrong. He either has tooth and gum problems (such as abscesses) or he has digestive problems. Take the dog to the vet, if it is tooth problems then they need to be taken care of right away, not only is the dog in pain but infections in the mouth can weaken their heart and immune system and can cause heart attacks and systemic illness. If it is digestive problems then the vet will need to find out if it is some kind of malabsorption or even something simple like a change in diet is needed

    What Dachshund should I get?
    I don't know if I want long-haired or short-haired or what size. Are the miniatures really tiny? Are there teacup dachshunds? Do the long-haired ones get mats? Do they shed? Can you just tell me about dachshunds since I really want one but I don't know anything about them!

    • ANSWER:
      I own a mini short-hair Dachshund. And I agree with the user before me: while they are a great breed for me, they ARE NOT a great breed for everyone, esp. first time dog owners. People assume because they are small, cute and playful, they are easy to handle and get along with everyone. NOT TRUE. These little dogs pack a big punch, i.e. they will start a fight with a big dog and you will have to scoop up your little dog and run like he** before the big dog has your little dog for a snack. Temperament wise.....well they won't get along with everyone who walks through your front door. Most dachshunds don't like strangers. They are dogs that become really attached to their owners and esp. one owner in particular, usually the person who spoils them the most and doesn't discipline them (a perfect example would be me; I really don't discipline my dog, I let her other owners do the dirty work, hence she likes me the most :D ). Since they don't like strangers, esp. ones they have never met before or really aren't acquainted with well, they will continue to bark at them and be shy around them. Because they were also bred for hunting badgers, they have an extremely high prey instinct and yes, they will occasionally chase small animals and children. There are many adoption agencies out there that will not adopt dachshunds to families with small children because of their high prey instinct and also because the child could either hurt the dog, esp. their back which is extremely delicate and fragile, and if the dog is injured, the dog could unfortunately turn around and snap/injure a small child who doesn't know better. Hence, the rule of thumb is dachshunds and children just don't mix (and that's why I always supervise my nephews/nieces/little cousins when they are playing with my dog and forbid them to ever pick her up less they hurt her accidentally). On that note about their backs, dachshunds can also develop several medical issues including obesity, dental issues, skin issues, and back issues, all of which are very expensive to treat and deal with, so another reason why not everyone should get a dachshund. You're bound to pay a lot in vet bills over a dachshund's lifetime and they can live up to 16 years. Probably the worst thing about a dachshund, though, is their EXTREME stubbornness. You just don't know stubborn till you've owned a dachshund (or until you finally realize one day that they actually own you). Hence, they will not be the hardest dog to train because they are extremely smart, but you really never will be able to get a dachshund to do what you want when you want it done (at times I find myself taking deep breaths wondering why on earth I ever got a dachshund in the first place and then I just look down at the cute face staring up at me pretending like they either did not hear me or they did nothing wrong or both and I remember why I got a dachshund in the first place). In the end, this is a love/hate breed of a dog. You swear you'll never own one again one minute and the next you're praying the next dachshund doesn't come out like one you own now....because you realize in the end you just can't live without them....

    What is the best method of dealing with bad breath in dogs.?
    I have a healthy one year old miniature Long haired Dachshund. What is the best method you dog owners use to control bad breath in your dogs?? Here are a few more details.

    She is a finicky eater except when it comes to eating things she is not supposed to like chocolate. I have learned that any chocolate has to be kept where an intelligent dog will not figure out a way to get it.

    She is in good health.

    She gets lots of exercise except for this winter when she stayed inside a lot because she hates the cold.

    On diet we feed her Blue Buffalo dog food here is their website http://www.bluebuff.com/?gclid=CPSk36615KACFQ8UswodbAxNEg

    It's supposed to be good stuff.

    Normally bad breath in a dog does not bother me but sometimes at night I will wake up to find her standing with her front paws on my head while licking my face at the same time. I think it is funny and I do not want to stop her. She is always clowning around.

    • ANSWER:
      that's so cute! i've had the same problem with my dog, she puts her head on my pillow so our noses are almost touching, very cute but dogs breath in your face is a bit gross at 3am!
      brushing her teeth is a stupid human idea though. do dogs in the wild brush their teeth with a brush? no, so why should trained dogs!

      the way dogs in the wild brush their teeth is by chewing on bones. chewing on a bone gets rid of tar tar build up and basically does for a dog what a tooth brush does for us. plus they love the taste and it's great for their diet. you just go to your local butcher or super market and buy some, they're really cheap too.

      this will make your dogs breath not smell gross, but it will still smell a bit meaty like a bone. so if you hate the meat smell too give her raw hide bones! they're a bit more expensive than real bones, they're basically the pressed skin of pigs, so they're still good for dogs but her breath won't really smell at all.

      personally i use both, my dog has a real bone outside that she eats and burries and digs up and keeps her entertained all day, then at night when she's inside she has her raw hide bone or pigs ear to chew on. These are seriously so much better than brushing your dogs teeth with a tooth brush, it keeps them entertained, mentally stimulates them, they're an excellent treat and your dog will love them.

    Why does my dog keep on puking?
    my dogs keeps on puking, and her breath really stinks, last night she puked, and the puke was yellow, and today she puked again, and it was white. why is this? we took her to the vet, and we only had a free consultation, cos my dad wouldnt pay for a proper checkup, which i wasnt happy about, and then she basically said to just stop giving her dog treats-and thats to blame for her breath supposedly. but i know its not! and now she's puking, and shes only having her dinner everyday, so its not like she's being over-fed. someone please help! i dont know if this makes any difference with an answer, but she's a longhaired miniature dachshund-maybe it's in the breed? (the bad breath i mean) pleeeease help!

    • ANSWER:
      The cause of yellow vomit is a substance called bile. It is a substance produced by the liver which is used in the digestive process. The yellowness is caused by old red blood cells which are used in the manufacture of bile. An animal brings up bile once the stomach is emptied of food. If the animal continues to vomit all bile present is brought up. After this the vomit will be white. This is basically saliva. The stomach is empty at this point.

      The biggest risk here is dehydration and loss of body salts. Your dog needs to be given something to replace lost fluids and salts.

      You need to determine the reason for her vomiting. Is she still eating or is she now off her food? Is she drinking? Is she passing urine and stools? If she is passing stools are they firm or does she have diarrhoea? Has she been in contact with any chemicals/substances which could cause the vomiting?

      Bad breath is not a good sign, especially if your dog doesn't normally suffer from it. It indicates that all is not well in the digestive tract.

      At this stage I would impress the urgency of the matter on your father and take her to the vet. If she'd just started vomiting you could have tried starvation for 24 hours then reintroducing something easy to digest such as chicken and rice. I think in this case you are beyond that though. Your dog needs fluids and salts.

      Good luck.

    miniature schnauzer dog food?
    I have been feeding my 8 month old miniature schnauzer science diet for 2 months so far but it seems that this food is making her do poop about 7-8 times a day, sometimes she goes at 3 or 4 am and its always large amounts, plz suggest another brand of dog food that she could eat or is this normal, its been making it harder to housebreak her

    • ANSWER:
      Iams, Science diet, Purina and Pedigree, O'l Roy, Dog chow, Royal canin, Goodlife are ALL HORRIBLE DOG FOODS!

      they contain corn wheat and soy products which arent essential to your dogs health, they also contain a hramful toxin called ethoxyquin which over time can make your dog more prone to Cancers, arthritis, tumors and heredity and congenital defects in your dogs background.
      Type in, "Ethoxyquin in dog foods" into google and it'll give you all you need to know, the FDA has done vigerouse research and have even proven that some vets arent very educated in dog foods and some are even sponsored to advertise the foods.

      I feed my dog Canidae but other good brands are
      Blue buffalo
      Chick soup for the dog lovers soul
      Eagle pack (only if holistic)

      but these brands can't be found in any Wal*mart or taget, shopco etc or even some dog stores. You can find them in local farm stores.

      Things to look out for on brands of dog foods (look in the ingredients, the packaging is all lies)
      The first ingredient should be a meat meal NOT meat by-product but actual Turkey, chicken or lamb meat, the food should contain NO trace of soy, wheat or corn products, Garlic powder is also very harmful!
      Corn soy and wheat are all fillers which makes your dog poop more, they arent getting the right amount of nutrients so there for they eat more and their body poops it all out instead of using it because it is worthless. These foods also make your dog shed alot more because it's not delivering the right nutrients to the skin, coat and teeth, which makes your dog's coat flaky and dry, shedding a ton when out of season, it makes your dog more prone to gum disease, bad breath, plaque and tarter arent being rid of and can build up, clouded eyes, less energy, more prone to obesity because they eat more and the food is junk.

      Please do the right thing, I did vigerouse research because my dachshund was becomeing ill, i found out the food we had been feeding him was junk and switched him right away, his breath has improved rapidly, his teeth went back to pearly white like when he was a puppy, he slimmed down and could get around better,
      pooped only once or twice a day, shed ATON less, paw pads become moist and no longer cracked, his energy was improved, his eyes became clear and happy, etc!
      He is now 9 without a single grey hair on him!

      Now i'm feeding my mini aussie and my dachshund Canidae also and they have excelled with it, not to mention the softer and shinier coat. I hate when people go, " I switched my dog to purina and her coat could never be shinier!" well truth is if i put my dog next to a purina fed dog you would see the difference, and it's a big one!

      Thanks for looking for the best choice for your pup, I can tell you love them if you are concerned on what your feeding them, they are part of our families and they deserve the best; to live a happy and healthy life!

      Thank you, we are all proud!

    Why does my dachshund stink so bad?
    I have a 6 month old miniature dachshund, I love him to death, but my God does he smell horrible. Everything about him stinks. His body, his breath and it doesn't matter what I do. I gave him a bath yesterday and sprayed doggy cologne on him and brushed his teeth, and today he wreaks to high heaven again. He is an indoor only dog so I don't understand why this keeps happening. Does anyone else have a dachshund or a dog with the similar problem? and what do you do to maintain the stench? Is this problem just hereditary to the dachshund bloodline? Any answers oe solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    oh and before anyone goes spouting off with negative comments about my dog, he eats science diet puppy formula with the occasional treat or rawhide and like stated gets baths and his teeth brushed at least 3 times weekly.

    Thanks again!
    Bonnie L you are extremely rude. Please educate yourself before you respond to people's questions. if you can't contribute KNOWLEDGEABLE answers to serious questions you should keep your mouth shut and for your information there is such thing as mini doxies here is a website in which AKC acknowledges the breed http://www.akc.org/breeds/dachshund/index.cfm THANK YOU.
    I see many other comments you have left for people where you come off as just plain miserable, so you have been blocked from answering anymore of mine, anything else from you will be reported. And as for the "crap food" comment, I feed him science diet because it's what MY VET recommended and was bought from his office. I simply asked this question to see if it was a dachshund trait, seeing as this is my first doxie! So maybe you should quit trolling people's questions and go get some sunlight, it might do you some good!!

    Thanks to everyone else who had respectful answers....

    • ANSWER:
      Dachshunds are actually supposed to have less of a doggy odor than other dogs.

      As for the smell, it could be a number of things. He may need his anal glads expressed, or are expressing them frequently on his own, or he could have some sort of infection of his ears or skin. You may want to take him for a vet consult to either A rule out an infection and pinpoint the problem, or B figure out what type of infection is causing the smell. It may also be good to ask about the Anal glands, because those can be extremely Stinky.

      As for your food, Science Diet, isn't a great food at all. Vets receive incentives from the company to sell it. They sell the companys food and the vet gets funds from the company. While Science diet isn't great, there are still worse.

      Now might be a good time to research better dog foods, its possible that he is stinky because of his reaction to his food. Use http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ to research brands of food for your dog in the 5-6 star range. There is a large variety, and some are really affordable. I just switched my 6 month old Dachshund on to "Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lovers Soul" and it has improved his coat, and over all health A LOT.

    Why are my dog's teeth loose?
    My dog is almost 4 years old, and her front teeth are loose. I've noticed it more in her bottom 2 front teeth. Her breath is fairly bad, and I'm not positive, but it looks like she may have tartar at the base of her teeth. She is a Schnoodle. (3/4 schnauzer, 1/4 poodle) I'm extremely concerned because my 8 year old miniature dachshund doesn't have this problem, and never has. If you have any ideas on what it could be, or how to fix it, please answer! Thanks alot!

    • ANSWER:
      Your dog probably has gingivitis...gum disease. She needs to be taken to the vet for a dental before she looses her teeth. The loose ones may not be able to be saved but by having a dental done you'll prevent further loss or abscessed teeth.

    Can you help me with my dog problems?
    So I have a Miniature dachshund, 4, Jeffy. He is fully grown and weighs between 10-13 (The average for his size and length) So we recently moved (About 5 monthes ago) We lived in an extended stay hotel until april 20 (or so) and we moved into our new house. It is about the same size as our old one. So he has been through alot of stress. He seems to be having some issues. He isn't pooping NEARLY as much as he usually did back in our hometown, He is very sleepy ALWAYS, He is much more clingy, yet distant, and his breath smells much much worse then it used to, even though we havent changed his food. We have another small, older dog in the house that he has known all his life. I'm worried about him. I think maybe he has been throwing up in the middle of the night and eating it? He sleeps in his kennel every night and doesnt seem to whine very often. Although, he does walk around alot. His sleep schedule is anywhere from going to bed at 11-1 and waking up somewhere between 10 and noon. (Im a teenager, so its pretty much my sleep schedule) he is very distant, almost like he is depressed, like he doesnt feel loved anymore even though we show him the same amount of love we did back in our hometown. PLEASE help me! I am trying to be very detailed and hopefully you can help me, im worried about my puppy :(
    He was checked out just before we left. any stress disorders common in dogs?

    • ANSWER:
      Take him to a vet ASAP!
      He sounds very sick

      He might have caught something on the way to your new house, or he might have eaten something in your new home.

    Is there anything I can do to ease my dogs pain during heat?
    I have a female miniature dachshund and she is in heat for the first time. She is about nine months old, and in healthy shape. She has been in heat for the last week and a half, and today she has begun to whimper and yelp in pain. It is becoming more frequent as the day has gone by, and she keeps twirling around and rearranging her blanket as if intolerably uncomfortable. I called my vet, and asked if there was anything I could do to ease the pain and the receptionist told me to cuddle her with a heat pad or water bottle, and possibly give her some baby-strength aspirin. The aspirin seemed to help for a bit, but I do not want to over-medicate her and make things worse. The hot-water bottle helped for a bit too, but she seemed to get very annoyed with it. So I decided to draw a warm bath for her, and that worked for a bit too... but of course, she did eventually want to get out of the tub.

    It's breaking my heart every time she yelps in pain! I feel so inadequate, but I really don't know what to do. Every time I go to the vet it's usually -0 and the vet assures me that there isn't anything wrong with her, so I kind of feel like a hypochondriac. So I would really love to avoid going to the vet if it is something that happens common, or if there is something else I can do to help her.

    Oh, and since I know that pretty much everyone will suggest that I get her spayed, I do have an explanation as to why she isn't yet...
    I am planning on having her spayed when she is two years old. I am hoping to let her have one litter of puppies before I get her spayed, but as long as she is healthy and does not require to get spayed sooner. I know many of you will think that it is selfish or irresponsible to allow dogs to breed, but I think it's just nature and if a dog wants to have puppies I think it should be no different than a human wanting a child. The world is over-populated with humans, dogs, and all sorts of animals, so *please* don't try to bring that up as a response.
    Holy hell, DON'T ANSWER if you're not actually answering the question I'm asking.
    First of all, she's going through her cycle RIGHT now, so getting her spayed isn't an option RIGHT NOW. I am wanting to ease her pain, and the majority of you are just bitching about my beliefs on getting dogs spayed.
    So, please, if you don't have any suggestions on how to help my puppy that is in pain, maybe just skip this question.
    Like I said above, I was planning on having her spayed when she is a little bit older, maybe after one litter of puppies. IF she is healthy enough, and IF she wants to.
    I love her, and I just really want her to feel better.

    To LoveMyDogs, I think you may be on to something... come to think of it, since it was Halloween yesterday there was quite a lot going on, and she was very excited about all of the trick-or-treaters, so she may have pulled a muscle or something yesterday evening with all of the commotion going on.
    No, we don't put humans to sleep. We let them die of starvation. So much better.

    Darksong: You still didn't happen to answer the question I asked. What's the point of replying to a question if you don't answer it? You're doing no help here.
    You're suggesting that I can take her to the vet right now and make her have a risky surgery, wow that's clever. I will totally do that.
    Yes, and I will totally ask her if she wants to have puppies, because you obviously think I'm that stupid. I don't know if you happen to realize that dogs DO have to partake in mating in order to get pregnant...
    But really, this is getting off topic quite a bit, and your input is not wanted here. Please stop putting your two-cents in if you are not actually giving a solution to the problem that is going on right now.

    • ANSWER:
      Okay wow these comments are ridiculous. I think it is perfectly fine that you want to breed your dog. I breed reptiles for a living and only the ones that are hard to find and that kind of stuff. My friend breeds cats and it's perfectly natural for a dog to be in "pain" its not pain per-say its more of a need to look for a mate. Dogs are pack animals just like their ancestor the wolf and wolves don't get fixed. Since you're her owner take a deep breath and just let her go through with her "episodes". I don't know if this'll help you but she's fine. My friend owned a dog that was supposedly fixed but went into heat. I heard that some dogs after getting spayed had this same issue but guess what? Someone broke into their house and smashed the front door. She got out and had 4 healthy puppies a couple of months or so later. She got her fixed immediately after. But if i were you I wouldn't worry.

    should I get a harness for my Dachshund?
    Well since my dog Daisy was a puppy, we've used a leash on her because she just wouldn't wear the harness, but whenever we have to pull her when she tries to go after something dangerous, she starts making this odd noise, its kinda hard to explain, but its like if someone breathed through their noise, and they had a cold. but she also makes that noise when we're in the car and she breaths in a little bit of dust, and sometimes it just happens randomly at night. as she got older, she didn't really do it anymore unless we pulled to hard on her leash, but we only pull if she tries to go after something. just this morning, she started making that noise even though I just gave her a little pull, it wasnt as bad as it used to be, I think she only did it twice. But I'm afraid since shes almost 8 years old, it could cause her problems. I'm heading to Petsmart today to get her food, should I see if I can find her a harness too? and no, I'm not going to take her to the vet when shes been doing it her whole life and it hasn't affected her at all. so please don't mention it thank you. I just want to know if she should wear a harness instead of a regular collar.

    • ANSWER:
      Daisy's trachea is being damaged from her pulling when she's wearing her collar. Yes get her a harness and use it every time you walk her. It will not hurt the trachea because it is around her chest not her throat. I also have dachshunds. Mine are miniature. They are Mini, Shorty and Jack. All were born in my home. Mini is 7, Shorty will be 7 in December and Jack just turned 4. Aren't dachshunds the greatest dogs? Mine are adorable and funny. I have had dachshunds for 15 years. I had one that was my oldest, but I am separated from my husband and he has her. I haven't seen her in 6 months and I miss her and worry about her. Little I can do about it though. The next time you take Daisy into the vet you might want to mention her trachea to him so he can check her out. Please don't use a collar for her walks anymore.You and Daisy have a happy day and give Daisy a kiss for me. I know I'd love her, too.

    How can I to train my dog?
    Hi all, I have a chihuahua x miniature fox terrier called Milo. Obviously he isn't a huge dog, he's just under 4 years old now too. I also have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but she's docile and no problem.
    Milo however is quite aggressive, if we have visitors he will bark uncontrollably and run to them and jump at them and try to nip at their hands and feet.
    If there is someone outside the gate, he will bark and bark and bark and growl and he is VERY hard to control. When he thinks someone is there his hair on his back actually spikes up and he breaths heavily and walks around like he is ready to attack whatever might be there.
    I have a baby niece and he doesn't like her, he hasn't had a go at her yet or anything but we don't trust him with her. When he sees her he will put his head down and go the other way, he tries to avoid her but so does our Cavalier. My mom said if he ever bites her or has a go at her she will get rid of him and I love Milo so much because we've had him since he was a puppy.
    While he was at the pet shop he was in a small cage and I think he was a bit traumatised while there because he paces and bounces off walls a little like he did in the cage there.
    He is a VERY loving a loyal dog to me and the rest of the people who live in our home, he follows at our heels and curls up with us and he has NEVER bitten or growled at any of us.
    But I do think his behaviour has gotten worse and worse, more manic? He is obsessive over food and doesn't seem to know hoe to chew it, he just swallows =.=
    Does anyone know anything I can do? I would not be able to live with myself if Milo hurt someone and got given away, I will do anything to improve his behaviour short of being cruel. Please, please help!
    ! he has also been de-sexed since he was young, he doesn't hump or anything like that !

    • ANSWER:
      Some times the littlest dogs can be the most aggressive. I have dachshunds and they can cause terror. Of course it doesn't help hwhen you have a pack. Your little guy wasn't socialized right or enough. Go on line to the dog whisperer and look and see what Cesar says. I'd also begin to do positive reinforcemen training with him. Look up clicker training on the www. My dogs love it and all come running for it. I'd also put him up when friends come calling until you get him under control. He needs a leader who is calm and assertive. The training will help. Watch the dog whisperer on television. He understands dogs and their behavior.

    Science Diet Dog Food?????
    My 2 year old female westie has horrible allergies and we completed allergy testing a year ago. She was then put on prescription food from the vet that was VERY expensive (/10 lb. bag!). She stayed on it for a while and the doctor said since she was doing fine, I could swap to different food from a pet store and he gave me a list of what she could have. I chose Science Diet. She hasn't had any problems with it but...I noticed lately her breath is starting to stink really bad and I brush her teeth once a week or every two weeks, so that shouldn't be it. She is also shivering occassionally. Yes, it's cold outside but she'll shiver for no reason sometimes. Most of the time though, she's extremely active and outgoing. Also, I have a pet ear thermometer at home and she's not running a fever for a dog. Could these 2 things have anything to do with the dog food? Or something else? Thanks for any help.
    Thanks for the answers. She's allergic to beef, fish, and deer. Pretty much rules out everything but chicken. ugh. Also, I've asked the vet about her yearly cleaning and he said he didn't think she needed it done until she was 3 years old. That's kinda weird isn't it?
    @cjrossi-they sent off the allergy test somewhere else and that place sent back a list of foods that were compatible. It's science diet lamb meal and rice. I've heard bad stuff about it though, after I've started it. Ugh!
    I just made an appt with the vet in about an hour just to check things out. I wish we could let her chew bones. That may be our problem. She tends to swallow them whole and we had to induce vomiting a few months ago, due to her doing that. Crazy dog! haha

    • ANSWER:
      They probably don't have anything to do with the food, but if you're unsure of anything, the best thing to do is check with her vet. As far as her breath goes, has she ever had a professional teeth cleaning? I'm not talking about the occasional brushing you do or her groomer does, but one at a vet clinic? Once a year (or sometimes more often!), she may need a professional cleaning, kind of like the one you get done at the dentist. Dogs can't readily keep their mouths open for the doctor, so it is an anesthetic procedure. They'll clean the teeth, polish them, and get a good look at the gums and sometimes even do dental X-Rays to make sure her teeth are nice and healthy. It's definitely worth it! I have a miniature dachshund and he needs this done every 6 months!

      As far as the shaking goes, it may be because it's chilly outside, or it may be for attention. But, it could also be a way of her trying to tell you she's in pain or something. My advice is to take her to your vet, even if it's just for peace of mind. Good luck!

miniature dachshund bad breath