What Causes Breath To Smell Like Metal

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    why does my dogs breath smell so bad?
    I have a female 9 month old Jack Russell, she's on heat at the moment, but her breath smells bad like a metal tin smell, which I've never noticed it before. what could be the problem? please help!

    • ANSWER:
      The first thing to check is her teeth. How often do you brush them? Do they have tartar on them? If they're looking brown or slimy then get her to the vet for a full dental and start brushing them, either with a dog toothpaste or with a bicarb and water mix, regularly.

      Scondly look into her diet. A lower quality diet causes bad breath. Check the ingredients of the food you feed. You want meat (not by products or meal, meat) to be the first (and possibly the second) ingredient. You don't want fillers like corn or beet pulp and you want to stay away from grains and carbs as well, as dogs can't digest those.

    Do Tongue piercings make your breath smell?
    I'm thinking of getting my Tongue pierced in the next few weeks and I'm just wondering does it make your breath smell? Does it hurt? And does it ruin your teeth?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it's the proximity that causes the confusion, but it's typically the nose that smells, while the tongue tastes.

      The pain is like having a needle pushed through a sense organ.

      The teeth are unaffected by the act of piercing, but if you constantly bring the metal post or stud into contact with your teeth, then as an analogy it could be like e.g. you are always scraping cutlery against them (you only eat for brief periods a few times a day though, so what this constant contact would portent could be anything from sensitivity/numbness/pain, increasing the size of the hole, breaking the piercing, or a strong desire to take it out and let it heal over).

    Is a metal bowl unhealthy for a dog to eat and drink water out of?
    What I really am questioning is the water. Usually the food goes right away but sometimes the water might sit for a while and that is what has me a little worried. Sometimes his breath will smell a little tinny. Anybody have any answers I would appreciate them?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, I prefer stainless steel dishes. Ceramic can crack-leading to bacteria growth; and plastic can crack/swell/ and also be inhabited by bacteria. Plus the plastic can actually cause chin acne and yeast to develop. (unless you buy Anti-Microbial food safe dishes) Just change the water daily, and try making sure it is an actual Pet Dish and you should be fine. :)
      ADDED: As far as his breath goes, it is most likely the mineral in your tap water rather than the dish itself. (As long as it is a Stainless Steel PET dish)

    My wife says my breath smells like metal. Why would it smell that way?
    She says it's not BAD breath, it just smells like copper. She says it changed very suddenly when I woke up 3 days ago, and smells the same now. I just ate a ton of Indian food, what could still be making my breath smell metallic?

    • ANSWER:
      Blood smells and tastes like iron, have you noticed any blood in your mouth lately? You could have an issue with your gums that's causing your breath to smell like that, which should be checked by a dentist as you could have periodontal disease or many other various tooth problems. See a dentist, it's best not to risk losing your teeth.

    What are some ways to get clean, natural, fresh breathe?
    I brush my teeth everyday. But I can never seem to get a natural fresh breath. The toothpaste smell usually wears off or it smells to much like the toothpast. But I'm looking for a way to get natural fresh breath, not some toothpaste that just covers over the smell with a peppermint smell!

    Anyone have and ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      This is a normal problem.

      When brushing make sure you hit all the zones AND brush your tongue. all the way to the back of your tongue and under it. After you've brushed your tongue, get something that is very firm like metal but NOT SHARP and gently start from the back of your tongue and gently scrape to the front of your tongue. most of bad breath is attributed to germs and buildup on the tongue. so make sure to follow this step!

      make sure to floss too because access food remaining in any tooth will rot and cause the breath to resemble the rotting food.

      And be sure to rinse w/ a good floride mouthwash.

      Hope I've helped. :D

    What can cause an altered sense of smell?
    The smell of things like tuna or mayo really make me retch these days, when they never used to before. I know pregnancy can cause this but there is no chance of me being so. What else can cause this?

    • ANSWER:
      Take your pick...
      Here are some other causes of altered smell:

      * Some medications; In general, medications cause a metallic taste rather than a metallic smell. The antibiotic metronidazole (Flagyl) is probably the most common cause of a metallic taste in the mouth and potentially a metal smell.
      * Exposure to certain chemicals
      * Pregnancy
      * A cold or sinus infection
      * Bad breath
      * A history of head trauma
      * Side effect of anesthesia
      * Migraine

      People with depression, anxiety, or other psychologic disturbances can have an altered sense of smell.

    Taste of metal in my mouth? Only happened since woke up today?
    For the last few days, I have felt exhausted and today have woken up with a really strong taste of metal in my mouth. It won't go away however much I clean my teeth or drink.

    Any ideas what has caused it and how I can make it go away?

    BTW my partner swears my breath doesn't smell of metal (or anything in fact) and thinks I'm going mad!
    No fillings, not taking any medication apart from the Pill.

    • ANSWER:
      The taste of metal can also be associated with bleeding gums. Blood gives a metal taste because of the iron in the blood.

    What's the best way to get rid of alcohol breath?

    Btw - this is not to do with driving, just not stinking when I get home lol

    • ANSWER:
      Alcohol breath is nasty. You may not know this because you usually don't smell your own breath, but please spare your companionship and save them from smelling your bad alcohol breath. So again, how do you get rid of alcohol on your breath?

      Chew on some onions - like that's going to help? Slash this, you'll still smell as bad. Chew loads of gum at once. This looks like something that would work; preferably mint flavour or anything fresh to cover up the smell. How do you get rid of alcohol on your breath? You ask. Tongue scrapers can also do some good to your breath.

      But how do you get of alcohol on your breath if you are burping from time to time. Colas are said to be very acidic and can disguise the smell of alcohol. Rinse with Listerine. Peanuts are great in disguising the alcohol breath. Eat loads of peanuts or a spoonful of peanut butter. There is no valid research to confirm the effectiveness of peanuts, but people claim that it's true.

      They say metal takes away the alcohol smell; so it makes sense when people claim that putting a penny inside your mouth works. But be very careful not to swallow the penny or you will be in more danger than before. People may not want to try this though, it sounds nasty - and there is no way of telling where the coin has been. Antipoleez - bring it anywhere you go so you can have it whenever you need it. You can buy this at your local store.

      These are just examples of how to get rid of alcohol on your breath. But unfortunately, it is said that expulsion of alcohol in your system happens through digestive, respiratory and cleansing organs. That means, the smell is harder to get rid of than just brushing your teeth. After some level of consumption, the alcohol seeps into your lungs and skin.

      Eating a lot of awful tasting onions and loads of mints to hopefully cover the bad smell of alcohol is fruitless and embarrassing. Doing this will cause more suspicion and therefore, your attempt will be useless. And though peanut butter tastes great, some say that it does not work on losing you bad breath.

      Experts say, the only way to get rid of alcohol on your breath is bentonite, pharmaceutical grade clay combined with activated willow charcoal. You can get these items at your local stores; these are sold in capsule form and can be bought . They also expel and absorb alcohol faster from your system.

      If you have a drinking problem, it is better to approach you family for help rather than covering up by trying to find how to get rid of the alcohol on your breath. And don't drink too much,

    What do I use to clean the INSIDE of a Brass Tenor Saxophone?
    Can I use lukewarm water and dish soap? Or bleach or something? I'm looking to sell it and I want it to do it.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Clean your mouthpiece. Remove the reed and ligature, and use the mouthpiece brush to remove any foreign material inside the mouthpiece. Run lukewarm water through the mouthpiece at the sink. Finally, using a clean, lint-free cloth, pull it through the mouthpiece to dry and remove any particles missed by the brush. This may take a few passes.

      2. Swab the neck. Use the brush attachment (looks like a flexible metal hose with a rag ball on one end, and a small brush on the other) and pass it through the larger, base opening on the neck, coming out on the narrow side to which the cork is attached. Brush out the inside to remove any foreign particles or bacterial growth, and use the swab last. You can run water through the neck as well, just be sure that no water comes in contact with the cork, or it will swell and deform. Be wary of the pad on the octave valve as well.

      3. Swab the body. With a standard cleaning kit, there is an attachment that looks like a brush and cloth on a long string weighted on the opposite end. Put the weighted end into the bell of the saxophone, and turn the sax upside down, bringing the weighted end completely through the body and coming at the narrow end to which the neck is attached. Gently pull the swab through the body, repeating this process several times. If possible, hold the keys down as you do this. It is not unusual to see a slight green color on the pad after a few passes. This is not rust on the inside of the saxophone. As brass comes into contact with the air/elements, it reacts with the sulphur that is naturally present and produces tarnish, not rust, due to the copper/zinc makeup of brass. As the inside of the instrument is not protected with lacquer, this is normal and will not cause any metal damage. The main reason for swabbing is to dry the interior so that pads are not damaged, to slow/inhibit bacteria growth and to remove any build-up of foreign particles from foods, beverages, saliva that have been blown into the instrument with you breath.

      4. Check & clean the key pads. There are many keys on the saxophone, so this may be the most time consuming step. Visually inspect each pad, looking for wear or tears. If a pad is torn, take it to your local repair shop for replacement. Using a piece of paper or a pad cleaner, slide the paper underneath the pad, close the valve, and slowly pull the paper out. This helps remove foreign material from the pad.

      5. Tighten loose screws. Most screws on a saxophone are of the flat head, not Phillips. You can tighten loose rod screws safely, but do not over-torque them. If this happens, you may not be able to press keys such as those necessary for a high-D or F#.

      6. Swab and grease the corks. Dry the cork on the neck completely, and add a liberal amount of cork grease. Rub the grease into the cork to 'condition' it, and add another light coating. Do this weekly, and you'll maintain an impressive seal. After some time of doing this, the cork will get saturated with grease; do not grease further, or you will hasten the deterioration of the cork. Don't try to grease the little bits of cork on the ends of actions; they're there for padding.

      7. Clean swab every month for removal of wastes and for decreased build up of corrosion.

      8. Reassemble your saxophone. It should look, smell, and play beautifully!

    My dog always smells no matter how much we clean him? What can I do?
    He just smells all the time, we bath him every weekend and even afterwards he still stinks!! He also has bad breath, we give him his dentist sticks every morning and night, also he has a bone toy that is for bad breath but doesn't make a difference, anyone got any tips on what I could do or buy?
    He's just out of the vet and had a full check up groom and all
    @smartsinger aren't you just a eff'n ray of sunshine!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      So what did the vet say about the smell or your groomer? Surely you mentioned it & asked for an opinion or thoughts - since you were paying for their services.

      Solving your problem:
      For starters, have the vet or groomer empty the ANAL glands. Doubtful they will do it unless asked. If the dog has food allergies they could need emptying on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. (You could learn how to do this, but feeding a better quality food & more FIBER) often helps. By fiber I suggest adding leafy green veggies like: kale, spinach, collards, mustard greens & asparagus spears to the diet. (You can buy all but the latter in frozen format & microwave a cereal bowl full) for daily feeding. Mix with plain yogurt, or canned food, if needed.

      Licking his butt could also cause the bad breath, if he has anal gland problems or an infection. Dogs lick, to try & release them. (It sort of smells like DEAD FISH or skunk.)

      Next the mouth. Buy a tooth scaler (metal) & sold in dog catalogs & learn how to remove tartar/plaque off the dog's teeth. Next buy toothpaste for dogs & a brush and use it at least weekly. Allowing or encouraging chewing on raw bones isn't a bad idea to help clean teeth, but may not always clean the teeth completely, if you've got hardened plaque, unless you start with cleaner teeth, first.

      If the skin has a yeast infection you might try a shampoo to treat that, but you can bathe dogs too often & dry it out. Be sure to use a coat conditioner. If the skin seems or quickly gets greasy, there is a health problem.

    My parents bought a new teflon coated oven and I have a parrot... worried, suggestions?
    My parents just bought a new oven which has teflon and also has a self cleaning feature. Ever since I can remember, we were using an old oven that didn't have teflon. I have informed them that teflon can be toxic to birds and they have agreed not to use the self-cleaning feature, and I thought that would be okay. However, upon further research, I've read of birds that have died from only pre-heating ovens. I have a green cheek conure who I love so much. He in in my bedroom with the door closed, fan running, and a towel under the door.. but I'm still insanely worried about the fumes. It's brand new and I can smell something in the air in the kitchen down the hall which is probably the teflon or something else that is probably toxic. It's cold out now, so opening the window is probably counter productive for my baby. I've looked up air purifiers but I've realized they only filter dust particles and not airborne fumes. I really don't know what to do, my parent's obviously aren't going to return the oven, nor do I expect them to, but I don't wait to hurt my baby. Any suggestions??
    No hateful comments please. Sorry for the lengthy description..

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, let's not get too kooky. Yes, nonstick coatings are dangerous for birds (humans too). However, the problem usually occurs when the coating is over-heated (burned). The newer coatings are supposed to be safer at higher temps. Btw, there are nonstick coatings on irons as well as ironing board covers (who ever would assume that?).

      Keep things in perspective. I have been using "Teflon" for over 40 years and when I started keeping birds there was no Internet & very few books on pet parrots & no books stating Teflon could kill my bird. Common sense is all I had to go by. Even a non-coated pan that burns will have fumes that are dangerous to breath. I mean think about it---over-heated or burned metals like aluminum or steel, not meant for breathing. So the thing is, use your coated oven but I would have the bird out of the immediate area for the first few uses. As you have found, there is allot of info in the web on this subject. Look, even candles and air fresheners can cause some birds who are very sensitive to keel over from the fumes. Most birds don't. Don't make yourself or your family nuts but do learn all you can so you can make reasonable & informed decisions that will keep your pets safe.

      The reason birds are so sensitive to things like fumes is because their lungs (really the entire respiratory system) work so efficiently. Because they fly, the taking in of air and transferring oxygen to internal organs has to be extremely efficient.

      Here's the DuPont site w info their non-stick coatings: http://www2.dupont.com/Teflon/en_US/products/safety/key_questions.html. This company did get into trouble w a federal agency or two and was fined for withholding product dangers from the public. Now they have to disclose this kind of info.

    Why does my breath smell despite constant brushing?
    It was a dare lol!

    Thanks for all the kind people though


    • ANSWER:
      Many possible things can make your breath stink. Gingivitis is one. Also, if you have braces then the metal and food getting caught in the braces could do it. Here are some other things:

      Hard to Digest Food and Stinky Food

      Let's face it - some foods stink. If you eat garlic - you are going to have garlic breath. If you eat onion - you are going to have onion breath. Furthermore some of these foods are very hard to digest, so they sit in the stomach and the wiff is easily smelt on the breath.


      Forrest Gump made the comment "she tasted like cigarettes" and this perfectly illustrates the changing public opinion on smoking. Tobacco smoke is now extremely unpopular, is banned in public and offends many people. Not only that, but the smell stays on a smokers breath due to the residue that forms on the teeth, inside cheeks, tongue and gums.

      Bad Teeth

      Tooth Decay is a very common cause of bad breath. Sugar consumption continues to increase as children are introduced to sweet foods earlier and earlier and in larger doses. The resulting increase in tooth decay, combined with the cost of dentists education have led to higher dental costs. Where you have halitosis due to poor dental hygiene you really need to take positive action, brushing and flossing to keep decay and food residue away from your teeth.

      Gum Disease.

      When left untreated tooth decay can often lead to gum disease. If gum disease is ignored it can lead to abscesses, holes and cavities. Gum disease is a highly complex problem disease which can have multiple complications and to be honest halitosis is one of the least serious. However halitosis can be a good early warning sign of a more serious gum problem.

      A Dry Mouth.

      There are multiple causes for having an excessively dry mouth. Sometimes it is simply due to having too low an intake of liquid, sometimes it may be a side effect of medications you are on and sometimes it is an inefficiency in the saliva glands. Dry mouth increases any of the other causes of bad breath. Regardless of the cause an increase in liquid intake(preferably water) will greatly assist.

      A Cancerous Mouth.

      Sometimes ulcers in the mouth can be cancerous and this highly visible form of cancer is also a common cause of bad breath. Where there is any sort of damage to the interior of the mouth it is a good idea to seek medical advice as soon as possible.


      Diabetics have trouble getting the proper nutrition from food due to a lack of insulin production. In these cases undigested food can frequently sit in the stomach for longer periods of time, and as previously discussed this can cause halitosis.

    We bought some kind of metal lozenge recently, it's supposed to freshen breath, how does metal freshen breath?
    It's square in shape at the top of a black hard plastic stick, you simply put it in your mouth and either simply leave it in your mouth or suck it like a lolly pop! I haven't tried it yet but my wife has and thinks it works, what's the "chemistry" or whatever behind it? Not sure what kind of metal it is, some kind of alloy I think. Thanks.
    By "freshen breath" I mean it's supposed to neutralise odours. But how?

    • ANSWER:
      It might neutralize the chemicals in your mouth that cause the bad smells from your mouth by an ionic bond, which is an atomic bond between a metal and a nonmetal.

    what kind of wheel is best for a hedgehog?
    Iv read that the wheel with metal wire are bad and also the silents wheel thing. What kind should i get for my hedgehog im getting? From like petco or petsmart

    • ANSWER:
      from http://hedgehogcentral.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=55 :

      -What kind of wheel should I use?-There are many wheels out there, commercial and handmade. The highest quality, safest, and most silent ones are handmade by other breeders/rescues/owners. Here are some common ones.

      Silent Spinners- Made by Superpet. You would need the largest size. These have a tendency to tip over and be noisy. You should attach the wheel to the cage, or ziptie the stand to the cage.

      Comfort Wheels- Made by Superpet. Also need the size large. They are also said to be noisy and rattle a bit. They should be attached to the cage.

      Flying Saucer Wheels- Made by Ware Manufacturing. The largest (12”) is the right size. These, in my opinion, are fine wheels. They are easy to clean, quiet, and the hedgies don’t seem to have any trouble running on them. However there is the possibility of them tipping with larger hedgies. Hedgies over 400 grams (appx.) would probably be too big, and could cause it to tip.

      Wodent Wheels- I have not used one, but they look like an okay wheel. They do look difficult to clean. Also, when the hedgie relieves itself on the wheel, the enclosed nature may keep the smell inside. No hedgie wants to breath that!

      Quality Cage Wheels- Also a decent wheel. They seem simple to clean, but do have supports/crossbars of the sides.

      Bucket/Cake Walk Wheels- These are the best and most commonly used wheels. Made out of 5 or 10 gallon buckets or cake covers, they are removable from their PVC stands. They have solid, easy-to-clean surfaces, and often have replaceable parts. The can often be customized to different sizes, heights, angles, etc. And also may be available in a variety of colours.


      personally, I recommend against the wodent wheel. I use them for my Syrian hamsters and they're very nice (and pretty quiet) wheels... however, hedgies have a tendency to poop a lot as they run on their wheel, causing it to require daily cleaning. of all the wheels listed above, I would rate the wodent wheel as the biggest pain in the butt to clean.

      I think petco and petsmart only sell the silent spinner in smaller versions... and the size needed for a hedgie is quite expensive if you do find it in a store somewhere. they're also far from silent.

      the *best* wheels for hedgehogs are going to have to be purchased online... however, if petco/petsmart are your only options, petsmart *does* sell comfort wheels that are large enough for a hedgehog. they're noisy, though, and when I tried one for my hammies, I found that it was difficult for a hamster to turn - I ended up returning it and getting wodent wheels instead.

      I own a 12'' flying saucer - I have it in one of my hammy cages. it's easy to clean and practically silent - probably the most quiet wheel I've ever owned aside from the wheel I have for my sugar gliders (which isn't a good wheel for hedgies).

    How can I make friends with Zombies?

    • ANSWER:
      Persistence and An Insatiable Hunger for Life (Probably Yours!) -

      It’s easy to admire zombies; they know exactly what they want and they go all out for it. A good zombie will do whatever it takes, whether that means breaking a window, clawing through a door or following your delicious brain smell for 500 miles just so they can sink their teeth in grey matter. Even if it means loss of limbs, loved ones or even undead life, they’re like the Energizer Bunnies of trying to kill and eat you – they just keep going and going and going…

      Patience -

      Close sister of persistence, zombies are very patient creatures. Let’s say you do manage to halt their progress and bar them outside of a huge metal door that they can’t break through. When you eventually have to go back through that door because the poorly written plot of the third act calls for you to do so, those same zombies are sure to be waiting to take a nice, juicy bite out of you. Because unlike us living folk, the undead have nothing but time on their hands.

      Persuasiveness -

      You have to admit that zombies are pretty persuasive creatures. How else could they manage to eat someone alive and STILL get that person to join their zombie cause? One bite and you just can’t say no. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself.

      Not Self-Reflective -

      You never hear zombies whining about not getting enough flesh or see them stop ripping apart their prey because they suddenly have a pang of conscious. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they don’t need to mourn when one of their compatriots falls to a headshot or waste any time on happiness and love. No self-respecting zombie ever lets his or her feelings get in the way of doing the job – and that’s the way it should be.

      Succinctness, Brevity and Tersitude (a title that in itself proves I am not a zombie) -

      Actions are far more important than words. Every zombie instinctually knows this and saves his or her proverbial breath for chasing and eating people. This economy of speech has actually made zombies quite efficient in their communication. A few simple grunts and groans eloquently communicate things like, “Excuse me, are you using that brain? Because my teeth are quite interested in it” and “Hey, other zombie pals, check it out, more humans for us to gnaw on.” They DO really need to work on their warning skills, however. For whatever reason, grunts don’t seem to accurately convey danger, generally resulting in numerous senseless zombie deaths…or is that “undeaths”?

      Rampant objectivism -

      If Ayn Rand were undead today, she’d be a zombie. They’re the ultimate believers of Objectivism, especially the part about Rational Self-Interest: “the proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness.” Since killing and eating living people makes them happy, it’s the moral thing to do. Some might argue that this is closer to hedonism, but since human flesh is an actual NEED of the zombies, I stand by my definition.

      Honesty -

      Say what you want about zombies, but at least they’re honest. You know exactly what a zombie is all about from the second you meet him or her. They put their cards on the table and don’t hold back. In fact, if you know what’s good for you you’ll likely have to hold them back.

      Focused -

      Sure, zombies might look like they’re just shuffling around all the time, but try to come near them and you’ll learn right quick just how focused they are. The good side of this is that if you’re willing to sacrifice another human being (preferably someone you don’t like, if possible), zombies will often become so focused on that person that they might not even notice you!

    what is the cause of the metallic taste in my mouth?
    it has happened on and off for about a year and my husband says he can smell metal on my breath

    • ANSWER:

    how do know if someone is making meth in your building or you live in a old meth lab?
    like what smells do yo smell, what type of signs do you get,do feel sick.how do we know that it's meth, and could people in the house be addicted to it

    • ANSWER:
      Many meth labs I have seen have a really strong chemical smell, almost like cat urine.

      The chemicals that are cooked make a strong, acidic combination and may burn the skin and eyes on contact.

      The poisonous affects of a Meth lab linger long after the manufacturer is gone. Many times, the waste material is dumped outdoors, causing irreparable damage to the environment and drinking water. Outdoor Meth lab contamination results from the dumping or burning of waste on or near soil, surface water, groundwater, and sewer or septic systems. Signs of Meth lab activity outside include:

      Burn piles

      Dead or dying vegetation

      Buried trash piles.

      While chemicals are being combined and heated to cook Meth, toxic vapors seep into plaster, wood, upholstery and any other porous surface. Harsh liquids that are dumped or spilled can remain for a long time as residue in bathtubs, toilets or sinks. Contamination from the cooking and disposing of Meth inside a home will affect: floors, walls, ceilings, working surfaces, furniture, carpeting, paneling, wallpaper, draperies, blinds, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures and drains, vent fans, ceiling fans, heating and air-conditioning vents, clothing, toys, etc.
      Some signs of previous Meth manufacturing inside a home include:

      Reddish stains in sinks and tubs

      Lingering chemical odors

      Reddish stains in carpets or on wallpaper which won't come out. If spray starch applied to these stains turns purple, the stain is caused by iodine, a key ingredient in Meth manufacturing. The presence of such stains may indicate previous Meth lab activity in the home

      The people in the home are more than likely addicted to meth. If a child is born to a meth addict, it will more than likely have severe health probelms.

      You only become addicted to meth if you ingest it. The children probably aren't addicted to meth, but they are affected by the chemicals, with chemical burns to the lungs, eyes, body. I listed some signs that children may have being exposed to a meth lab.

      Watery eyes
      Discharge from the eyes
      Eye pain, including burning
      Skin irritation and redness
      Mild to severe burns
      Sneezing and coughing
      Congestion of the voice box
      Chest pain
      Nausea and vomiting
      Abdominal pain
      Moderate to severe headache
      Rapid heart rate
      Dark colored urine
      Decrease in mental status
      Yellow jaundice
      Extreme irritability
      Severe neglect
      Difficult and labored breathing; shortness of breath

      Here are common ingredients in meth:
      Alcohol -
      Gasoline additives/Rubbing Alcohol
      Ether (starting fluid)
      Paint thinner
      Camp stove fuel
      Anhydrous ammonia
      White gasoline
      Rock, table or Epsom salt
      Red Phosphorous
      Toluene (found in brake cleaner)
      Red Devil Lye
      Drain cleaner
      Muraitic acid
      Battery acid
      Lithium from batteries
      Sodium metal
      Cold tablets
      Diet aids
      Energy boosters
      Iodine crystals

      Lab equipment - including tubing, unmarked Mason jars with tubes attached, stained coffee filters, 2-liter pop bottles, blenders, camera batteries, wooden matches, propane cylinders and hot plates - are tip offs to the production of Meth.

      I busted a meth lab in my area, just on suspicion of how a child smelled at the local elementry school.. She showed all the signs.

    what tests should I go through for finding the cause of bad breath?

    • ANSWER:
      The odor from our mouths are caused by the waist from bacteria that live in our mouths. These waists are volotile (rapid evaporation) sulfides. With the reproduction of extra bacteria in our mouths, or the consumption of much protein foods, will result in more than normal amount of emitting sulfides.

      I do not know of any test. What I do know is that in most cases, halitosis do increase with stress. This might be because stress do deplete the immune system and thus would cause an increase in bacterial reproduction. This no doubt includes mouth bacteria.

      Other reasons for bad breath are toxic digestive system, gum disease, tooth decay, heavy metal buildup, nose or throat infection, improper diet, constipation, smoking, diabetes, indigestion, inadequate protein digestion, liver malfunction, postnasal drip, and poor oral hygiene.

      If you are living in a stressful situation, then do all you can to reduce or eliminate the stress. As soon as the stress is gone, the bad breath will also. Learning to take things as they come and work with it, is a good way of reducing the effect of stress.

      Drink pure water on a regular basis. This seem to help a lot.

      Have your colon cleanse at least four times per year. (use a cleanser that carries probiotic to be taken after the cleanse is finished.)
      While it is important to have meat in your diet, eating lots of meats can result in clogs which in turn can cause bad breath. Also protein residue forms food for mouth bacteria. Eat lots of raw fruits and raw vegetables. These will help with regular bowel action, which will in turn discourage the storage of toxic waste. Raw foods also supply vital nutrients that are very important for the boosting of your immune system.

      Brush and floss your teeth every day and visit your dentist once or twice every year. Also gargle every day. Using a breath spray or a mouth wash do help.

      Ask a trusted friend to tell you when your breath is smelly. That is what I do. Or use a spoon to scrape the back of your tongue and smell it.

      The following links will give you more detailed information about bad breath.

    My Englishbulldog wakes up in the morning and her breath smells like metal what causes this?

    • ANSWER:
      The cause is just what dogs lick. They lick weird things that smell horrible. If you want more advice ask a vet.

    Stories to write with the title 'The day i wish i could forget'?
    I have an assignment to hand in for english and im stuck!! i dont know what to write that fits the title we was given? any ideas?! im a girl & im not sure... please help
    its descriptive writing but i need some ideas ive so much to do im just panicing i cant think,
    i wrote it this in lesson quickly other day its really bad and;

    Shreiking is all i can hear eachoing down the corridor as students run yelling and calling out to their friends, a silent whisper hangs in the air as the last of the students huddle out the classroom door together. I hear their footsteps fade away then nothing. I tap my nails against the metal desk where i sit and a shiver runs down my spine. The same lump of lonliness foams to my throat i try to swallow, its like ive swallowed a ball its trapped i stare around the room at the walls there bright, full of neat work i trace my eyes over loops of swirly writing and frown at the scruffy peices of work from the people who couldnt put the effort in i scan the board some more but mine isnt there nor is my bestfriends. I reach to my forhead feel for my scar, its smooth but round in a long line slowly i keep my finger moving across back and forth each time it feels like forever. Although i know its only ten center meters exact i meassured it i do it all the time. I push my dark brown hair over to cover it up and reach for my locket C.M it says, Cynthia Martin my mums, and im Monica Herbrew. My heart starts to ache, tears prick my eyes theres a wasp up my nose of that im sure because it stings, stings badly i gasp hair and stare around the classroom the smells of paint mixed with blood i want to gag the sight of windows but only shattered. And a empty space that was once taken. I close my eyes and start to remember i feel warm and clammy strands of hair stick firmly to.my cheeks one last deep breath its time to think, think of the day i wish i could forget.

    Should i change school? & I was gonna do a crash she caused or something? Help?!?!

    • ANSWER:

    Is it true having a lip piercing gives you bad breath?

    • ANSWER:
      Poor oral hygine is the reason people have bad breath. The myth that lip piercings cause bad breath stems from the myth that tongue piercings cause bad breath. A tongue piercing can hold plaque and bacteria which is why it needs to be cleaned correctly. So it is not the piercing that causes the trouble, it is the lack of correct care. If you clean your tongue, lip, or any other piercing correctly it will NOT smell.

      If you were to leave a healed piercing alone without cleaning it, it would eventually form some gunk and a smell. This is NOT due to the metal (assuming you're using something safe for the piercing that you're not alergic to). It happens because your piercing forms a tube of skin inside itself. Just like other skin, this skin produces oils and dead cells which need to be washed away. If you don't wash them correctly, they will smell. So learn to care for your piercing and you will live a smell-free life.

      As for stretched piercings, they smell for the reasons listed above. It's just like any other piece of skin and needs washed. If you didn't wash your face, it would get slimy and smell. Same for inside your piercings.

    Breath smells like metal?
    My boyfriend's breath smells like metal from time to time. It won't go away if he brushes his teeth either. What causes breath to smell this way?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Hailey,
      Following may help you,
      most cases (85–90%), bad breath originates in the mouth itself. The intensity of bad breath differs during the day, due to eating certain foods (such as garlic, onions, meat, fish, and cheese), obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption.Since the mouth is exposed to less oxygen and is inactive during the night, the odor is usually worse upon awakening ("morning breath"). Bad breath may be transient, often disappearing following eating, brushing one's teeth, flossing, or rinsing with specialized mouthwash.

      1. Tongue
      The most common location is the tongue. Tongue bacteria produce malodorous compounds and fatty acids, and account for 80 to 90 percent of all cases of mouth-related bad breath
      Cleaning the tongue
      The most widely-known reason to clean the tongue is for the control of bad breath. Methods used against bad breath, such as mints, mouth sprays, mouthwash or gum, may only temporarily mask the odors created by the bacteria on the tongue, but cannot cure bad breath because they do not remove the source of the bad breath. In order to prevent the production of the sulfur-containing compounds mentioned above, the bacteria on the tongue must be removed, as must the decaying food debris present on the rear areas of the tongue. Most people who clean their tongue use a tongue cleaner (tongue scraper), or a toothbrush.

      There are over 600 types of bacteria found in the average mouth.
      Other parts of the mouth may also contribute to the overall odor, but are not as common as the back of the tongue. These locations are, in order of descending prevalence: inter-dental and sub-gingival niches, faulty dental work, food-impaction areas in between the teeth, abscesses, and unclean dentures.Oral based lesions caused by viral infections like Herpes Simplex and HPV may also contribute to bad breath.

      3.Gum disease
      Advanced periodontal disease is a common cause. Waste products from the anaerobic bacteria growing below the gumline (subgingival) have a foul smell and have been clinically demonstrated to produce a very intense bad breath. Removal of the . tartar or hard plaqueand friable tissue has been shown to improve mouth odor considerably.

      In this occurrence, the air exiting the nostrils has a pungent odor that differs from the oral odor. Nasal odor may be due to sinus infections or foreign bodies.

      small bits of calcified matter in tonsillar crypts called tonsilloliths that smell extremely foul when released and can cause bad breath.

      very uncommon source of bad breath. The esophagus is a closed and collapsed tube, and continuous flow (as opposed to a simple burp) of gas or putrid substances from the stomach indicates a health problem—such as reflux serious enough to be bringing up stomach contents or a fistula between the stomach and the esophagus—which will demonstrate more serious manifestations than just foul odor.

      7.Systemic diseases
      1. Fetor hepaticus: an example of a rare type of bad breath caused by chronic liver failure.
      2. Lower respiratory tract infections (bronchial and lung infections).
      3. Renal infections and renal failure.
      4. Carcinoma.
      5. Diabetes mellitus.


      1. Gently cleaning the tongue surface twice daily is the most effective way to keep bad breath in control; that can be achieved using a tooth brush, tongue cleaner or tongue brush/scraper to wipe off the bacterial biofilm, debris, and mucus. Scraping or otherwise damaging the tongue should be avoided, and scraping of the V-shaped row of taste buds found at the extreme back of the tongue should also be avoided. Brushing a small amount of antibacterial mouth rinse or tongue gel onto the tongue surface will further inhibit bacterial action.

      2. Eating a healthy breakfast with rough foods helps clean the very back of the tongue.

      3. Chewing gum: Since dry-mouth can increase bacterial buildup and cause or worsen bad breath, chewing sugarless gum can help with the production of saliva, and thereby help to reduce bad breath. Chewing may help particularly when the mouth is dry, or when one cannot perform oral hygiene procedures after meals.

      4. Gargling right before bedtime with an effective mouthwash.

      5. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, including daily tongue cleaning, brushing, flossing, and periodic visits to dentists and hygienists. Flossing is particularly important in removing rotting food debris and bacterial plaque from between the teeth, especially at the gumline.


      Mouthwashes often contain antibacterial agents including cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine (which can cause temporary staining of the teeth), zinc gluconate, essential oils, and chlorine dioxide. Zinc and chlorhexidine provide strong synergistic effect. They may also contain alcohol, which is a drying agent.

      Dr. Adiki

    Bad breath caused by braces?
    I have bad breath and I have braces. I brush my teeth and floss well, so I don't think food being stuck inbetween brackets is the problem. My breath kinda smells like metal. How can I make it less noticable or gone completly? Thanks!
    I've had braces for almost 2 years...and I've tried everything. Good answers so far!

    • ANSWER:
      use a strong mouthwash and you can buy a brush at your dentish that cleans inbetween the brackets that really helps i have braces lol its worse when you get the bands put on:@

    what causes my breath to smell like oxidizing metal, or alcohol..?
    I've noticed when it happens, that i dont feel very 'ballanced' hygenicly eather...weak, lathargic, slow mentally, .... whats with that?

    • ANSWER:

    i feel like i have bad breath?
    I brush twice a day and floss. However, my mouth tastes bad and I feel like I have bad breath. My mom said I'm just imagining it (she is always honest with these things if I ask her). What do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Since bad breath is caused by bacteria which grows on the tongue and mouth, you probably should buy a tongue cleaner. I know it sounds crazy, but if you buy something a simple as the Orabrush which can be purchased at Meijer or Walmart, you can treat bad breath on the spot. Also, what I do is gargle mint mouthwash to remove nasty breath which comes from your throat. I also always have mint gum on me to refresh myself:) haha. But I would recommend a Orabrush or a toothbrush with a tongue scraper on it, and also if you don't know if you have bad breath, Orabrush commercials recommend you take a simple metal spoon, stick it to the back of your tongue [without choking of course] haha, but then scrape the gunk off the back, let it dry, and then smell it. That's just what the commercial recommends to test it, but I've never tried it.
      But in the end, Momma always knows best(:

    Retainer and teeth moving question?
    I recently got my braces off a week ago and received 2 metal retainers, one for top and one for bottom. They are extremely uncomfortable because they make me really thirsty and make me have that bad taste in my mouth like my breath smells bad >.>
    Will they move if I wear them 12 hours a day, in the evening till when I get up?

    • ANSWER:
      You will get used to it. If you don't wear the retainer, your teeth will shift which will cause the retainer to feel even tighter. If you feel that it is too painful, see if you orthodontist can make an adjustment.

    Does anyone know what makes bad breath have a metallic/metal smell?

    I always brush after meals. Then I started brushing 8 times a day to no avail. I have always used good dential hygiene.

    I wondered if it a health issue and has happened to someone else?

    • ANSWER:
      its bateria in your mouth from germs its also caused by not brushing your teeth enough or eatting something with a strong oder like garlic.Now metallic taste could be medicine if your taking it they tend to give us that metallic taste like the one i take called metiformin.so dont worry its not bad it happends even when yoursick because your fighting infections so it happends to everyone keep gum arround or tic tacs they kelp use mouthwash after brushing your teeth will help too

    my teeth is very yellow l use many kind of tooth soaps even lwent to dentist and they wash it no result?
    my mouth has also bad odour

    • ANSWER:
      A metal tooth pick with handle can pick the meat from between your teeth and help eliminate some of the smell.
      Abscessed teeth can have a real rotten smell and should be dentist office repaired.
      Brush teeth and tongue and then use mouth wash at least twice a day.
      Eat less at night so the digestive juices do not come into the mouth while you sleep.That will also help eliminate bad breath.
      Antibiotics can cause teeth to be discolored to yellow.
      For about a dentist can whiten them.Coffee makes teeth turn yellow.Best wishes for a confident smile.

    My puppies breath smells really weird??? please read details!?
    I have a blue heeler puppy who is about 4 months old, her breath smells like rust or some kind of metal. Its really strong, could she be sick???
    its not normal and we brush her teeth

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Denise R. A metallic smell can be the sign of an infection.
      I lost a dog to acute lymphocytic leukemia, and her breath smelled strongly of metal. The disease caused high white blood cell count, which is typical of infections.

      Not to worry - I'm not suggesting your dog has the same thing - but I'll never forget the smell. Best to get it checked.

    Tips for shaving my underarms?
    Whenever I shave, its bumpy and not very pleasant. I have to shave in all different directions, and sometimes even that doesn't get all of the hair. I have to wait two days after shaving the first time since it hurts to shave any time before that. shaving cream helps a lot, but its still uncomfortable. I've tried lotion to replenish any lost moisture, but it doesn't help.

    Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I used to have the same prob.trust me its not fun having bumpy sensitive pits,but hairy ones either.so what i did was take a 400iu vitamin E capsule everyday and after 3mon.the skin became and stayed smoother.

      your like me.I still to this day cannot shave more than twice a week,but your deodorant will cause most of the bumpiness.did you you know that it has alum ion in it?yes.metal.so find another safer better kind that works.it will be a trial and air er,but it ll be worth it.

      Im also sure you have a hard time shaving because of the deodorant build up.its really hard to wash off because of the alum ion that makes it stick.you may also find if you look really closely when your showering.bumps that look like pimples.what i did was squeeze them and a piece of deodorant came out.

      then i realized my pits needed a break.so after i shower and clean as much off as i possible can.ill not put any on if im doing lil or nothin.as long as i possibly can.all you have to do is wash underneath everytime you smell a lil funk.your giving the skin time to heal and breath.now my pits it looks even better.

      i have a couple a friends who do this now,but i found this info to for ya....

      (This is a fairly broad question, so it is impossible to give a definitive answer without knowing what exactly is causing the bumps, what the bumps look like, do they itch, etc. However, drinking plenty of water usually clears up the problem. Additionally, treating the bumps with Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel is also very effective, but it really depends what the problem is. Improper water consumption habits can lead to extended periods of dehydration which can sometimes cause small bumps on the skin, especially on the backs of the upper arms.

      If your skin simply rough and bumpy, using a pumice stone or a natural cleanser with ground up peach pits or other rough material will polish the skin and remove old, dead skin. This drastically improves the look and feel of your skin. If the bumps itch, you should consider taking a bath in oatmeal and baking soda to sooth the skin and balance the PH of your skin. You can also apply a cream made from comfrey and slippery elm to help smooth out and heal your skin. If the bumps are uncomfortable, try applying calendula cream to the bumps several times a day. This will take away any itching or burning and will help heal the skin.) goodluck.............................................................................................

    do you know what dmso does to horses?
    my filly has a small splint and i heard dmso works but what does it do? and what is the correct way of using it?

    • ANSWER:
      DMSO, which is the abbreviation for Dimethyl Sulfoxide, is an industrial solvent that has found use by both the human medical and the veterinary disciplines.

      At one time, there was quite a fad among human athletes to use DMSO. Some people used it as a topical ointment or linement, and some people actually dosed themselves with it as an oral medication.

      If you do a web search, you will find that DMSO has been used to treat everything from aches and pains to cancer. Advocates are quite enthusiastic about it, but most of the evidence of any benefits that come from using it is anecdotal-- e.g., someone tried it and said it worked. There are some controlled studies that have been done, and the results of those studies have been mixed. Advocates of DMSO claim that failure of studies to show clear evidence of benefits shows a flaw in methodology of the studies, not in the effectiveness of DMSO.

      The problem with using DMSO is that most of what is sold at feed stores and tack shops and such places is Industrial Grade, not Pharmaceutical Grade. The difference in the two grades of DMSO has to do with the purity and presence of certain kinds of contaminants. Pharmaceutical grade DMSO is highly purified, and contains no contaminants that could cause health problems. Industrial Grade is much less pure, and may contain metal contaminants (e.g., lead, cadmium, arsenic and such things) or organic contaminants (pesticide residues or other chemicals). While the quantities of contaminants may be relatively small, a lot of the things that can be found in Industrial Grade DMSO are cumulative toxins-- that is, the body can retain small quantities which accumulate over time if you keep using DMSO.

      As several other people have noted, DMSO carries anything that is dissolved in it through the skin into the body. Human runners have been known to dissolve things like crushed asprin in DMSO and put the mixture on sore spots. Also topical cortisone cream mixed with DMSO, to get an effect something like a cortisone injection without having to have an injection.

      DMSO is also used to reduce bruising. I know of one junior rider who got thrown from her horse before her school prom. She got a badly bruised shoulder and arm, and she used DMSO to try to reduce the discoloration , which would have been quite noticeable in her prom dress. It did seem to reduce the bruising considerably.

      I've used DMSO on myself, on an injured knee. Within a few minutes of using DMSO, you get a metallic garlicky taste in your mouth. This is because the DMSO has come through your bloodstream and is interacting with the taste buds and sensory nerves in your mouth. If you use a lot of DMSO, you get a garlicky bad breath that can be quite noticeable-- in one of the magazines for human runners some years ago, a columnist claimed that when he got into an elevator with other runners, he could immediately tell who the DMSO users are by the smell on their breath.

      I tried DMSO on one of my horses, an ex-racehorse with arthritic ankles and knees. My horse really objected to the use of DMSO. Other ointments and liniments-- Bigel Oil, Absorbine, etc.,-- he tolerated very well and never objected when I applied them. With DMSO, all I had to do was uncap the bottle and he'd start snorting and rolling his eyes, and dancing out of the way. Applying DMSO to his ankles was a two-person job, one to make him stand still and one to apply the stuff. It got to be such a pain to try to put it on him that I eventually stopped.

      Your filly's splint will eventually heal anyway, as most uncomplicated splints do. Application of DMSO may speed the reduction of inflammation that causes the pain. If you do use DMSO, try to make sure that what you are using is pharmaceutical grade (it should say on the container-- if it doesn't say, it's likely industrial), and make sure that the area on the horse's leg you are applying it to is clean. You should wear gloves when applying it to the leg. If you taste it in your mouth after applying it, you know that the gloves you are using aren't effective!

      I'm not a real advocate of DMSO. It didn't work on my knee, and after the experience of my horse disliking it so much, I just wouldn't bother with it, but that's my own opinion. Some people swear by the stuff.

      Good luck with your filly!

    does omega three have any side effects?
    I'm asking this for my mother she has diabetes and she takes the pills I don't know what kind they are (I mean fish or other stuff) and now she says her heart is beating faster than usual does anybody know anything? could it be the omega three?

    • ANSWER:
      Fish oil harbors possible side effects such as belching, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and intestinal gas. It is possible that these reactions is a result of poor quality in the supplement manufacturing and, as such, try switching brands if you suspect this is the cause. In addition, in some cases these reactions can be minimized by starting out with a low dose and gradually increasing it to the recommended dosage and taking it with meals.

      Very high doses may cause some not so desirable fish oil omega 3 side effects such as a fishy body odor and/or "fish breath," including burping a "fishy" smell.

      In some people, fish oil supplementation has been reported to increase cholesterol LDL levels. However, others have reported that taking garlic supplements can counteract this effect.

      If you have diabetes, it is recommended that you don't take fish oil supplements unless your physician recommends it. Some studies indicate that taking large amounts of fish oil may make it more difficult to control blood sugar levels.

      Since fish oil may have a blood-thinning effect, it is recommended that anyone taking anticoagulant medications (blood thinning medications) such as Coumadin or taking any over-the-counter blood thinners such as aspirin, consult with a physician before taking any supplements. In addition, anyone who has a bleeding disorder should consult their physician.

      There is a possibility that very high doses could excessively thin the blood and cause bleeding.

      Anyone who suffers from a cardiovascular condition should speak to a physician before taking fish oil supplements.

      Also, be sure that the product selected is fish oil, and not fish oil liver.

      Because fish oil liver contains two fat soluble vitamins A and D, which if taken in excessive amounts can cause toxicity and dangerous side effects.

      It's important to note that you should only select fish oil supplements from reputable companies to avoid the risk of capsules containing rancid oil. To check this, we recommend that you cut open the end of the capsule and if it is rancid you can easily smell a strong odor.

      It's also crucial to make sure the product you select was tested for contaminates such as heavy metals.

      Fish oil is easily damaged by oxygen, so a few milligrams or IUs of vitamin E should be included in all fish oil supplements.

      Lastly, it's important to consult a physician before taking any dietary supplements, especially anyone on prescription medications, pregnant or nursing, or have a health condition to avoid other possible dangers.

    I have braces and my mom keeps telling me my breath smells like metal....?
    I guess it's from the braces? I'm assuming this is normal..How do I make it not smell like metal? Like, even after I brush my teeth, she still tells me that.!
    thankkyou in advance.
    Um, I'm a girl. I have no balls.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't really know if its normal, cause i've had braces for like 3years now and my breath has never really been affected by them.. Maybe you can buy strong those liquid mouthfreshners.. They come out in different flavours, peppermint or cinnamon or any flavour you like, use it before and after you brush your teeth..it might make a difference :)

    What are the major air pollutants in the U.S. A? Give the sources of each.?

    • ANSWER:
      Pollutant Sources Effects
      Ozone. A gas that can be found in two places. Near the ground (the troposphere), it is a major part of smog. The harmful ozone in the lower atmosphere should not be confused with the protective layer of ozone in the upper atmosphere (stratosphere), which screens out harmful ultraviolet rays. Ozone is not created directly, but is formed when nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds mix in sunlight. That is why ozone is mostly found in the summer. Nitrogen oxides come from burning gasoline, coal, or other fossil fuels. There are many types of volatile organic compounds, and they come from sources ranging from factories to trees. Ozone near the ground can cause a number of health problems. Ozone can lead to more frequent asthma attacks in people who have asthma and can cause sore throats, coughs, and breathing difficulty. It may even lead to premature death. Ozone can also hurt plants and crops.

      Carbon monoxide. A gas that comes from the burning of fossil fuels, mostly in cars. It cannot be seen or smelled. Carbon monoxide is released when engines burn fossil fuels. Emissions are higher when engines are not tuned properly, and when fuel is not completely burned. Cars emit a lot of the carbon monoxide found outdoors. Furnaces and heaters in the home can emit high concentrations of carbon monoxide, too, if they are not properly maintained. Carbon monoxide makes it hard for body parts to get the oxygen they need to run correctly. Exposure to carbon monoxide makes people feel dizzy and tired and gives them headaches. In high concentrations it is fatal. Elderly people with heart disease are hospitalized more often when they are exposed to higher amounts of carbon monoxide.

      Nitrogen dioxide. A reddish-brown gas that comes from the burning of fossil fuels. It has a strong smell at high levels. Nitrogen dioxide mostly comes from power plants and cars. Nitrogen dioxide is formed in two ways—when nitrogen in the fuel is burned, or when nitrogen in the air reacts with oxygen at very high temperatures. Nitrogen dioxide can also react in the atmosphere to form ozone, acid rain, and particles. High levels of nitrogen dioxide exposure can give people coughs and can make them feel short of breath. People who are exposed to nitrogen dioxide for a long time have a higher chance of getting respiratory infections. Nitrogen dioxide reacts in the atmosphere to form acid rain, which can harm plants and animals.

      Particulate matter. Solid or liquid matter that is suspended in the air. To remain in the air, particles usually must be less than 0.1-mm wide and can be as small as 0.00005 mm. Particulate matter can be divided into two types—coarse particles and fine particles. Coarse particles are formed from sources like road dust, sea spray, and construction. Fine particles are formed when fuel is burned in automobiles and power plants. Particulate matter that is small enough can enter the lungs and cause health problems. Some of these problems include more frequent asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and premature death.

      Sulfur dioxide. A corrosive gas that cannot be seen or smelled at low levels but can have a “rotten egg” smell at high levels. Sulfur dioxide mostly comes from the burning of coal or oil in power plants. It also comes from factories that make chemicals, paper, or fuel. Like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide reacts in the atmosphere to form acid rain and particles. Sulfur dioxide exposure can affect people who have asthma or emphysema by making it more difficult for them to breathe. It can also irritate people's eyes, noses, and throats. Sulfur dioxide can harm trees and crops, damage buildings, and make it harder for people to see long distances.

      Lead. A blue-gray metal that is very toxic and is found in a number of forms and locations. Outside, lead comes from cars in areas where unleaded gasoline is not used. Lead can also come from power plants and other industrial sources. Inside, lead paint is an important source of lead, especially in houses where paint is peeling. Lead in old pipes can also be a source of lead in drinking water. High amounts of lead can be dangerous for small children and can lead to lower IQs and kidney problems. For adults, exposure to lead can increase the chance of having heart attacks or strokes.

      Toxic air pollutants. A large number of chemicals that are known or suspected to cause cancer. Some important pollutants in this category include arsenic, asbestos, benzene, and dioxin. Each toxic air pollutant comes from a slightly different source, but many are created in chemical plants or are emitted when fossil fuels are burned. Some toxic air pollutants, like asbestos and formaldehyde, can be found in building materials and can lead to indoor air problems. Many toxic air pollutants can also enter the food and water supplies. Toxic air pollutants can cause cancer. Some toxic air pollutants can also cause birth defects. Other effects depend on the pollutant, but can include skin and eye irritation and breathing problems.

      Stratospheric ozone depleters. Chemicals that can destroy the ozone in the stratosphere. These chemicals include chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, and other compounds that include chlorine or bromine. CFCs are used in air conditioners and refrigerators, since they work well as coolants. They can also be found in aerosol cans and fire extinguishers. Other stratospheric ozone depleters are used as solvents in industry. If the ozone in the stratosphere is destroyed, people are exposed to more radiation from the sun (ultraviolet radiation). This can lead to skin cancer and eye problems. Higher ultraviolet radiation can also harm plants and animals.

      Greenhouse gases. Gases that stay in the air for a long time and warm up the planet by trapping sunlight. This is called the “greenhouse effect” because the gases act like the glass in a greenhouse. Some of the important greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas. It comes from the burning of fossil fuels in cars, power plants, houses, and industry. Methane is released during the processing of fossil fuels, and also comes from natural sources like cows and rice paddies. Nitrous oxide comes from industrial sources and decaying plants. The greenhouse effect can lead to changes in the climate of the planet. Some of these changes might include more temperature extremes, higher sea levels, changes in forest composition, and damage to land near the coast. Human health might be affected by diseases that are related to temperature or by damage to land and water.

    what causes a metallic breath odor?

    • ANSWER:
      A metallic taste bad breath symptom may be somewhat imaginary, and should be confirmed by obtaining an objective second opinion.
      Gum diseases (periodontal disease), most commonly cause a metallic odor to the breath. It warrants a good dental check up and removal of infection.
      Other things may create a metallic smell bad breath; include stomach problems such as heartburn, jaundice, metal poisoning, other types of poisoning, dental problems, many drugs, and pregnancy.Again, consult your doctor for confirmation and advice on what you can do.

      When there is a metallic smell bad breath can often be treated with strong breath mints or other strong flavors that overpower the unpleasant one. Try lemon cloves or cinnamon for temporary relief. When the problem is caused by a medication or vitamin, you might be able to discontinue the pill, or take it at a different time of day to lessen the impact of the metallic taste bad breath symptom. Some causes, such as jaundice, or poisoning, require medical attention. When pregnancy is the reason; however, take comfort in the certainty that it will pass soon.

    what is the remedy for bad breath caused by heartburn?

    • ANSWER:
      The odor from our mouths are caused by the waist from bacteria that live in our mouths. These waists are volatile (rapid evaporation) sulfides. With the reproduction of extra bacteria in our mouths, or the consumption of much protein foods, will result in more than normal amount of emitting sulfides.

      Halitosis (or bad breath) do increase with stress. This might be because stress do deplete the immune system and thus would cause an increase in bacterial reproduction. This no doubt includes mouth bacteria.

      Other reasons for bad breath are toxic digestive system, gum disease, tooth decay, heavy metal buildup, nose or throat infection, improper diet, constipation, smoking, diabetes, indigestion, inadequate protein digestion, liver malfunction, postnasal drip, and poor oral hygiene.

      If you are living in a stressful situation, then do all you can to reduce or eliminate the stress. As soon as the stress is gone, the bad breath will also. Learning to take things as they come and work with it, is a good way of reducing the effect of stress.

      Drink pure water on a regular basis. This seem to help a lot.

      Have your colon clean at least four times per year. (use a cleanser that carries probiotic to be taken after the cleanse is finished.)
      While it is important to have meat in your diet, eating lots of meats can result in clogs which in turn can cause bad breath. Also protein residue forms food for mouth bacteria. Eat lots of raw fruits and raw vegetables. These will help with regular bowel action, which will in turn discourage the storage of toxic waste. Raw foods also supply vital nutrients that are very important for the boosting of your immune system and also helps to reduce heart burn.

      Brush and floss your teeth every day and visit your dentist once or twice every year. Also gargle every day. Using a breath spray or a mouth wash do help.

      Ask a trusted friend to tell you when your breath is smelly. That is what I do. Or use a spoon to scrape the back of your tongue and smell it.

      The following links will give you more detailed information about bad breath.

      As regards you heart burn, it is as a result of the pH of your digestive system being off balance. The following link will give you more details and how to effectively treat it. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgLeXPKMKX.XboKyxJhpcnjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090220123128AAa4DT5

    stuff found in Indian restaurants?
    This "stuff" is usually found in a metal bowl with a spoon inside. It looks (and tastes) like bird seed mixed with licorice candy. Is it an air freshener or an aid to digestion? What is it called?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually roasted fennel seed , used like a breath mint, also the courseness of the seed will help clear the molars of debris.

      "Fennel seeds have been traditionally used for centuries to freshen the breath. It is a type of herb which is widely used in India, Pakistan and Middle Eastern countries to spice up the food. Fennel seeds contain a substance called licorice which produces an aroma that stays in the mouth. This makes fennel seeds a very effective substance to cure bad breath. You will probably come across fennel seeds when you dine in Indian restaurants. A bowl of fennel seeds is usually placed on the counter of most Indian restaurants. Patrons usually pop a few of these seeds into their mouths after their meal, to freshen their breath and to reduce all strong and unwanted smells caused by the spicy and pungent food."

    Would you suggest using Paul Mitchell's 'Backtrack' product?
    I had platinum bleached blonde hair for about 3 years, then I decided to re-pigment my hair, now its a light brown/red, the color line(s) I have used to achieve my color are Wella and Schwarzkopf, but I would like to return to my blonde look. I was just wondering if anyone has used the Backtrack product at all? or with a color line that isn't Paul Mitchell? Does it work well? Do you think it would take the color out of my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I would never use Paul Mitchell again! I was a model for one of their shows and I was given shampoo samples. I tried it once, it smelled so good! I left it on my tub, and I didn't use it again. But when I went to clean my tub, I lifted up the bottle and there was a ring around the bottom of the bottle. I couldn't clean the stain, it was hard to clean. I thought, if that's what it does to my tub, then I don't want it for my hair! Shampoos are meant to clean, not stain my hair or tub.

      You can do one of two things, to remove most of that dye. Links have been moved, might have to type them out.

      1. By using Tide detergent with shampoo


      2. By shampooing you hair mix with a bit of Dawn.

      Here's an example what hair stripping will do to your hair.
      It is worst than hair dyes. "I accidentally dyed my hair this awful black, stripped it, and now it is this crunchy crispy mess!"

      Hair strippers are chemical treatments which are intended to strip out artificial color pigment with less risk or damage to the hair. The chemicals used are called reducing agents.
      Certain 'metal' strippers containing sodium sulphoites are sold for reducing hair dyed with metallic dyes, as these dyes react violently with tint stripper containing hydrogen peroxide-the subsequent reaction may cause so much heat that the hair gets dissolved.
      Google hair dyes & cancer also. There are those who tan & smoke all their lives & do not get cancer, but there are those 2nd hand & 3rd hand smoke who do and are currently on oxygen because they can't breath or have cancer. Same with hair dyes.


      Here's a new article I found re: henna, which is supposed to be better for you than reg. box dye. It's a good read!

      Example of one who's hair is falling and stopped growing:
      "my hair had been bleached many times and can't grow past a certain length
      its also falling out . i stopped bleaching it.
      i just need to add lenght! but if i can stop it from falling out..that be great too"

    what causes bad breath?
    I would like to know a cure for bad breath, a friend says that every time he brushes his teeth and breath every morning people says it smell like stool> is there something going on on the body that causes that? they brush from front to back and always wipe the tongue with tooth paste, but later on during the day it comes back up again,Can some one help or give suggestion in a kind way. don't want to hurt his feelings or nothing but want to help him.

    • ANSWER:
      Its caused by a number of things. if hes brushing its not a build up of bacteria, its most like a build up of heavy metals in his system.

      Tell him to take b6 and zinc for starters. You can get them at any health food store and they dont cost much.

      If that doesnt help have him do a cleanse of fasting for a day or two (water & raw food only) that will help get the toxins and heavy metals in his system out.

    Can having braces cause bad breath?
    I got braces about three days ago. Now sometimes when I talk to my Mom or my sister they say that my breath smells bad so I run upstairs brush them and then have a strip from my Listerine pocket pack. I don't understand why my breath smells bad because I brush my teeth really well throughout the day.

    Is it a known fact that having braces just gives you bad breath? Like, does the metal do something? Please please please help me!

    Thanks. :) :) :)
    Thanks fo the answers so far...but I can't have anything caught in the brakets because I haven't been chewing. My teeth have hurt so bad I have been eating jello.

    • ANSWER:
      I swear braces do make your breath worse. I brush 2x a day sometimes 3 depending on what I eat. Rinse with listerine and floss EVERYDAY! But sometimes I too still after all that think my breath smells. Truthfully some people have bad breat all the time - mine didn't really start until braces. My mouth is always dry and sometimes I think the dryness causes your breath to kick more. So try hydrating yourself through the day with water (along with making sure you clean your teeth really well) and when brushing make sure to brush your tongue and gumes (lightly) as well. Gargle with listerine if you can after each meal. This may help. And if worse comes to worse just keep a box of breath mints handy!!

    Is this a good letter to write to my parents; tongue piercing?
    I figured that a mature approach to my parents about getting a tongue ring would be to write them a letter.

    I'm 16, and really, all I'm doing is asking for an opinion. Don't say "don't get the piercing" cause I want it.

    This is it: Letter to Parents
    Dear Mom and Dad:

    You both have told me a numerous amount of times that I cannot have any facial piercings. You may not like the idea at first, but I really think you need to listen to what I have to say. I want my tongue pierced because I like the way it looks, and I think it is a way of expressing yourself.

    I know at this point you’re probably saying “NO WAY”, but please just listen to what I have to say.

    Now, I know I ask for a lot, but now, I am not asking for much. It costs around but I can easily save up with it with my allowance. The piercing itself is very quick, and sometimes painless, depending on your pain tolerance. I would prefer not, but if you really want to, you guys can put this towards my birthday present.

    I did a lot of research on this, and I have some myths and facts for you guys.
    Tongue piercings heal very quickly. The healing process is about two weeks.
    They close very fast, so if I decide I don’t want it, I can take it out.
    If done incorrectly, it can cause nerve damage, but that is very unlikely, especially if you go to a clean, sterile place.
    Teeth can get chipped while wearing a metal ball, but if you wear acrylic balls, there is a one in ten chance of your tooth chipping.
    It will affect my speech for about a week.

    I personally think that the pros outweigh the cons, and I am willing to take the risks involved.

    Having a tongue ring does include proper mouth care, like brushing your tongue with a tongue scraper (which I already have) and alcohol free mouthwash. It is about for the mouthwash, and for a new toothbrush. Obviously, while also cleaning the piercing, the mouthwash whitens my teeth and makes my breath smell better. (Which is always a good thing )
    I think by writing this letter, I am approaching you at a more mature level. I think that I am also more mature because instead of going to get it done without your permission, I am instead seeking your permission.

    Another reason why I want my tongue pierced is because it is something that I have always wanted. I am not really asking for much here. Getting my eyebrow pierced is one story, but getting my tongue pierced is another thing. Tongue piercings do not even compare to eyebrow piercings, or corset piercings.

    I think by writing this letter, I am approaching you at a more mature level. I think that I am also more mature because instead of going to get it done without your permission, I am instead seeking your permission.

    Therefore, I think I should be allowed to get my tongue pierced because I think it is a very pretty piercing, and I will clean it 3 times a day. Also, it can go towards my Christmas list. I can also accessorize better this way. After listening to this awesome speech, I will leave it up to you.

    Much Love,

    And if it's good and you need a letter to persuade your 'rents, feel free to use it :)
    I never asked for this before..
    & I probably wont get it without their permission, I'd rather have their trust than a tongue ring.

    • ANSWER:
      Heeeeyy, Katherine or whateveerr..? She DIDNT say she "doesnt ask for much" she said "I know I ask for a lot". & It is NOT poorly written, i think its very nicely written.. I wrote a similar one to get my belly button pierced(: so STFU YOU A$S HOLE.

      & good luck Ali(: It worked for me when I did this(;

    iam i nuts??????????????
    iam 15 my family been through so much shiit its like someone cursed us,
    which i think is true
    my mom almost got in jail totally not her fault
    lost her car
    i got in summer school cuz of 5 points
    we moved from brooklyn to pensylvania
    my mom got pregnet(boyfrind)
    i lost my friend
    no i iam suffring from metal ****!!!!!!!!!
    ok this is crazy because
    there is so much things that could cause it!!!
    my symptoms are
    unreality but it got better sinuses pressure
    feeling of detached almost gone
    sometimes i fel like people judjing me well i always been like that
    its like i always watch people face expression so i can see what they think about me
    before like 2 3 weeks ago i had speech problem hard to find the right words behavior problem like i was on auto pilot
    brain fog and feeling of unreality but it got better
    ok here is another thing i feel bad for this and ive sholdnt done this
    i smoked some bud lol
    like 5-7 time a mont for about 2-3 month
    but my last 3 times i got some good weed and had panic attack during my high
    next day felt strange anytime i think about it
    next day same and next day the same
    than i smoked cigar with my friend
    (black and mild) i felt so spaced out also while i was smoking it i was thinking about depersanalization-the feeling i felt before i felt so bad and from than it never left me it just got better
    in about week after that during summer school some sinuses ymptoms strted poping out like sinuses pain when i touch it stuffy nose wierd breath smell. i felt horrible during school but i managed to get out from summer school and now in highchool
    i feel better but there few things that scare me a lot
    i think that i have brain cencer schizophrenia or some other ****
    my mind state feels weird sometimes its like the little feeling of unreality mixed up with feel of starnge fear and madness
    its hard to explain
    also my other problem is some times iam aware of my breathing its really ennyoing and it keeps popping up in my head
    so plz help me people wat is going on with me

    • ANSWER:

    Pain in upper top left of arm extending to neck and nervous.?
    To start things off, been not feeling too well for the past week or so after recently moving. Last Tuesday I had to go to the ER because I had shortness of breath that I've never experienced before. Went into a little of a panic attack after googling it and seeing a bunch of possible heart problems so I freaked and thought it would be a good idea to go to the ER. When there they gave me an EKG, X-Ray and listened to my lungs for a little. Found nothing and sent me home saying you're issue isn't life threatening and that I should see I doctor next chance you get. Only problem is that right now I can't afford a doctor since I live with my mom and have no job yet, still in college. My mom has money issues of her own right now so her taking me to the doctor would result in a big no probably.

    Back to the story though, next two days my mom got worried because I was still experiencing it and this time I felt a bit of a tightness in the chest. This time I went to another ER and received extremely great treatment. They gave me an IV, hooked me up to a EKG and something else that monitors your heart (it's next to your bed in the hospital room). They also gave me a CT scan which was scary but kinda cool and that showed up clean too. The doctor there said that I probably have pleurisy which is when the linings of your lungs swell up which can cause some breathing difficulties. He said I should take some naprosyn to ease the swelling. Though it helped a little, still been experiencing it since then.

    Now TODAY, I still been having the shortness of breath like usual, except I been learning to manage with it so I don't get a panic attack and make my breathing even worse. Around 2-3hrs ago I started to feel a slight sensation on the upper left top of my arm to the top left of my neck. After feeling it I kinda struck me, it's definitely seems heart related after googling that. It's a bit warm feeling and every couple of minutes I get the feeling as though as I can smell metal. Upper left part of my chest is a bit warm too and arm is feeling a bit cold. I took the medication like the doctor said. No idea what it could be and it's scaring me thinking I'll die at the age of 23 of a heart disease or something stupid.

    I'm worried here and any advice would be welcome if possible thanks.
    Added, went to ER anywas since the symptoms were getting worswhat. Short breathing and they oked at my odr record. They asked my a cunh of wuestion and about street, They also assured ne a few time that the tests they did was VERY clean and didn;t show nything wrong with my heasrt pr lungs, What but is probably an anirty attck except you have no klowledge of it happening of it happrning. The doctor gsme this extreme relaxant thing that I found aazing that after a couple of minues the shacking the jitter snd the shortneess of I was happening was no where near as bad as before, It;s still there but extremely mamageable,. I'm going to go ahead and tak to some people and see my options to gofigure outwhat it is,

    Btw, text reading my be off a tad bit, but this stuff try gave me I couldn't walk straight and I had everyone laughing lol. I'll definitly get in contact sincr you knoe ALOT about this,

    Thanks guys again and more inputs wiuld be madly pro.

    • ANSWER:
      Pleuritic chest pain (pleurisy) commonly refers (moves to) to the arm and neck. This is because the nerves from your chest follow a similar pathway to those in your arm and neck. It tricks your body into thinking your arm and neck are hurting.

      If your doctor was right about your diagnosis, your arm and neck pain fit his diagnosis.

      It sounds like you've received quite a few extensive tests, so it is probably unlikely that you have a life threatening condition. However, continue to be mindful of your symptoms and seek medical attention if they worsen.

    My puppy diagnosed with pneumonia has lots of energy, eats all her food and is still hungry, is that right?
    I have a 4month old boxer mix, she's the sweetest puppy. About a month ago we found out she had round worms and tapeworms through a fecal test at the vet. We used Revolution and her poops have been nice and firm since. The other day we went for a walk (off-leash not at a dog park) and all of the sudden she started coughing (sounded like choking) and then vomited all her food and after that coughed up foam and blood.
    We thought she might have something caught in her throat and brought her to the vet right away. The vet took x-rays of her chest, and there was nothing there, but they said she was a really bad respiratory infection and they think it might be pneumonia.
    They gave us medication (250mg for a 15kg dog twice a day for 2 weeks). It's been 2 days since the "blooding cough" incident and our pup has a lot of energy, poops regularly, and eats regularly, although she does still cough once and a while. This doesn't sound like pneumonia to me but I'm not an expert.
    She actually is hungry all the time (we feed her four cups a day- the amount it says on the bag) and she whines for food, and searches around the house for it yet still has lost 3 lbs in the past 2 days.
    The vet said to moisten her food for now, which we do, and he said not to let her outside (only for pee and poo) -- but again she has lots of energy, so I am confused.
    I also noticed that her poop last night had white pieces in it-- I looked up pictures of tapeworms in dog poo and it didnt quite look like that, but the vet did give us some moist dog food for that first night that had grain looking speckles in it, so maybe that was what caused it?-- in that case, the dog didn't break down that grain.
    One final remark, her breath smells somewhat like blood. I heard this could be from teething, or maybe her bowl (because her bowl is metal) but I was just curious what this could be.

    So ultimately, my question is if anyone has suggestions of what could be causing this because we are very concerned.

    -the pup needs her last set of shots
    -we are seeing the vet on Monday for follow-up x-rays
    -she has a puppy play group, (only 3 other dogs) and has never been to the dog park yet.
    -I noticed coughing a few times before, usually when she eats- But I just thought it was kibble caught in her throat- sometimes she would cough while playing with the other dogs when running

    • ANSWER:
      There are no vets on here. If you want a second opinion, go see a different vet.

    What do you think of my story?
    I'm trying to write a story in my free time and I wanted to see if you huys thought it was good.

    Dusk was slowly turning into a pitch black cover of stars. The black Mercedes blended in perfectly with the background. We were whipping across the highway at a 120 mph; motion sickness was just about to occur when the driver stomped on the brakes. Nearly having come across whiplash, the car doors were thrown open, and I was pulled out of the car by my father’s two thugs, Martine and Al. The fresh air felt great against my parched skin, but was quickly ruined as they crammed me into an over sized duffel bag. With no time for looking at my surroundings I was unable to tell where I was, or where I was being taken to.
    After an eternity of waiting, the bag was savagely unzipped. I was overwhelmed by a room of the greatest sin. It was filled with countless torture devices and weapons galore. An electric chair sat in the corner waiting for its next victim. AK 47’s hung among the walls, with extra magazines and ammo on the counter below. Tongue tearer’s and thumbscrewer’s littered the shelves, and sat waiting, daring me to touch them. There were dozens among dozens of murderous torture devices, but the one that really made me take a whiz in my pants was, the cranium crusher. My pupil’s dilated and a warm stream of fluid began trickling down my leg. My knees collided together, my body fell to the ground, and I was limp for the moment being. “Get up, it’s time to go!” said Martine. My breath came out in ragged rasps as I tried to gather enough courage to actually sit up. An uncontrollable sense of pain issued itself on the side of my right thigh. My mouth opened, and the room was filled with a shrill blood curdling shriek.
    “Get the frock up! Stay down though if you want to be a cripple all your life. Now get up you little shig!” Martine shouted. I whimpered in pain and reluctantly got up, cringing at the twinge in my right leg. Al grabbed my hair and gave it a yank to make sure I followed him. The two horrid men led me to a desolate hall, lit only by a flickering light. They slammed me into a wall, and let out boisterous cackles. My left side throbbed, but I kept in my scream, to let them no that I meant business, and wasn’t going to give up at the first sign of bullying.
    The end of the hall was illuminated by a ghostly pale door. Al opened the door with his free hand and threw me to the ground. He then picked me up and gingerly sat me down onto a metal chair. “See I can be a gentleman,” he said. His breath smelled of stale tobacco and a hint of human flesh, but I could have been wrong about that. Al and Martine left the room. “Tootles,” Martine said as he exited through the door.
    I felt like a delinquent in an asylum chamber. The walls, floor and ceiling were all white. There were no windows, and no living things beside myself and the occasional cockroach. Tears began to stream down my face as I as I wondered in horror what might become of me. No more friends, family, school or anything worth living for. My silent sobs were quieted by a small “rap” on one of the walls. I got up from my chair and knelt beside the stone wall. I pressed my ear against the wall and held my breath. The sound seemed to be getting louder, but It could have just all been in my head. My self consciousness told me to take a step away from the wall; it said that this harmless little sound could lead to something quite dangerous. I trusted my gut and slowly backed away from where I had just been kneeling. The sound became a deafening roar, and this time I was positive I hadn’t imagined it.
    A diminutive crack appeared on the pasty wall, and I could see the transformation it had begun to take. No less than a minute had passed, but the crack had already traveled half way up the wall. I watched in wonder at what could have cause this crack. Oh no! I thought. What if this crack was caused by some sort of sinister monster? What if it’s the hobo that’s wanted to get revenge on me since I was like seven for stealing his bag of potato chips? What if it’s that ugly gay guy that I knew in seventh grade? Maybe …. It’s my night in shinning armor, come to rescue me from this ghastly place. All these thoughts passed rapidly through my aching head. They all seemed pretty relevant, except for the one about the gay guy, because you know, what did I ever do to harm the gay guy.
    “BOOM! “ The room was covered in a thick layer of dust and fragments of the stone barrier. I covered my face, shielding my eyes and ran to the corner farthest away from the newborn hole in the wall. I sat in a cradle position and waited for the air to clear, coughing uncontrollably. “Dang flabbit! I frickin forgot my frockin inhaler!”I said aloud. A gloved hand reached out of the dust infested air, and grabbed hold of me. I gasped in surprise, bringing on a new wave of unstoppable coughing. The hand grabbed me into its arms and quickly dashed out of the room.

    • ANSWER:
      Mm...interesting...The torture part really had me worried. I think it's the strongest place so far in your story.
      Couple of things.
      In the beginning, try to keep your descriptions consistent with your point of view. For instance, if you were being kidnapped inside the car, you would have no way of knowing how well the mustang blended with the night outside. Also, if someone slammed on the brakes when the car was going 120 miles per hour, and you weren't wearing a seat belt...you wouldn't have whiplash-- you'd be dead. lol.
      And then, towards the end, when you throw in that unexpected bit of humor (about the hobo and the gay guy) it just doesn't seem to fit with the state of mind your character is in. I mean, if I was in fear of my life and in terrible pain, I wouldn't be cracking jokes.
      The way you can get around that is having her be out of her head with pain...that way any old thought could pop in or out and be totally justified.
      Whew, that was a long comment.
      Hope this helps! I'm interested to see what happens next!

    What causes you to smell metal intensely and taste it?
    Yesterday I was waxing my friends truck wearing crocs and I was like OWWW!! Something poked right below my toe. I thought it was something in my shoe but when I stepped down in a different spot I felt nothing. A few minutes later I felt a bigger jab and lifted my foot up and noticed a jagged piece of sheet metal stuck in my croc. When I pulled it out I noticed my croc was stuck to my foot by quite a bit of blood. Didnt think anything of it till tonight after I started smelling and tasting nothing but metal and my foul breath!! My foot is also quite swollen in the area that was jabbed by metal. Does anyone know whats going on or if I should be concerned?
    I kept smelling metal REALLY bad. Ive had the metal taste before but never associated it with anything. I dont think they were related cuz I ate dinner (first meal all day) and the symptoms virtually went away. Still can taste metal slightly now that the dinner taste is out of my mouth but my breath isnt rank like it was lol. It was so bad earlier I stopped and bought breath mints. You KNOW your breath smells bad when you can smell it yourself lol

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know that the two are related, but you need to see a doctor for a tetanus shot and it sounds like the wound is infected.

      Metal taste can happen with strokes, but you have no symptoms. It can also happen with certain medications or dental problems. Or even just not having enough water.

    my breath smells after peircing helpp!!?
    i got my tongue pierced on thursday and yesturday my breath started to smell really bad. i brush my teeth and mouthwash in the morning and the night and also after everything i have eaten, its not infected and my tongue isnt even swelled up anymore but no matter how many times i brush, mouthwash or chew gum the smell wont go. people have said i need to take the barbell out and wash it but as i only got it done 4 days ago im not aloud, what can i do which doesnt involve taking the piercing out ?? and anybody else had the same problem ??

    • ANSWER:
      These substances should be avoided under the tongue piercing aftercare.

      Epsom Salts, Table Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine, Tea Tree Oil, Polysporin, Neosporin, etc should not be used even mistakenly, as they have got to worsen off tongue piercing complication by causing more injuries over the pierced tongue.

      Gargle with antibacterial Gly-Oxide to prevent infection over at your pierced tongue under tongue piercing aftercare.

      Do not consume hot and spicy foods. The barbell being made of high quality metal can get too hot and cause a severe inflammation and pain while the spices will cause a burning sensation to your tongue.

    Can you get Halitosis or Bad Breath from someone else?
    I had a lab partner for over six months and he was a nice person but very very foul smelling breath, so bad that I felt really uncomfortable around him but didnt mention it. Its almost as if he didnt know his breath smelled that badly casue he would laugh and talk normally - I wonder if I was the only person who noticed it and even more so Im wondering if he now gaveme bad breath having been around it for so many extended peiods of time - is this possible - i feel as if my own breath may be smelling bad and I have never felt this way before.

    • ANSWER:
      Halitosis is bad or sour smelling breath. Bad breath can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term) depending on the cause, tooth or gum disease, or intestinal disorders. It may indicate the need to clean the teeth and mouth more often.
      Halitosis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. However, it can also can be caused by retained food particles or gum disease. Proper brushing including brushing the tongue, cheeks, and the roof of the mouth will remove bacteria and food particles.

      In most cases, halitosis originates from the gums and tongue. The odor is caused by bacteria from the decay of food particles, other debris in your mouth, and poor oral hygiene. The decay and debris produce a sulfur compound that causes the unpleasant odor.

      Other causes of halitosis are: diabetes, drugs, gum disease, heavy metal accumulation, infection, liver disease, not eating, poor diet, poor dental hygiene, smoking, sulfur, stress, and tooth decay.

    tounge pericing help?
    i might be getting my tounge peirced :D
    i already know alot about it but i was wondering
    does it really make you more sick then usual? i am already sick a heck of alot so if it does i might reconsider.
    does it make your breath smell bad?
    and will it stuff up my teeth?
    i only want answers from people who have had their tounge done please

    • ANSWER:
      i got my tongue pierced 5 years ago.

      everything that you said is true to some extent. if you do not take care of your mouth and piercing it can lead to infections. Bacteria will grow naturally in the piercing site and if you don't have proper oral hygene, yes it can lead to hallitosis(cronic bad breath).

      also, depending on the genetics of your family, it could cause you to crack teeth if your family trait is weak teeth. this is usually remedied by using acrylic balls. instead of metal.

    my sisters husband has very bad teeth.?
    They are so decayed I think he needs them all yanked out! I seriously dont think a dentist could save any. The thing is when he talks to me I get a wiff of this aluminum/metal smell, and no matter what he does its the same smell. I dont think she notices like i do, or just ignores it! He is only in his late 30s, but I wonder if there are any health issues that i can share with her. I see these people everyday and i cant hold my breath much longer. Seriously, what are the health risks and what in the world makes his breath smell like foil?

    • ANSWER:
      Bad oral health has been linked to heart disease and tons of other problems. Just google it. Good luck!! :)
      Brushing your teeth may be more important than you think. Gingivitis, an early phase of gum disease, is inflammation of the gums caused by the accumulation of plaque and bacteria above the gumline. If left untreated gingivitis can progress to periodontitis**, a more serious and damaging stage of infection and resulting gum inflammation. Recent studies have demonstrated there is an association between periodontitis and certain systemic diseases, such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease, which remains a leading cause of death in both men and women. More research is needed and is underway to better understand the exact nature of this association and the potential impact serious gum disease may be having on these systemic conditions.

what causes breath to smell like metal

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