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Mouth Stings After Eating Pineapple

Frequently Asked Questions

    My mouth and tongue stings every time I eat fresh pineapple?
    I love pineapple, but it makes my mouth sting. Is this normal? Can I make it stop?
    I'm not asking what causes it... I want to know how to eat pineapple without this happening!

    • ANSWER:
      Dip your pineapple in salt water before eating it. It helps stop the burning.

    Why do my lips sting when I eat oranges?
    When I eat an orange my lips and the surrounding area really sting. I've noticed the same when I eat pineapple too. Its annoying and hurts and I'd like to know why. The area above my mouth also goes a little red. Does anyone know why this might be?

    • ANSWER:
      Oranges are acidic so it could be a reaction. In addition, you might be slightly allergic to these two fruits which is causing that stinging, redness and possibly even swelling.

    The corners of my mouth and tongue sting after I eat kiwis or pineapple why?
    I absoulutely love kiwis but is it possible I'm allergic to them or is it just that their too acidic? My tongue feels like when you put something too hot on it or something and the same with the corners of my mouth.
    This also happens with pineapple.
    This usually only occurs for me when I eat more then 2 kiwis.

    Please only answer if you actually know what your talking about.

    I peel my kiwis.

    • ANSWER:
      These fruits are very acidic. The burn is caused by the acid stinging small skin breaks (like chapping). You can counteract this by rinsing your mouth frequently while eating these (so that the acid doesn't stay in contact as long), and by consuming basic foods in the same meal (ex. milk or bananas). You are probably not allergic, just sensitive to the high acidic concentration.

    Why does my mouth hurt when I eat pineapple?
    I know that Pineapple has a high acidic level but when I eat it cut into pieces it doesn't burn. Only when I eat it straight from the skin does it sting. It makes my mouth numb, and it burns like I ate something hot. My hypothesis is that when i eat if from the skin the viens are leading straight to the skin wall, but when I cut it it cuts those veins, and it's not as "strong". Any help?

    • ANSWER:
      Pineapples (and papayas) have a chemical called "papain" (sp?)

      Papain breaks down proteins. Meat tenderizers are made with papain.

      If you have little breaks in the skin, it breaks down the exposed proteins.

      Heat breaks down the papain.

      If you put raw or frozen pineapple into a gelatin dessert, it won't gel because the papain breaks down the gelatin protein. Cooking or canning denatures the papain so it won't affect the gelatin (or other proteins.)

    Why do pineapples sting when eaten?
    It sort of stings my mouth. Why does this happen & how do I prevent this?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It's because when the pineapple was peeled, some of it's "eyes" (I'm referring to the dark round indentations) weren't completely removed...so try removing them next time when you plan on eating pineapples...you'll enjoy it better. =)

mouth stings after eating pineapple