Yorkie Bad Breath Help

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    How do i get my yorkie to bark and get rid of her bad breath?
    I've had my yorkie for 2 weeks she has yet to bark...why? i don't know.. is it normal? she is a happy dog she shows love and expresses she is happy but never barks for any reason. She also has bad breath how do i get rid of it? is this normal? please help me...

    • ANSWER:
      A quiet dog is much easier to live with than a yappy one....you are just lucky. If she is a puppy, maybe she hasn't found her voice yet.
      Again, if she is a puppy, its probably puppy breath. If she is older, then it would be due to periodontal disease. You would need to see about having a dental done at the vet to remove tarter if this is the case.
      If she is a puppy, get her used to having her teeth brushed. Do it 2-3 times a week, with dog toothpaste. About 80% of dogs will develop some form of periodontal disease by age three. Keeping her teeth in good condition will keep her healthier and you won't have to deal with foul breath later on.

    Is it common for yorkie dogs to have bad breath?
    I 've already taken my 8month yorkie puppy to the vet, I was told she looked good however, she continues with very bad breath

    • ANSWER:
      Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. All dogs have bad breathe. You can however improve it by brushing his/her teeth, because you can buy dog toothpaste at a pet-store. You can also try different foods and treats. It's nothing that you should be worried about. I don't think i've ever smelled a dogs breathe where it smells like flowers....

    What would cause coughing and bad breath in a Yorkie?
    Yorkie has started coughing exspecialy after drinking, and breath has realy got bad and realy can smell it wean he barks vet says hes drinking to fast and dogs have bad breath but it just started and denta bones dont help?

    • ANSWER:
      Take him to the vet. Tarter build up in his mouth can lead to plaque build up in her heart.
      Your dog needs a dental exam and possibly a cleaning

    Where do I go to have my dogs teeth cleaned?
    I have a mini yorkie with very bad breath and plaque build-up. I live in Spanish Fork Utah
    Should I go to the vet?

    • ANSWER:
      the vet is the only one that can correctly clean your dog's teeth. they will sedate your dog and evaluate the degree of dental disease.

      you should take your dog in for a check up prior to scheduling a dental with your vet. your dr. may want your dog on an antibiotic prior to the dental cleaning.

      since your dog already has a build up, brushing and at home care isn't going to fix it. a professional dental cleaning done by you vet and then at home care will be what your dog needs.

    Will the vet be able to remove a rotting baby tooth from my yorkie when he is neutered?
    My yorkie is getting fixed tomorrow and I just noticed he has a rotting baby tooth that never came out. He is 7 months old. And I believe this tooth is the source of his awful bad breath and his reluctance to chewing his food. Do you think both procedures will be able to be done at one visit?

    • ANSWER:
      Of course they will!

      We *always* pull residing baby teeth at the same time as spays/neuters! No worries at all! Your dog is going under anesthesia anyways, so it makes sense to have it all done in one shot.

      Good luck to your bundle tomorrow!!

    Are there any symtoms that a puppy came from a puppy mill?
    My friend just got a new puppy by answering an ad in a newspaper. The pup is a yorkie but, looks a little different to me. And he has bad breath. She knew nothing about this breeder and I tried to warn her but, she wanted a puppy right away so she resorted to the classifieds. Is there any way to tell if the pup came from a puppy mill? The pup has no papers.
    Sophylake. She just didn't know. She wanted a pup and doesn't know about these breeding probs. She meant no harm. She loves dogs. Guess she thought I was exagerating when I warned her. Let's hope the pup will be okay.

    • ANSWER:
      ask to see both parents. and then ask why the litter wasn't registered ( akc papers cost about 10$) hopefully she won't have to deal with numerous health issues by making a hasty mistake.. shame on her

    How much is it to get some of my puppies teeth removed?
    i have a teacup yorkie he is 8 months old. he has extremely bad breath due to overcrowded teeth. he probably needs about 9 teeth removed does anyone know how much it is to have this procedure done?
    i would like to know an estimate from someone that has had teeth removed from their dog. thanks for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry but there is no such thing as a teacup dog.
      It depends on the vet, the kind of teeth, the condition of the teeth and then extra costs for any complications (which is very likely because he has been intentionally bred to be so small) so your looking at quite a bit.

    Could there be something wrong if a puppy has unusually bad breath?
    My family & i found a stray dog, she is a puppy. But her breath is very bad, i was thinking at first she may have just been eating odd things since she came off the streets buts its been about a week and it is very bad. It is not typical dog breath, more of a stench. Could she be sick? Is there a way to get rid of it? I tried dental chews but they did not help at all.

    • ANSWER:
      My adopted Yorkie mix retained her baby teeth when her adult teeth came in. Nothing I did would fix her breath. She is having her extra teeth taken out today, probably as we speak :-(

      Look at her teeth to see if you see two K-9 (canine, whichever) teeth at her K9s. If so, she is probably getting food stuck in between them. If not, then, there might be other issues going on that only a vet could diagnos.

    why does my dog have the worst breath on earth?
    i have never smelled breath on a dog this bad...we got her from the SPCA in august and she is 6 years old...we took her to the vet, and he said she may need her teeth cleaned, but my parents dog has never had her teeth cleaned, and her breath doesn't smell this bad...i do think she was abused before we got her and her teeth aren't as sharp as i think they would be...i've even tried brushing them myself with doggie toothpaste...anyone have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      It may not be her teeth, but rather her gums. This happens to my Yorkie, and you really want to take care of it asap, or your dog will lose her teeth. Take your dog to the vet for a "good" cleaning. They will scrape her gums, and may need to pull some teeth. Your dog is in pain too if "this is the case". Some breeds are just more prone to this than others. In any case, I guarantee you one thing, when you bring her home from the cleaning, you will be amazed at the difference in odor! Then, YOU need to clean your dogs teeth on a regular schedule.

    My Yorkie puppy 8 months old has yellow and brown stains on his teeth, but not bad breath?
    He has lost some teeth, but not all. My groomer mentioned when she brushed his teeth the gums bleed a little. He is eating, chewing and doing everything normally, but his teeth look really bad. He had his first dental shot at the vet and will get another at 12 months old? What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      He needs to get a dental cleaning, problem being, very expensive. Needless to say, I have never done it.
      My vet did tell me however, he didn't feel the shot was safe and wouldn't give it to my dogs.
      Buy some dental chews or toys for the dog to chew on to clean the teeth.

    How do I convince my mom to let me get a hampster?
    I love the cute little things. We have an older Yorkie, who enjoys chasing rodents, and a playful young puppy, who will eat anything. I currently share a room with my sister, but we are moving soon and I wll have my own room. Then I can just not let the dogs near the hampster, and, It can be fully mine. ANy thing that will work, thanks.

    P.S. what is a nice and gentle "breed"? And what is the blonde and red eyed kind that is mean?
    I would love a rat, except the tails..........
    My mom would hardly consider the hampster,
    She would die if she had a rat in the house.

    • ANSWER:
      kidnape a monkey hold it hostage and ask for a randsom of 67 goats then trade each goat to a different farmer for two chickens.you should have 134 chickens.then sell the chicken's eggs for .00 per dozon till you have collected 0.00 then....*taking deep breath*buy an anoconda and go to hollywood and place it under the directer's chair so when he sees it he'll drop his glasses. pick up the glasses and sell them on Ebay for .00. With those two dollars buy the snake a rat to eat.(repeat this step for every meal)Then hopefully your mom will see the rat and scream"the poor rat save it!go ahead and save it then say "Too bad we can't keep it." Then she'll say "Nonsense!"and she'll let you have it.

    How can I get my dog to smell better? And her teeth are awful.?
    I have a little yorkie and she has recently started smelling very bad, and your breath is awful. I don't know what to do. I brush them but the next day they smell awful.

    • ANSWER:
      Little dogs have crowded mouths full of nasty teeth. I see it every day at work. Brushing alone will never improve teeth that are already nasty. You need a professional teeth cleaning. Which requires sedation, blood work and antibiotics. It’s costly but totally worth it. Since ignoring your dogs poor dental health will lead to blood borne infection that can cause kidney, heart and liver failure.
      Only a professions dental scaling can get under the gum line and check for rotten teeth.
      Save up your pennies and plan a dental for the new year. Your dog's health will thank you.

    How to wash Yorkie Dogs teeth?
    Hello , I really need help with washing my Yorkie's teeth.
    What product do i need to wash them ?
    Also how often do i wash their teeth?
    Thank you !

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your pet specialty store and ask the groomer what would be best to use for your dog for brushing her teeth and use that. There are lots of good products out there. If your dogs teeth are really bad have them cleaned by the vet first. That way you're doing maintenance on a routine basis not trying to deal with a problem that's beyond regular brushing. The best is to brush your dogs teeth daily using pet toothpaste. Also, feed a greenie daily. They are clinically proven to reduce tartar and plaque, freshen breath and promote healthier gums. They have the Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for control of plaque and tartar. Just make sure to get the right size for your dog to get the full benefit.

    Hi, I just adopted a Yorkie that came from a horrible home. She licks all the time and I want to brake her of ?
    How can I stop this? One more thing, her breath is horrible! Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Licking is a sign of affection. You are obviously making this little dog happy.

      As for the breath, you can try the chew bones designed to combat bad breath or take the little one to a Vet and have her teeth cleaned.

    My 6mnth old yorkie, her breath is smelling, what is the cause?
    My 6mnth old yorkie, her breath is smelling and I want to know what is the cause. Her breath never used to smell like it does now. I want to know could it be a change in diet or is it because she has eaten some meat which she never has in her diet. Also she is losing her baby teeth, could this also be the cause to her breath? NO Stupid Answers please!!!

    • ANSWER:
      residual food particles and bacteria in the mouth cause the odor. Dogs don't have the ability to move their tongues with the same flexability as humans to remove food. Food and bacteria grow in the mouth and build up in the form of hard plague. This leads to periodontal disease which leads to tooth lose. It is common for small dogs to have more problems with teeth. See your Veterinarian or call to speak with a tech for tips and special toothpaste! Brush the Teeth! Imagine how you would smell if you didn't brush? Baby tooth lose can also attribute to bad breath - have a bloody smell sometimes. Feed only dog food! - hard versus canned. Brush, Brush, Brush - start them out early....( I am a veterinary technician, LVT) :)

    What would make my spayed yorkie bleed? Her breath has been smelling bad lately also.?
    She is 4 years old and up to date on everything. She had an infection a couple of months ago but it was treated and the tests didn't show anything for certain. I noticed two large spots of blood on the sheets this morning. They were both about the size of a grapefruit so it was more than spotting. I have noticed her breath smells sort of like feces the last couple of weeks. She doesn't eat it though.

    • ANSWER:

    Has anyone tried that super expensive dental gel they have at petstores?
    Its about 35.00 for a very small amount and the main ingredient is "Distilled Grain alchohol". It showed before and after pictures that it "magically dossolves tartar".

    Does this stuff really work or is it a rip off? Is this similar to the dental gel Vets use?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, yes and YES! It works really great. I fostered a little yorkie mix for a while and when we got her she had brown and yellow gunk up by her gums and terrible breath. I saw that and was going to cheap out and get the other thing they had they were wipes but I decided to go for it. I couldn't believe it because the first day I used it I noticed the brown tartar getting lighter, I used it on her every 2 days and by about 2 weeks when she was ready to go to her new home the bad breath was gone and there was only a slight yellow discoloration by her gums. So yeah it's worth it and you don't need to use hardly any of it. Make sure to get a tooth brush or finger brush. Hope that helped. =)

    My yorkie has terrible breath, any suggestions?
    My yorkie, Mika, is 9 months old and her breath is atrocious! I'm worried about giving her anything new. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Make a appointment with your vet, some time the smell is not from mouth or teeth, it from stomach. Make sure there is nothing wrong with her.

      Try ti brush her teeth if you can, or make a appointment with vet for a dental clean.

      What do you feed your Yorkie? Do you fed her dry, wet, or table food. I know wet and table food will cause bad breath.

      Long time ago, I had a Yorkie, I start her with dry food. She never did have bad breath until my father start her with table food.

      My current Yorkie, I only give her dry food. No bad breath.

    What can I do about my 2 year old Yorkie-Tsu's bad breath?
    He does have a few "bad teeth."

    • ANSWER:
      If he's at the point where he's got bad teeth, your only solution is taking him to the vet for a dental. Tooth and gum disease leads to serious health problems such as heart and kidney disease so you've got to get his teeth taken care of.

      Once he's had his dental, if you brush his teeth daily and get them scaled a couple of times a year, you might be able to avoid a full dental which is expensive and hard on the dog because it requires an anesthetic.

    How to look after a yorkie?
    Getting a Yorkie how to look after it. How to stop it getting hair everywhere by grooming it xx thanks! :D

    • ANSWER:
      They are very small dogs and easy to care for; I have two! If you cut your Yorkie's hair short and bath it once a week or every 15 days, it will help with the shedding; they shed very little because their fur is made to grow long and silky so not much falls out. my yorkies always nap on my bed and there is never any fur left there. Grooming will be out of the question if you keep their fur short. When they are puppies their fur is all tangly and hard to brush but their adult fur grows in in a few months and its very soft and easy to take care of.
      You need to brush their teeth too; just get a baby toothbrush and some dog toothpaste (you can pick that up at a pet store or online if you cant find any). just carefully brush around the teeth and gums, you have to do this or their breath will smell bad.
      you need to clean their ears out too; just use a q-tip and warm water with a little bit of soap. be careful because their ears are sensitive. you need to clip their claws, and wipe their eyes every day to avoid tear stains.
      You need to train them at an early age to keep them obedient because sometimes small dogs can be hard. if they bark just spray them with water from a sprayer, they hate that.
      You will need:
      bed/crate (my dogs sleep in a laundry basket with some old blankets they love it)
      food bowls
      wet/dry food
      dog sweater (for cold weather if needed, if not stay away from dog clothes, and dont get boots or shoes for them they just kick them off)
      treats for training
      ID tag
      possibly a grooming kit

      The first initial costs will be more money but after that its just buying food and treats. The vaccinations every year will cost some too. If you still want to go to a groomer it'll cost some 30-50 dollars so really you should just give your dog a puppy cut style (look it up) Dont let that deter you from getting a yorkie because they are really smart and lovable dogs. Yorkies are very hypoallergenic dogs, i know because i have a friend whos really allergic to dogs but shes fine with my yorkies 100%. yorkies dont really have fur but more like really soft hair like on a baby's head.

      This is the breeder that i got my dogs from:


    Our twelve and a half year old Airedale Terrier is all of a puff and skittish after a short walk!?
    She is a dog that loves her walks but this one seems to have done it for her, she is a tiny bit lame due to arthritis (which she has hydrotherapy and acupuncture for) and all she is interested in is her dinner (she had her breakfast at ten past eight and she had a couple of snacks between eleven and one), she is waiting for her dinner which is (as always) minced meat cooked and served with mixer and her drugs. Do you think this is just her getting old?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi sean, she's a pampered little girl isn't she ha ha, hydrotherapy and acupuncture? Good on you! This happened to my yorkie, the light of my life he was, and i too thought it was old age but on taking him for a vet check, it was his heart! He used to get out of breath very easily and didn't want any exercise at all, just his breakfast, lunch and dinner and his place on the sofa and me! It got so bad i had to pick him up when he wanted his place on the sofa or bed. The vet upped his medication, little red heart tablets, but it was too much for him and i lost him! Take her to the vet and ask him / her to check her heart, its better to be on top of these things early. My boy was almost 14 when he developed his problem so your girl may have the same thing, then again, she may not. Hope not. Good luck.

    my dogs breath smells like poop all the time?
    my tea cup Yorkie is 10 months old and his breath smells like poop all the time. I give him breath bones but it doesn't work. what causes this and how do I prevent it?

    • ANSWER:
      Bad breath can have many causes. It can be the food your dog is eating, it could be that he has sores in his mouth, gum infections, rotten teeth or it could come from his stomach.

      I am personally not a friend of those breath bones, instead I am using a dog tooth brush and dog tooth paste (never use a human tooth paste!) and brush my dog's teeth. Additionally raw meaty bones and good nutrition will be the best for a good mouth hygiene.


    Can you mate a female Belgian Malinois / Norwegian Elkhound mix with a malamute?
    We are planning on mating our Belgian Malinois / Norwegian Elkhound mix and we wanted big dogs, but of course we don't want to cause her any pain.
    Is it possible for a 60 lbs Belgian, Elkhound mix to carry malamute puppies?
    What are some bigger dogs that she can mate with? (Not German Shepherd)
    So mating purebreds is fine by you guys but not dogs. We have plenty of people that are actually looking for dogs, that can take care of them, have fenced yards, and time on their hands. Everyone in my family (and I have a lot of family) wants one of our Pups and they will all have homes.
    We got her and our previous dog (who died of natural causes at 16 years old) at the pound.
    Thank you for your concern but all of your answers are a bit snobbish.
    Please, some real answers.
    *but not mutts
    It's happening anyways so if you actually cared about dogs as much as you say you do (seems to me you people only care about purebreds) then you would actually just answer this simple question.
    If you truly want to give me answers, tell me "no that dog is too big to breed with your dog" and suggest alternatives. She is being bred and thats it.

    • ANSWER:
      Deep breath, hon. Dogs are a single breed and thought they very greatly and I would not want to even think about a Yorkie mating with a Wolfhound, it is possible. I agree with other users to an extent, there are many dogs out there that need homes, but I disagree with their rudeness, especially if you have homes planned for them. Additionally, I prefer mixes, personally. They generally have much better temperament, are healthier, and less inbred. Breeding dogs is not necessarily bad. Puppy mills are bad. There are plenty of homeless children on the streets but we're not banning people from having children.

      Okay, off the rant. You sound like you have a medium to medium large dog that you plan on breeding with a large dog. Your 60lb mix girly can certainly carry the pups without any more discomfort than usual.

      Just curious, what do you have against Sheps? I suppose you could do well to watch some Dogs 101 on Animal planet for some good tips on temperament, care, genetic problems, etc. Good show, very informative.

    What has happened to fabulous Fern Britton?
    She looked lovely and cuddley,happy with her shape and a siren to us guys that adore the fuller figured babe.
    Now watching Phil and Fern she looks only half her size!
    Her face looks almost drawn and haggared and an awful hairstyle but at least she has that wonderful smile.
    Come on Fern! get stuck into a full roast with yorkie puds etc and get back to normal

    • ANSWER:
      I think she looks better for it! I know we all say what a shame when a curvy star loses weight but we seem to forget that having a excess amount of weight on you is bad for you and she will benefit from being healthier! She has young kids as well, I believe, so at least she will be able to do things with them without getting out of breath etc.

    my teacup yorkie has bad breathe no matter WHAT I DO IT DOESNT HELP?
    SHE is only 8 months old and weighs approx.1.5 lbs she coughs alot and really doesnt have that good of an appetite. we are feeding hr puppy science diet never table scraps what is wrong and what can we do i love her i brush her teeth and buy puppy mints nothing seems to help my sis dog has the same problem but she has liver failure please dont tell me that,

    • ANSWER:
      1. There are no such things as teacup dogs. They're just unhealthy runts produced by small Yorkies, bred by irresponsible breeders. I'm not surprised that your dog coughs and doesn't have an appetite. She's a result of very poor breeding.
      2. Avoid foods like Science Diet. Science Diet is full of grain, corn, and useless fillers. Try one of the following:

      Wellness (has a grainless formula)
      Nature's Variety (has a grainless formula)
      Orijen (grainless)
      Solid Gold (has a grainless formula)
      Innova EVO (grainless)
      California Natural
      Go! Natural (grainless)
      Taste of the Wild (grainless)
      Timberwolf Organics
      Blue Buffalo
      Ziwi Peak (grainless)
      The Honest Kitchen (has grainless formulas)

      Good-quality food can make a BIG difference in your dog's breath. I feed my dog raw and she has sweet breath. I never even brush her teeth!

    How often should I brush my dog's teeth? ?
    He's a 1 1/2 year old Yorkie. His teeth are pretty white except I can see some plaque that's green. Also, why do cats have shiny, white, clean teeth and no bad breath, but dogs don't?

    • ANSWER:
      Certainly, the more often you brush the better. Always aim for daily dental care for your dog, just as you aim for daily dental care for yourself. The hardest thing about home dental care for dogs is just getting started. Once you have done it for a while, it just becomes part of your daily routine. If you cannot brush daily, brushing every other day will remove the plaque before it has time to mineralize. This will still have a positive effect on your dog's oral health.

      I have developed a habit of brushing my dog's teeth after I am done brushing mine. I talk to my dog, through the procedure, praise her when we are done, and then give her a treat to chew on. Now when she hears me brushing my teeth, she comes into the bathroom wagging, and waits for her turn.

      every other day is okay though.

    help, my dogs breath is outa this world! What do I do she wont let me brush her teeth. She is a yorkie 3 lb
    but when she gives you a kiss it isn't so nice. Any food to give that will help the smell?

    • ANSWER:
      They actually have special dog bones that your dog can chew on and it helps with bad breath. You can find them everywhere at petsmart.

    why does my yorkie have bad breath?
    ok, so a few months ago, i was going home, and nearly hit a yorkie. I got out of the car and called him over thinking he was somebody's dog. he was badly matted and needed some TLC. we washed him about 10 times and when we finished
    "grooming him, he yawned and his breath smelled like a dead rodent could he have in infection?

    • ANSWER:
      bad breath usually means rotten teeth a tip to the vets is what is needed

    My yorkie has been depressed for about a year and shakes until incontinence frequently, why?
    Tonight he urinated on the floor and it was dark pink (and not in celebration of Valentine's Day either...), I am going to take a sample of his urine to the vet tomorrow to rule out kidney disease or UTI. He is about 6 years old with no history of either. He eats Royal Canine's Yorkshire Terrier food (on this diet for over 3 years) so his breath always smells like fish. I was reading that foods high in protein may be bad for dogs with kidney problems, is this food bad? Are there any other explanations?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like he may have bladder or kidney stones. The color of the urine is because of blood in the urine, and it is good that you are getting him to a vet soon. Usually UTIs do not have a lot of blood in them, but it can happen.

    Best Treatment for Yorkie Breath?
    I have a 2 yr old yorkie poo with chronic bad breath.
    Any cures for this.
    Several have suggested, serving a dog yogurt.
    Since dogs cannot have mints, any other options?
    uhm, excuse me Darksong or whatever, there is such a thing as a yorkie poo, dumba$$.

    • ANSWER:
      First, check your dog's mouth for periodontal disease (milky-white film on the gums and teeth).

      If all looks ok, the first step to better dog breath is to establish a preventive care routine to ensure baseline health which is not much different than for humans, including:

      - Daily tooth brushing (it's easier than you think with practice, even tough dogs can learn to actually like it)
      - Healthy diet
      - Regular exercise
      - Regular vet visits including teeth cleaning

      If all of these are in order, try feeding your dog teeth cleaning treats (treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog's diet) certified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council's (VOHC) (many treats claim to clean teeth, but only go with the ones that have the VOHC's seal - we use treats from Greenies).

      For more info and details about how to go about brushing your dog's teeth, see the resource listed below.

    does anyone know where i could get a yorkie puppy CHEAP around Tyler, Tx?

    im not talking about essentials im talking about the dog
    i found one for 5, but i think its dumb. i cant have both puppies i can just take one. She wants 5 for one and 0 for both

    • ANSWER:
      Your question worries me. Even if you don't pay for a dog initially, dogs are expensive. You have the small stuff. Collar, leash, license, food and water bowls, bed, crate, toys, tooth brush and paste. Then you get into what to feed the dog. A low cost poor quality food that will have you asking questions like,"why does my dogs breath smell so bad?" "why does my dog have a bad body odor?" "what can i give my dog to give it a shiny coat?" "why does my dog scratch all the time?" That's what cheap food can do for your dog. Now a premium quality food has the nutrients a dog needs without the corn and wheat fillers that cause problems and they don't have by products (want to feed your dog cancerous tissue?) Premium quality foods come at a premium price but they are worth it. Okay so far the dog hasn't cost much, what 0.00 maybe 0.00? But we haven't been to the vet yet. Shots, wormer, never use otc's, they can kill your dog. Fleas? Still needs a vet, again otc's are harmful, even fatal. Spay/neuter, unless you are goining to add to the millions of homeless dogs that die every year. Then there's the anual vet visits for shots and check up, including dental. Yes those teeth will need cleaned to stay healthy. Bad teeth cause other health problems which will be more vet bills. The anual vet visits are when the dog is young and healthy. As it gets older it will need semi-anual visits. Then there's the dogs that develope diseases and need ongoing care and meds. Oh, did I mention when the dog gets ill and/or injured (and it will) it will need a vet then? Free dog? Cheap dog? There is no such thing.

    I am wanting a yorkie, and I have been told that they have a bad smell because of their skin. Can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      I am a dog groomer and can assure you, yorkies are not notoriously smelly dogs. They are, however, notorious for bad teeth and smelly breath.

      My suggestion to you is to do your research and find a reputable breeder. If the breeder has standards and ethics, you will get a good dog.

    what do you know about yorkshire terriers?
    hi its me again about yorkies. i need to know everything there is about yorkshire terriers. if you know anything about yorkies give me any thing from 1 little tip to 10000000000000 tips aany thing will help (i just dont feel like reserching) and give me really good answers and i will choose you as best answer

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, I have a 14 pound Yorkie and a pup who is
      already 7 pounds at 7 months! They actually come
      in all shapes and sizes as I asked my Vet.
      They are very loveable but some are very hyper like
      my pup! She was spayed and still hasn't calmed down very much. I entertain her with a ball that is
      called The Best Ball which I got through Amazon.
      She loves it. Neither of them shed at all. They
      sometimes like to follow you and get under your feet
      so you have to be careful. Mine like to eat just
      about anything, they are not picky. I feed them
      Purina One which is good for their teeth and breath.
      They can get bad teeth at an early age so I brush
      their teeth once at night and feed them Purina One.
      Yes, they need to be brushed and it takes awhile
      to potty train them. I keep my dogs hair clipped
      short, it takes awhile to grow back. I think they
      are great dogs.

    Why does my Yorkie Terrior lick pee when we walk him outside and is that bad for him or his breath?

    • ANSWER:
      ask vet

    how can i brush my dogs teeth she will not let me?
    i have a dog she is a Yorkie mixed, and she hates it when anything touches her face iv tried natural vanilla tooth paste and my dog has really bad breath and she don't really like bones so i cant give mint bones ,and i cant brush her teeth cause she does not like anything by her face or touching her face i don't know how to brush her teeth please help me!!!!!!! and she will only like the bone for 10 seconds that is not good enough. please help me

    • ANSWER:
      Do it while she is sleeping. Or if you want her to get used to the tooth brush... I suggest training her to. Sit down with her and the tooth brush/ paste. Grab a bunch of treats. hold the brush out for her to sniff... don't stick it in her face. When she sniffs it give her a treat. do that for a few times. Then test the waters. Get her to lick the brush. when she licks it give her a treat. Then try and touch her muzzle with it. When she allows tou to just touch it leave it there for 2 seconds and then give her a treat. slowly move towards the brush touching her teeth. Keep rewarding her with praise and treats. she will soon associate the tooth brush with good things. Also once she lets you brush her teeth you won't have to keep giving her treat, just a treat right after if she was a good girl. Additionally, you can tell if you're moving too fast is she growls at the brush. take it back a step and be patient. hopefully that will work

    My yorkie has bad breath...?
    My 2 yr. old yorkie has the worse breath ever. How do I get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      Bad breath comes from excessive tartar build up on the teeth, and the infected gums that follow it.
      Sometimes brushing helps, but usually it really doesn't and you'll need to have your vet do a dental scraping. Digestive upsets can also cause stinky breath, but normally bad gas proceeds it so you would know it's a tummy problem.
      Check the back teeth, which is where most of the tartar builds up. If the teeth are brown, and there is a red line where they join the gums, you have infected teeth which can cause heart problems. You need to get a vet check.

    I just adopted a Yorkie and would like to know how to stop her horrible breath?

    • ANSWER:
      I had similar problems from my past pet pom and ask the vet about this. She told me to check his teeth and brush it regularly because bacteria gets trapped in there which is the root of the problem - the smell. Apparently, my dog liked to chew on rugs so he had rug stuck between his teeth which cause the bad breath smell. I didn't brush his teeth regularly either so that didn't help. Dogs are like humans...if we don't brush our teeth, I'm sure many folks will shy away from us as well or hand us a breath mint.

    My dog's coat and breath stinks really bad when I take her outside?
    We just moved to Texas from Indiana and she never smelled when we would take her outside. She is a Golden Retriever, but my Yorkie-Poo doesn't smell bad at all..???
    yeah her coat smell goes away after being inside for a little bit.. Just thought it's very strange, but it smells really BAD!!

    • ANSWER:
      Golden Retrievers have thick fur so the climate change must affect her. Just bathe her once every 2 weeks and you'll be fine.
      There's nothing you can do about the breath really except go the extra mile and buy dog toothpaste!

    Does Purina Pro Plan cause bad breath?
    I have a Yorkie, Mastiff and a Siamese cat who all eat that food line, and they ALL have bad breath. I brush their teeth, and their breath is TERRIBLE! It is hard to get close with them and play. I thought maybe it could come from the food...

    • ANSWER:
      It could also be the result of insufficient water.

    Is my dog stupid and bad dog?
    She is about 17 yrs old(human years) and she hates going outside. She is occassionally house broken. She is petrified of thunderstorms and just as terrified of rain storms. She breaths so heavy and gets so scared when storms approach. She eats my kitten's food when she knows we don't want her to. She waits til she can sneak to steal my cats food. She has a bowl full of her own food though. She just isn't the best dog. She always behaves like we beat her, but we have never struck her.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all she is very very old, and the reason most likely that she hates going out side is that she cannot see nor hear that well anymore, which makes her afraid. (my 15 year old yorkie fell in the pool three times now because she can not see too well, I just happen to look out there and see her splashing around, now she is never allowed w/out one of us. She potty's indoors cause she most likely has to go a lot and cant hold it anymore, this most likely will get worse very rapidily.

      As for the cat food, it has great smell to animals, and that old dog food you are giving her she most likely doesnt like the smell if she really smells it at all anymore.

      She isnt a bad dog, she is just old, and doesnt really know what to do anymore, kind of senile as they say. I had to put down my 14 year old shepard and it was really horrible. But he was sneaking around to get to my yorkies food, and pooping in the house, just walking down the hall, then one day he could not get up. Then another day passed he could not get up, would not eat and would not drink, the 3rd day we had to get someone in to helps us get him to the car and take him to the vet, where the old guy said good-bye.

      All the family cried for days....

      She most likely cowards because you are raising your voice to her for things she knows she shouldnt do but is. Be patient with her, she will be gone soon.

      Oops did not address the thurdestorms, that is just about the norm for most dogs. Its the electricity in the air, it confuses them and makes them think you are going to shoot them.

    My yorkie stinks really bad what is causing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Have you notice your dog well, when have this started?
      It won't come suddenly, as what the other have say, did you bath your dog? or maybe it the breath problem, did you brush your dog teeth twice a day to keep it prevent from tar tar and other harmful gum problem?
      If you did not brush your dog teeth, it may cause bad breath, then it sliver is stink, and when it keep on licking it body then it will make it body stink.

      OR maybe is was skin Allergies, you better check it body got any skin problem,usually your dog will scratch ,bite,and lick at it skin or rub it self on the floor or against the furniture or walls of your home.If left untreated,your dog can do damage to it coat,face,eye,feet or wherever it is feeling itchy.
      If you this continues,you will then see hair loss,moist red-dened area,scaling,and/or discol-ored skin(darkened area).
      It really important to check your dog dody everytime and see there any problem or not, and prevent any skin allergies.

      Pls take good care of your dog.

      Pls call or visit your dog Veterinarian ASAP if all those problem appear.

    should I pull my Yorkies teeth?
    I went to the Vet. My 3.4 lb yorkie is 1 year 2 month. They said 2 of her baby teeth have not fallen out yet and she has a gum infection and bad breath. They said they need to be pulled. Are they saying this to make money? Or could she really get an infection? I mean, won't they fall out eventually?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, the dog needs those teeth out asap. It will interfere with its bite and can cause great distress if left. They should have been out months ago. Just get it done before an abscess starts and you really have trouble.

    Pulling a dogs lose tooth?
    I have a yorkie with really bad breath and teeth, one of her fang teeth is very lose and sticks out side her mouth, could i pull this tooth myself?

    • ANSWER:
      You can go to the Vet, but in my case I just gave my dog a small bone that cleans teeth and never had a problem. But to be sure, consult it with a vet.

    I think my dog hair gingivitis. What do I do.?
    I went away for a month and left my 3 yr old yorkie to stay with friends so we can mate out dogs (they ended up having 4 girls!) He came back with the WORST breath! Now whenever I brush his teeth he bleeds and his gums are turning kind of black. His breath is becoming worse! I don't know what to do I try to brush his teeth but he bites me because he HATES getting his teeth brushed.
    in the question i meant to write has not hair!

    • ANSWER:
      Taking him to the vets for an exam which they will probably suggest teeth cleaning. Unfortunately yorkies are well known for teeth problems from being so over & poorly bred. The best thing is letting the vet do the cleaning & they might have to remove any bad teeth. They can show you the best way to brush & which products you should be using.

    my yorkies breath!?
    My 3 year old yorkie has really bad breath! I brush her teeth every friday but it never seems to work but for a day or so. Is there anything I can put in her water or have her eat to make it smell better. I have bought her greenies also and they work only for a very short time as well.
    I also hear from other people if I take her to the vet for a dental appointment all they will do is brush her teeth with an electric toothbrush. Is it a waist of money to take her in?
    Does anyone know how many times a year a dog should be taken in for a dental exam?
    and how much the dental appointments usually cost?

    • ANSWER:
      Nature's Creations Breath Treat Mints by Veterinarian's Best

      Breath Treat-Mints combine parsley seed oil and barley grass to naturally freshen your dog's breath. All natural ingredients are formulated to taste great and benefit for your dog's overall well being. Offer Breath Treat-mints as a snack or reward any time. They contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or added salt.

    Please help.....im really scared for my dog?
    I have a 6 yr old male yorkie that has congestive heart failure. He has been on medication for about 2 months and was doing great, but when i woke up this morning he was hacking and wheezing so bad that he could not catch his breath. When he does stop hacking he still has trouble breathing. What should i do?

    • ANSWER:
      Take him to the vet! Immediatly!

    My dog has bad breathe!?
    My 5 month old yorkie has bad breath. Her breath smells like fish it is gross. What can this be? I even bought her breath mints for dogs but those don't work. I also let her eat those bones they sell at Petco, could that be it? Help please!
    She also is teething. Some teeth have fallen out, could that be something?

    • ANSWER:
      Dogs get bad breath unfortunately..... It's just a fact of life. And the older they get the smellier it can become.

      Try getting a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste from the pet store. They even have chicken flavoured! My dog loves getting his teeth brushed.

      Get into the habit of brushing her teeth on a regular basis and maybe that will help with the breath issue..... much like humans in that regard.

    where can i find cheap dog toothpaste.?
    so my bichon frise is starting to have bad breath and i heard of dog toothpaste and i want to know where can i find cheap doggy toothpaste.
    it doesn't have to be the cheapest but some cheap prices.i saw some at Walmart but they were kinda expensive.
    thx everyone:)

    • ANSWER:
      If your dog is beginning to have bad breath, you should have your dog checked for decay. Your dog's teeth may desperately need cleaning. After that, check the clearance shelf at Petsmart. I got about 3 tubes that were half price about 2 months ago. Also, give your dog some rawhide chews to help keep tartar from building up. My dogs love the chicken basted ones. Be careful of some brands...the rectangular ones caused my yorkie's gums to bleed.


    my yorkie has developed bad breath and not playful at times seem weak?

    • ANSWER:
      While it is very common for yorkies to have bad teeth & periodontal disease (which can in turn lead to heart, kidney, liver, or even brain problems), some types of bad breath can stem from other systemic disease such as liver or kidney disease. Please get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

    So how do we cure the bad breath? You've answered my other question thoroughly.?
    My yorkie has periodically been dragging in bum on the floor.

    • ANSWER:
      Even my vet. could not cure the bad breath of my dog. My sweet dog died at his young age.

yorkie bad breath help

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