Yorkie Bad Breath For Dogs

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the smartest dogs alive. They are very cute, and are actually one of the easiest dogs to train. Yorkies understand you well, but forget things very easily. First of all, you need to remember to find a treat that your dog likes, Yorkies specifically love Steak, and Beef. Beef Jerky treats are the best; however, you can use human food as well. Depending on what you are teaching your dog, you will need to do it every day until the dog has a grasp of it forever. If your Yorkie is just a puppy, and you need to train it when it needs to go out (waste), then its best that you teach it to bark, and stand beside the door when it needs to go. You may be thinking this is tough; however, it s one of the easiest ways to train your puppy well. At first, you need to teach your puppy that it can only waste outside. You can easily do this by calling your puppy once every 1 or 2 hours, and going on a quick 1 minute walk. Of course, accidents will happen, and you will defiantly get a little treat on the floor sooner or later. Here is the part where you absolutely need to get it through the puppy s head that it is unacceptable to waste indoors. Carry the puppy over to where it left its waste indoors, and point to the waste, talking to the puppy just like to a human. Use a tone that sounds a bit angry, but do not harm the puppy no matter what. Yorkies tend to understand it a bit quicker than other dogs, however, this form on training works well on every dog. When you go on your daily walks with the puppy, and he wastes outside, congratulate it, and give it a treat. Whenever you go on walks with the puppy, always have 1 or 2 treats with you, as you need to show the puppy what he did, and that he did it outside, that it s good. Have a happy voice when talking to the puppy and giving him or her the treat. As time goes on, your puppy will begin to realize that he or she is better off to leave waste outside, and will begin to show you some kind of action when he or she needs to go out to waste. After your puppy has this mastered, you can start with the necessary things that a dog needs to know around the house, for example, no jumping on the table, no going on the leather couch, etc. These are easy to teach, as you can use a very similar method as the one I used when training my puppy to go and leave waste. Basically, the hardest part with all dogs and especially Yorkies is to teach the dog the very first big thing, which is to leave waste outside. After that, your puppy understands that they are rewarded when they do something good, and yelled at when they do something bad, which you can apply to the no jumping on the table, no going on the leather couch.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What would cause coughing and bad breath in a Yorkie?
    Yorkie has started coughing exspecialy after drinking, and breath has realy got bad and realy can smell it wean he barks vet says hes drinking to fast and dogs have bad breath but it just started and denta bones dont help?

    • ANSWER:
      Take him to the vet. Tarter build up in his mouth can lead to plaque build up in her heart.
      Your dog needs a dental exam and possibly a cleaning

    How do i get my yorkie to bark and get rid of her bad breath?
    I've had my yorkie for 2 weeks she has yet to bark...why? i don't know.. is it normal? she is a happy dog she shows love and expresses she is happy but never barks for any reason. She also has bad breath how do i get rid of it? is this normal? please help me...

    • ANSWER:
      A quiet dog is much easier to live with than a yappy one....you are just lucky. If she is a puppy, maybe she hasn't found her voice yet.
      Again, if she is a puppy, its probably puppy breath. If she is older, then it would be due to periodontal disease. You would need to see about having a dental done at the vet to remove tarter if this is the case.
      If she is a puppy, get her used to having her teeth brushed. Do it 2-3 times a week, with dog toothpaste. About 80% of dogs will develop some form of periodontal disease by age three. Keeping her teeth in good condition will keep her healthier and you won't have to deal with foul breath later on.

    Where do I go to have my dogs teeth cleaned?
    I have a mini yorkie with very bad breath and plaque build-up. I live in Spanish Fork Utah
    Should I go to the vet?

    • ANSWER:
      the vet is the only one that can correctly clean your dog's teeth. they will sedate your dog and evaluate the degree of dental disease.

      you should take your dog in for a check up prior to scheduling a dental with your vet. your dr. may want your dog on an antibiotic prior to the dental cleaning.

      since your dog already has a build up, brushing and at home care isn't going to fix it. a professional dental cleaning done by you vet and then at home care will be what your dog needs.

    Is it common for yorkie dogs to have bad breath?
    I 've already taken my 8month yorkie puppy to the vet, I was told she looked good however, she continues with very bad breath

    • ANSWER:
      Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. All dogs have bad breathe. You can however improve it by brushing his/her teeth, because you can buy dog toothpaste at a pet-store. You can also try different foods and treats. It's nothing that you should be worried about. I don't think i've ever smelled a dogs breathe where it smells like flowers....

    Will the vet be able to remove a rotting baby tooth from my yorkie when he is neutered?
    My yorkie is getting fixed tomorrow and I just noticed he has a rotting baby tooth that never came out. He is 7 months old. And I believe this tooth is the source of his awful bad breath and his reluctance to chewing his food. Do you think both procedures will be able to be done at one visit?

    • ANSWER:
      Of course they will!

      We *always* pull residing baby teeth at the same time as spays/neuters! No worries at all! Your dog is going under anesthesia anyways, so it makes sense to have it all done in one shot.

      Good luck to your bundle tomorrow!!

yorkie bad breath for dogs

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